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Watching This Guy Try To Walk Up An Icy Hill Will Make Your Day

Ask anyone who has tried to walk around San Francisco and they'll tell you- steep hills can be really hard to walk up, and when you add rain or ice the uphill battle becomes nearly impossible to win.

But the guy in this video was hell bent on getting to where he needed to go and wasn't about to let an icy hill stand in his way, so he slipped and slid his way up the hill until he could grab a signpost and stop his downward slide.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Digg

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

FFIVII Throne - One Cloud To Rule Them All

FFIVII Throne by MIKELopez

There are few pop culture characters worthy of being called the King of all Heroes, and even fewer who would survive the battle for the throne. But if there's one character you can bet on to win it's that supersoldier with a heart Cloud Strife, because he speaks softly and carries a giant sword. Cloud has proven he's got what it takes to dominate the pop culture competition by spending twenty years in the spotlight without losing his cool, and when the smoke clears you can be sure Cloud will be the one sitting on the throne with a litter of bodies at his feet...

Add some royal awesomeness to your geeky wardrobe with this FFIVII Throne t-shirt by MIKELopez, it's the epic way to show love for your favorite video game and the hero who won your heart.

Visit MIKELopez's NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Freaky eyes Air Lion Happy Food Super Spidey

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SMART Is The New SEXY - If You Wanna Be My Lover You've Gotta Get With My Brain

SMART is the new SEXY by Cafe Pretzel

It's sad that there are still people in the world who don't see the value of intelligence and don't think of smart people as sexy, because they're missing out on the greatest attraction of them all- a mental connection. Maybe they're intimidated by intelligence and afraid they'll be made to look dumb, or maybe they just don't like to date people who challenge them in any way. Whatever the reason, denying smart is sexy is like denying attraction begins in the mind- in other words just plain dumb!

Show the world how much you value intelligence by wearing this SMART is the new SEXY t-shirt by Cafe Pretzel, it's a bright way to meet people who are on your mental level and weed through all the dummies who would just be a waste of your time.

Visit Cafe Pretzel's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more truly genius designs:

RESIST PERSIST INSIST Peace and Power Strength to You 2 Do You Wanna Taco 'Bout It Polar Bear Pun

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22-Year-Old Creates 3D Scanner That Can Diagnose Heart Disease In 90 Seconds

Adults head to the emergency room all the time thinking they're having a heart attack when they're actually just dealing with muscle pain, severe heartburn, high blood pressure symptoms or anxiety.

In fact, only 6% of adults over 45 who go to the ER for non-specific chest pain are actually having a heart attack, resulting in a lot of time and money wasted by both the patient and the hospital.

Unfortunately this is all happening because it's extremely difficult to diagnose heart disease, and lots of testing is required to rule out serious conditions, so doctors are seeking a better way- and 22-year-old Peeyush Shrivastava thinks he may have found it.

Peeyush came up with a method of using 3D scanner technology to scan a patient and tell if they're having cardiac or non-cardiac chest pain:

Shrivastava says his company's scanner, called Faraday, can dramatically speed up that process, do it more accurately and make it more comfortable for the patient. It uses artificial intelligence to create thousands of 3-D maps of a patient's heart to tell doctors what is, or isn't, causing chest pain.
Shrivastava's team's method is noninvasive. There aren't needle pricks and blood draws. "The beauty of magnetic fields is, they are undistorted by the lungs, by the skin, so the signal you're getting is very high-fidelity. It's very pure," he said. "So you can hold sensors right above the chest and still get that high-quality signal. No radiation. No contact. No nothing."
Usually, a chest pain patient needs to take their shirt so a nurse can smear cold gel across their chest or place sticky adhesives with electrodes on their skin. But the Genetesis device would make those processes unnecessary. And a nurse or technician can perform the whole test in about 90 seconds.
A system of algorithms in the company's CardioFlux software analyzes the magnetic data into maps that indicate problems like coronary artery disease or ischemia, a lack of blood flow often caused by a buildup or blockage in an artery.
In standard care, patients have to follow up with a cardiac stress test, either while running on a treadmill or by injecting a radioactive isotope into the bloodstream.
And that's another advantage of Shrivastava's technology: He says it can emulate stress without isotopes.

