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Nepal's Boy Buddha.

Update Jan 30, 2006:

Tens of thousands of people have visited the site, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Nepalese Buddha Boy - and a cottage industry selling pictures, CDs, etc. of Ram Bamjan has sprung up around this phenomenon (with proceeds going to rebel Maoist, said gov't officials).

The screen that was erected to shield him from view has been taken down, but there is still no resolution to the claim that Ram has not eaten or drunk anything since he began his meditation 8 months ago.

(Does this matter? The 16-year old has been meditating for 8 months! I couldn't sit still for 5 minutes when I was that age)

Nepalese eKantipur website's got the latest news:

'The biting cold has had no effect whatsoever on him so far," says priest Prem Lama... that the news of Bomjon's "godly power" began to spread after two dumb people started speaking after visiting the meditation site.


Previously: Ram Bahadur Bamjan's friends said that he has been meditating without drinking water for 6 months, and will carry on for another 6 years until he attains enlightments.

"Bamjan has spoken only a few times since he began the meditation, according to Prem Lama.

He said the first time Bamjan spoke was when a snake bit him around a month ago.

Bamjan took the incident as his second test, which he must overcome, Prem Lama said."

This has people calling him Buddha-reincarnate. Now, scientists are gathering to see whether he indeed can meditate for so long without drinking any water.

Link (via Boing Boing)

How hard is it to check if someone's been eating at night? From The Sydney Morning Herald:

NEPAL'S "Buddha boy" is under investigation by the authorities, who question his claim not to have eaten anything for six months and are examining his followers' finances.

The Government believes Ram Bomjon, 15, may be eating at night when his shrine is closed to visitors.
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Ram bahadur Bomjon was Great Soul people of the world should be thankful for what he does,is pure spiritual journey beyond Human comprehension. for six month of fasting is unbelievable but a thousand of people witness the great Ram bomjon siting cross legs closed eyes motionless beneath the banyan tree and his goal is six years of deep Meditation? to attained enlightenment? That was Remarkable Acomplishment Ater he finished his goal Kali yuga(dark age) is over that's the begining of dwarapara yuga (aquarian age)And he must become a divine being called God in physical form The 15 years old boy who performed the great great great Austerity Was chosen by God.

Pls. I call the People of the world to support
Ram Bahadur Bomjon
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Whether it is real or fake at least it is not the news of deaths from Nepal for a change.

Typically the government in Nepal is over reacting to the possibility that this is a fake which is possibly a sign why they are not liked by much of the population of the tiny kingdom.

namo amitabha
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Please someone find someone with an infrared camera and go film the boy for weeks. This rumor has to be put to an end. If he really is who the media think he is then we would have contributed to prove his authenticity... and if he is not "buddha" then we would have contributed to eliminate this very profitable scam and put an end to this plague of false prophets that is pulluting the world's spiritual side.
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it is very interesting, i am full of excitment for Ram, i hope he achieves enlightment, i hope one day i have the stregth and will power to achive enlightment one day. also i think it is very interesting how some people believe he is faking ever if jesus was to suddenly come back...everyone would probably deny him and say he is faking it as well.
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Its really very amazing things we should respect him. I wish to fulfillness of his meditaion. Ok lets leave all things behind even sitting in the same position for six months is not ordinary things. For rest scientist are examining and I wish any popular media group go on the spot and video monitoring for 24 hours at least a week then world come to know How is Ram Bahadur Bamjan.
Om namo Buddha.
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The news is very interesting. Whatever this fake or true one thing is sure, it is impossible to sit cross leg for a whole day. People are disturbing him. It is his human right to sit the way he likes. Please don't miss interpret what he is doing and support him to get his determination. I heartly wish him success. If get fail I will think people themself are responsible for it.
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it's a simple thing to verify what someone does at night. since this has not been revealed, i am sure that he is eating, drinking, and sleeping at night. and this makes me sad that he and his followers would not simply say that he meditates all day and eats, sleeps, and drinks at night. if he wasn't doing these things, there would be no secrecy around him at night.

still, it's a marvelous accomplishment to be able to sit still all day without eating, drinking, or getting pained, tired, or bored.

