I'm very happy (and humbled) to be co-blogging with the awesome Miss C. at Miss Cellania, who single-handedly can compile the best and funniest things about any topic at all - and does it every single day!

Our topic for today is weird toilets, and shortly after we got started, Miss C. whipped out about 20 very neat links (on top of the two previous sets of funny toilet links she had previously posted on her blog!) - I don't know how she does it!

After dragging my butt (pun intended) on this and realizing that there are just way too many weird and funny toilet humor on the Net - way too many ..., we are proud to announce our picks of some weird and funny things about bathrooms and toilets:

Incinolet: Incinerating Toilet.

Robert Stewart of WombatNation writes about his Incinolet incinerator toilet:

Our Tahoe cabin has an incinerator toilet manufactured by Incinolet. The toilet is actually kind of cool. You first press a button to start the heating system and then put a special purpose coated paper bowl liner (coffee filters just won't do) down between two sloping pieces of steel. This is the gateway to Hades. You then poo or pee into the paper filter, step onto a lever, and wave goodbye to your human by-products and any toilet paper. The gateway to Hades opens up and everything within a couple inches is sucked into its gaping maw. The toilet then incinerates your thoughtful gifts at a very high temperature. I'm guessing somewhere around 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit or the surface temperature of the sun, whichever is hotter. The manual says 1,200 degrees F. For those of you recipe freaks, that's 1,200 degrees for one hour, then cooled to 130 degrees over the next 45 minutes.

A self-sanitizing toilet bowl! Hit play or go to [Google Video] - via Hacked Gadgets

Wizmark Urinal Communicator: Talking Urinal.

Dr. Richard Deutsch invented this disposable urinal drain cover that can detect someone approaching and then play a pre-recorded advertisement!

A fantastic collection of painted toilet seat and cover by Tuesday Cohen:

Kevin and Adrienne Krock have a weird hobby: they list and review the bathrooms of Disneyland!

William Ng of will i am took this photo of a giant hand-cranked wheel that must be turned to get the faucet water running.

"This is a picture taken in the women's toilet (sink) of Starhill Gallery in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's an upmarket retail and dining premise, hence the supposed avant garde decor. One has to turn the giant wheel to get the water running."

Found at Alex D's NY bathrooms blog.

Marcel Neundörfer designed this urinal game called "On Target" where by men play an interactive game by hitting the "target" in the urinal - supposedly, this reduces wayward splashes and reduces the cost of cleaning, as well as improves restroom hygiene!


Too high-tech? How about a low-tech game called Pee Goal?

We don't expect many homes will be in need of one of these but have a word with the landlord at your local and tell him he ought to install Pee Goals in the gents. The Pee Goal consists of a green base, goal post and a little football on a string. Take aim, shoot and see if you can score a goal.


Flushed Away Trailer. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | Link [Apple] to see the trailer of the upcoming animated movie Flushed Away by Dreamworks.

The Bumper Dumper. The ultimate outdoor accessory, when you're on the go and have to go. Link

Ah, custom printed toilet paper is one heckuva advertisement. For one, you've got a captive audience, but then he or she will crap on your ads. Link

OK, so we have bathrooms for women, men, the handicapped, and ... Daleks [wiki]?

Found at WhirlPad - Check out your toilet intelligence by taking WhirlPad's T.Q. Test.

The Shoji Tabuchi Theatre bathroom in Branson, Missouri, won the world's best bathroom award (the Golden Plungers) and it's easy to see why:

Branson, Missouri, features a bathroom Valhalla, otherwise known as the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre. No high tech gizmos, no sleek Feng Sui, only good old-fashioned hedonism. The women’s room has a fountain, wainscoting, stained glass appointments and an Empire tin ceiling. Live orchids lay nestled at every granite and onyx pedestal sink. The fixtures are carved from black Italian marble and gold. Voluminous chandeliers soar overhead. The air is fragrant with 80,000 fresh violets (used per month). But in this glut of material luxury, simple needs are remembered--a rocking chair is placed at the changing nook.

The gents facility is equally gorgeous yet manly with black lion head sinks, black leather chairs and a marble fireplace. The burled walnut mirror was built in 1868. Men can bond over the hand-carved mahogany billiard table. [previously on Neatorama: World's Best Bathroom]

Bathroom for the inseparable couple. Couples who ____ together, stay together!