Read more at CNN

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Bringing a pile of bones to life can be dangerous business, and necromancy is not recommended for young wizards who have never dealt with dark forces.

But if the skeleton is named Lazybones then there probably isn't much to worry about, and if the skeleton you animate is anything like the Lazybones in this animated short they may be of more value to you than any of your real, living friends!

(YouTube Link)

Lazybones is an enchanting animated short created by Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey for Nickelodeon Animated Shorts 2017, watch it with your favorite undead friend!

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The Gym - Everybody Knows About It But Few Have Actually Paid It A Visit

The Gym by pigboom

Tommy doesn't have any fitness training or experience, he hasn't won any bodybuilding competitions and he's never been referred to as "very fit", but Tommy has something that makes The Gym better than the rest- The Room. It's where all the crazy exercisey stuff happens and where a love of fitness is found, and exercisers who dare to enter The Room have been known to cry out "you're tearing me apart Tommy!" during his aerobiscreamo classes. And if you don't know aerobiscreamo you haven't been to The Gym.

Take a love of indie fitness with you wherever you go by wearing this The Gym t-shirt by Pigboom, and watch people get pumped when they see your hilarious shirt!

Visit pigboom's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ferociously funny designs:

Creepy Buffoon Rad Spirit You're Tearing Me Apart Pizza Face Hug

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What Happens During A Stroke?

The symptoms of a heart attack or seizure are pretty easy to identify and therefore it's easy to tell what kind of help the victim needs to survive, but when someone's having a stroke it's really hard to diagnose and even harder to treat.

So according to this TED talk by Vaibhav Goswami it's important to "Act F.A.S.T.", identifying whether they have Facial drooping, Arm weakness or Slurred speech, then acting fast to get them to the hospital in Time.  

(YouTube Link)

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How Growing A Beard Changes A Man

Guys grow beards for a number of reasons, from trying to look more manly to adding some hirsute style to their otherwise clean cut appearance to simply trying to hide the fact that they have no chin.

But whatever the reason for growing a beard a guy learns a valuable lesson about life once he grows his first hairy facial accessory- and finally feels like a real man for once in his life.

So what does manliness feel like? As this Cujko Comics shows it's a lot like normalness, only with tears of joy you claim are flowing because you have something in your eye.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Turning Kids' Doodles Into 100% Accurate Plushies

I love stories about parents turning their kid's crazy artwork into something even cooler because it's both a sweet bonding story and an art exercise with heart.

I also adore making plush toys because kids love them and they make an adult's inner child go squee, so the plushies created by Wendy Tsao really made my heart sing.

Wendy turns kids' doodles into 100% accurate plushies, which really look like kid art come alive, and through her studio Child's Own she's bringing children's creativity to life for parents who don't have the sewing skills to do it themselves.

(YouTube Link)

This video by Daily Fun Facts showcases some of Wendy Tsao's most impressive plushies, and now I know what I'm gonna do with my son's artwork when he's old enough to draw silly stuff!

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Flash Dance - Now He's Dancing For His Life

Flash Dance by Scott Sherwood

Flash had been running for most of his life- running from his past, running from his enemies and trying to run as fast as he could from the call to adventure that came on the fateful night when he inherited the speed force. But it wasn't until Barry stopped running and started to live in the moment that he discovered what he was truly meant to be- a flash dancer. The feeling of being on stage was like nothing he'd felt before, and he didn't have to save anybody's life to get cheers- all he had to do was dance his sexy, sexy dance like nobody was watching...

Be free to express who you truly are by wearing this Flash Dance t-shirt by Scott Sherwood, it's a hilarious way to show the world you're not afraid to get down with your sexy self!

Visit Scott Sherwood's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more superheroically sexy designs:

I Don't Know How The Puppets Do It Blow Princess Evil Queens Oops!

