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Oops, US Government Nuked North Carolina.

The scene near Mars Bluff, S.C. after a B-47 bomber
accidentally dropped an unarmed nuclear bomb.

On January 24, 1961, something not at all funny happened in the skies over Goldsboro, N.C. The wing of a B-52G bomber began to leak fuel and exploded, destroying the plane and releasing its payload of two thermonuclear bombs. (One usually does the trick, but the plane carried two on board "just in case.") The first drifted to earth beneath a parachute. Its twin, however, crash-landed in a swamp. Thankfully, neither exploded - which is lucky, considering the bombs had gone through three of the four steps toward activation.

Of course, there were complications. The bomb that crashed proved to difficult to recover. Workers could only drag part of it out of the mud, leaving a chuck containing nuclear material buried 150 feet down. It's still there today, and so is the government. U.S. officials bought the patch of swamp and continue to regularly check the radiation levels. As of now, it doesn't look like locals will be catching three-eyed fish anytime soon.

As it turns out, though, the Tarheels were just keeping up with their neighbors to the south. In February 1958, two Air Force bombers collided in the air over Savannah, Ga., forcing one of the planes (carrying a nuclear-capable bomb) to crash into the Atlantic. Only a month later, a B-47 bomber accidentally dropped an unarmed nuclear bomb near Mars Bluff, S.C. Frighteningly, such "broken arrow" events were all too common in that era. Five of them occurred in 1958.

[From July-Aug 2005 issue of mental_floss magazine, featured in Neatorama with permission] - for more mind-boggling trivia and fun facts, visit mental_floss website and blog.

I was a B-52 Pilot at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC when this happened and have flown many of those Airborne Alert missions. I had also flown the mission a few days before another one of our B-52s colliede with the KC-135 Tanker over Spain and the Navy and it's little sub had to locate one of the bombs in the ocean near the Spanish coast.
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Our Family farm was close to that area. Can anyone tell me or Mr. Gogdell help me with some questions concerning the incident? We think something might have landed on our family farm,(Tart) 6 miles from Newton Grove. We all have thyroid disease and/or thyroid cancer, adenomas. Duke came out and did tissue typing on us in 1972. No one is talking. We know there is a hidden secret. What is it. Farm located in what is referred to as Easy Street area off Hwy 96 and 55 out from Dunn NC- Tart Road
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In addition to the above article I wrote back in April of this year, my father had a long drawn out lawsuit with the US Government over a tobacco alotment issue which started in the late 50's prior to me being born in 62. He had already cost the Dept. of Agriculture and the US Government over a million dollars by documents uncovered. Would this had warranted a bomb drop on our family farm thus exposing innocent children to years of hell? They didn't issue my dad an allotment card for the years of '61 and '62. Why, To cover up what they had aready done. He ended up dumping the tobacco at the ASCS office in Smithfield, N.C. There were civil trials and federal trials US vs Roy Franklin Tart and Roy Franklin Tart vs. US Case 9231 and civil case 1414. There are even cases where my dads attorney was disbarred and sent to jail. There has been murders and attempted murders in the family. The Justice system has stood by and let this happen. Were we used for guinea pigs by the DOE? Someone needs to come forward and take responsibility for what they did to us. I think Duke and Betsy Johnson hospital discovered the radiation when I was admitted in 1964 and 1969, and was put under a oxygen tent. I even came down with trench mouth and anemia.
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I have done some serious investigation over the past several months concerning the tissue typing from Duke on us children. The Immunology Dept at Duke at that time was headed up by D. Bernard Amos, Fran Ward, EJ Yunis and several others. Dr. Amos passed away in 2003. Per conversation by email with EJ Yunis at the Dana Farber Cancer Center at Harvard, these test were done low resolution. Per Janet Plate at Rush Medical these tests were used to track haplotypes from our mother and father. Her example was kidney donor and recipient-work done by Dr. Amos....So my question is why did Duke come knocking on our door? I was only 9 years old at the time. We were used as guinea pigs and someone has profited off from us, family included.
Duke knew we were irrated and wanted to experiment on us. The bomb core from the MK39 Fatman was never found, why because it landed on our farm. Now I know why Dr. Corbett didn't want to deliver me at Betsy Johnson, he was downstairs drinking coffee and I came out and wasn't breathing. I was a blue baby....I guess they thought I was going to look like a freak. Another thing, everytime I was admitted to the hospital in 1964 and 1969 for breathing problems, my father was placed at Dorothea Dix Hospital. In 1972 when Duke did the testing on us, the same week May 24th my dad was placed at Dorothea Dix Hospital. They had to get him out of the way to do the testing on us. These people will stop at nothing. It is time for the truth to come out..My father went thru hell trying to protect us. When is the coverup going to be revealed? Maybe the C.T.Davis farm was a throw off to cover up where the real explosion was. I guess history would have to be rewritten. Somehow we managed to get another pond at the same time....Two on the farm. Daddy always said the government owned the farm, but it was not because of the tobacco lawsuit. Per daddy's record's at Dix he saw planes flying over in 62 and 63. So that is why they didn't issue a tobacco card for those years. They couldn't sell radioactive tobacco to the public, but it was alright for us to die. Now we know why the neighbors were dying from cancers and one had to have his thymus removed. Maybe someone will come forward and tell the truth. All of us are suffering from Thyroiditis, Thyroid Cancers, Brain Tumors..The DHHS, DOE and US Government haven't offered to pay one penny on our medical bills. Three words RADIOACTIVE IODINE 131
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In reference to the above stories, I have some new information. When some of the children were smaller, there were silver strips picked up that had been thrown out on the Tart farm. By research, these silver strips have been identified as Chaffs-which is radar countermeasure to deflect incoming missles. Daddy had told them not to pick them up. Another question- What happened to the $20 million dollar lawsuit that daddy had? One of my sisters was hospitalized in January of this year 2008 with blood evaporating out of her body with none coming out. Her blood levels were 4.7, in which she had to have 5 units of blood. Her redblood cells were bursting. Another week and she wouldn't be here. Remember what I said above about me having anemia when I was a little girl. The doctor to my sister that this had to have been occuring over a long period of time.... We ate all of our vegetables off that farm and drank the water there.
Someone wants the farm, Who? What evil things have taken place over the past 47 years?
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Just another note. There was a incident back in the fall of 1968 where a group of the local KKK men tried to attempt to kill my father in the local country store. Three was a white van waiting outside of the store. By his medical records, daddy had a healed fractured 7th rib. One of my sisters went in the store to save him. When daddy was picked up in 1969 by four deputy sheriffs to export him once again to Dorothea Dix Hospital, my sister and I watched as little girls ages 7 and 9 out the window. While daddy was in the hospital and the mother worked at night, someone was trying to scare us by beating on the house, the gas tank outside and leaving tobacco sticks on a push mower on the front porch. Supposedly daddy was turning in liquor stills.
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Back again after doing more research. Going thru dad's records. There must be a year missing from his records from Dorothea Dix...this has to be when the electroshock therapy was done to him. Why aren't those records in his files, and who ordered the treatment? Did you know that electroshock therapy messes with Cognitive thinking, which involves long-term memory loss, visual processing and a few more? How could a man go from being one of the biggest farmers in Johnston County to having his brain fried? He was supposedly mentally ill, but was able to function enough to clean the floors at dix. I guess it was cheap labor for the state. Also, per daddy's records, he states that someone from home was trying to frame him. Wonder who that could have been? Other things noted in his files and I quote, "THE PATIENT IS CAPABLE OF MANAGING HIS MONEY." What money, we went without, struggled to have food on the table, mostly pork and beans and what came in from the garden. No health care for all of us children. How could a man who was a big farmer in Johnston County go from just that to having his brain fried. I wonder how many aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors new what was going on? I wish someone would give us some answers. You could contact one of us children and your name would be kept confidential. Hey now we know why no one in the family would come to see us all of those years. I guess we were too radioactive.
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I must be stepping on someone's toes. There was a PI in his car sitting outside of my house a few weeks ago. When I made a phone call to the sheriff's office, he cranked up and left. It must be concerning the tissue typing cards that have been in our possession for the last 35 years with Duke Immunology written on them. I guess they wouldn't think that we would keep them after all of these years. They forgot that one of the girls that they tested was over 21 at the time and didn't sign for the testing. I might have been a small child in 1972 but I didn't give anyone the right to experiment on me then or in 1993-1995. If anyone else dies in our family or is in another car accident this will be on record. I ask, what is it worth to sell children?
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It has been awhile since I last submitted information to this website. Alot has happened in the past year, alot of sickness and death in the family. The more I dig the more disturbing information I find. Alot of people around us know the answers, but will not come forward. Why would a army helicopter land on the farm years ago? Have different agencies been looking for the core and didn't know the exact location? People in the family have known what was going on since the early 60's and kept quite. I don't blame them, I don't trust some of my family members either, not after what a few of us has gone thru since the mid 80's.
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In reference to your question, yes this story is true.

