Archive for February 23rd, 2006

Animated Paper Models.

An awesome collection of paper animation kits for sale at Flying Pig (via Paper Forest)...

Funny, Real Church Signs.

A great collection of funny, real church signs:

Ronn Le Feuvre's NES Duck Hunt.

Awesome Flickr photoset by Ronn (aka skinny coder) on video game scenes in Lego. Link...


Parkour or free running is an extreme sport (not to mention a dangerous one, too) founded by David Belle, in which traceurs (those who practice parkour) go from point A to B like a freakin nin...

Igor Sergeev's Cigarette Packs Collection.

Igor has the biggest collection of full, unopened cigarette packs in the world. He has collected them since 1976 and has got over 20,000 packs now. For more, see: Link...

Mother's Voice and Monkey Call Sound the Same to Baby.

Infants are acute listener - they perk up more to people talking than to white noise. And we've all heard that infants recognize and react to the mother's voice.But research by At...

What George Washington Really Looked Like.

Washington at 19?The real George Washington may not look like the guy on the dollar bill. Jim Rees of historic Mount Vernon said that Washington and the artist who painted him actually didn't l...


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