Imagining the Tenth Dimension.

In his book, Imagining the Tenth Dimension, Rob Bryanton explains - in plain English - the weirdness of string theory and the tenth dimensional (where all possibilities for everything are contained) physics using a clever Flash animation.

The beginning reminds me of the intriguing book Flatland [wiki], a 1884 book by Edwin Abbott.

Link | Rob's Blog - Thanks Eli Packouz!

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Too many things to have to click to get anywhere. It felt like one long commercial, and I never got to the neat part.

The thing that bothered me about the site is the "1 million unique visitors". Psuedo-scientists are always trying to pump up their numbers with claims about how many people agree with them.
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I recommend The Planiverse as well... easy and entertaining but still interesting book... I really enjoyed Rudy Rucker's other books, I'll have to check out Spaceland!
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no no no, please not this site again! It's bullshit, complete and utter bullshit! It has absolutely NO scientific basis, NOTHING that is said on this site is even slightly true. PLEASE don't give any credibility to this kind of new age pseudoscientific crap!
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I vaguely remember hearing that there were in fact 1 dimensions, but shrugged it off thinking "What?? How??"

I am so thankful for this website for explaining everything and in a way that the more ... simpler-minded folk (heh) can understand.
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