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Microsoft App Aims To Turn Boring First Person Videos Into Thrilling Hyperlapses

The internet is full of first person footage these days, whether it’s fun action footage or boring everyday stuff, because everyone loves their GoPro cameras or their Google glasses, and they’re dying to share their video view of the world with the world.

However, that footage is usually way too long, with lots of camera shake and bounce, so even when it’s shortened into a time lapse the footage is really hard to watch.

(Video Link)

A new Microsoft Research Project is concerned with creating a solution to those first person footage problems, and they’re about to introduce an app that will allow users to create hyperlapse videos that run at 10x the speed of the original video without all that shake.

You'll be able see the world through someone else's eyes without feeling sick to your stomach, although you still may feel a bit queasy after watching some of those stunt videos...

-Via TechCrunch

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

What It's Like To Play Online Games As A Grown-Up

Nobody knows how old you are when you’re playing a game online, but there are certain things that can tip you off about the age of your opponent- overly cheerful cursing, lack of post-pubescent knowledge and the sound of a mom's voice in the background are all clear signs you're battling a bunch of kiddos.

So how do you properly handle the pimple faced masses online when you're busy growing a beard and having a girlfriend, and other rather grown-up activities?

You act like a grown-up and shove that game aside, for the good of your love life...and your sanity!

See the full comic at The Oatmeal

(Contains NSFW language)

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These Once Beautiful Towns Now Reside Underwater

Towns are often built without taking into account environmental factors like landslides, soil erosion, and flooding, which means towns across the globe are going to end up underwater one day.

But sometimes this flooding is deliberate, and innocent towns are caught in the path of the machines of progress and drowned without a second thought.

(Image Via Juan Tello)

For about twenty years this was all that could be seen of a church in Potosi, Venezuela, since the whole town had been flooded to build a hydroelectric dam in 1985.

The rest of the town was destroyed in the process, but the church's brick construction kept it (mostly) alive and intact, and thanks to a drought caused by El Niño the church, and land where the town once stood, was uncovered in 2010.

(Image Via Max Bisschop)

This tower from a church built in the 14th century is all that can be seen of the village Graun in South Tyrol, Italy, a village of 163 homes which was deliberately flooded by the Montecatini company to create Lake Reschen.

Apparently the Montecatini company didn't see any point in preserving a part of Italy's history, but hopefully the colonies of Sea Monkeys that now call this underwater village home will take better care of the place.

You can see many more examples of historic towns that now reside underwater in io9's article These Were Lovely Towns, Until The Waters Came And Covered Them Up

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Eleven Facts About The Woman Behind The Mouse - Lillian Marie Disney

The saying goes "behind ever great man is a greater woman", and even though this saying is considered a bit outdated these days the phrase often rang true throughout history.

Take Walt Disney for example- his wife is almost never talked about anymore, and even though many people know the names of their children who later took over the company far fewer know her name, or the impact she had on the creation of the Disney empire.

Some folks may know that Lillian is the one who actually came up with the name Mickey, because she felt Mortimer sounded too pompous, but did you know that there's a Disneyland Railroad car and a paddle steamer replica in Florida's Downtown Disney named after her?

The train car's called the Lilly Belle and the steamer is called The Empress Lilly, both named in honor of Walt's one true love.

Read all eleven facts about Lillian Marie Disney over at Disney Fanatic

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Turtle Power! - Earth's Mightiest Half-Shelled Heroes

Turtle Power! by Juan Foo

They're the original pizza loving, cowabunga yelling, heroes in a half shell full of teenage angst and mutant style. They're the mighty ninja turtles, and despite all the crappy movie adaptations they keep making about them they've still got that turtle star power!

Show the world your love of superheroic mutant mayhem with this Turtle Power! t-shirt by Juan Foo, it's stylishly geeky, and wearing it is better than running around the city in nothing but your "shell".

Visit Juan Foo's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more superheroic designs:

Mike Rattata Heisenvader LegoCop Dark Knight

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Stop Terrorism - The Dark Side Of Propaganda

Stop Terrorism by Diablo Productions

If you think you know the whole story because you've seen every one of those sci-fi movies think again, because Luke might have been the hero on the big screen but in the midst of this intergalactic conflict he's considered a terrorist. He and his rebel alliance have forced the Empire to take action, so if you don't want your planet to be vaporized do your part and stop terrorism by reporting those rebels to your local Sith officer- for the glory of the Empire!

Intergalactic conflict has become all too real thanks to this Stop Terrorism t-shirt by Diablo Productions, it's the geekiest piece of wearable propaganda you'll ever own!

