Skull Face Tattoo.

Definitely one of the most extreme facial tattoos I've ever seen. I'd like to see the guy go in on a job interview: Link - via Boing Boing

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It's funny that all the people who think the guy is "cool" is calling the people that think he is "stupid" a narrow minded bigots. It's the equivalent of the back and forth "no, your stupid" argument. The guy may or may not be stupid, who cares. He certainly doesn't want anything to do with mainstream society. I suspect he doesn't really comprehend what that means. I'm sure he just wanted to be different. He either enjoys the staring or he will (no doubt) have the tattoo removed.
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i think its art. its beautiful in its own way and if thats the way he wants to look then who are we to tell him how he should or shouldnt look. close your eyes and open your mind and you may see a lot more, and theres no laws against it so who is any one to judge if its right or wrong, if he likes it then its right.. its his body. and alex...could you be anymore patronising and belittleing towards dylan? you know you must be getting old when you treat young people that way. i myself am only 17 but the two of us are among the least judging narrowminded people on here, thank god young people of today can be more accepting of those who are different. you should be ashamed, lead by example mate.
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He is far from an idiot. I see him more as a visionary. Turning himself into a zombie is something I'm sure a lot of horror fans dream of, but none of them actually go through with it. This is art in its purest form. And as you all know, some of the greatest artists were criticized for their different outlook on life before they became praised and accepted.

Amazing work.
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