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Dangerous Looking Sculptures Made Out Of Pencil Parts

I don't think we have to worry about these sculptures made out of pencil parts being stolen, because if someone did try to abscond with one you could easily track the thief by following the trail of blood.

Artist Jennifer Maestre clearly didn't feel the need to win every school yard pencil fight as a child, because win or lose she took home all the bits and pieces to use in her deadly beautiful sculptures. I got a case of lead poisoning just looking at all the sharp, and incredibly cool, sculptures in this gallery!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Androgynous Baby Aardvark Is Ugly Cute

(YouTube Link)

If you've got a serious case of the winter blahs like I do then you'll appreciate this baby aardvark video for the cuteness and innocent warmth it will bring to your dark gray skies.

If you're wondering why I included the word "androgynous" in the title, that's because the zoologists at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo aren't sure if this wrinkly little baby is male or female yet, because aardvarks don't develop visible genitalia until they're around a year old.

So, whether this little critter grows a second trunk or not, we can enjoy watching it do what little baby animals do best-stumble around looking cute. *insert appropriately sappy music*

--via i09

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Some Good Advice For Mrs. Clark

Kids have a knack for cutting through the BS and telling it like it is, especially when it comes to handing out advice. The brilliant 6 year old that wrote up this note for Mrs. Clark has some really sound advice about a shortcut to feeling better-just go poop!

This is good advice for us all, and I'm glad the note's author decided to include illustrated examples to walk us through the process. Everybody poops, and sometimes it's adorable!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Video Of 16-Bit Legend Of Zelda PC Case Being Built From Scratch

(YouTube Link)

Building a custom case for your desktop computer is a fun hobby with an impressive end result, and the fact that the computer retains full functionality tends to blow the minds of those who only see the case as an impressive work of art.

This video by Richard Clinton is fun to watch, and seeing the entire process in time lapse video can be quite informative, whether you want to make your own custom case or you're just wondering how they put it all together so it still functions as a desktop computer.

Join him, from a mostly overhead POV, as he builds a 16-bit Legend Of Zelda themed Link PC case, block by tiny little wooden block.

--via Kotaku

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Pokemon Love Song For The Geek At Heart

(YouTube Link)

Want to show the Pokemon obsessed love of your life how you feel? Then play them this video by YouTuber HelloIamDanica and watch them swoon. Or, better yet, memorize this song for yourself (lyrics posted at YouTube link), serenade them like a good little Jigglypuff and they'll be yours forever. Human sized Pokeball not included.

--via Dorkly

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Super Mario Bros. Coin Block Lamp

Get your punch on and light up a room in style with this Super Mario Bros. themed coin block lamp, now with punchable on-off switch!

So, whether you want to vent your frustration, impress your goofy gamer friends, or just look as cool as possible when turning on a lamp, this super cool coin block lamp will get the job done in style.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my workshop rigging this thing up to dispense mushrooms and magic flowers...

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Robert Downey Jr. Pin-up Series

This disturbingly funny art mashup series made me retch with laughter, horrified laughter that forced me to close up my laptop when my girlfriend came in the room, so she wouldn't see the source of my uneasiness.

At least Robert Downey Jr. appears to be having fun playing pin-up, maybe he performs in drag in his spare time? One things for sure, Gil Elvgren (the great American pin-up artist and the source of some of these pin-ups) is most certainly turning in his grave over this series!

Link  --via BuzzFeed

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Batman Armor-Medieval Style

This full leather suit of Batman styled armor may not stop bullets or sharp swords, but it looks badass enough to put fear into the hearts of bad guys, so I'm sure it will serve old Batsy just fine when he hits the streets dirt roads.

The medieval version of Batman lives by the credo speak gruffly but carry a big sword. Is the medieval Batmobile some kind of crazy armored horse and cart?


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Inception Park Buenos Aires Is A Trip

(YouTube Link)

This fantastic visual effects video by Fernando Livschitz shows what it would be like if roller coasters weren't stuck on tracks, and they were free to roam about a beautiful city like Buenos Aires. What a wild ride!

--via Juxtapoz

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The Mad Commercial Style Of Jack Davis

(YouTube Link)

Jack Davis is known for both his work in EC Comics as an illustrator in the 50s, and as a founding member of MAD Magazine, but did you know that he lent his distinctive style to animated TV commercials for everything from Gilette razors to booze to fishing poles? Check out this great collection of cartoon commercials and get wacky wild Jack Davis style!

--via ComicsAlliance

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Recycled Tech Turned Into Works Of Art

Who wants to clutter up landfills with old junk tech when you can make cool art pieces out of it?

The artists in this gallery have come up with some rather ingenious ways to recycle that old tech trash, from making surreal landscapes out of motherboards, a crashing wave of recycled records, and even a nine foot tall Autobot made out of old car and machine parts.

The pieces in this set will make you think twice before you chuck out your old tech junk, and maybe they'll even inspire the DIYers to repurpose that useless old junk and show the world how crafty they can be!

