Satellite Photos Show Destruction of Entire Community in Zimbabwe.

Amnesty International released satellite photos showing the destruction of an entire community of Porta Farm, Zimbabwe by government forces.

"These satellite images are irrefutable evidence -- if further evidence is even needed -- that the Zimbabwean government has obliterated entire communities -- completely erased them from the map, as if they never existed," said Kolawole Olaniyan, Director of Amnesty International's Africa programme.

The organization commissioned the satellite images to demonstrate the complete destruction of Porta Farm -- a large, informal settlement that was established 16 years ago and had schools, a children's centre and a mosque. The organization also released graphic video footage showing the forced evictions taking place prior to the demolitions.

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I doubt anything I say will have any impact on the events unfolding in Zimbabwe. However, sometimes things must be said, not because they will change anything, but because they must be said. I have been representing Zimbabweans seeking asylum in the United States since 2000. Things have gotten progressivley worse over this time. Most notably, I am now seeing people who were in and escaped or bribed their way out of the Border Gezi Camps - -the Youth Militia Training Centers where the Green Bombers are indoctrinated. Words cannot express my outrage. Rape, brutal beatings and degradation for degradation's sake is the order of the day. Atrocities no less horrific than in Khmer Rouge Cambodia or Mao's Cultural Revolution are being committed daily. These photos are the very tip of a massive iceberg photographed from far away. Many have expressed the hopeful notion to me that things cannot get any worse. Actually, they can and I believe they will. THe death of Zimbabwe proves the time honored saying that "All evil requires to triumph is for good men to do nothing." The good men of Zimbabwe must stand and be counted. If it is to be their country, they will have to stand up to this evil - - otherwise the bulldozers will keep going. Meanwhile, The International Tribunal on Crimes Against Humanity in Zimbabwe should be revving up. They have a lot of work to do!
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