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Human Chain Transfers Library Books

Around 15,000 people turned out in the cold Saturday in Riga, Latvia, to form a two-kilometer-long chain of book lovers. The occasion was the transfer of books from the old National Library to the newly-built National Library across the river. They could have used trucks, but what's the fun in that? Instead, the books were passed hand-to-hand the entire route. The event was designed to evoke the memory of The Baltic Way, a 1989 demonstration that saw two million people join hands across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, all Soviet republics at the time.

Organiser Aiva Rozenberga said the event had deep symbolic significance for Latvians.

"The people who stood in the Baltic Way remember that feeling of being shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers," she told AFP. "The people taking part in the book chain who are prepared to stand here on a cold winter day are taking this seriously too -- we are literally standing up for culture."

The event signals the start of Riga's tenure as a "European Capital of Culture." See a video of the event at Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

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Big Five: Anti-Poaching Art

Africa's five big game hunt animals are the rhino, cape buffalo, elephant, lion, and leopard. Unfortunately, their numbers are diminishing and they are the victims of poachers. The International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) has been working to save these animals, and their efforts includes a program to use drones to catch poachers in the act.

Artist Robert Chew (DeviantART member CrazyAsian1) is lending his support to the IAPF's campaign by creating an art series called Big Five of animal mechas for use in a fantasy world as undercover drones. He's drawn not only the five big ones, but is adding other animals. Sales of the art prints go to IAPF. You can see all of them in his gallery. -via Daily of the Day

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The Market for Used Dentures

Justin Hunter buys and sells used dental equipment. In the course of his business, he comes across a lot of other unusual items, and then explores the market for them. Like used dentures. I am not making this up. He sold a jar full of dentures on Ebay for $110.

When a person has lost all of their teeth, for one reason or another, they may not want to spend any more money at the dentist. A set of custom fit dentures can cost $900+. A set of used dentures?  $100-200.

As icky as it is, that $700-800 can make the difference between having teeth and not having teeth. -via Most Forbidden Zone

(Image credit: Tristy Taylor)

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Teaching the Baby to Walk Down Stairs

(Break link)

In this video, we see how a mother dog teaches her pup how to walk down the stairs. First she lovingly demonstrates, then she provides watchful encouragement. The puppy is scared, but he does the job. That's a good dog! Then we are treated to a look at a cat teaching a kitten how to navigate down the stairs. Now you know the difference between cats and dogs. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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In Motion

(vimeo link)

One effect that photographers have used for… well, since the beginning of photography, is long exposure images. Leave the shutter open for a while, and you get sharp images of static objects and a light blur of moving objects, in the same picture. But in motion pictures, this doesn't work because you have to capture enough images per second to create movement.

In the experimental film In Motion, Aaron Grimes simulates the effect of long exposure photography by blending individual video frames, one by one, in Photoshop. The result is a look at Tokyo in motion in a new way -at least a new way for video. Get more details about the technique at the vimeo page. -Thanks, Aaron!

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The Daily Egret

(YouTube link)

This guy in Florida has made friends with a snowy egret who comes to call every day for a bit of dinner. He better be ready with the boloney, or this friendship won't last! Do you get the sneaking suspicion that this egret has friends all over town? -via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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How Frozen Killed Prince Charming

The following contains spoilers for the movie Frozen. Prince Charming, as a concept, has always been an overly-simplified trope in the Disney fairy tale films. Whatever name he goes by, he's good-looking, titled, wealthy, and he saves the day. What more could a potential princess possibly want? In real life, traits like kindness, loyalty, support, compatibility, ethics, and a sense of humor mean far more.

Frozen breaks away from the trope by contrasting two suitors: one is a real prince, while the other is friendzoned. But this time, the prince turns out to have a personality -and not a good one, while the friend has only the protagonist's best interests at heart. Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora didn't take the time to know their princes before "happily ever after." As in several of the more recent Disney fairy tales, it's a small step in the right direction. Read a deconstruction of Prince Charming at The Week.

