Poodle Disguise for Doberman Dogs.

Attention Doberman owners: are you tired of people looking at your "dangerous killer" dog in fear? Well, why not disguise your doberman as a poodle with this costume?

http://www.users.bigpond.com/daniel1977/kits.htm - via Everlasting Blort

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I was raised around dobermans and when I moved out and got married that was one of my first choices for a family pet. I have a golden retriever and a doberman and I will tell you this. My golden retriever would be the first to bite someone before my doberman. Dobermans are wonderful dogs as is my golden retriever but, people have too many misconceptions of differant breeds without really knowing about them or having interaction with them
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My 16 year old sister has a doberman and not only is he the biggest baby but he's saved my ass a few times. i am a heavy asthmatic and newly diabetic and while visiting her and my parents whenever my asthma would act up or sugars would go out of wack he was ALWAYS there as my shaddow and and made sure i was never alone and if need be alerted someone that i needed them. i LOVE that dog! and am looking for one to call my own :)
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My Dobie is such a sweetheart and such a big baby. The only things tough about him is his name (Attila) and his head butts (lol). I have never had a sweeter dog. But I really want to make a costume like this for my dog. Love it!
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