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Skull Face Tattoo.

Definitely one of the most extreme facial tattoos I've ever seen. I'd like to see the guy go in on a job interview: Link - via Boing Boing

Paul, why would he never get another job? Just because one has facial tattoos does not mean that you're destined for unemployment the rest of your life. On the one side there are people who are actually cognitively able to discern between a person, his or her abilities and how that person chooses to look. Then there's also self employment, or quite possibly having enough money so none of this actually matters. Obvious statements? Not at all. Just not very thought through statements.

Sallie, that's very mature of you. Sure it's up to taste, but why call someone an idiot simply for the reason that he chooses to tattoo himself in a less than conventional (for westerners at least) place? He may or may not be an idiot, but I'd personally take being an idiot any day over being a narrow minded bigot.
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I don't think you need to be a bigot to think a tattoo like that is pretty idiotic.
I'm sure job opportunities abound in Western culture for someone with a face like that. Perhaps a bone specialist..?
If not, he can always get a passport, board a plane, emigrate to another, more "accepting" country (is this ok in, say, China?), and get a job there.
They have circuses there, right?
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So I dont really understand why you are bashing on this guy just because of the way he wants to look. I mean, If i called you ugly, stupid and an idiot, you probly wouldnt like it. And how does the way this guy looks effect your life in any way? You people are only criticizing the way he looks because you dont like the way yourself looks. Im not saying that i would get this tattoo on my face, but it does look pretty cool. But what do I know. Im only 15, i dont know any better...
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Dylan you are absoultly right...
at the age of 15 you Do Not know any better.
Truthfully, I think he might have been an attractive man before he choose to tattoo himself.
He has certainly limited himself.
Think about when he gets older; I wonder if regret will set in then.
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i agree that you are a bunch of bigots and narrow minded asses. can you possibly think that someone wouldnt think these things through beforehand? there is an entire subculture developing in this country that continues to grow. there are tons of jobs in the art, entertainment, and body modification industries. i happen to know a tattoo artist with his entire face and head done in tribal and it looks bad ass. hes not an idiot. in fact he is one of the most inteligent people i know. he leads a normal life with a wife and kid. if you were to aproach these types of people with interest instead of insults you might learn that they are people, not freaks. stop the ignorance.
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Whatever man, this guy is clearly somewhat retarded. I hope his parents and family neglect him now. He probably thinks he'll die young so it wont matter. Whos knows. Actually I lied, cus he dont think. What a fool. It's one thing to have a face tattoo, and another that scares the shit outta people all the damned timed and makes people think he's retarded. If I have pen on my face someime I look down just a little so I can wash it off before it is noticed, but this kid needa burry his face like an ostrich.
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Yeah, that picture's been haunting me since I saw it on BME... Even had a couple of nightmares about this... I don't know what the fukk was going on in that guy's head and I'm pretty sure I DO NOT EVER WANNA KNOW THAT... =D
Great work anyway=)
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Getting your face tattoo'd is a choice. Some people do need to be more accepting, but you can't honestly believe that getting a skull tattooed on your face for the rest of your life isn't going to get some negative connotations. You're the type of people who get a 'fuck you' shirt and then complain because people give you ugly looks for wearing it. I have several tattoos and I got them knowing both the positive and negative consequences. I'm sure he's thought of them as well. There's no need to defend him, he'll be doing plenty of that for the rest of his life. And don't bitch because people still look at tattoos and assume the worst.
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I am not trying to defend the individual in the image with this post. He doesn’t need it. I want to why it matters to so much to those of you posting such negative comments about someone you don’t even know?

I have three tattoos and don’t have any problems with people that get tattoos. Tattooing is a form of personal expression. While I’ll be the first to admit that, as I grow older, I find that I don’t relate to my early tattoos as I did when I first got them. It does not mean that I regret any of them. Each tattoo reminds me of the people, places, things, and feelings that were influencing me at that time of my life.

I got my tattoos when I was a teenager and through my very early twenties. At that time I had the same concerns that some of you are expressing here: “How will I get a job.” and “What if people think I’m a freak.” So I got them in areas that could be covered by a short sleeved shirt. As I get older though, I realize more and more that it doesn’t matter what people think of my tattoos because I got them for me. Not for you to judge.