Link  --image credit: Grace Grothous

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Slam Dunking Skills Circa 1990

(YouTube Link)

If you know someone who is in possession of some rather embarrassing VHS tape footage of you be very nice to that person until you get your hands on those tapes, unless you want to end up like the b-ball champ in this hilarious home video from 1990.

This sporty geek apparently has his sister to blame for his mad dunking skills being posted to the interwebs, so I'm sure family events are going to be a bit chilly from here on out for those two. I wonder if he ever made it into the NBA?

--via TDW

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Custom Volkswagen Imperial Walker

If Star Wars took place in the groovy 1960s, instead of "a long, long time ago", the Imperial Walkers might have looked something like this bad boy.

A Volkswagen bus cleverly attached to some AT-AT legs might not look like the most menacing thing on the battlefield, but there's no better way to ride in style and comfort while blasting Rebel forces, and you can sleep right in the cockpit if you're too loaded to drive walk home.

So, whether you're crashing a peace and love festival on Endor or attending a Burning Man Jedi gathering in the vast desert of Tatooine, you'll be stomping around in style.


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Inspector Spacetime Needs You!

The man pictured here is Inspector Spacetime, or rather, the actor who plays the fictional Inspector on a fictional show created for the cult hit TV show Community.

He's supposed to be an alternate version of Doctor Who, and characters Troy and Abed from Community are huge fans of the fictional space-time detective. Are you lost yet?

Well, here's the strange part-the actor pictured above (Travis Richey) wants to make Inspector Spacetime into a real show web series, and he needs your help!

Travis has started a Kickstarter account in order to get this project off the ground, and he has wisely avoided involving NBC in the project, which means the web series just might have some hope after all.

Link  --via Topless Robot

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Scary Cute Cyclops Cosplayer

AAAGGHH! Make it stop looking at me! This cute yet terrifying cosplayer was spotted at the Tokyo Wonder Festival, and no she's not supposed to be a young Turanga Leela from Futurama.

However, if you know what anime character she is supposed to be please share, and while you're at it take a look at the other fun and crazy costumes spotted outside Wonder Fest 2012, they're a real hoot!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Crazy Anti-Theft Security Case From 1961

(YouTube Link)

This amazing anti-theft security case was designed to make a bad guy's life a living hell if he decides to pull a snatch and run. Complete with long telescoping rods that encumber movement, a blaring alarm sound and a handle that crushes the criminal's hand and prevents them from letting go, it looks like any other case until the device is triggered then BLAMMO, it's go go gadget briefcase and bye bye bad guy! Perfect for the international super spy who is also a big fan of practical jokes.

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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Lesser Known Uses Of Portals

This whimsical illustrated chart by Aaron Thong shows some alternate uses for portals, like the ones created by the handheld portal device carried by the main characters in the Portal video game series.

You'd better ask for permission from GLaDOS before attempting these unauthorized uses of your portal gun, or you may be taken offline. Skydiving seems like a fun way to use a portal, but hula hooping looks downright dangerous!

Link  --via JazJaz

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Don't 'Skip' This Adorable Animated Short

(YouTube Link)

"Skip" is a stylish animated short by Vancouver Film School student Sarah Jolley, and it's both a showcase for Sarah's formidable skills as an animator and a cute little time traveling love story, with nods to Buster Keaton and the old timey jumping-the-film-strip gag.

Link   --via Cartoon Brew

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Real Life Diglett Is Too Cute To Battle

Diglett may be one of the least popular Pokemon to collect, due to his small size and limited power, but in real life he sure is cute!

He's too cute to tag on, or back your car into after a long night at the local Sigma Chi house, and he's probably a bit too heavy to just toss in the trunk of your car and take home, although I'm sure someone has attempted a Diglett kidnapping at some point because the little guy sure does have a lot of admirers!


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Keyboard Jeans Are Here-Type Amongst Yourselves

Talk about cutting edge fashion, these keyboard jeans replace the need to carry around a cumbersome keyboard with you all day, and they give you a convenient excuse for touching yourself in public. Is that a mouse in your pocket, or are you just happy to be online?

Perfect for getting strangers to stare at your crotch, and for creating other awkward social moments when you're not online, keyboard jeans seem like a fairly useless invention, since all laptops have a built-in keyboards and most touch screen devices have a virtual keyboard app, so it's no wonder that the makers are having a hard time obtaining the funding needed to get them onto retail store racks.

But, if you don't want to wait for keyboard jeans to arrive at your local clothing store, you can always get a pair of jeans, some scissors, and one of those roll up jelly keyboards and get to snipping!


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Rhett And Link Rap Up The Mario Bros.

(YouTube Link)

The comedy-advertising duo Rhett and Link star in this installment of Epic Rap Battles as the Wright Brothers, who are dying to tell the Mario Bros. why the Princess wants to hang out on the black and white side of the screen.

The Mario Bros., on the other hand, channel their inner guido and get tough, which really doesn't help their rhyming skills. Maybe you should have grabbed a Tanooki suit before this battle Mario Bros.!