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Walking The Bros. - Their Game Is Over, But Peach's Game Is Just Beginning

Walking The Bros. by MannArt

Everyone knew Princess Peach didn't need saving, and even though she couldn't beat down Bowser quite as good as Mario when he was jacked up on magic mushrooms she definitely wasn't a damsel in distress. But the zombie plague that swept through the Mushroom Kingdom put her in a position she'd never been in before- she had to save the Super Bros before they were turned into zombies. She tried to play the hero, tried to cut a path through zombified toadstools and other atrocious creatures, but she was too late to save the Bros- so she used their undeaths to save herself...

Get geared up for survival in a scary world with this Walking The Bros. t-shirt by MannArt, it's a fun way to give Princess Peach the props she deserves!

Visit MannArt's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Master Of Happy Accidents Fridays Are Tasty Weirdos From The Upside Down Venom Rick

View more designs by MannArt | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Volvo Owner Customizes Door Chime To Play Toto's Africa Every Time The Door Opens

It would take a lot to take me away from my car if the door played Toto's Africa instead of chiming whenever it was open, and I'd probably go through batteries like crazy because I'd softly rock to my car door chime every night.

(YouTube Link)

I love "Volvo enthusiast for life" Chris Ng for swapping out his Volvo 240's original door chime for an 8-bit version of Toto's Africa, but it must be hard to close the door on that sweet sound when he gets in or out of the car!

Chris told Jalopnik it was surprisingly easy to modify the sound module and change the door chime:

The door chime in the Volvo is controlled by a plug-in sound module under the dash, so all it took to install was a quick swap of the stock version for the modified one. The song goes on for a hilariously long time, too—just in case you want to soak it all in for a moment.

Ng told Jalopnik that it’s fairly easy to swap this little module out if you know how to solder things back together. He plans to start a Kickstarter for a small number of cheap, universal modules for people who want to do this themselves.

To make his Volvo play Toto, Ng says that he recorded the song straight to the new module. You can do so with any smartphone or computer. Then the reprogrammed module was rewired into the door ajar circuit for the car—easy peasy.

-Via Jalopnik

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An Amazing 3D Printer That Can Construct A Home In 24 Hours

It's hard to imagine 3D printers being used to build something as large as a house because most of us have only seen stuff printed by regular commercial 3D printers, which are extremely limited in terms of printing size.

But companies are now creating 3D printers that can print on a much larger scale and print with a wide variety of materials, like Austin, Texas-based company ICON's amazing new custom printer nicknamed "Vulcan" which uses cement as a printing medium.

ICON has teamed up with San Francisco-based non-profit New Story to use Vulcan to print homes for people living in impoverished communities who can't afford safe, sturdy homes, since Vulcan can print a home in 24 hours at the cost of about $4,000:

The 3D-printed home serves as proof-of-concept for sustainable homebuilding that will allow for safer, more affordable homes for more families, faster than ever. The printer, called the Vulcan, is designed to work under the constraints that are common in places like Haiti and rural El Salvador where power can be unpredictable, potable water is not a guarantee and technical assistance is sparse. It’s designed to tackle housing shortages for vulnerable populations instead of building with profit motivation.

These 3D printed homes are not only durable and practical, since Vulcan can print them wherever they're needed, they're also pretty cool looking, like a modernist's take on a hut.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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How Do Animals Experience Pain?

My dog has a hard time telling me when he's in pain, and he tries to go about his business as usual no matter what's wrong with him as if admitting to pain would disappoint the alpha.

Meanwhile other pets I've had would yelp and holler and wail at the slightest twinge of pain, flipping out like the world is ending over something minor. This difference in how animals react to pain has always made me wonder- how do animals experience pain?

As usual there's a TED Talk for that, this one hosted by biologist Robyn J. Crook.

(YouTube Link)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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10 Characters Marvel Wants You To Forget About

The Marvel Universe is home to some of the most iconic characters in comic book history, from Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk to that eternal patriot Captain America, but for every good character there's five goofballs they'd rather we forgot all about.

These laughable and totally forgettable characters are usually villains, since the comic book rule of thumb is every hero needs dozens of villains to fight, and they often seem like concepts drawn out of a hat.

