Oops, US Government Nuked North Carolina.

The scene near Mars Bluff, S.C. after a B-47 bomber
accidentally dropped an unarmed nuclear bomb.

On January 24, 1961, something not at all funny happened in the skies over Goldsboro, N.C. The wing of a B-52G bomber began to leak fuel and exploded, destroying the plane and releasing its payload of two thermonuclear bombs. (One usually does the trick, but the plane carried two on board "just in case.") The first drifted to earth beneath a parachute. Its twin, however, crash-landed in a swamp. Thankfully, neither exploded - which is lucky, considering the bombs had gone through three of the four steps toward activation.

Of course, there were complications. The bomb that crashed proved to difficult to recover. Workers could only drag part of it out of the mud, leaving a chuck containing nuclear material buried 150 feet down. It's still there today, and so is the government. U.S. officials bought the patch of swamp and continue to regularly check the radiation levels. As of now, it doesn't look like locals will be catching three-eyed fish anytime soon.

As it turns out, though, the Tarheels were just keeping up with their neighbors to the south. In February 1958, two Air Force bombers collided in the air over Savannah, Ga., forcing one of the planes (carrying a nuclear-capable bomb) to crash into the Atlantic. Only a month later, a B-47 bomber accidentally dropped an unarmed nuclear bomb near Mars Bluff, S.C. Frighteningly, such "broken arrow" events were all too common in that era. Five of them occurred in 1958.

[From July-Aug 2005 issue of mental_floss magazine, featured in Neatorama with permission] - for more mind-boggling trivia and fun facts, visit mental_floss website and blog.

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In reference to your question, yes this story is true.

It is time for closure and for the Government/Airforce to admit to what they did to us children. We and our children are suffering health wise, and this could have been prevented.

The Government/State/neighbors/family knew there was a missing core down around that area in 1958. I don't know if this was the same one that hit our farm, or their were two separate incidents (1961). The farm is in a MOA area, but not a restricted area by aeronautical charts.

So why where these planes flying over with live bombs over the farm? Have family members killed off because of this? We have been targets of hit and runs, shootings and we are tired of it. What has the fake trust got to do with it(Ponzi Scheme)? Where is the real trust that was given and then taken away back after daddy died in February 1998? What would the DENR reprensentative (won't mention his name- yet) be doing sitting in front of my house watching me all day the week after daddy died? We want answers. Daddy made several trips to the White House back in the 60's, said he knew the Kennedy's personally.. Did this have anything to do with the Cuban Missle Crisis?

We were told after daddy died that someone wanted the farm. Everytime daddy would stand up, before you know it he was put in Dix hospital. I have pulled up old records from Smithfield dating back to the early 60's concerning his fight over the tobacco issue. This was mearly a coverup.

My daughter had surgery for a brain tumor a few years back, she was #4 in the world with that tumor. The other person who had surgery right before her was from the country of Turkey, close to the same place where another incident happened in Palomares, Spain in 1966. I was also quarantined through double steel doors at a hospital in early 1993 with thyroiditis. Not to mention the other girls in the family with rare adenomas, cancer's etc.

And another question, what is up with the State of NC buying land on highway 55 (Lee Land-family) 100+ acres for over 3 million dollars. Did the state think the core landed on my grandmother's land, but got the parcels mixed up? Alot of this is going back to 1972 when the tissue testing was done from Duke and Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn. Where they doing paternity test on us? My wallet was stolen out of my pocketbook in 1977 in English class, in it were my social security card and my card from Duke, someone must have wanted that card. Somehow the Johnson's come into play (again family). Like I said, it is time for closure.
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It has been awhile since I last submitted information to this website. Alot has happened in the past year, alot of sickness and death in the family. The more I dig the more disturbing information I find. Alot of people around us know the answers, but will not come forward. Why would a army helicopter land on the farm years ago? Have different agencies been looking for the core and didn't know the exact location? People in the family have known what was going on since the early 60's and kept quite. I don't blame them, I don't trust some of my family members either, not after what a few of us has gone thru since the mid 80's.
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