--via Kotaku

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Android Anatomy Reveals What Lies Beneath Their Robotic Skins

This series by illustrator Yves Joe Malgorn should be subtitled Visible Robot, and it reveals what lies beneath the skin of some of pop culture's most beloved droids like C-3PO, Bender, Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe?

Apparently the illustrator believes that he is an android, and therefore other humans (especially females) must be full of robotic gears and circuitry as well. It's all a bit odd, unless you're a robot, then it should all make perfect sense.

(Some images on his site are NSFW due to nudity)

Link  --via i09

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A Where's Waldo Style Panoramic Shot Of Mos Eisley

This panoramic shot of Mos Eisley by illustrator Ulises Farinas is full of characters and props from the Star Wars universe, some from another universe altogether, and some funny little Where's Waldo style surprises to discover as you scan over the detail crammed scene.

This amazing illustration definitely warrants a closer look, so make sure you hit the link to see it in all of it's full-sized glory. I never realized there were so many cats lurking around Tatooine, or that they have their own version of Batman lurking about in the back alleys!

Link  --via i09

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Pixelated Prince Of Persia In The Real World

(YouTube Link)

The Prince of Persia may have been all slick and nimble in the classic video game, but when he tries to make the transition into real life he finds that the world isn't a very pixel friendly place. Man, I need to get my own Keyboard guy!

--via Obvious Winner

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The Drug Avengers Are Here To Save Us From Ourselves

(YouTube Link)

This hilariously bad PSA from 1988 is called The Drug Avengers, and centers around a group of time traveling squares who want to help humanity join the Galactic Federation by abolishing drug use across the globe, even though they never seem to get past the suburbs of America.

This short features some awful animation, ridiculous messages like "adults handle depression by eating cookies, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes", and really never seems to give a valid reason not to do drugs. And the alien creature that accompanies The Drug Avengers looks like a drug influenced hallucination, so I don't know what the creators were smoking when they came up with this little gem of a cartoon!

--via ComicsAlliance

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John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Useless Comments

(YouTube Link)

As a hilarious comedian, gentleman, scholar, and founding member of the seminal sketch comedy troupe Monty Python, John Cleese hasn't lost a bit of his prize winning wit, even after over 40 years in the business. Now, he's come back to answer to the worst kind of modern critic-the YouTube commenter. Sit back and have a laugh as John Cleese carefully considers your useless comments.

--via The Mary Sue

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Drivable R2-D2 Built For Make-A-Wish Kid To Enjoy

Matthew Grammer, a 7 year old who is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, asked for one of the coolest things ever as his Make-A Wish Foundation request--a giant, drivable R2-D2 so he can roll around school pretending to be R2 in style. Here's a bit of info from the makers, Little Mountain Productions:

R2D2 was a fun challenge to build. R2 was fabricated with a simple joystick with massive on/off buttons inside. We also placed a large (kill it) button on the outside for parents. The computer is powered by 2 rechargeable gel batteries and guided by our proprietary software that is enclosed under the cushioned driver's seat.

After test-driving R2, popping wheelies and leaving tire marks in our shop, we decided it would be best if we slowed down the oversized torquey electric motors.

If you're interested, you can see a video of one of the coolest R2-D2 replicas ever in action at the link below. It looks like a lot of fun to drive!

Here's hoping Matthew the best of health, and a long life full of fun. The Force is strong with this one!

Link  --via Geekologie


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Radiohead 'OK Computer' 3.5 Inch Floppy From 1997

This rather unique piece of Radiohead memorabilia was given out in 1997 as a promotional item, and it contains an 'OK Computer' screensaver for Windows 3.1 or 95 on 3.5 inch floppy. Rather appropriate advertising technique, wouldn't you say?

It's funny how quickly these promo disks became obsolete after the '90s, and now they get thrown in the trash, or the donation pile, more often than they're kept as a collectible. But, like any music memorabilia, they'll continue to go up in value, and will always be sought after by collectors.

Link  --via Best Week Ever


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I Have No Patience For Patients

This word of the month PSA was spotted someplace where the people either have an ironic sense of humor, or they don't have access to a dictionary. Hopefully it wasn't found airing this ridiculousness on a college campus that specializes in giving out English Lit degrees.

If there's one thing I've learned from this PSA it's that you should never depend on educational committees to teach you the correct usage of a word.


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The Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone Is A Lifesaver

Are people getting tired of hearing you sing, and now they're starting to shoot dirty look daggers into your heart, causing you to lose faith in your future career as a singer?

Then you need to get this plunger looking thing and strap it on your noisemaker. It's called the Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone and it just might save your life.

If you can't control the urge to belt out a tune in public your life might be in danger, because not everyone appreciates hearing your rendition of "Lady Lumps" "My Humps" while riding home on the subway.

Don't attract attention to yourself, sing your little heart out with this guy in place and, not only will you look like a crazy person and scare the bad people away, you'll avoid bringing the wrath of the tone deaf down upon your head. So Karaoke it up, in peace.


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