Nepal's Boy Buddha.

Update Jan 30, 2006:

Tens of thousands of people have visited the site, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Nepalese Buddha Boy - and a cottage industry selling pictures, CDs, etc. of Ram Bamjan has sprung up around this phenomenon (with proceeds going to rebel Maoist, said gov't officials).

The screen that was erected to shield him from view has been taken down, but there is still no resolution to the claim that Ram has not eaten or drunk anything since he began his meditation 8 months ago.

(Does this matter? The 16-year old has been meditating for 8 months! I couldn't sit still for 5 minutes when I was that age)

Nepalese eKantipur website's got the latest news:

'The biting cold has had no effect whatsoever on him so far," says priest Prem Lama... that the news of Bomjon's "godly power" began to spread after two dumb people started speaking after visiting the meditation site.


Previously: Ram Bahadur Bamjan's friends said that he has been meditating without drinking water for 6 months, and will carry on for another 6 years until he attains enlightments.

"Bamjan has spoken only a few times since he began the meditation, according to Prem Lama.

He said the first time Bamjan spoke was when a snake bit him around a month ago.

Bamjan took the incident as his second test, which he must overcome, Prem Lama said."

This has people calling him Buddha-reincarnate. Now, scientists are gathering to see whether he indeed can meditate for so long without drinking any water.

Link (via Boing Boing)

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May god give him all the power to complete his maditation,,,,,we all need a true preacher at this dark age......budham saranam gachami
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Since my last writing on Ram Bomjam of 21.2.06,we have now witnessed justice as the beginning of the end of the four oligarchs (CIA/KGB/M16 & Vatican)- which threatens this planet ever since they took possession of the gunpowder - in the form of:

-Foreclosures & Writedowns that amounts to more than a two trillion dollar crisis. Lewis Hamilton crushed the European Iron Curtain and Obama prevented Clinton's come back. The week ending November, 21, 2008, Ram Bomjam took a break again and now we will see the retreat of the oligarchs in India and China.
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Wow not eating for six years...nice, and not stoping until he attains enlightment......impressive.

but man what a waste of six years is all i can say.

I plan to help my fellow humans and grow with expiriance for the next six years of my life, and not selfelishly sit still for six years

and i don't belive the proceeds going to rebel Maoist is a good choice but then again thats jsut speculation because it was said by gov’t officials.
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Wait till he's done what he has to do.
Then listen to what he has to say.
Apply it to your life.
And see where it takes you.
Thats what I will try to do.
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