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Black Hole Science Rap

(YouTube link)

Science rapper Michael Wilson, better known as Coma Niddy, lays down some facts about black holes in this video by PBS Digital Studios. Black holes aren't scary? I guess it's just the ominous music they play whenever a black hole is mentioned in the movies. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

(YouTube link)

What are the effect of video games on our brains? Well, first off, there's a big difference between a few rounds of Super Mario Bros. after your homework is done, and staying up all night and all day eating Cheetos and sinking deeper into the world of gaming. The latest research shows that moderate gaming has beneficial effects that target specific areas of the brain, as AsapSCIENCE explains. To get the full effect, you also have to get enough physical exercise, social connections, and education -in other words, a well-rounded life. Once you have your priorities in order, enjoy those games! -via Viral Viral Videos 

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Little Boy, Big Fire

Here's a sweet and simple story about a boy and a fireman. Paul Hashagen is a firefighter in Long Island, New York. One day he was watching his 8-year-old grandson Matthew Smith, who was out of school with an illness, when a fire call came in. Hashagen leapt into action, taking Matthew with him.

The fire was serious, so he parked Matthew in a fire truck to wait. Matthew had never been to a fire before, and was forbidden to leave the truck, but still found a way to be useful. You can probably tell how by the picture, but you should really go read the entire story at The Daily Beast.

(Image credit: Paul Hashagen)

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry

Poet Christopher Smart wrote the 89-line eulogy of his cat Jeoffry sometime between 1757 and 1763, while he was an inmate at St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics in London. You can read the story of how that came about, and the poem's entire text, at Spitalfields Life.

It is the tender observation present in these lines that touches me most, speaking of the fascination of a cat as a source of joy for one with nothing else in the world. In fact, Smart was often known as Kit or Kitty and I wonder if he saw an image of himself in Jeoffry and it liberated him from the tyranny of his circumstance. Simply by following his nature, Jeoffry becomes holy in Christopher Smart’s eyes, exemplifying the the wonder of all creation.

It was a triumphant observation for a man who was losing his life, yet it is all the more remarkable that it is solely through this playful masterpiece he is remembered today.

As a celebration of the work, artist Paul Bommer illustrated every bit of the poem, which you see above, and just a corner of below.

The art print is for sale at Bommer's site.

-via Nag on the Lake

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35 Behind-the-scenes Photographs from the Set of Ghostbusters

The movie Ghostbusters ruled theaters in the summer of 1984 …that's almost 30 years ago! Uproxx has a collection of photographs taken on the set that show the cast out of character and a peek at the special effects. Here you see the ghost they called the Onionhead Ghost, who later became known as Slimer, being worn by a guy in black velvet pants. You'll also see Sigourney Weaver levitating and the guy in the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume, among other treats.

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Frankenstein's Monster Takes a Tea Break

Even Frankenstein's monster has to take a break for tea every once in a while. It's kind of strange to see a china cup being held in the oh-so-cultured three-finger manner with those horrid black fingernails! But this is not Boris Karloff on the set. It is the work of Mike Hill, professional portrait sculptor and artist. Go see his other works! -via I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet

However, Boris Karloff, being a proper British actor, often took a cup of tea during breaks in filming three movies in which he portrayed Frankenstein's monster, Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and Son of Frankenstein (1939). There had to be more pictures of the monster on break, and I was right. Continue reading to see them.

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Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Fun with Dry Ice

(YouTube link)

The video blogger who goes by the name CrazyRussianHacker took two pounds of dry ice and plopped it into a kitchen sink containing hot water. The effect is grand! His roommate Alex made me nervous for a bit when he reclined on the floor in the fog, because he's depriving himself of oxygen, but he didn't stay there long. Consider that a warning. Also, never touch dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) with bare skin, because it will stick and may cause frostbite. -via Viral Viral Videos

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What Does the Freezer Say?

How do you illustrate a sound in ways that people who speak many languages can understand it -on paper? A manual for an Electrolux upright freezer contains a page to let you know what sounds a normal freezer may make. The beauty of this idea is that it compares the sounds of the freezer to normal sounds most people already know. There's no need to panic about these, but if your freezer makes a noise not on this list, the best thing you can do is find something to compare it to in order to describe the problem to your repairman, like maybe a scene from a popular horror film. -via Metafilter

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How To Tell If You've Been Abducted By Aliens

This article is reprinted from Uncle John's Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader.