i would have preferred for them to be honest about it from the beginning, and congratulate the young man for what he is actually able to do, which is still an extraordinarily rare, if not superhuman feat.
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Every news just wrote nepal/scientist to proof nepal buddha boy, but nothing has come out till yet why???
If there is any doubt there are lots of high Lamas, like Dalai Lama, Penor Rimpochey, Jadrel Rimpochey and there are many other high lamas who can proof, why can`t request them? otherwise, instead of disturbing him, give him to complete his meditation for six years. It will more beneficial to every one and as well as for him.
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Ram Bomjon 15 yrs old 2006 After six years of deep meditation'He is 21 yrs old it is 2012 year to date correct me if im wrong, thats the year of Khumba Mela in India the gathering of saints and sages yogis and the rishis the begining of dwarapara yuga (Aquarian ages)we are dealing right now is Kali yuga (Dark Ages)so pls,learn how to Meditate, I preffer you to read the only book of Sri Yukteswar THE HOLY SCIENCE Calculation of the yugas.

Our planet is inbalanced right now there's a lot of nature calamities disasters wars greediness created by human kind killings sex abused and violenced. Living in this Material world is limited full of negativities woriedness and ignorance, lack of spirituality,This is Kali yuga(Dark Ages)we are
dealing right at this moment.

I wished to the cosmic energy to fullfiled his task to save and balanced this planet from the dark forced. Ram Bahadur Bomjon was capable of doing this Great Sacrifice.

Pls.people Support and protect this Divine Being

We are all in One "Hello to Aquarian Age" Peace and divinity.
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I have visited the Ram Bd. Bamjan meditation site, which is easily accessible now. Thousands of people visit the site everyday.

People have their own judgement and opinion about it and is justified. Some take him as the new buddha and pray to him. Some are curious and inquisitive and wants to know first, how it is possible for the boy to survive without food and water. Some are plain doubtful without any explanation.

Whatever, your opinion or belief, the boy is meditating under the tree. No one has seen him eating or drinking since he started meditating. Reporters in Nepal, have spent 48 hours continuously and didn't see any eating or even going to the toilet. Of course, there is no scientic testing with them.

I think we have to keep in mind the saying "all the people can be fooled some time, some people can be fooled all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time" Till then, let the boy meditate and if you are seriouly interested, you can come to Nepal and investigate.

I spend two hours there and left with a feeling of, how can a human being stay like that without any food and water, but the boy is real and felt a sense of peace and tranquality.
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ok... don't get me wrong guys... I am not saying that the fasting boy is not something special because he definitely is. My intentions are just to prove the true authenticity of his mission, and to do this I need someone to go and film him for a long period of time with an infrared camera... I mean... c'mon... you people should understand the real intention here. Peace and Love.
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Wel dis sure deserves attention... I wish Ram all d best n i hope he attains enlightment one day.... He really deserves it... I mean at 15 u start meditatin 2 attain enlightment... We need 2 learn from dis n realise the only way of being able 2 attain enlightment in Kali Yuga is 2 pray...

Om Namah Shivaya
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We have heard that Lord Buddha meditated without food for 49 days. After that there is no record in the history of Buddhism of anyone having accomplished similar tasks, not even the great saint Milarepa. Therefore is it not proof enough that Palden Dorji Rinpoche is truly a living Bodhissattava? A supreme being? Who else he could be if not a Buddha when he has accomplished nine long months without food or water and is still continuing? Is this not proof enough that he is a Buddha? What can we know unless we find ourselves who we really are and what it is to be a Buddha? Wellm if you are a practioner, you may know. I feel I know nothing,I am not capable of giving any no comments. The fact is before our own eyes. Right here. right now.
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Why not choose to believe in this extraordinary case? Of course some will doubt because Ram is not a member of there religion. The ramifications of this being true is universal. The World, the Human race, even the animal kingdom needs physical proof of Gods existence. We are all one. Let Love guide us!
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i have limited knowledge of things buddhist, but i am looking forward to going to see this amzing man child who may be our next world spiritual leader. As a human I can understand how these things ae possible....more love power and wisdom to Ram....he is saving up his love for the whole human race...respect
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Buddha Dharma meditated for 9 years, and now the child is going for 6 years. I think he's doing it so that human can sit down for once and to realize the inner peace and love.