It is time for closure and for the Government/Airforce to admit to what they did to us children. We and our children are suffering health wise, and this could have been prevented.

The Government/State/neighbors/family knew there was a missing core down around that area in 1958. I don't know if this was the same one that hit our farm, or their were two separate incidents (1961). The farm is in a MOA area, but not a restricted area by aeronautical charts.

So why where these planes flying over with live bombs over the farm? Have family members killed off because of this? We have been targets of hit and runs, shootings and we are tired of it. What has the fake trust got to do with it(Ponzi Scheme)? Where is the real trust that was given and then taken away back after daddy died in February 1998? What would the DENR reprensentative (won't mention his name- yet) be doing sitting in front of my house watching me all day the week after daddy died? We want answers. Daddy made several trips to the White House back in the 60's, said he knew the Kennedy's personally.. Did this have anything to do with the Cuban Missle Crisis?

We were told after daddy died that someone wanted the farm. Everytime daddy would stand up, before you know it he was put in Dix hospital. I have pulled up old records from Smithfield dating back to the early 60's concerning his fight over the tobacco issue. This was mearly a coverup.

My daughter had surgery for a brain tumor a few years back, she was #4 in the world with that tumor. The other person who had surgery right before her was from the country of Turkey, close to the same place where another incident happened in Palomares, Spain in 1966. I was also quarantined through double steel doors at a hospital in early 1993 with thyroiditis. Not to mention the other girls in the family with rare adenomas, cancer's etc.

And another question, what is up with the State of NC buying land on highway 55 (Lee Land-family) 100+ acres for over 3 million dollars. Did the state think the core landed on my grandmother's land, but got the parcels mixed up? Alot of this is going back to 1972 when the tissue testing was done from Duke and Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn. Where they doing paternity test on us? My wallet was stolen out of my pocketbook in 1977 in English class, in it were my social security card and my card from Duke, someone must have wanted that card. Somehow the Johnson's come into play (again family). Like I said, it is time for closure.
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