Ghetto Car Air Conditioning.

My dad did something similar this summer when the dash air in the RV died; the interior of the RV has mains-powered roof air, and he had a gasoline generator, so he rigged it up so that we could run the generator while the RV was moving in order to run the roof air, which is basically a small domestic air conditioner.

It doesn't do so well with steep hills, though; the generator is meant to be level while it's running.
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I doubt that this is legal - if he got into a crash, especially a head-on collision, the passenger would be killed by a flying generator.
Plus, it obscures your vision.
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Suggestion for improvement: The A/C should be mounted on the roof or at least on the trunk next to the generator and the cold air should be funneled into the passenger compartment via hose/duct. There are many cheap AC's that comes with remote so it could be controlled by driver/passenger from inside.

Similar to my idea when I had an old car w/out A/C in summer.
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I saw that car (or one just like it) in north Dallas this summer. I figured it was a way to beat the Texas heat. Normal A/C turns off when you stop the car. This one will keep running while you're in the store.
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Followed your instruction. Problems.

AC keep falling off. Tried gluing. Got fingers stucked.

Tried pulling fingers off with 2 legs on the door. Door fell off followed by AC. I am ok, a little crushed knees.

Generator keep trying to carbonmonoxide me. I think tube should go out window.
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Thanks for the little holiday cheer ;-)

Hmmm... the engineer in me is thunk'n -- what all in a window mounted AC unit requires 120V? Maybe you could replace the compressor motor with a 12v version and not worry about the generator (which you might want to keep for other reasons). Hmmm... also, there are cheap inverters that might also work, but I do not know how much a 1 to 1.5KVA unit would go for.

But for all that I give me hope to know that the ol' Yankee engunity is not dead ;-)
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Ol’ Yankee ingenuity? That's pure crack head right there. At the very least, he should have found a way to weld it into the window using a steel plate, and some sort of bracket. As for the generator, I would be more worried about it catching on fire (When people didn't steal your fuel). However, it does raise an interesting thought. Could one take the engine off the generator, and make the generator belt driven...
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yes you could run the genset off a belt drive. I have a 10kw on my bus that runs off the engine via a belt,it takes about 21hp at full load.
the car is just wierd.
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Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just buy an AC unit for that type/class of car from an auto/parts/wrecker/junkyard?

Heh, that looks SO dangerous.
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love the ingenuity, would appreciate just a touch more craftsmanship and increased safety/durability but the core concept is very creative; and i'm guessing he/she whupped me in the cost category - i just paid over $1,000 to have my oem vehicle a/c repaired, this guy probably paid a third of that and has user-replacable and multi-purpose modules (halving his future risk), probably got longer than my 6 months, has twice the btu's needed; might be able to duplicate for $250 with a little more shopping and appropriately lesser capacity; wonder if i could get this person to design me a microcar or velomobile! if you read this, i must tell you i'm in awe
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I would buy two MArine batteries of 255 AHr
Pop those shitters in the trunk.

then have a DC - AC convertor provide the 110volts for the AC.

Then, when you get home, just Use a regular Car battery charger.

This way, there is no need to tote around the generator.
No extra fumes and exhaust.
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