At Last, Supermarket Comes to India!

I didn't know this about India: supermarket finally came to the world's second most populous nation.

On a recent Friday morning in the southern India city of Hyderabad, one of the country's biggest companies, Reliance, plunged into the retail market by opening 11 neighborhood supermarkets simultaneously across the city. Hyderabad, a hub for the country's new tech-driven economy, is India's fastest growing city and its sixth largest city. ...

India has only a few dozen very large supermarkets, but Reliance plans to change not just the scale of what Indian retailers have seen before, but also the way they get products to market.

I've never been to India, so I can't tell you if the article's take on supermarkets and India, as well as the title of this post, are right or not. Link - via All This ChittahChattah

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Its tragic that people have such weird notions about India even today, what with all the media attention the country gets these days.
There are about 5 supermarkets within ten minutes from my home in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. And I live 25 minutes away from the centre of the city. And these supermarkets have been around for years. I've been shopping at supermarkets for the past 20 years or so.
The article mentioned probably received a tip-off from Reliance, and thus misinterpreted the information.
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I was there for several months - in 1988 - and I don't think there were supermarkets then. Back in 1988, even the capital city, Delhi, was regularly plunged into darkness due to electrical infrastructure failure.

I hated India - absolutely hated it - but was fascinated by it and remain fascinated by it. In spite of my hatred for the place I have a strange desire to return to explore it again.

It is a strange, wonderful, terrible, magical, tragic, beautiful and ugly place.
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A coworker, who is from India, said (with typos): "atleast in Mumbai we do..a lot of them. depends..India is like a huge country. every state is very different from another".
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