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For non sleepwalkers or real people who have a little experience, will understand just by looking at the expresssion , that Ram Bomjon is for real. However the Christian/Moslem/Communists axis need not bother to intrude into something that is not biological like Santa Claus. Go find an answer to Santa Claus and leave Ram Bomjon in peace, who is keeping to himself, in his own land under attack from Mugabe type terrorists and Mugabe type promises.
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Attendons l'aboutissement de ces 6 années de méditations avant de tirer des conclusions hâtives sur la veracité ou non de son action. l'avenir nous diras si oui ou non le bouddha est de nouveau parmis nous. Aidons le à surmonter tous les obstacles...
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There are a lot of controversies regarding the buddha boy(Ram bahadur). it's a shocking co incidence to know that his mother's name is MAYADEVI; and infact the real Buddha's mother name was also MAYADEVI.

i know that science is preety good in giving statistical data and proofs(how things happens?) but its dumb in the case of why things happens. can science proof why the painting of leonardo's Mona Lisa is beautiful. NOOOOO!!!

so why not we leave that little boy to meditate on his own will. WHAT WILL WE GET AFTER FINDING THAT HE IS FAKE? HE MIGHT BE REAL TOO.

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Andrew gurung are you hallucinating or what it seems like your not sure about what your delivering stop eating wild mushroom men much better if you boil in to water and drink it, it will cracks your heads off men,
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I commend the boy for wanting world enlightenment, but the world's enlightenment will happen all by itself. Just as our body functions on its own without consciously saying to the lungs "Now lungs, breathe," or "Now heart, beat", so does the universe move of its own accord. Cosmic cycles complete themselves and need no meditation to be accomplished.
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You all might find this interesting:

Next update - 2 months.

personally - we don't need any more leaders. We only need to see our true self and the horrors we have done to ourself and others. And our own planet.

I bet you've never seen your true self. (W/o filter of camera and chemicals)
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If we're not fit in the cycle of changes of nature in present age or in the coming of year of the truth which is (Satya yuga)we will be suffered phisically mental and emotional, Meditation is the gift of divine creator since the begining of these material universe the breath of god(Bramah) the spirit of life force energy that holds the entire universe, these practiced of disciplined are originated from the east, the himalayan yogis the ancient spiritual masters of the past and future, practiced these discipline called Meditation to control the mind not to be slaved by the Negativities within our system, the worst enemy and the very best friend of our self is our own ego.

purification is the answered to see our real self, Heaven and Hell is in our Hand it's up to us to choose.
Just be aware of what we are doing wether we be good or bad we cannot escape in the law of "Karma" Iam just reminding you all to prepare in the near future, weather you like it or not, Follow your freedom.

If you like,Learn yoga instructions and meditations that fits you, and make sure is genuine, the spiritual master must be the of Man of Realization.if your lucky enough to find out the real Guru, the dormanth Kundalini energy will be awakend,mathematically experience oneness of nature in the breath of life.

Ram bahadur Bomjon sentient divine being,the radical way of modern bhudist enlightenment.if you wanna wait for him to be your Master that would be Great'

We are all in one
Peace Rino_lac
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it's interseting that we have lost the ability to have faith and feel that the first response is to question whether this is a fake or not, also it's interesting that we so desperately seem to need someone to guide and teach us and are not ourselves prepared to sit down for 6 years meditating to seek enlightenment, when will we learn that peace is within us if we learn to apply it ourselves
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Well its not easy to believe but i agree that through meditation ,Ram ,if HE is the one chosen ,he will definitely attain his enlightenment.I think that one must believe in spirituality to understand and wait whether all this is real or a mere drama.
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Since ages India has witnessed hundreds of men and women attain self-realization, but the modern scientific world has till today underestimated/ignored or hidden the wonders that a human can achieve through authentic yoga practice, by the world-wide broadcasting of this example there is hope for todays modern men to set aside their narrow-minded convictions concerning the limits of the human being.
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Is the fasting boy still missing? Was he found yet? I think that the proof of his authenticity is taking too long. Too long to be taken seriously. Where´s the goddamn infra-red camera???? Are you people going to help or not????

I will repeat myself because I must explain myself for those who fell they need it.

I have nothing but good intentions regarding the fasting boy.

If he´s authentic then we would have helped bringing into the light one of the finest person that has ever walked this earth.

If he´s a fake... he would be another one... no surprize at all.

