Be A Digger Game: Motherload.

No, not that digg. In this fun and addictive Flash game Motherload, you're a little digger that excavates ores, sells them for money to upgrade your machine and dig even deeper to get more ores, ad infinitum. Somehow, they made it fun!

Link - via Kottke

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Oooh, Jared... I'm still busy outfitting my digger. A bug in the game is that saving a game doesn't save the dugged out soil - so you start with an upgraded digger with all those goodies so close to the surface.
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Incredible, I actually wrote a game with a similar objective (drill around underground and collect valuable metals) in QBasic a long time ago, in my early teens. But that was no Flash, but DOS 80x25 text-mode. I always thought it was a pretty lame idea in the end. My game didn't have enemies or extra gadgets / inventory; but it did have fluctuating economy (yawn).
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