Ghetto Car Air Conditioning.

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I would buy two MArine batteries of 255 AHr
Pop those shitters in the trunk.

then have a DC - AC convertor provide the 110volts for the AC.

Then, when you get home, just Use a regular Car battery charger.

This way, there is no need to tote around the generator.
No extra fumes and exhaust.
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love the ingenuity, would appreciate just a touch more craftsmanship and increased safety/durability but the core concept is very creative; and i'm guessing he/she whupped me in the cost category - i just paid over $1,000 to have my oem vehicle a/c repaired, this guy probably paid a third of that and has user-replacable and multi-purpose modules (halving his future risk), probably got longer than my 6 months, has twice the btu's needed; might be able to duplicate for $250 with a little more shopping and appropriately lesser capacity; wonder if i could get this person to design me a microcar or velomobile! if you read this, i must tell you i'm in awe
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"Ghetto Car Air Conditioning."

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