There´s a good link that has daily updates on news from the Bara District:

Peace and Love
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this is definately not "bullshit" as someone put it.just because you cant live without food for 6hrs, doesnt mean more mentally advanced ppl can. and he is oviously not some random guy trying to get attention...that kind of person would have given up by now

there have been enough people watching him day and night and if he did eat at night, it would be noticed at once.

as a buddhist, i personally dont think that ram is a reincarnated version of the buddha coz when the buddha passed away, he ended his cycle of suffering and ceased to exist.
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Okey, i will tell you something that makes yoy think eat a lot of tastier and delicious food that satisfied your tounge, full your stomach as many as you want for one day or so, if you done eating take a rest for 5 to 15 minutes have some tea enjoy,

Now press your nosetril with your fingers make sure that theres no air to breath for 30 min or an hour or so. absolutely sweet Adam you gonna die.(pls dont do these/only an example).

So therefore Life is not on the food we eat, Life is in the air we Breath, We should realized that sometimes,
we should pick food which is healty to our body mind and thougt, to make our thinking much more higher than our stomach.

Jesus Christ says "Man shall not live by bread alone but every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God"

Ram Bamjan survived because of the Air we Breath,(oxygene) He knows the practiced and principle of the prana yama yoga.

Happy easter day people
(Christian Yoga society of the Phililppines)
support Ram Bahadur Bomjon
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hi all, i have spoken to someone who has seen footage of
the young go-getter bursting into flames and she said it was pretty inconclusive. It was going to be shown in Kathmandu soon, but has disappeared. there are plenty of people the world over who do not have to eat... just be aware that the we are all part of creative force and the more you let go of the limited perceptions of the self the more the unlimited potential of life will be experienced....
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As the Buddha said,"each person has to work on the path himself to reach enlightement. I can only show the way". Do not expect this 16 years old boy to save the world or have magical powers. The most he will be able to do is show the way because he would have completed the path in his 6 years of meditation.It takes a lot of courage to set such a high goal like that.He is definitely on a mission, like the Buddha was on a mission to find the way to end suffering and misery. However,his enlightement only freed himself. Instead of wondering if this boy is "real or fake", meditate to free yourself of suffering and misery.
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.....There are plenty of the people in the world over
who do not have to eat........

Rumi I think there's is nothing to do with the meditating boy What is your point? you mean to say that, if someone fasted you blame them just because there are plenty of people in the world who doesnt eat? well, it doesnt make any sence.

So you wanted Ram Bomjon to help those people in the world who doesnt eat? Ram bomjon is on meditation, he's gone, How could you say he is a go getter the donation Money was Frozen how could this boy help those people who hasn't eaten he is on Via Meditation?
Rumi your out of your mind.
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I agree with Didier's comment, 27 May 2006 above. Please, people, spend the effort and time to meditate and free yourself of suffering and misery, instead of wasting your engery and time wondering if Palden Dorje is real or fake. If you are familiar with Buddhism and meditation, you will realise that Palden Dorje is on a personal mission to reach enlightenment.

Bear in mind, Palden Dorje did not make any claims of superiority or supernatural powers over anybody. I sincerely believe that he is not even aware that he has been accused of being a fake!! Palden Dorje's sole aim is to go on a mission to achieve enlightenment and by such a time. Note this, he did this by quietly leaving home in the middle of the night without telling his family, no fanfare. It is only later that the "circus" and "clowns" invited themselves over to his meditation site. He didn't invite the "circus" and "clowns" to make themselves part of his personal mission, but they came from all over the world, UNINVITED!!. They are in fact intruding into his personal space!! And behaving as if they are the masters of the centuries old craft of a certain type of meditation and Budhhism, raving and ranting about how this is possible and that is not possible. Such behaviour gives one the impression of how ignorant the "circus" and "clowns" are. What a joke! Take note, whatever unsavoury and negative comments have been passed on about Palden Dorje, they were solely made by an ignorant public (the supposedly learned "circus" and "clowns"). Here in this case, the ignorant public can say whatever they like and judge however they like!! How so? It is because the public is utterly ignorant, that is why, though one likes to think that just because one has read more books one is more intelligent or smarter than another but actually one can be an utter ignorant fool if one wants to behave like one. A gardener is a master of the garden, a toilet cleaner a master in keeping the tiolets clean, a brain surgeon a master in saving lives. It means that a brain surgeon cannot be a master in toilet cleaning as a toilet cleaner can, as each is a master of their own skill. This means one must respect each individual's speciality and do not judge through one's very own ignorance. Therefore the ignorant public should respect and accept Palden Dorje's decision to meditate in his own way, the way he knows best and the way he knows he will be able to sustain himself in the long haul. The ignorant public should also learn more about Budhhism and the many forms of meditation there are, before commenting. Then at least they know what they are ranting and raving about. And at least they will come to understand and accept Palden Dorje and his mission, and if he fails at it, then it is his freedom of choice.
Remember - freedom. It is important in one'life.