As I get closer to thirty, and am entering another defining moment of my life, I find that that I want to get more tattoos. These tattoos I have planned (three in total) will be clearly visible in my street clothes and some may find them vulgar, but I don’t care, because I am getting them for myself. That is the key point of what the majority of you are missing here. A man or woman’s tattoos are not there for you the make comment or pass judgment on, so keep that nonsense to yourself and mind your own damn business. Appreciate them for what they are or move on.

Even though I am fortunate to work with individuals with very libertarian outlooks, I don’t have any naive belief that I will be immediately accepted with my new tattoos and, for that reason, I will be sure that I can cover them with a long sleeved shirt. I will cover mine for work only because of attitudes like those in the above posts. How sad is our society that the most acceptable form of self expression is to be like everyone else. Ba ba ba, you sheep.

For anyone that wishes to question my background and/or social class and make ignorant comments, make a friend request at my myspace page so you can see my background and job profile and find that those with tattoos can’t be defined by these. A tattoo does not make you a social misfit, outcast, loser, or whatever other label you want to use. No matter what that tattoo may be.

I challenge anyone with a negative comment to take a close look at their self. What clothes do you wear, what music do you listen to, what car do you drive, and how does that define you as a person? Are these decisions made at a personal level? Or are you completely influenced by your environment? Do you comment because of a deep seated jealousy? Jealousy that you lack the personal fortitude to break from the heard and express yourself as you know you want to? I am so sick of hearing such negative crap from people that think their better than anyone else and that their opinion actually maters. Get a life and leave everyone else’s alone. You don’t like the tattoo? So fucking what!!!
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Well first a tattoo like that would take way more then one visit so the whole getting drunk and thinkin is a good idea is out. I would not want a skeleton on my face but I'm sure this guy thought it was something he should get done. And really the only concerns of people is his employment? Well I'm sure this dude isn't looking to get in at a health insurance company being a mail room boy. It's unique and diffrent. And makes him stand out. I'm sure this dude knew what he was getting into before he did it. and another thing about his folks dis-owning him.... How do you know if maybe his whole family has face tattoos? And I bet this dude dosn't give a fuck about this chain either.
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What an opportunity for performance art when he dies; his tattooed skulls will disintegrate into the real skull.

Or am I the only one who can see a romantic (as in the view of life, not romance) spin on that?
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This chap has decided that he doesn't want to be the usual "follow the crowd" type. He has made a personal choice to do something different. Many of the narrow minded bigots probably long to do something eccentric (i.e. ride a motorcycle, grow their hair long, get body piercings, build their own house, go self-employed, etc. the list is endless), but don't have the guts to step out of the rat race. Does this chap go round calling people who are not like him "idiots", "losers", or "retards"? I doubt it. Some of these complainers should mind their own business and get a life. You should respect a person's right to be different (providing it doesn't affect other people), even if you don't agree with it. In other words, what has this chap's facial tattoo got to do with you?
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This guy can do what ever he wants to he is grown. He dosent giv3 a damn about what yall think! how about you all post pics of ur selves and we can all can make fun of you!! haha! NO! Anyway the tat is pretty cool. Let him be who he IS! ur who are right.. how would u feel if i said u were and idiot for the way you lived ur life? Come on people.. ... i know u people wernt rasied by monkeys rihgt... you guys should have respect for this man. think of something that u do... would u want people to call you stupied for something that u believed in or something that u really liked! come on people think!
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i think that even though every single person knows not what life holds for him or her...they make decisions early or even later on in life that affect them up until death grabs them off the earth. i dont see why this guy has to be criticized for having a fuckin facial tattoo. its what makes him unique...
look at michael jackson for example...bleaching his whole body,yet no one would like to talk to him because his image has been exploited by the media and papers...(im not a fan,just an example)

so anyone that has something to say about a person before actually knowing the person,i suggest you fuck off and go suck an HPV infected dick...and stop being so damn narrow minded and start thinking outside the box....high schools over....:)
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This guy is a complete bone head! No pun intended. The only thing this clown wants is for others to look at him and talk about him and post his face all over the internet. And it worked!

Hmmm, what can I do to compete with this guy to gain more attention. Ohh...I know! I will tattoo a pie hole around my lips and color my tongue brown so that it looks like a terd comming out of my butt face. And I will have Mr. Cool Asshead tatooed on my chest so that I'm not outdone by Mr. Cool Ice.
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Its an incredible tattoo the depth and colouring give it a real 3d look. Whoever did it is an artist.

