Election 2006, in Not So Many Words.

I know, I know, you guys hate politics at Neatorama - but look at the sad elephant (and smugly smiling donkey!)

Note: Sorry right-wingers! It's hard to balance the post, seems like there's no joy in GOP-ville (even President Bush said that the Republicans got a thumpin').

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Hi Becki - this argument came about when I first posted a controversial political cartoon (the John Kerry one), and as I recall, you said the same thing.

I posted a response on that particular post, basically saying that I wanted to foster participation in the comment section, and boy did I get it. Politics is a fact of life, and an inescapable one (not to mention, important) in the current election (or post-election) season. I think the way Neatorama can stay current is by posting things that are somewhat neat about politics, whether you agree with it nor not.

Now, it's not my intention for Neatorama to be "left" or "right". I understand that the past few political cartoons have been left-leaning, that's because the syndicated cartoonists Steve Sack (on-the-left) and Nick Anderson (supposed to be a middle-of-the-road guy) drew them that way.

To balance this in the future, I've signed up Gary Varvel (on-the-right kind of guy).

Ted, you're right. There is a lot more coverage of US topics because I live in the US and don't have a lot of access to non-US media (besides the BBC). I suppose having authors from the UK and other parts of the world would be better in identifying and posting "neat" things about international politics.
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If the comment bug you, don't read them.
Frankly, the whole Redp/Dem debate shows a little too much regional myopia on the part of Neatorama. There are other elections and political events happening throughout the world, and those don't get any press here at all.
I don't mind the political stuff so much, but you really should look beyond your own borders once in a while, and realize not every Neatorama reader cares what's going on with your politics.

The perfect example is when your comments show such intolerant comments from both sides of your incredibly polarized society.
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I am a conservative and I do think the cartoon is cute... however it's not the cartoon that bothers me rather the comments from morons like Cathy D's.

Sadly this sort of thing turns me off of neatorama.
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House-about average loss for 2nd term of any Presidency. In fact Reagan lost more of them during the mid term election of his second term.

Senate-The Vice President holds the tie breaking vote. And do not count on Joe Lieberman to automatically side with the Democrats.

Presidents approval rating-45% and rising.

Nancy Pelosi's approval rating-24% and dropping.

Freshmen Senators/Congresscritters-On the whole are way more to the right of the Democratic leadership. Many of these Democrats are pro-gun, pro-military, anti illegal immigration and many are anti abortion. More then one of these freshmen members has stated that they were not elected to be pawns to push the radical left agenda of the Democratic House and Senate leadership and will not play that game.

And here is a little thing for you to chew on...

Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is now in a position to instate his universal military draft. That means if you are male or female from 18-42 you can and will be drafted. There will be no deferrments. I am sure this will be a very popular item with all of you.

This is where you learn the meaning of the old adage "Be careful what you wish for-you just might get it.".
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