Egyptian Helicopter & UFO Hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphic images of modern-day helicopter, submarines, and UFOs found on the ceiling of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple in Egypt. Link

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Even though there is some references to some crafts being seen by the Egyptians this particular image refers to an offering - it's usually seen without the line on top. It's a real hieroglyph but it's referring to offerings to a king and is not a helicopter.
There is a great description of several discs actually appearing for a time and the Pharaoh had that recorded so it would not be forgotten. This image is just a coincidence unfortunately.
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I was a skeptic too but now I seriously think these are not fake..please take out a few minutes and check out will change your thinking
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AS much as I love these types of theories and so forth, this really isn't evidence of anything other than hyrogliphics are art and amazing.

Just because something LOOKS like a helecopter, that doesn't mean it IS one.

I have seen the wider image and the symbols doNOT look like the vehicles mentioned.
people are so eager to believe in UFO and aliens that they will tie it in to these stories of ancient egypt.

I mean no offence, just giving my opinion.
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