Believe it or not, there is a support group called Abduct Anon for people who believe they've been kidnapped by extraterrestrials. Are you about to be abducted by aliens and subjected to medical experiments? Or has it happened already? Here are some signs that Abduct Anon and other UFO groups say you should be on the watch for.


* You have chronic insomnia, and you hear a tapping or humming noise just as you're dropping off to sleep.

* You may dream of aliens and UFOs directly, or you may dream of vaguely mysterious beings but remember none of the details except one: The beings had very large eyes.

* You have the feeling you're being watched, especially as you're dropping off to sleep. Or you wake up in the middle of the night because you think someone -or something- is watching you. You may even see one or more shadowy figures standing around the bed, staring at you.

* You sleepwalk. You've gone to sleep in one place and woken up in another with no explanation for how it happened. (And alcohol is not involved.)

* For the first few seconds or minutes after awakening, you are paralyzed and can't move your body.

* When you wake up and find small drops of blood on your pillow, but there's no explanation for how they got there.


* Your car breaks down unexpectedly with no explanation, often soon after you've spotted a UFO.

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(YouTube link)

Horrie, an aging widower, decides it's time to start dating again, so he gives himself an extreme makeover. The most disturbing part is the homemade facelift, but once you get past that, it's a delightful story. The short film Makeover by Don Percy won second prize at Tropfest 2013. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Problem Solved

You should feel guilty about laughing at this. I know I did. Found at Bad Newspaper.

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New Little Golden Books Art Show

Little Golden Tales is a new exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. An eclectic lineup of artists came up with new versions of "the unforgettable stories, illustrations, and metallic-spined covers of the world's most recognizable collection of children's books." the exhibit runs through February 9th.    

Included is the Little Golden Book version of Breaking Bad you see here by Maxime Mary. There's also Moonrise Kingdom, Doctor Who, and more, which you can see at Super Punch.

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Nathan the Hairless Dancing Dog

Nathan lives at is from Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. and has made several dancing videos for them -because he loves to scratch his back on that green chair. Shake it, Nathan!

Nathan was adopted last year, but it didn't last (for reasons which had nothing to do with his behavior), and he was returned to the shelter. Instead of putting him through that again, Bald is Beautiful decided he was their dog forever.  

(YouTube link)

-via Daily Picks and Flicks

Update: Ellen from Bald is Beautiful wrote and said:

Thank you so much for shining a spotlight on Nathan and Bald is Beautiful rescue on your website! We appreciate the nod.
I do want to clarify; Nathan was adopted by his foster mom and that is his forever home. He is no longer in our rescue technically, although his mom still fosters and volunteers with us, so we see him all the time, online mostly!  As you can tell from his adoption video, which is all pictures of his forever home, he is very very happy there, especially in that green chair.
Thanks, Ellen!
Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Seal of Approval

(vimeo link)

Jason Neilus and friends filmed a seal encounter in October off the coast of the Farne Islands in Northumberland, UK. He says of six dives in the area, this is the most interaction they'd had with young seals, which were friendly, curious, and photogenic. They look like they're smiling! The music is "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragon. -via Arbroath

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Getting a Driver's License in China

Frank Langfitt tells us his experience of taking the written driver's test in China. Despite having years of U.S. driving experience, studying the rules, and taking practice tests, he flunked it three times!

Why is the Chinese driver's test so hard? For one thing, it requires a ton of memorization. Consider this yes or no question, taken verbatim from a test:

"If a motorized vehicle driver has caused a major traffic accident in violation of the traffic regulations which has caused human death due to his escaping, the driver is subject to a prison term of 3 years to 7 years."

The answer, it turns out, is "no." I eventually answered this correctly, but still have no idea what the actual prison term is.

The other reason the test is difficult for foreigners is some of the translations are, well, challenging. Take this question:

"When theres [sic] a diversion traffic control on the expressway, a driver can stop by the side to wait instead of leaving out of the expressway, for continually running after the traffic control."

I don't know what that means, but apparently under Chinese law, you can't do it.

