Did UFO Crash Landed in Feudal Japan?

In a document called Hyouryuukishuu ("Tales of Castaways") printed in the late Edo period (1603 - 1868) in Japan, there is a story of Japanese sailors who found a wrecked ship with a mysterious appearance:

According to the document, this vessel washed ashore at Harashagahama in Hitachi-no-kuni (present-day Ibaraki prefecture). The body of the ship, described as 3.3 meters tall and 5.4 meters wide, had been built from red sandalwood and iron and was fitted with windows of glass or crystal. The mysterious characters of an unknown alphabet were found inscribed inside the vessel.

Edo-period UFO scrollAboard the drifting vessel was a finely dressed young woman with a pale face and red eyebrows and hair. She was estimated to be between 18 and 20 years old. Because she spoke an unfamiliar tongue, those that encountered her were unable to determine from whence she came. In her arms she clutched a plain wooden box that appeared to be of great value to her, as she would allow nobody to approach it.

Did some ancient Japanese sailors find a UFO? Pink Tentacle has the story: Link

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You know this story sounds an awful lot like the Fifth Element, alien girl shows up: pink face, red hair, red eyebrows, and speaks a strange language. Just a thought.
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