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Transparent Propane Cylinder.

Ever wonder if you've got enough propane for that BBQ get together? With Lite Cylinder's new transparent propane cylinder, you can see directly: no more guessing!

Worried about its safety? Checkout the website's fire test [video]

Link - via American Inventor Spot, Thanks Michelle!

Ok, but finding a place where you can "fill your own" tank is near impossible these days. Nothing like taking this baby in for the tank exchange and the local gas station.
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Any place that caters to RV's should have a tank refill setup. Here in my town (in Indiana), the local U-Haul office has just such a station.
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can't get away with the felling that that the transperent wall may crack and leak... I know .. I know it is extensively tested, but still.. as always feeling safe matters more thatn actually being safe ;-)
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Anyone who has ever used an in-line guage will tell you that it generally trips the regulator, espcially if you have a high BTU appliance. I had one on my grill and it completely screwed up the flow.
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to JimC,
Most people DO live near places that "cater to RV's." I own an RV, and travel all over the country. I'm never more than 50 miles from an RV park or service center of some sort. Recently, I just drove 7500 miles in just over 6 weeks, going from Georgia to Montana and back. No problem AT ALL in finding RV support, including refilling stations.
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To the goof who said:

"his has been available in the U.S. for a long time too."

uhh ... dumbass ... did you even go to the litecylinder website? These started production in March .. hardly a long time ago. Think before you type.
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Yeah, 50 miles to refuel a tank is much more convenient than the local hardware store, I love driving 100 miles round trip for propane, I have nothing better to do with my day.
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I need a steady supply of refillable propane cylinders approximatly 13" high and 4.5-5" diameter. DOT 4BA 260. Does anyone know where I can find them? Preferably domestic but at this point foreign will do.
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Just go buy one of those propane tank level meters that you can screw into the nozzle. They are about $10 and worth every penny. However, the clear tank is pretty cool. ;)
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I'm thinking of getting a moving truck that runs on propane. I've never really heard of trucks running on propane until now. How practical is it to own and operate one? Fuel costs, finding refill stations, engine repairs, etc?

Thanks of your help
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for the best info. and safety contact your local propane if one is in your location. as for a pressure guage einstien it will show pressure as long there is gas in the tank it will not drop pressure as the fuel level get lower the gas which is store as a liquid flucuates in pressure whith temperature changes one cup will have the same pressure as one gallon basic science 101
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jman is right. As long as there is some liquid propane left, the pressure will be almost constant and those inline gauges are next to useless because of that. Two options are to weigh the tank (the empty weight is stamped on the collar) or a heat-activated sticker (I found a full length one at a good price at Carol Wright gifts)
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