Intelligent Design Poster.

Ishkur has a nice collection of irreverent posters, like this one above:

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But not everything that requires belief or faith is a religion. I belive that there are no such things as gods, because the evidence against them is too strong. But that doesn't mean that atheism is a religion, any more than not collecting stamps is a hobby.
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Unless I'm mistaken, the basic tenet of Intelligent Design is that a Higher Being had a hand in the creation of the universe. Since this is pretty much a standard point for most religions, the message of this particular poster could be construed as saying that people who have faith in some Higher Being are all morons.

And being agnostic seems to leave open the possiblity that some sort of god actually did create the world. So it shouldn't be a point of contention for you. Now if you'd like to declare yourself atheist, then perhaps you'd have a dog in this fight. But being atheist requires a sort of faith as well...something that agnostics by definition don't have.
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It's too vague to be funny.
As for the other posters, some were OK; the sentences were too long in others.
I prefer my humour where I don't have to think.
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Girls, girls, you're BOTH pretty!
On following the link, I think the author is insulting everyone. They are mostly funny, but it means you have to have a sense of humor about your own political beliefs.
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