Man Learns The Heartbreaking Reason His Adopted Dog Watches Him Sleep

Most guard dogs will follow their human around so they can keep an eye on them and sleep near their humans at night, but a dog that watches over people while they fall asleep is taking defense a bit too far.

But as the man discussed in this video discovered, his adoped golden retriever wasn't watching him from the doorway while he slept to guard him- the dog just wanted to make sure his new human wasn't going to abandon him in the middle of the night.

(YouTube Link)

It's nice to be reminded that dogs have feelings too, and I don't know about you but this story gave me all the feels! *sniff* I wish my dog would watch me sleep at night... 

-Via PawMyGosh

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Before meeting me, my husband had never owned a dog and thought that they should be outdoor-only animals. He quickly learned the error of his ways. :) Our dogs slept in our bedroom, and were full-time members of our pack.
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The pack should sleep together. Don't lock out your dog but give him his own spot in the bedroom. Perhaps his crate if he is trained for that. Besides, a dog can't help protect you if he is locked out of where ever you are.
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Also, I wanted to add that for some crazy reason, I thought that the video was going to have some absurd twist ending. I've been watching too many videos that are like what they show on Adult Swim (ie Too Many Cooks or Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories) I guess.
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Almost had me going until he said they smuggled the dog out while he was asleep. No dog sleeps that soundly. This whole thing sounds pretty hokey to me, although I agree wholeheartedly about the sentiment and the message behind the video. I'm just not sure I believe this is a true story. More ofa
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