Now i wouldnt neesarily want a tattoo on my face, but thats my choice, just like it was his choice to have this done. He looks like an attractive young guy, and there are always people who are into different things... shit a guy I knew in his late 50's was in the bondage scene and always had 20 'something girls following after him... to each their own.

I think too many people are purely caught up with physical appearance and if you look/dress/act different you will be persecuted (sonds like high school to me) People need to be themself, and be a little more open minded.
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Actually, it looks a lot more like airbrusning than skin inking.

If it is a tattoo, then the good news is that this guy is not likely to be reproducing; not with any live people anyway.

...and who is the liberal thinking employer who is going to have this "bonehead" work for them? I guess it could happen like at a tattoo shop or as a carnie geek eating live chickens (that WOULD work!) Maybe as a lighthouse tender on an desolate island in the Bering Sea. Maybe a radio announcer in a small southwestern Mexican village. Maybe even as tour guide at the dungeon museum of the Tower of London.

So, I guess there are some employment opportunities for him after all.

Now, for you parents out there... let this be a lesson as to what can happen if you lock your kid in the basement and feed him catfood until he is nineteen years old...
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First of all, do any of you who call him an idiot actually know him?

I do know him, and he isn't an idiot. That's one of my friends... he is a very cool guy.

He has a great job (that pays well) that I wish I had.

As for the person who says he wont be reproducing...

He has a GF that is hotter then any girls you've been with, and if you're a girl yourself... then his GF is hotter then you.

for the person who thinks it's air brush.. sorry, it's a real tattoo... and it looks awesome .. he has his ribs and back done now and it looks great.

last but not least...

fuck off Binky, you dont know shit about shit. Your a fucking idiot.
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damn people its HIS face and body.let him do wat he wants to it.others may think its crazy but thats just ur opinion. he's not bothering anybody about it right? hey let the guy do wat he fucking wants!get over it shit.
live your OWN LIFES!!
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when he got this he couldve cut his fucken dick off cuz he aint neva gonna get laid now. fucking moron! god this pisses me off so much i want to rattle his fucking bones!
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a) F**k you, JC for saying Stupid Americans. Where are you from?
b) Thank you, Boomin, for setting everyone straight.
c) Mr.Honest- Learn how to spell before you talk shit, YOU are the idiot!! It is spelled LIVES not LIFES.
d) Mr. Hippie- Why would you wish his family to disown him? Do you not understand the meaning of the word KARMA??
e) Honestly, who cares what this guy was thinking, or why he has this tattoo?? He probably did it for this very reason- to shock people and watch their evil, close-minded, BULLSHIT run wild.
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Fuck What YOU say,i like that guy!!! hes cool at all!!
nice tattoo,nice idea !
*thumps up*
he lives his life,like he wants,you will never can,because you have to do a fucking job,you are in your own prison called yourself :P
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What right have any of you to insult this man and characterize his body modifications as repugnant? What position are you in to say that this is evidence of stupidity? How do you know that?

The uncomfortable answer is that you don't, because you simply have not been in his shoes. You have no idea what it is like to be someone with a facial tattoo; you do not know where he was coming from psychologically in modifying himself in this way.

As a transgender woman, though, I feel I might have some clue about it. Just as I modify my body with Estrogen to become on the outside what I am on the inside, so too might someone tattoo what they are inside on the outside of their body. If that means tattooing their face, I suppose that means they get their face tattooed. Sure, it's a huge, irrevocable decision. I'm sure it was terrifying. And I'm sure he was deeply transformed by it.

Who are you to assume that transformation wasn't positive?
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this is a comment explainging to yall 40 somethin comments that you all obviously have no time to get out or anything like that

i know im also reading all these comments aswell and i dont really care about my spelling mistakes and shit like that but seriously why do you all care and why are you all arguing over wherther or not this was a good idea

what would jesus do
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Sick lookin. Gotta say, really nice work, props to the artist. Though I think he should get his eyelids done if it isn't too much pain. (It can be done safely, though I'm not sure how safely.)
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Not being funny but I'm shocked at the amount of people actually wasting their lives writing bad things about someone they will never meet who proberly doesn't give a shit about what you think anyway as its his body. How fucking sad are you lot. I think its cool and i hope to fuck all you haters catch AID's and die a lonely death.
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Hahaha, you guys all seriously fail.

