Bollywood Thriller.

The funniest music video you'll see today (if you haven't seen it already! It's making the rounds on the InterWeb - and deservedly so.) It's the new King of Pop! (Not sure if it is Bollywood, though) Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - thanks KH Low!

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Wow, Sandra, your making a great image for all us Americans. Racism is sooo 50 years ago. This is from a movie called Donga, where it's SPOOFed, not "knocked off"
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That was one verry weird video. I've known several indians in my life and have found them to be very weird. They have weird physiques and body proportions yet in their bollywood or indiawood(whatever its called!) movies, none of the main actors look anything like real indians. in my experience I have found them to be arrogant, devious, misleading, conniving and flat out insecure. They seem to have a severe complex on multiple issues, dilusions of grandeur of sorts. This video by the way is very weird. I mean, the fact that they went to the extent to choreograph and film this crap is quite pitiful. pretty bad nockoff of micheal jackson's thriller, hey doesnt india have like a billion people??? how come there copying in the first place??
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Thanks for straightening that out.

And they look more vampiric than zombie. Besides, all they would need to become vampire/zombies is to be bitten by a vampire/zombie, so it's entirely possible that live people were bitten by vampire/zombies (not necessarily Indian), just as they somehow turn this live fellow into a vampire/zombie.

I love the advertisement scrolling across the screen in the middle of the film.

This clip sucks worse than the original video.
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Actually, Bollywood has a lot more class... and glitz than that. A lot more cosmopolitan too (if you're ever in Bombay, and white or Russian, or anything exotic like that, you can earn $20 a day by dancing on a bollywood set).

The video you linked is of Chiru, the "Mega Star" of Telugu cinema. It is considered regional cinema as they speak a language (Telugu, in Andhra Pradesh) which is completely different from Hindi (which is what mainstream Bollywood cinema is made in). It doesn't even share linguistic or cultural roots - Telugu is Dravidian, Hindi is Sanskrit-based and Aryan.
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