Visit Diablo Production's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Most Wanted The Angel Fight The Power!

A Little Off The Top

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The Merc Approves This Shirt! - Thumbs Up To Chimichangas

The merc approves this shirt! by Demonigote

Wade decided it was time to properly brand himself for his fans, time to get his superheroic image out there so his star would finally have its chance to rise. His big idea involved the creation of a logo that would knock people dead in a pool of their own happy tears, so he drew a cartoon of himself giving a great big ol' thumbs up to himself.

Bring the merc with a mouth's seal of approval to your geeky wardrobe with this The merc approves this shirt! t-shirt by Demonigote, it's the perfect attire for carrying out clandestine missions or simply attending your favorite fan con.

Visit Demonigote's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more merc-tastic designs:

Danger BatPixelMan Pixel Guts Titanbusters

View more designs by Demonigote | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Expendables - Video Game Stars Take Action

The Expendables by Berserk7

They weren't the first choice for the front line, but their surplus of extra lives made them the perfect choice....and totally expendable. Mario headed the team of hand picked video game superstars because his sweet 'stache made him look like a leader, and because nobody could understand what Pac and Crash were saying. Sonic decided to slow down and do some sniping, while Mega went heavy weapons with his minigun arm. Together they would change the way people thought about action games, and earn a team high score at the same time.

Celebrate the action packed legacy of video game mashups with this The Expendables t-shirt by Berserk7, it's rated M for movie mashup mayhem!

Visit Berserk7's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more action packed designs:

Mortal Kombat- Scorpion UFC- Ultimate Fighter Cartoon Mortal Kombat- Ninjitsu Academy Hear Me Roar...BURP!!

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Mr. J's Plastic Surgery - Why So Seriously Injured?

Mr. J's Plastic Surgery by TinBot

We're proud to announce that your favorite clown prince of crime is now serving up facial reconstruction surgery with a smile, thanks to the new Mr. J's Plastic Surgery clinic! Let nurse Harley sit you down and knock you out with her amazing nursing skills, then Doctor Mr. J will grab his trusty medical hammer and put a smile on your face....for good!

Advertise your new favorite medical clinic with this Mr. J's Plastic Surgery t-shirt by TinBot and show the world your (maniacal) smile!

Visit TinBot's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more crazy cool designs:

SLUUURRP! When I Grow Up Lil' Buddy Chimichanga You! Get Out!

View more designs by TinBot | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Do You Recognize This Mime?

(Images Via Daniel Sorine)

In the summer of 1974 a young photographer named Daniel Sorine was out shooting photos in Central Park, New York when he came across two rather compelling mimes.

He began to snap away as the duo went about their mimey business, but it wasn't until 35 years later that Daniel realized he had captured images of a then unknown comedian named Robin Williams.

Here's what Daniel has to say about that fateful shoot:

“What attracted me to Robin Williams and his fellow mime, Todd Oppenheimer, was an unusual amount of intensity, personality and physical fluidity,” Sorine tells us. “When I approached them with my Pentax Spotmatic they allowed me to invite them into my camera instead of me having to chase after them.”

According to one commentor hundreds of people saw Robin and Todd perform that summer, because they used to do their act on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue, and yet no one in attendance could have foreseen how iconic this comedian in clown white would become.

-Via PetaPixel

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27 Photos That Show The Transformative Power Of Makeup

(Image Via Imgur)

Using makeup seems like a ridiculous habit to some, a must before leaving the house to others, and although everyone can agree that Halloween/special effects style makeup is really cool looking, not everyone sees eye-to-eye on the idea of covering your true face with a bunch of cosmetics.

(Image Via Dailymail)

Makeup is a powerful tool for visually altering or enhancing facial features, and The San Francisco Globe's article 27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup clearly shows how makeup artists earn their artist title- by creating some rather incredible facial transformations.

(Image Via Tina Yong)

So, whether you think wearing makeup is fun and necessary, or a total waste of time and effort, these photos clearly demonstrate why so many people still wear makeup every day, and why some feel naked leaving home without it.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Twerking Isn't Appropriate For All Audiences

Twerking has gone from an obscure club dance to common knowledge, and while schools decide whether it should be allowed at dances, parents decide whether their kids should be allowed to twerk it up, and law enforcement officials decide whether twerking in public is actually a crime, this happened:

(Video Link)

It's a crying shame that such a perfect twerking performance was wasted on kids who can't appreciate the subtleties of the dance, but something tells me this group was booked by mistake...

-Via The Soup

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Crazy Custom Painted Movie Posters From Nigeria

Countries around the world make movie posters their own way, using their own native art techniques and imagery that appeals to their own people, and whether the movie is local or imported from LaLaLand every release gets its own custom poster treatment.