First off, this chap is a tattoo artist. It's his JOB to do this sort of ting to other people, so it's not unusual to have tattoos himself. In fact he has since updated his facial skull to incorporate his entire head. Which can be seen here:

You idiots running your mouth about how "he'll never get a job again" don't know what you're talking about. Ohhh he'll never get a job wah wah. No. He'll NEVER get a job as some pencil pushing, file copying, cubicle grinding office lackey like some of you losers are, and will be! He's going to spend as much of his life as possible doing what he ENJOYS, LIVES, AND BREATHES. Which is creating art.

This man is an example to us all, he's an individual who knows how to live.
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you are a fucking rare breed boy how are you gonna get your dick wet looking all fucked up like that?????
Little dylan 15 years old knows fuck all ok matey....peace
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maybe this guy wants to make his life more difficult. on the one hand, he wanted to feel free to express himself, he did not put any limit to his "art", or whatever it is;
and the consequence is that on the other hand, he received a sentence of 'tattoo imprisonment in perpetuity'. no way to change his body now.

thus, he chose to lose his liberty to change his mind and physical appearance, because of his extreme desire of being different, and showing that he is free to do whatever he wants to.
indeed, he's very brave to have done this. congratulations...
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I gotta hand it to the guy...this is a pretty ballsy thing to's not my personal taste...although I do like tattoos, this particular one wouldn't appeal to me...but it's VERY nice work...I don't have one of my own, but I can still admire the craftmanship behind a tattoo...I don't think he's an idiot for doing it...I can't base intelligence on something like this because it was probably his way of expressing himself...and in all actuality HE has to live with the choice...if HE wanted the tattoo, why can't he get it? He may also be a tattoo artist (or work in a shop) and in that case this would just be showcasing the shop's work (if they did it)...and it's not *hurting* anyone else is it? Like one person said *shrug* if you don't like it don't look...
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why judge? i mean i wouldnt do that but it was his choice, im sure he knows, he cant get a job. But he is an artist im sure he tats or something. leaave the guy alone, i think he is sic, i love that he doesnt give 3 fucks what YOU have to say.
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Im amazed at the rank ignorance and unintelligence of some of the comments to this tattoo. Why do you people all think 'we' are going to grow up and regret our tattoos. Most of us are already grown. Im 37, have a good job and lots of tattoos and plan on getting many more. I love my life and I love the tattooed freaks that share my life with me. To me you people always just sound repressed and envious because none of you had the balls to live your lives the way you wanted to. Anyhow why does he need to 'get a good job'? just so he can do something he hates for the rest of his life to pay a crippling mortgage etc etc. I live on a boat now and live the life of riley. I tried for years to do the whole house, wife, mortgage thing, it sucked!!!! I have never been happier. So to all you straights out there I would advise you to c'mon in the waters lovely because only you can taste the sour grapes. Love to anyone who dares to be different X
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"Nazarene, what can you offer?
Since the hour you vomited forth
from the gaping whomb of a woman,
you have done nothing but drown mens' soaring desires
in a deluge of sanctimonious morality.
I was conceived of a jackal.
Your pain on the cross was but a splinter
compared to the agony of my father.
I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass,
you profaner of Isis.
Cursed Nazarene,
I will avenge thy torment."
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He is far from an idiot. I see him more as a visionary. Turning himself into a zombie is something I'm sure a lot of horror fans dream of, but none of them actually go through with it. This is art in its purest form. And as you all know, some of the greatest artists were criticized for their different outlook on life before they became praised and accepted.

Amazing work.
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i think its art. its beautiful in its own way and if thats the way he wants to look then who are we to tell him how he should or shouldnt look. close your eyes and open your mind and you may see a lot more, and theres no laws against it so who is any one to judge if its right or wrong, if he likes it then its right.. its his body. and alex...could you be anymore patronising and belittleing towards dylan? you know you must be getting old when you treat young people that way. i myself am only 17 but the two of us are among the least judging narrowminded people on here, thank god young people of today can be more accepting of those who are different. you should be ashamed, lead by example mate.
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It's funny that all the people who think the guy is "cool" is calling the people that think he is "stupid" a narrow minded bigots. It's the equivalent of the back and forth "no, your stupid" argument. The guy may or may not be stupid, who cares. He certainly doesn't want anything to do with mainstream society. I suspect he doesn't really comprehend what that means. I'm sure he just wanted to be different. He either enjoys the staring or he will (no doubt) have the tattoo removed.
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