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What It's Really Like To Fight For ISIS

We've all painted a picture in our minds of what it means to be part of an organization like ISIS, and this image is often informed and developed by what we're told by the media.

But there's nothing like seeing a situation through someone's eyes, or in this case through their helmet cam, to show us the truth about those currently fighting for the Islamic State in the Middle East.

(YouTube Link)

This helmet cam footage was retrieved from the body of "an Islamic State (IS) fighter who died in March while battling Kurdish peshmerga troops in northern Iraq", showing us the fear and disorder ISIS doesn't want us to see.

-Via VICE News

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Elementary School Replaces Detention With Meditation

Standard school detention involves making the kids sit quietly in a room after school or on the weekend for hours on end, tortured by the inability to do anything but stare in silence

This method of punishment has been in place for decades even though it has proven to be ineffective and sounds more like meditation than jail time, so Robert W. Coleman Elementary School made a change.

They replaced detention with meditation in the Mindful Moment Room, having kids sit, breathe, relax and talk through their problems rather than stare at a wall, and so far it seems to be helping.

Suspension and detention numbers are down at Robert W. Coleman Elementary, and kids are learning a positive and more productive way to deal with their problems that they're taking home with them.

And let's face it- what did we ever learn in detention besides how to quietly carve our initials into a desk or how to pass notes without getting caught?

Read This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning. here

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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The Funniest Thing To Wear This Halloween- A Terrible Jared Leto Joker Costume

(Image Link)

Jared Leto's portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad was not well received by fans and critics, but kids who don't know better think this System Of A Clown version of The Joker is the coolest thing since pre-torn skinny jeans.

But there appears to be one positive outcome of the Leto Joker debacle- he inadvertantly created the ultimate ironic Halloween costume.

(Image Link)

Of course, there will be people dressed as Leto's Joker who will wear the costume with pride, so try not to grab your head and scream in their face when you see them standing there looking cool in that cheesy costume!

(Image Link)

-Via FAILBlog

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How Big Companies Think Social Media Works

Corporations and other large companies are still figuring out how to use social media to help them create a buzz and make money, and just when they start to get their online act together they blow it big time, often via Twitter.

And yet, as this Rock Paper Cynic comic shows, these large companies still expect their social media managers to work internet miracles, convinced they hold the secret to creating a viral video...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Free Food - They're Always Thinking With Their Stomachs!

Free food by NemiMakeit & Licunatt

Most animals don't understand the words that come out of human mouths, but they've all learned to listen for one particularly rewarding word- "food". When critters hear the word "food" they come running, and even if the critter in question is a bit skittish around humans they'll stick around to see if they can score a free meal when the human's not looking. Urban critters like rats and raccoons have learned another important word that makes their hungry little lives much easier-"free". And when a city dwelling critter hears the words "free" and "food" used together in a sentence they know they won't be dumpster diving for their daily meal!

Celebrate the animal kingdom's bottomless appetite with this Free Food t-shirt by NemiMakeit & Licunatt, it's the cutest way to tell the urban wildlife you're down to throw some scraps their way!

Visit Nemimakeit's Facebook fan page and official webite, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more adorably geeky designs.

Visit Licunatt's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more wonderfully geeky designs:

Adopt A Stardog Dragon Cuteness Homerbusters Tic Toc Doctah

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Hilarious Panorama Photo Fails Make Cats Look Like Catbuses

The Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro captured the imagination of cat lovers, who wondered what real cats would look like if they were extra long with a bunch more legs, like a cat-ipede.

Now, thanks to these panoramic photography fails by Japanese Twitter user @hanamomoact we needn't wonder what a real life catbus would look like any longer!

Hanamomoact shot these funny catbus photos in the Middle East using an iPhone in panorama mode, the elongation a result of the cat moving in the same direction as the lens.

-Via design you trust

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Guy Is Haunted By The Teddy Bears He Gave His Ex-Girlfriends In This Horror Short

Teddy bears and other plush toys are often all that's physically left behind after a couple breaks up, and the couple's attachment to these toys varies according to what these items represent.

But does anybody ever stop to wonder how these toys feel about being a physical reminder of love gone sour?