Nigerian artists have a very unique style when it comes to creating a painted movie poster, and this style is partly derived from the subject of their paintings- the freaky films being created in Ghana:

Movies like Wondeful Dog, Why Should I and Blood Money look like the African equivalent of Grind House cinema, and they've inspired some wonderfully terrifying movie poster masterpieces which can be found in a gallery created by Imgur user iliketechno.

Oh, and there are a few whacked out versions of Hollywood movie posters in there too:

Check out the rest of these bizarre Nigerian movie posters at Imgur   (Contains NSFW images)

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Eighteen Things You Probably Didn't Know About Poop

The “things you didn’t know about…” lists everyone loves to read have finally reached the bottom of the bowl, and now we’re exploring facts about that thing that everybody does, but nobody ever wants to talk about in public- poop.

That’s right folks, this here’s a list of facts about that bodily function we all blush about, eighteen useful tidbits of information that may gross out some folks but are nevertheless really interesting and worth knowing about.

Did you know that coprolites, aka fossilized feces, are considered the "next frontier of paleontology", or that bookstores make some people want to "adjourn to the study", and no one's really sure why?

Read the rest of these fascinating fecal facts at io9

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Magic Tricks You Can Do With Eggs

Eggs are one of the most magical foods- they’re a great source of protein, totally delicious any which way they’re cooked, and they each come in their own handy hard-shelled carrying case.

People all over the world enjoy eggs, and surveys show that an inordinate amount of people still really like magic, so clearly the world needs someone to show us how to do magic with eggs.

(Video Link)

BuzzFeed Video has come to the rescue with this informative tutorial video that shows 4 egg tricks that may seem like pure magic, but there's no sorcery involved- just science!

-Via mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Seven Bad Habits Of Cats

Cats are a bit more chaotic than their canine pet counterparts, but they’re still creatures of habit, used to eating, sleeping, and pooping at relatively the same time every day, and as any cat owner knows many of their other habits are bad.

They don’t respond to being called, don’t like to sleep where they’re supposed to, and don’t care who watches them cough up a hairball.

It’s almost like they don’t really give a crap about their humans at all, that is until they give you those adoring eyes and become the most loveable thing in the world for a moment…

This adorable illustrated guide to the 7 Bad Habits of Cats comes to you courtesy of Cat Versus Human, a comical depiction of humans and the cats that put up with them.

Read the rest of the 7 Bad Habits of Cats over at Cheezburger

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Movie Is Anti-Dungeons & Dragons, Or Is It?

The ridiculously outdated forces of anti-Dungeons & Dragons righteousness are about to rear their ugly head in the most modern way possible- with a video available to stream via the internet.

The movie is called Dark Dungeons, and it's very appropriately based on Jack Chick’s tract (mini-comic) of the same name, which reveals the link between D&D and witchcraft.

It’s full of ominous messages like “roleplaying games are the perfect gateway to embracing Satan” and (unspoken) "frat guys are starting to host massive rpg parties", and the only real problem with this movie lies with the people who actually take it's message seriously.

(Video Link)

The tongue-in-cheek nature of the film is undeniable, and the filmmakers clearly find the Chick tracts as hilarious to read as I do, but is it worth the five bucks to watch the whole thing?

Check out the first eight minutes and decide for yourself, and if it’s a go head to the official website to stream the movie, download some sweet anti-rpg propaganda, and discover the dark truth about roleplaying games- the gateway drug to magical evil.

-Via Christian Nightmares

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Taiwanese Chain Restaurant Offers Toilet Themed Dining Experience

When folks are looking to have a fun time eating out they typically choose to meet up at a themed restaurant, usually something Hollywood, animal or historical era related, but a restaurant chain in Taiwan dared to be different by going full blown gross with their theme.

The chain is now called Modern Toilet, and as you can guess from their name they serve up all sorts of deliciously disgusting dishes in a dining room where guests sit on toilets, eat out of toilets, and sometimes pose for hilarious photos with the chain’s toilet mascots.

Here's what the restaurant's website has to say about this real stinker of an idea in themed dining:

We are a group of “muckrakers” following our dreams. It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet – and the rest is history. In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet. By continuing to come up with great ideas and making improvements on old ones, we have expanded over the past few years from just ice cream into a fully-fledged theme restaurant with stores all over Taiwan.

-Via Our Awesome Planet

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Rarely Seen Godzilla Posters From Around The World

The giant green Kaiju known as Godzilla has always had a love-hate relationship with humanity- we love him when other giant monsters attack us and he comes to the rescue, hate him when he stomps our cities into dust, and hate how much we love to watch him on the big screen.

