Transparent Propane Cylinder.

Ever wonder if you've got enough propane for that BBQ get together? With Lite Cylinder's new transparent propane cylinder, you can see directly: no more guessing!

Worried about its safety? Checkout the website's fire test [video]

Link - via American Inventor Spot, Thanks Michelle!

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jman is right. As long as there is some liquid propane left, the pressure will be almost constant and those inline gauges are next to useless because of that. Two options are to weigh the tank (the empty weight is stamped on the collar) or a heat-activated sticker (I found a full length one at a good price at Carol Wright gifts)
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for the best info. and safety contact your local propane if one is in your location. as for a pressure guage einstien it will show pressure as long there is gas in the tank it will not drop pressure as the fuel level get lower the gas which is store as a liquid flucuates in pressure whith temperature changes one cup will have the same pressure as one gallon basic science 101
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