Of course we don't, which is why it would be easy for the events that transpire in Almog Avidan Antonir's short film Teddy Bears Are For Lovers to go down in a bedroom near you. (NSFW language)

TEDDY BEARS ARE FOR LOVERS from Short of the Week on Vimeo.

This is why you should always keep a Teddy Ruxpin doll loaded with a death metal tape at the ready, so he can help you quell a plush toy uprising...

-Via io9

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Catch The Demogorgon - Don't GO Looking For Monsters

catch the demogorgon by haplo

Way before a game called GO made people want to go out and catch pocket monsters there was a portable game called Catch The Demogorgon, but it didn't last very long due to numerous fatalities. The game involved tracking down a creature many people thought to be imaginary, but since the game was in 8-bit it didn't include information on catching or killing the creature so kids were at its mercy when they finally managed to track it down. Things got even stranger when kids who'd played the game started claiming they had traveled to a parallel dimension called the Upside Down, supposedly the home of the Demogorgon. But parents blamed the whole thing on Dungeons & Dragons, and in a misguided attempt to save their children D&D was banned but the Demogorgon was allowed to go about its business...

Show the world why it's okay to catch pocket monsters but real monsters should be left alone by wearing this Catch The Demogorgon t-shirt by Haplo, it's strangely appealing!

Visit Haplo's NeatoShop for more old chool cool designs:

bikes for dark background kodos la petite eleven Love cookies

View more designs by haplo | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Customer Gets Crusty When She Finds Out Subway Is Out Of Meatball Subs

It's safe to say Subway is serving up some of the most sub-par sandwiches in America, but there's one thing you can say about them, and indeed most chain restaurants- they're consistent.

People know what's on the menu and they expect it to be available and ready for consumption when they arrive, but do you know what happens when those expectations are diced like an onion?

Customers get all crusty, like the lady in this video who was deeply hurt by Subway's lack of meatball subs. (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via Distractify

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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New Law Forced IMDb To Remove An Actor's Age Upon Request

Celebrities like to keep secrets, and their favorite secret to keep is how old they are, because we'll assume they're 25 for the rest of their lives if we don't know their actual age. (sarcasm)

In an effort to keep Hollywood's age a secret California has passed bill AB-1687 which forces sites like IMDb to remove the age of an actor from their page if the actor requests it.

This bill was supposedly put in place to protect actors from age discrimination, assuming casting directors look on sites like IMDb for info on potential hires and might pass due to their posted age.

But the bill doesn't apply to news outlets, so an actor's true age will still be easy to look up online, which makes this quote from Larry Gelbart just as true today as it was in his day:

(Image Link)

-Via Gizmodo

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Follow Your Dreams

People tell you to follow your dreams when you're young, but if you get too old before you've turned your dreams into a monetary reality those same advice happy people start calling you a dreamer.

Dreams don't have an expiration date but we print one on them anyway, and then, as this comic from Blazers At Dawn shows, the expiration date arrives and we're forced to torch those dreams and draw up new ones.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Yoshimbo - Adult Anthro Samurai Dino, Mushroom Power!

Yoshimbo by Nicko Designs

Yoshi had been on a permanent vacation after winning the Mario Kart tournament and becoming a very wealthy dinosaur, but downtime was not good for Yoshi. After being cooped up in the house for six long months eating mushrooms and watching old samurai flicks he was starting to believe he was some kind of ronin, a deadly dino swordsman who was out for revenge against the Koopas. Mario tried to call Yoshi but he wouldn't answer, so he drove over to his house to make sure his old pal was okay. But when he walked up the stairs and saw Yoshi standing on the porch wearing a samurai costume, large sword on his hip, Mario knew Yoshi was starting to go bonkers...

Bring home this super Yoshimbo t-shirt by Nicko Designs and watch your wardrobe go from a negative zone to a total 1-UP!

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Singin' in the Stars Clint McCree Law of the Jungle Main Street Road

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Clever Signs That Will Definitely Get Your Attention

(Image Link)

Right now signs are littering lawns across the U.S. urging us to vote in the upcoming election, but we don't have to restrict the statements made by our lawn signage to political matters- we can tell people to scram too.

(Image Link)

Signs are put up to tell people what not to do and signs are put up to tell people to go away, but sometimes signs are put up just to give people a good laugh and perhaps initiate a trade.

