Poutine: Fries with Cheese Curds and Gravy.

Poutine photo from: mandyf [Flickr]

Here's a "neat" Québécois dish: Poutine [wiki] (pronounced poo-teen). It's basically french fries, cheese curds, and hot gravy.

Supposedly, poutine was invented in 1957, when a customer of Fernand Lachance asked for french fries while waiting for his order of cheese curds. Lachance remarked, ça va faire une maudite poutine ("it will make a hell of a mess"), and the dish was born!

Heck, even Superman, er Super Frank wants Poutine! Thanks AC!

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mmm!! I want some poutine, I'm latin but i live in Montreal and I LOVE POUTINE!! and yes quebecoise its the best one!! and hey americans you can make your own homemade poutine will be still good.
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Well Honestly...
Poutine is best as most quebecois I know, with what is a somewhat slight bbq tasting chicken gravy.. its not sweet nor too spicy. St huebert does an OK job of selling a package version, however Pizzareia steves in Stanstead is good with theirs much like the IGA in the same town. I have found that St hueberts and some chalet swiss in quebec do an ok job. Mostly however , local joints in the eastern townships , as the Montrealers call them, do the best.
Dont be fooled. Most places in Montreal, while serving decent smoked beef(meat), dont do poutine justice.
Cheese curd is the ONLY way to go.. Even mild cheddar sucks. Ive made enough cheese to vouch for that.

You can make the fries thicker, thinner or even from a bag with McCains( Ore_Ida for those in the states)
The Gravy matters, as does the cheese.. I fyou want fancy versions with Muchrooms.. sure go to Montreal.. But really, Its not Poutine...
Which BTW is Pronounced Poo-tsein or poots-in
Poo-teen is the english way they pronouce it. Even a person from Northen New England knows Poo - teen doesnt work
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I live in Ottawa, capital of Canada, home to the Super Frank chip truck. I still believe the best poutine come from Quebec.

It's a popular item here in Ottawa. We have a diner here with a really great breakfast...It's called a Hangover Breakfast. Two eggs, meat of your choice (bacon, ham or sausage), baked beans, poutine, toast, and coffee, tea or milk.

I don't know if it will cure a hangover but it sure keeps you full until noon time.
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