Jumbolair: Where Rich People Live With Their Airplanes.

Jumbolair in Ocala, Florida, is an "airpark" where people live in homes with garages for ... airplanes! This one above is the house of actor John Travolta, who has a Boeing 707 in his garage.

Fogonazos has the story: Link - Thanks Aberron!

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Gratulations to the people who make this place of paradise!!!!!I have never been there but today when i see a movie of Jumbolair on TV i was so happy that there are people who make so beautifull place like Jumbolair.
Gratulations i am so happy for the people who live there because i understand how they feel.HAPPY. i wish to all of you: happyness,health and nice landings.
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hi am jay am 45 up to now iam still dreaming to be a pilot ,since my childhood i ve been dreaming ,i got achance to live in taly ,i tried to get through a flying school but bad luck for it was very expensive am a poor hard worker honest and unfortunate in my life, i am still interested in my life to join a flying school and get my licensce,i can fly a cessna ,piper, a citation jet seems to be strange but infact i can .sometimes destiny is so cruel,i ask god in my prayer to listnen to me and my request to help me to find the way . that's why i would like to know if really do exist some how somewhere rich people who can hear me who can help me who can make my dream become true ? if so please am here in need of this 60 thousand dollars to make my dream become true and i will toil hardly to realize my ambition and to pay back my sponsor,
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Hey men,

Everyone has his way to live. If you have no idea what we rich people are doing and thinking, what our concerns, then please no comments here.

We are not what you are thinking. In our community
we are care of more than you think.
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What an asinine comment, Aramax. I don't get the comparison. If you don't like baby squids, don't eat them. If you don't like kissing men, don't do it.

Nobody's forcing you to do either.

Problem is, you seem really obsessed about it. Lighten up, dude.
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Biltmore, I know... I even got ancestor that were italians according to my father ( He tracced all of our north american ancestors from colonial time and even some from europe ) but I guess im just a big homophobe and dont like the idea of 2 guys getting their tongues too close to each others.

Some peoples dont like baby squid salad too...
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