(Image Link)

And when you're able to combine two or more message types on one epic sign you have officially earned the title "master signer".

(Image Link)

See 30 Yard Hilarious Yard Signs That Will Totally Get Your Attention here

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Pop Culture Characters Share Their Problems With Sigmund Freud

If a pop culture character is properly created, meaning complete with an unique personality and a backstory, fans can predict what that character is thinking and willing to do.

But nobody could have predicted how many perfectly crafted pop culture characters would end up needing psychological treatment!

Cartoonist Lee Gatlin imagines what pop culture characters like Superman, The Hulk and Tarzan would say if they had a psych session with Sigmund Freud, and for most of them one sentence says it all.

-Via io9

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A New Roleplaying Game Where Characters Must Solve Conflicts Without Violence

Killing stuff is a big part of any roleplaying game, and RPG systems generally use enemy kills as the main source of experience points, so it's hard to imagine an RPG system that doesn't involve killing stuff.

It's even harder to imagine a game in which characters are penalized for resorting to violence, but somehow the new tabletop RPG Lotus Dimension makes that concept seem appealing.

Lotus Dimension forces players to figure out how to solve problems and conflict without violence, using powers like "sleight of hand" or "curl up like an armadillo" to peacefully resolve encounters.

The game was created by Scott Wayne Indiana as an interesting alternative to games like D&D, with a character advancement structure based on Buddhism's noble eightfold path and the concept of karma.

And while it probably won't appeal to your power gamer buddies who are all about loot and XP Lotus Dimension will definitely broaden the horizons of gamers who are sick of the same old RPGs.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Cat Exist - We Believe The Kittehs Are Our Future

Cat Exist | Coexist Parody Typography by Boots

Cats may seem antisocial at times, and they often act as if they don't get along with other animals, but those are just assumptions we've made based on our interpretation of their behavior. Because as it turns out cats are actually the most peaceful creatures on the planet, like little furry zen buddhist monks who strive to make the world a more cohabitable place by killing all that bothers us. Rodents break into our homes and steal our food, birds chirp and disturb our sleeping, and bugs just plain bug us, so if you think about it cats are just helping us chill out by killing all those pests. And if you fill a room with cats you'll see how peaceful they can be, as they coexist in feline harmony and show the humans how to live together peacefully here on Earth...or am I thinking of dogs?

Share your message of peace, love and purr-fect coexistence by wearing this Cat Exist t-shirt by Boots, it's guaranteed to make fellow feline fans grin with delight!

Visit Boots's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more meow-velous designs:

Supermom | Superhero Mom Gift What the Bark is THAT? | Funny Tree Gotta Get Back to School #Extra Lives Matter | 8 Bit Geek Gamer Slogan

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The PaddyWagon Is An Inflatable Irish Pub You Can Open Anywhere

I'm not sure what the situation is in other cities/states/countries but Boston has more than enough Irish pubs to keep its thirsty citizens satisfied.

However, there are a few parts of Boston that are lacking Irish pubs, namely parks, backyards and other grassy lots, and that's where the PaddyWagon pub comes in.

The PaddyWagon is an inflatable structure that can be blown up wherever an Irish pub is needed, with room for 80 guests, food service and a full bar which the company supplies upon request.

This service is currently only available in the Boston area, but I could easily see this idea catching on here in Southern California, where we have perfect inflatable pub crawl weather all year long!

-Via design you trust

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Hottest Chip On Earth Is Sold One At A Time

Spicy foods are really hard to eat, so it makes sense for manufacturers to sell them in smaller quantities since nobody really needs more than their mouth can handle.

But if you're going to sell your spicy chips one chip at a time they'd better live up to your claim that they're "the hottest chip in the world".

Paqui Chips is standing by the claim that their Carolina Reaper Madness chip is hot enough to be sold individually, and just to make sure foodies get the point they're selling each one in a little coffin box.

Seeing as how the Carolina Reaper is currently the hottest pepper in the world the Carolina Reaper Madness should come with the slogan "bet you can't even eat just one!"

-Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Cutesy Cartoon Characters Transformed Into The Stuff Of Nightmares

Cartoon characters like Pikachu, Mickey Mouse and the Minions are drawn to be adorable, and we can't help but think happy thoughts when we look at them because of their round shapes and smiley features.

