Egyptian Helicopter & UFO Hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphic images of modern-day helicopter, submarines, and UFOs found on the ceiling of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple in Egypt. Link

This just has me stumped! I can't help but think it's another one of those frauds where some moron thought it would be cool to engrave stuff on an ancient artifact and claim that it's always been there. If Indeed it's true...Wow!
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This website, though i am not exactly how credible iis seems to have a pretty believeable explnation for this- what they call typo, sorry to burst your bubble, i was pretty facinated too! The picture seems to have been modified according to this site.
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The the photo was most likely enhanced. Serveral years ago they had a show about egypt on the discovery channel where they showed these hieroglyphs. Also there was a message in a temple or pyramid that translated into "when the world finds what in ______(some chamber) it will change the world" or something smiliar to that.

As to if its real or not, I dont know.
P.S. Sorry for the typos.
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I actually watched the live taping of when they opened the tomb these hieroglyphs were in. It was quite an amzing site to see when they opened this tomb, to see this and the other picture that looked like a saucer in shape to be on the wall. Unless this is some big hoax and scene that someone did 1000 yrs ago, it seemed quite real to me to watch the tomb opening live and watching the archeaologists seeing it and disgussing it for the first time.
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Yes is something stunnig and shocking, but some idiot would have been digging the originals and he/they made it the weird shape

Come on guys? Egiptians flying on a "Apache" Helicopter? Isn't it too much???

Greetings from Chile
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To begin- the photo you have here has been heavily touched up, making these sunken stone carvings appear to be raised copper figures.
These "images of modern-day helicopter, submarines, and UFOs" are not that at all (which should be obvious).
These are clearly palimpsests... When a pharoah dies and another takes his place, the new 'god-on-earth' often feels he must cover his ass by altering things that point at a previous 'god'. He hires some carvers to alter carvings in order to fit the current admin. This is stone- so alterations were fairly restricted, calling for heavy stylization of known glyphs.

Here is a more complete explaination...
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It looks like that it is an uncompleted hieroglyphs text. Because after studying hieroglyphs I have came across many unfinished text. I would guess and this is a guess that the king past or died before the completion of the tomb of that pharaoh. So the "NEW"
Pharoah,King,God or Godess halted the completion. to start on there Tomb.

This was very common in that biblical era. Not saying that they didn’t see "UFOs" or "USOs". We as people in this day and age give no credit to the people in that time era for Knowledge. I am sometimes guilty.
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The photo is seriously cropped.
It has left out an older style plane + a very modern looking plane. These two are just to the right of the helicopter.
Check out this page for photo of all the anomalies.
Also scroll down for the egyption painting of an alien looking fella.
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when you remove the veil, or step outside the illusionary world in which most live, most things you have been taught, in every major category of live changes. it is confusing at first, but keep moving forward. lies are no way to live your life. there is much more to life and the thieves have stolen not only history, but the most ancient secrets. human are an ancient species.. makes more sense than most bilblical stories-created from Ma'at and other ancient religions.

If it were a fake, then it was put there on purpose to prove it was a fake, while the real one probably lies with rockefeller, or rothschilds, etc., the ones who buy and hoard everything from knowledge, to items.

Anything is/was possible.
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If the truth is that other pharaons modified the carvings, the probability of correctly drawing a modern helicopter is one in ten millions. Not to mention that other "flying" methods depicted... What are the odds to make that happen? Heli, submarine (or saucer) jet plane... come on...

Hoax or Reality. no other way
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You would have to be some kind of moron not to be astounded by these photos. As someone already said, "if the next pharaoh did touch them up to hide the last pharaohs identity, the odds on it accidentally comeing out looking like a helecopter are 1 in millions. I'm not a rocket scientist, but they should be able to tell how old they are (even the touched up parts) and if they are over say 150 yrs old we wouldn't even have known what a helecopter looked like 150 yrs ago. It's just real Or NOT. I have also heard that when they find something in another chamber it will change how the world thinks.
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It should be clear by now to all but the most die hard hyper skeptics that our world is not what it appears to be. Skeptics have the most curious ability to ignore the evidence that mounts daily pointing to advanced technology in our ancient past, right up to today. I cannot say that the glyphs represent helicopters and UFOs, but it seems to be more than coincidence. Skeptics can explain away the glyphs, the delta winged "incense burner" from Peru, crystal skulls, skeletons of giants, UFOs, and a host of other phenomena, but at the risk of their own sanity. In a universe of multi-dimensionality, super string theory, folding of time and space, and the oneness of all matter, I would be just a little nervous about making bold pronouncements regarding what the ancient world had experienced. It is not necessary for the ancients to have possessed the technology, they merely had to see it. What if this stuff came from a parallel universe? Go ahead and laugh, but they laughed about big foot. Who's laughing now. Really, if Occum's razor is in effect, then these things are what they appear to be. Duh.
Uncle Jude
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AS much as I love these types of theories and so forth, this really isn't evidence of anything other than hyrogliphics are art and amazing.

Just because something LOOKS like a helecopter, that doesn't mean it IS one.

I have seen the wider image and the symbols doNOT look like the vehicles mentioned.
people are so eager to believe in UFO and aliens that they will tie it in to these stories of ancient egypt.

I mean no offence, just giving my opinion.
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I was a skeptic too but now I seriously think these are not fake..please take out a few minutes and check out will change your thinking
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Even though there is some references to some crafts being seen by the Egyptians this particular image refers to an offering - it's usually seen without the line on top. It's a real hieroglyph but it's referring to offerings to a king and is not a helicopter.
There is a great description of several discs actually appearing for a time and the Pharaoh had that recorded so it would not be forgotten. This image is just a coincidence unfortunately.
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