He’s an enduring, yet monstrous, figure in the world of film, and people all over the world have enjoyed watching that rubber behemoth bash his way to becoming king of the monsters over the last six decades.

This wonderful collection of rarely seen Godzilla movie posters on io9 features some unique, and very modern, promotional artwork created for various international releases of the Godzilla films, and it's safe to say you've never seen Godzilla portrayed quite like this!

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If Doctor Who Had An Animated Show, This Would Be The Intro

Doctor Who is such a beloved character in the world of science fiction that it’s really quite surprising he hasn’t landed his own Hollywood blockbuster yet, and it’s doubly surprising that the entertainment powers-that-be have yet to bring an animated series to the small screen.

Animator Stephen Byrne decided to help the process along by showing the online world what the intro sequence to the animated Doctor Who show might look like, and now every Whovian in the world knows what they've been missing in their lives:

(Video Link)

Don't expect Peter Capaldi to look this smiley and happy-go-lucky during the upcoming season of Doctor Who, but the animated versions of fictional characters are always a bit cheerier than their previous incarnations, right?

-Via Nerdist

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Embarrassingly Bad School Dance Photos

Every year elementary, junior high and high school students have extremely embarrassing photos taken of them as part of the educational experience, photos of their awkward phases captured for posterity and placed in a photo album to be shared with friends and family.

Class photos are one thing, but there is nothing more embarrassing than a pic taken before a school dance, especially if you’re like the kids in this collection of cringe-worthy pics, kids who thought it would be a great idea to dress and act creatively for the photo.

There's the duct tape Warhol duo, who are totally going to blow people's minds at the dance, there's the creepy trio who look like they might know each other a little too well, and then there's this camel clutch loving couple, who are looking forward to a career in professional wrestling:

They kinda make your old school photos seem pretty alright, don't they?!

-Via Guff

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Make Your Own Dancing Baby Groot

Pretty much everyone who has read a comic book with Groot in it since the "friendlier version" reappeared in the Marvel Universe in 2006 knew he'd be a fan favorite in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but when you add the fact that his best friend is Rocket Raccoon the appeal is undeniable.

After seeing the film artist Patrick Delahanty wanted to bring home his own dancing baby Groot, so he picked up one of those annoying dancing flower toys and got to work on a custom Groot creation.

(Video Link)

Patrick was kind enough to include photos and instructions on how to make your own dancing baby Groot via Facebook, but if you're crafty his description of the process might be all you need:

I made this using a “Movin’ & Groovin’” flower I got from eBay, cut off the dumb daisy, and covered the stem on felt and twine. My fiancée sculpted the head from Model Magic. We then painted everything with brown and tan paint. He can now dance to Peter Quill’s “Awesome Mix”…or to my own mix.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Dennis Hopper- Actor, Director, Street Photographer

Irving Blum and Peggy Moffitt, 1964

We all know Dennis Hopper as an amazing actor and a talented director, but most people aren’t aware that Hopper once had a passion for photography.

In his younger years Dennis took up photography as a hobby and captured some amazing moments between 1961 and 1967, as he traveled between the coasts and hung out with some rather ecclectic crowds:

Andy Warhol, Henry Geldzahler, David Hockney and Jeff Goodman, 1963

Here's what Dennis had to say about his brief stint as a street photographer:

“I never made a cent from these photos. They cost me money but kept me alive. I started at eighteen taking pictures. I stopped at thirty-one. These represent the years from twenty-five to thirty-one, 1961 to 1967. I didn’t crop my photos. They are full frame natural light Tri-X. I went under contract to Warner Brothers at eighteen. I directed Easy Rider at thirty-one. I married Brooke at twenty-five and got a good camera and could afford to take pictures and print them. They were the only creative outlet I had for these years until Easy Rider. I never carried a camera again.”

Dennis Hopper's "lost album", which was rediscovered after his death in 2010, is being shown at the Royal Academy of Arts in London until October 19th.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Planet Express Is Feeling The Economic Crunch

Everything has gone downhill for the Planet Express gang since their reality show Futurama was officially cancelled.

First Fry, Amy, Leela and Zoidberg had to get new jobs to help pay the bills, then Hermes left to tend his indoor "farm", and Bender was never really into the whole delivery service game so he decided to devote the rest of his battery life to crime.

Left with nothing but Scruffy and the ship Professor Farnsworth was forced to set Scruffy free and sell most of the ship for scrap:

Now, instead of delivering packages, Planet Express delivers people to their chosen destinations, relatively unharmed...