He's not the only foreigner to have problems with the test. But there was one guy he talked to who had no problem -because he paid a professional to take it for him. How hard could it be, really? You get a chance to find out, because NPR has an interactive test you can try, with questions taken from actual tests in China. Yes, I flunked. -via Digg

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Rosetta, the Comet-chasing Spacecraft

Ten years ago, the European Space agency launched the Rosetta space probe with its mission to harpoon and ride a comet.

The European Space Agency's Rosetta probe aims for a spectacular first in space exploration. The billion-euro machine will catch up with a comet, circle it slowly, and throw down a lander to the surface. With gravity too weak to keep it there, the box of electronics and sensors on legs will cling to its ride with an explosive metal harpoon.

Together, the Rosetta probe and its lander, Philae, will scan and poke the comet as it tears towards the sun. As the comet draws near, it will warm and spew huge plumes of gas and dust in a tail more than one million kilometres long. The spectacle has never been captured up close before.

The comet, named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, formed from cosmic debris 4.6bn years ago, before material had coalesced to form the Earth and our nearest planets, and the sun was a newborn star. Even rocket scientists find the comet's name hard work. Some opt instead for "Chury".

But first, it has to wake up. The probe is currently further from the sun than Jupiter, without adequate sunlight to power itself. It was put into hibernation three years ago to conserve energy. On Monday, scientists will be crossing their fingers when it's time to reactivate the probe, to gear it up for its rendezvous with the comet in the spring. What could possibly go wrong? A million things, actually, so the ESA crew will be a bit nervous come Monday. We just hope that Rosetta doesn't turn over an hit the snooze button.  -via reddit

We had a progress report from Rosetta back in 2007. That seems so long ago.

(Image credit: ESA)

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Call to Arms

(YouTube link)

This short film will keep you on the edge of your seat until about two-thirds of the way through, when it makes you breathe a sigh of relief and go all aww. Then in the last second, it is revealed to be… an ad! Oh well, without a product advertising budget, it wouldn't have been this good, I suppose. You'll see this during the Super Bowl, along with the other best (and most expensive) TV ads of the year. -via Laughing Squid

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Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

A few years ago, we showed you some charts that Dr. Nathan Yau of Flowing Data made out of movie quotes. He made eight of them, but he meant to chart all 100 of the American Film Institute's 100 most memorable movie quotes. He finally revisited the project and now has completed all 100! The thing is, you won't exactly find the quote in the chart …in words. But you won't have any trouble figuring them out. See the full-size chart of charts here. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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This Week at Neatorama

How was your week? Where I live, the weather felt downright balmy in the 30s, compared to the week before. Sometimes I feel like I'm hibernating in January and February, just staying in the house as much as possible. We've still got some holidays coming this month: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, and Chinese New Year is January 31st this year. We've lost Super Bowl Sunday to February, which already has more than its share of holidays. But February is a month when we will desperately need holidays anyway. If you're cooped up inside this weekend, take some time to catch up on all the wonderful things we've done this week at Neatorama!

John Farrier showed us 16 Great Works of Attack on Titan Fan Art.

Jill Harness gave us a look at 15 Utterly Bizarre Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Eddie Deezen told us the story of Lizzie Bravo: The Girl Who Sang with the Beatles.

What Makes Citizen Kane So Special? was explained by Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

Tha Annals of Improbable Research gave us Linnaeus the Observant.

5 of History's Great Bank Robberies came from mental_floss magazine.

The Pzzlr this week was Peculiar Equation, and the Whodunit was The FBI and the Hacker.

In the What Is It? game this week, the unidentified object is now identified as a Western Electric indicator box. It indicates something! But we wanted funny-but-wrong answers, and we got plenty. This one from sandyra is worth a t-shirt: "It's the original Price is Right's version of Plinko. Unfortunately all the discs ran sideways instead on straight down so no one ever won the money. After they turned the game on it's side it worked much better…" And so is one from tarnation:

It's a binary lock box. Convert to decimal, then knock that many times and it springs open. Black=1, white=0, so then 111001110010111111110001 represents 15,151,089. Knock 15,151,089 times to open. If you lose count, you must wait 16 hours to let the lock reset.

Or just use a saw.

Congratulations to those two, but you should really go read all the great guesses this week. See the answers to all the mystery items of the week at the What Is It? blog.

