Mexican Loteria Cards.

SomethingSoWrong has a set of Mexican Loteria cards, which Wikipedia says is like Bingo, but uses images instead of numbers and pinto beans as markers.

If you match four pictures in a row, yell out "Loteria!" and you win! - via dreams less sweet

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Everyone plays it differently. In my family we make rules at the start of the game "We're playing full card!" means we're filling up the entire card, or "Across only!" means we're only accepting 4 in a row straight across and then we also play "corners" which is filling in the corners. That's just how we do it. We yell "Bingo!" when we win, or else it doesn't count haha. We usually start with "across" because it's the quickest, and easiest way to win. Then we start with the "corners" and "full card" to get the games to drag on longer, and of course increase the amount of money that's being bet haha.

I've never heard of the rhyming thing before. o_O
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The way to win a loteria game you must fill all the board (carta) and you screem LOTERIA! 4 in line makes a chorro (stream) and if you fill the 4 corners first that any one else (same as chorro)you make 4 esquinas (4 corners) there are 54 cards (barajas) and 16 boards with 16 images
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Well, Jordi, I will have to disagree with you.

Loteria can be won by filling up the whole board or a single ro, depending in the kind of game you're playing. There is also a kind of game where you have to fill blocks of 4 pictures and the like.

But the most traditional one I think it's the filling-a-row-of-pictures mode.

You also aren't supposed to yell "Bingo" when you win, you announce you've won by yelling "Buenas con..." and the name of the picture that made you win.
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actually, there are some slight differences with bingo.

- The dealer says a funny phrase for each figure, this phrase is soppose to make a rime with the character.

- In order to win, you have to fill the whole board and not just a line as in Bingo.
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