Goth Haters Got a Website!

Turns out there is a group called "Parents Against Goth" with a website called (really), where they rail against the Goth subculture [wiki] and provide tips on how to "degoth" your children.

And of course, this being the internet, a counter website has sprung up, creatively called,

Can't we all just get along? Link - Thanks Andrew!

See also: Blue Spring Youth Outreach Unit combatting the goth problem with government money in Government Fund the Darnedest Things.

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Actually, I found this pastor's website to be amusing like crazy. He knows zero about the goth culture. Oh yes, there are satanic goths, wiccan goths and probably mickey mouse goths, but some of us are Christian, and saying we dress as "satanic whores" hardly shows a Godly man attitude. It's okay though, he lacks the balls to reply to my posts. Word of advice to you others though: please if you leave this weasel a note, spell properly and try to post something that is a credit to the culture, not a pile of immature drivel and names, because that fuels thi's embicile's fire.
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I dislike goths,emos, and dark-lovers. I don't have a religion and am not a goth. Though I dislike goths,that website is one of the most ridiculous sites I've ever seen. It called goths: the devils children,losers,and homosexual freaks. Sometimes I see goths and think they are kind of freaks or maybe losers, but not the devil's children! The Christians are taking this goth thing way too hard. My ex-best friend is a Christian, she and her sister were taught that sex and not-going-to-church is a sin. Once she told me i would go to hell because i don't go to church. She left my school and i don't see her often. I saw here 14 year old sister weeks ago cuddling w/ a 16 year old in her all-black-outfit. Most hard-core-Christian kids grow up exactly what their parents said they shouldn't be!
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i'm goth, christian, and wiccan. i don't cut my self or dream of suicide. i love my 2 sisters, my brother, my friends and my parents. sure, i play rock/metal/alternative bass guitar, but i also play classical violin.
and regarding to, i don't moleste or kill babies, or drink human blood.
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