These ignorant public should be grateful that now they get to witness confirmations of certain manifestations of a certain type of meditation being undertaken by Palden Dorje, otherwise one will not get to witness it because it would be kept out of public view. Note, this is possibble because we the ignorant public, intruded uninvited into Palden Dorje's meditation site. We aught to be prosecuted! This same skeptical and ignorant public should also be grateful that they have learnt a lot about life from Palden Dorje, a courageous teenager. If only all of us can be a spectator of our own lives!!

So people, shall we all leave Palden Dorje in peace to go on his personal mission, and do not make uncalled for comments or judgements as if we are the masters of the art of meditation and Buddhism.

Instead give Palden Dorje some encouragement and respect, eh ?
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I support to welcome back the new buddha to previal peace on earth, but I wonder why the committee curtained him after 5 PM - 5 am; which somehow make suspicious to some of the welwishers.

What is the latest news of his whereabouts ?
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apparently a few lamas saw him a few days after his dissapearancec and spoke to him for a few hours. He apparently said that there was no peace at his previous meditation point and that he would return in about 5 or 6 years.
For one to call themself Christian , one must have faith that Jesus was indeed ressurected. If that is possible , why is sustaining oneself for a long time without nourishment not possible.
Surely surving for a long time withut food or water is more scientifically possible that reviving oneself after death.
One must keep in mind that God created the world and that he is above science. Surely God can bend laws of phyics and nature.
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Lord Buddha attained to enlightenment (meditation - with minimum food call-maddiyama prathipadava)and not without food. I wonder why he doesn't follow buddha's way to reach enlightenment. It says buddha meditated 6 years without food and have understood that it is not possible without food.
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This post has turned crazy. Not to offend, but I would say about 80 percent of these replies were incoherent. Interesting post , though, and at least people are getting worked up over something (just wish they would form sentences).
I don't think it should matter so much whether he's eating or not. I mean, he's obviously extremely spiritual regardless.
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Perhaps, they should call him "The Boy with the Divinely Concealed I.V. Feeding Tube":

Does anyone here remember the old Fakir’s “hidden jointed stick platform” levitation trick? If they can hide a support crutch apparatus behind a linen cloth so cleverly, to make it appear that a trickster can suspend himself in mid-air, (or a breathing tube, similarly buried cleverly to a “buried alive yogi’s” coffin, then what are the odds that an intravenous feeding/hydration tube could be similarly cleverly concealed in a tree trunk, or underground, and run into a vein somewhere in the boy’s body, such as into a hip, leg, etc.?

I’ve seen some pretty clever deceptions in my time, so…
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Wait till he's done what he has to do.
Then listen to what he has to say.
Apply it to your life.
And see where it takes you.
Thats what I will try to do.
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Wow not eating for six years...nice, and not stoping until he attains enlightment......impressive.

but man what a waste of six years is all i can say.

I plan to help my fellow humans and grow with expiriance for the next six years of my life, and not selfelishly sit still for six years

and i don't belive the proceeds going to rebel Maoist is a good choice but then again thats jsut speculation because it was said by gov’t officials.
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Since my last writing on Ram Bomjam of 21.2.06,we have now witnessed justice as the beginning of the end of the four oligarchs (CIA/KGB/M16 & Vatican)- which threatens this planet ever since they took possession of the gunpowder - in the form of:

-Foreclosures & Writedowns that amounts to more than a two trillion dollar crisis. Lewis Hamilton crushed the European Iron Curtain and Obama prevented Clinton's come back. The week ending November, 21, 2008, Ram Bomjam took a break again and now we will see the retreat of the oligarchs in India and China.
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May god give him all the power to complete his maditation,,,,,we all need a true preacher at this dark age......budham saranam gachami
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