This intentional and inherent appeal makes it hard to turn cutesy characters into something truly nightmarish without causing the character to lose their core essence, but illustrator Disse86 has proven he's up to the challenge.

Disse86 has turned the Minions into grinning mutant monstrosities, Totoro into a scary woodland creature, Pooh into a ghoulish little blood eating bear-thing and poor little Tweety Bird into a fang-faced horror.

And yet each character remains instantly recognizable and somehow manages to retain elements of their original personality despite their gruesome new look.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Stranger Peanuts - The Creature Who Ate Hennepin County

Stranger Peanuts by Boggs Nicolas

Things had been turned upside down since that stranger named Eleven moved to town, and even though Charlie Brown swore he saw a light in that little girl's eyes everyone else swore they saw darkness. One day Chuck came home from school to find Snoopy's dog house empty and his bloody collar sitting in his food bowl, but when he asked Eleven about the missing beagle she just got frustrated and stormed off. Charlie knew something wasn't right about that girl but she hardly seemed like the type who would gobble up a dog, so he let her stay a little while longer. A sharp cracking woke Charlie from his slumber later that night, and hoping Snoopy had come home he rushed downstairs to find a horrible creature standing in his living room, with a face like a flower full of teeth...

Give the peanut gallery something to giggle about by wearing this Stranger Peanuts t-shirt by Boggs Nicolas, it's twice the fun and sure to make your fellow fans very jealous!

Visit Boggs Nicolas's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Memorise Wakanda King BAT-BAT Ha! ha!

View more designs by Boggs Nicolas | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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What Your Favorite T-Shirt Means At Every Stage Of Your Life

T-shirts are the casual torso covering of choice for many people around the world, because they like how comfortable tees are to wear, how easy they are to wash, and what the print says to the world.

This is especially true for the young folks, because funny slogan t-shirts can crack up their classmates for them.

H. Caldwell Tanner created this visual guide to what our favorite t-shirts are actually saying during each stage of our lives, from the days when we can't dress ourselves to the age when we wish someone would dress us.

See What Your Favorite T-Shirt Means At Every Stage Of Your Life at CollegeHumor (contains NSFW language)

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Cat Rides On A Roomba Like A Boss

Videos of cats and dogs riding around the house atop a Roomba became an internet "thing" because people love to watch animals do strange, silly and downright ridiculous things.

But the pets in the videos generally look either unimpressed or terrified by the ride, most likely because their humans have them riding on a regular old Roomba.

So if you want your cat to look like a total boss while they ride on a Roomba you've gotta put a shoebox on top, so they can roll around supine style.

(YouTube Link)

Install some rocket launchers on the side of the shoebox and this calico cat could take over the world!

-Via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Elders React To Die Antwoord

(Image Link)

If you don't know who Die Antwoord are then check out the 2015 sci-fi film Chappie and you'll get a good idea of who Yolandi and Ninja are, or who their zef personas are anyway.

Die Antwoord creates niche music, meaning they have a far more select audience than, say, Taylor Swift, and some people say the Die Antwoord sound makes them want to stick pencils in their ears.

But is it the kind of music that makes open-minded Baby Boomers, who tend to like all kinds of music, want to Die? Fine Brothers Entertainment investigates:

(YouTube Link)

I don't know about you but seeing the guy in the glasses jam out to the beat made my day!

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What Does Stephen King Think About Movie Adaptations Of His Works?

(Image Link)

Stephen King has written about a bajillion stories, and there have been nearly as many movie and TV adaptations made of his works, about one or more a year since the 80s.

With so many of his works being adapted each year there are bound to be some stinkers, but King's opinion on those movie adaptations may surprise you.

He has been up front about his hatred of Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining from the very beginning, stating:

"I’d admired Kubrick for a long time and had great expectations for the project, but I was deeply disappointed in the end result. Parts of the film are chilling, charged with a relentlessly claustrophobic terror, but others fall flat."

So if he doesn't like an adaptation many people consider to be a classic then which films does he like?

King has stated that he's fond of Cujo, The Dead Zone and Misery in terms of horror, and he loves The Mist because "it's just an all out balls-to-the-wall horror film".

But what about his non-horror stuff? Surely he doesn't hate on those prison classics like he hates on The Shining?