We had a contest this week especially for Neatomail subscribers. Congratulations to Shawna Munro, brandy, and Tahariel, who won t-shirts of their choice. You won't miss out on the next giveaway if you sign up for Neatomail today!  

The post with the most comments this week, outside of the giveaways, was How Long Would You Survive After the Apocalypse? followed by Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares.

The comment of the week came from Daniel Kim in the post about Peter Pan proposing to Wendy on stage: "No! Never! Never, ever marry a 'boy who won't grow up'! It's a recipe for marital disaster!"

The most popular post was Wall Furniture for Cats. Second place goes to Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares, and Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hats was third.

The post that got the most ♥s was Toddler's Double Take, followed by a tie between The Incredible Art of Aquarium Landscaping and Middle School Basketball Player Sinks Full Court Shot (twice). The most-emailed post was Wall Furniture for Cats.

In our social media stats for the week, The Mangalitsa is a Sheep-Pig was the most Tweeted post of the week, Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hats was the biggest hit on Facebook and Pinterest, and Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares was the most-shared post on Google+.

Over at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, you'll find all kinds of neat pictures, links, and discussions besides what's here on the main page. The most popular post this week was this comic from Loading Artist. We also had a contest to win a geeky t-shirt. We'll announce the winners as soon as we know who they are -there are an awful lot of entries to go through!

The same thing goes for Pinterest: you'd be surprised at how much more there is to see at the Neatorama Pinterest boards! Just pick the board that interest you, maybe LOLpic, and scan for something new to enjoy.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Elias on Ellen

(YouTube link)

Seven-year-old piano prodigy Elias Phoenix was a guest on The Ellen Show today. He was pretty excited about being there -he is a big fan of hers! Oh yeah, he eventually performs on the piano. He refers to a performance at Carnegie Hall, which is also available online. He is a little charmer. -via Digg

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Saving a 40-Ton, 100-Year-Old World's Fair Pipe Organ

The Opus 500 is also known as the Exposition Organ, because it was played at the worlds fair in San Francisco in 1915. It was the seventh-largest organ in the world. What do you do with such a large, valuable, and heavy antique? To those who heard it in its heyday, it was a wondrous thing to behold.   

Back then, thousands of people a day attending the Panama-Pacific International Exposition applauded its soaring crescendos and rib-rattling swells. Today, the organ’s 7,500 pipes and countless other parts sit silent and in pieces, packed into boxes and crates spread across 3,600 square feet of concrete, basement floor—in some places, the crates are stacked 12 feet high. To prepare a new site for the instrument, move it, put the thing back together again, and then tune it could cost upwards of $2 million, assuming, of course, you could find a home for the finished instrument. So far, no one has.

That may be about to change. Although details are still under wraps, members of a group known as the Friends of the Exposition Organ have told us that after years of looking, they may have finally found a new home for Opus 500.

Collectors Weekly gives us the story of the organ, not only in its finest hours, but also what happened to the Opus 500 after the fair. It involves earthquakes, politics, architecture, and a small group of people who want to restore it to its former glory. Included is a video of the organ being played. 

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The Parental Advisory Movie Quiz

Can you guess a movie from a parental advisory? In a new quiz from UsVsTh3m, the Parental Advisory Movie Quiz, you'll be given a quote taken from IMDb's user-edited parent's guide (not the whole advisory). Then you must select one of three movies that you believe the quote describes.

I guessed five out nine correctly, even though I have seen very few of the movies. That's what comes from working on the internet -I know a lot about movies without ever seeing them. I have to admit I learned some new things about them just taking the quiz! How did you do?  -via b3ta

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Zombie Fighter is Zombie Pranked

Nick Santonastasso was born with only one arm and no legs. But he has a sense of humor, which he's used lately to prank people by sneaking upon them dressed as a zombie. The cast and crew of the zombie TV show The Walking Dead contacted Santonastasso about pulling an elaborate prank for them. They flew the teenager to Tokyo, gave him the full zombie makeup treatment, and surprised actor Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) while he waited to film an interview.

(YouTube link)

It worked well! Only time will tell if Santonastasso lands a role in the show, as he should. -via Uproxx

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