-Via Nerd Approved

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Nine-Year-Old Fights Off Massive Aligator, Lives To Tell The Tale

Nine-year-old James Barney Jr. is one brave little boy, and when he was faced with the possibility of becoming an alligator's next meal he fought back-and suffered only minor wounds from the ordeal.

James was swimming in a restricted area of a lake in Osceola County, Florida when a 9-foot-long alligator weighing over 400 pounds came after the boy and bit him in his rear.

Here's what James says happened next:

"I thought someone was just playing with me, and I didn't know what happened. I reached down to grab it, and I felt its jaw, I felt its teeth, and I didn't know what to do, so I immediately reacted and hit it a couple of times."

Those punches effectively saved his life, causing the alligator to let go and giving James a chance to hightail it out of the lake. 

-Via Huffington Post

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Thrift Store Plastic Sculptures By Sayaka Ganz

There’s something so aesthetically pleasing, and so delightful, about sculptures made out of junk, trash, and recycled materials.

From the way artists incorporate manufactured shapes into the overall shape of the sculpture, to the textures and colors created by using found objects in the sculpture, nothing looks quite like a well made found art sculpture.  

Take these amazing thrift store plastic sculptures by Sayaka Ganz- each work cleverly integrates the shapes from the found objects used in construction, and the man-made contours of these objects flow into the contours of the sculpture in a way that feels totally organic.

Sayaka combines traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern forms and construction methods used in found art sculpture, creating incredibly cool versions of popular Japanese art subjects such as the horse and the dragon.

-Via Juxtapoz

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How (Not) To Run A Successful Video Game Kickstarter Campaign

The fundraising site Kickstarter officially jumped the shark recently when a young hustler raised over 50k to make potato salad for the first time, but there have been many Kickstarter campaigns over the last few years promising a product they can’t guarantee they’ll ever actually finish creating.

The main problem, as this comic by Dorkly’s own Tony Wilson and Andrew Bridgman demonstrates, is that you don’t need a completed project in any way to start raising funds.

Simply tell the online world that you’re going to make this great video game, show some concept art and a few seconds of gameplay footage, add some viral marketing and empty promises and you’ve got the makings of a free money storm ready to make it rain! That is, until your newfound funds get trimmed by the IRS and Kickstarter fees...

Check out the rest of this comic here

-Via Laughing Squid

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The Real Reason Guitarists Make Such Crazy Faces

Some rock guitar players make the craziest faces when they’re shredding on stage- they look like they’re cringing, horrified, utterly amazed, and about to be sick all at the same time.

The camera focuses on their face, then pulls out to show that the object inspiring these faces is their guitar, and they’re just so caught up in playing that they don’t care what kind of face they make, but what if the camera pulled out to reveal them holding a giant slug?

Their grotesque facial expressions would make a lot more sense then, wouldn’t they?

Slug Solos is a Tumblr dedicated to better explaining these rock n roll faces by replacing their guitars with giant slugs, and the faces made by rock gods like Carlos Santana, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine finally make sense!

-Via 22 Words

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Spiderscape - See The City Through The Eyes Of A Webhead

Spiderscape by Sophiedoodle

Sometimes swinging around the city can make life feel like a video game, or some kind of minimalist artwork where the whole world appears far flatter than it actually is, but it's all just a trick of the mind. What's the point of having a spider sense if you don't listen to it? Still, Spidey felt like there was something hanging over him, like he was living in the shadow of something greater, so he decided to patrol the city and clear his mind...

Navigate the urban jungle in style with this Spiderscape t-shirt by Sophiedoodle, it's the swingin'-est way to salute your friendly neighborhood webhead!

Visit Sophiedoodle's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more superpowered designs:

Bert Holmes and Ernie Watson I Arc Iron Man Infinite Space And Beyond Limp Along and Fester

View more designs by Sophiedoodle | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Villains Of Science - These Puppets Are Pure Evil

Villains of Science by Morlock

Nobody took that penguin looking guy in the tuxedo seriously, and his clown faced friend looked like a total joker, but their days of being manipulated like puppets were over. The duo had science on their side, they knew what to do with bunsen burners and beakers full of toxic substances, and their villainous plan to make the Batfrog and Swineder Woman pay for their arrogance would begin in the lab...

Comic books and puppet shows get all mashed up on this Villains of Science t-shirt by Morlock, it's got lots of meep factor without the markup!

Visit Morlock's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wickedly geeky designs:

Loki Burns Troopers Big Daddy Original Winter Soldier

View more designs by Morlock | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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