Apparently he approves of The Green Mile adaptation, although he says "The film is a little 'soft' in some ways", but The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me are both Grade A adaptations approved by the Master of Horror.

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Super Cookie Bros - Mario Has The Munchies

Super Cookie Bros by Donovan Alex

Mario used to go looking for golden coins, mushrooms and magical stars when he punched blocks, but ever since he slipped on that furry blue monster costume he has craved nothing but cookies! Luigi is starting to worry about old Mario, and Princess Peach is tired of combing the cookie crumbs out of Mario's moustache whenever she wants a kiss, but Toad is totally cool with Mario's new craving. In fact, he went through a similar cookie addiction when he first moved to the Mushroom Kingdom's downtown district, because everyone who lived on Sesame Seed Street was strung out on some sort of sugar based snack...

Keep your geeky style totally sweet with this Super Cookie Bros t-shirt by Donovan Alex, it's the perfect tee to wear while gaming, watching TV or while you re-up on your cookie supply.

Visit Donovan Alex's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

The Pulpy Brunch The Katana Maiden Return Of The Smuggler Sailor's Brew

View more designs by Donovan Alex | More Video Game T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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People Share Stories About Their Weirdest Teachers On Twitter

Boring teachers don't really resonate with students, and mean teachers are universally despised, but weird teachers will be remembered for the rest of that little person's life.

And whether the teacher's weird behavior is a positive or a negative it's always memorable, becoming part of a teacher tale you'll likely tell for the rest of your life.

Now that we have the internet and social media connecting us all we can just hop on Twitter and tell our strange teacher tales with the hashtag #myteacherisweird.

Jimmy Fallon started the #MyTeacherIsWeird hashtag game on the Tonight Show, and now people can't stop sharing stories about the strangest teachers they've known.

And the best thing about posting these stories online is they don't even have to be true!

See People Share Their Craziest "My Teacher Is Weird" Stories here

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6 Ways Having Money Is Just Like Power Levels In Dragon Ball Z

Every anime fan wondered one thing while watching Dragon Ball Z- how do I raise my power level like a super saiyan?

It turns out raising your power level is a lot easier than you think, all you have to do is win the lottery, inherit a fortune or become ridiculously rich somehow and you'll have DBZ-like power at your disposal.

Comic artist JHALL created these illustrated comparisons to show us how rich people are just like DBZ characters, only they don't wear cool costumes, fight to the death or save the planet.

But other than that they're exactly the same!*wink*

See 6 Ways Having Money Is Just Like DBZ Power Levels here

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Watch This Guy Take A Sting From A "Cow Killer" Ant

 photo vj5mytsmjxm2mu6cwuni_zpsachbbevq.gif

When an insect earns the nickname "cow killer" it's a sure bet that little sucker packs a mean sting, and it's also a sure bet some guy will let one sting him on video just to "see how it feels".

The "cow killer" velvet ant is actually a type of solitary wasp, and the wingless female delivers a sting so painful it's said to be "strong enough to kill a cow".

So who's willing to test this myth? Wildman Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness, a guy who is happy to play with bugs, and get stung by them, so we don't have to.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Sploid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Life's A Blast When You're Wearing One Of These Superheroic T-Shirts

Titan Punch by kDaesign

Things can get pretty hectic and crazy in the panels of a superhero comic, and all that craziness gives your eyeballs some much needed exercise as they take in all the action.

But the beauty of comic art is it looks just as good on a t-shirt as it does in print, and the NeatoShop has an astounding array of comic book themed t-shirts for your geeky pleasure!

Comic book fans used to be easy to spot

Fanboy Unleashed by Raz City

But nowadays it seems everyone is caught up in the superhero craze

Crazy Pika by berserk7

And who can blame 'em? Those costume-clad characters are built to last


And their writers and artists keep coming up with ways for those superfolks to blow our minds!

Batsy by Six Eyed Monster

Continue reading

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The Fountain Of Hindsight

Hindsight is the only super power we've all had at some point in our lives, and the moment we discover we have this power we also discover that it's pretty much useless.

Because, as this comic from It's The Tie shows, all foresight really gives us is a cup full of fear, a bucket full of regret and a splash of sadness which leave us feeling all wet about our life choices.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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