Ugliest Corvette Ever.

From the website:

This is -- used to be -- a 1985 Corvette. The owner, who calls himself "Buckeye", says: "Women love this car. Every time I stop for gas, women come up to me. I could have as many girlfriends as I want -- old ones, fat ones, anything. They're all over me."

Ah, and that's Buckeye himself in the blue vest pointing to his car. - via Yahoo! Picks

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That is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen. To descrace a corvette like that is beyond punishable by death. Its people like that, that need to go in thier house and never come out again.
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i think forest gumps mom said it best " stupid is as stupid does!!!" what a sad end to this corvette and this guy for thinking it looks good and the women (if actually any ) that do think it looks good to .very sad indeed . looks like some bad venerial disease run amuck ! ha !
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The body isn't Fibreglas®, it's made of Fibreglas®-reinforced plastic. Vettes have had bodies like that for decades. Other cars use carbon fibre-reinforced plastic.
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