Gizmo, the obsessive compulsive cat. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Arbroath

Photo: David Lin

Toilet Bowl Restaurant in Taiwan. If the food's crappy, that's because you're in a toilet-themed restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan:

It may take a strong stomach to eat curry or chocolate ice cream out of a toilet bowl, but a commode-themed restaurant in Taiwan does booming business serving up just that. ...

Food arrives in bowls shaped like Western-style toilets or Asian-style "squat pots"

Manager Hung Lin-wen said the original inspiration came from a toilet-shaped spaceship in a Japanese cartoon. The theme has attracted droves of novelty-seeking young people who come to play with their food and gross out their friends.

Link - via Boing Boing and Cool Hunting

Crazy Japanese Toilet Prank. See what happens 10 seconds after you close the door to these Japanese public toilets ... Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Found at Bits & Pieces.

This pig is trained to use the toilet! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Weird Gender Signs. This one above is from the SciFi Museum in Seattle, taken by Flickr user noded. See more gender signs pool at Flickr. Highly recommended!

Two cool products from Bathroom Mania! : Kisses! urinal and a flowerpot-shaped prototype toilet (" Brings fresh air into the smallest room! A birdy that sings with every flush and a sun that's always shining! This flowerpot needs caring, water daily and manure at least twice a week. Grows best in full sun, but also looks perfect in the shade!")


German company Henkel Wasch-und Reinigungsmittel GmbH and Italian design company Alessi got together to make this toilet bowl cleaner and deodorizer shaped like a windsurfer:

It hangs onto the rim of the toilet and surfs the porcelain waters keeping it clean and odor free. The cleaning agent is held inside the surfer, while the deodorant is inside the sail.

From Strange New Products: Link

Redneck Throne. Thanks Blurb!

The Potty Putter.

The Potty Putter includes:

*The Putting Green
*2 Golf Balls
*A Putter
*A flag stick
*And a "Do Not Disturb Sign" for your practice sessions


These two images were found at Joe-ks, an amazing place for funnies!

Oliver Beckert designed this aquarium toilet, with fully functioning tank that fits standard toilet bowls. He called it "Aquariass."

Perry Dixon designed this rocking horse toilet - supposedly, the design is not without health benefits:

... the inclusion of foot pegs provides real health benefits by raising the knees above the waist, which facilitates a thorough expulsion of waste. - via Gizmodo

Found at Frozen-One

Neatorama reader Suzie Patrick took this photo while visiting an Asian mall in Burnaby, B.C. - Thanks Suzie!

Check out the new men's bathroom at the Sofitel hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand: Link [Snopes]

Roman Public Toilets.

From the website:

These public toilets were found in the ancient Roman city of Ostia - probably from around the year 100 A.D.
People sat next to each other on seats that had holes in the top (for obvious reasons) and in the front (for the insertion of a sponge on a stick). A channel with running water was in front of their feet.

It's interesting that people back then would share things like bathing and toilets publicly. Most people in any modern culture expect privacy for such actions. People were so much more casual back then...

Found at: Monkey Toybox's Ten Toilets You've Never Seen - Thanks Mike Stanton!

And finally, the Golden Bathroom at the 3-D Gold Store in Hong Kong where owner Lam Sai Wing spared no expense to give you the ultimate bathroom experience, including doing your business on this solid gold toilet!


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Haha what an awesome post! I love the Asian mall pic, and surely whoever invented the Bumper Dumper is just taking the piss? (sorry :P)

I recently wrote a toilet-related photo blog myself, about some unusual dunnies I found while travelling around north Queensland. Check it out if you're interested & keep up the cool blog!
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Keep posting of different types of toilet bowls,I really interested in flowerpot-shaped prototype toilet because it gives an artistic style,not noticing that it is an ordinary type of bowl.
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I can't believe how much stuff you dug up on toilets, too funny! Some of those bathrooms though look pretty cool, that one in Missouri is super nice, probably too fancy for anything going on in there.
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I figured this would be a good place to post this. It's a hilarious toilet video, and also a damn fine product. I own one!
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I find it interesting how people find toilets humorous. Maybe toilets have that perfect level of taboo - not talked about in polite company, but not overly disgusting when it is mentioned. It is also a nearly universal theme, which makes it funny to way more people. I love the pic of the Roman public bathroom. It just goes to show that things have not changed in all these years. I have seen public restrooms in this day and age that looked less sanitary than those that are about 2000 years old.
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