There's Big Wheel, the guy who drives a big wheel, Asbestos Lady, the character created to be the antithesis of the Human Torch, and Kangaroo, the villain with the power to jump (you guessed it!) like a kangaroo.

(YouTube Link)

This WatchMojo countdown video reveals ten of the sorriest excuses for a villain or hero that Marvel Comics ever created, and it's safe to say none of these characters will be making an appearance in the MCU anytime soon!

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Celebrate History The Fun Way- By Wearing A History-Themed NeatoShop T-Shirt

Pegalion Washington by Hillary White

You don't have to be a history buff or school teacher to enjoy reading and talking about history, because there were so many cool characters and interesting events in mankind's past it's only natural to find it all endlessly fascinating.

And considering how awful things are in the present many more people young and old are about to become history fans too, so join the revolution with a historically themed NeatoShop t-shirt!

History books are full of kooky characters

French Kissers by tomburns

Crazy epic battles that changed the world

Historical Mashup #4 by Bob Henley

And moments that made mankind matter

1969 by Vó Maria

But more than anything else history books are full of stories that seem too awesome to be true!

Tesla Lightning (The History League) by Amorphia Apparel

Continue reading

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Cat Leaps Off Cabinet With Bed In Mouth, Lands Perfectly In Bed Like A Boss

Cats are the ultimate stunt critters, and their acrobatic feats never cease to amaze humans who underestimate the tiny panthers living in their house.

Sometimes their stunts look like a scene from a movie, and when they make the stunt look as smooth and effortless as the cat in this video does you can't help but wonder whether you actually witnessed the stunt at all.

But since the vet's office employee who shot this video shared by Daily Mail UK knew to film the cat's leap of faith this daring kitteh must have practiced this stunt at least a few times before. That doesn't make it any less impressive though!

-Via Geekologie

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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D.Pool - Never Too Fancy For Tacos

D.Pool by OneBluebird Art

Having tried to refine and update his image by dressing like other superheroes, wearing body paint instead of a costume and dressing up like a sexy pin-up model, but alas none of these looks made him feel more professional. So DP decided to go dapper and cut out the wisecracks, to see what it's like to be taken seriously for once, and the transformation made him feel like a real gentlemerc!

Upgrade your geeky wardrobe with this D.Pool t-shirt by OneBluebird Art, it's a great way to add some much needed sophistication to your shirt collection without paying fancy pants prices!

Visit OneBluebird Art's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more stylishly geeky designs:

Brothers In Red Rocky Road!? Story of Astoria Framed Time

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Tim Burton-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

The characters in Tim Burton's animated features aren't meant to look like real people because their proportions are based on comic characters not humans.

If they were real people then their necks would snap under the weight of their big heads and their brains would explode from all the information being delivered by those giant eyes.

(YouTube Link)

Which is why it's hard to make real people look like characters from a Tim Burton movie, but as these makeup tutorials by YouTubers goldiestarling and NsomniaksDream show it's not impossible to achieve that dark and toony look- and the end results are horrifyingly good!

(YouTube Link)

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Drag Queen Elsa Helped Save A Police Wagon During A Blizzard In Boston

When Elsa stopped being a cold-hearted villain and changed her wicked ways she promised her sister Anna that she would become a chilly force for good, dropping the brooding bad girl act to become a hero.

And it appears Elsa has kept her promise to Anna and is continuing to help us mere mortals whenever she can, making an appearance in Boston during a blizzard.

A post shared by Jason Paul (@jptriplett1) on Mar 13, 2018 at 5:28pm PDT

Okay, that's obviously not the real Elsa from Frozen, it's actually 37-year-old attorney Jason Triplett out enjoying the snowfall in his Elsa costume.

Jason thought it would be entertaining to head out into the snow dressed as Elsa and film the fun, but Jason soon found himself proving he's a cosplay hero when a police wagon became stuck in a snowdrift.

Elsa, I mean Jason, helped push the police vehicle free of the snow, and thankfully the whole thing was caught on video by bystander Christopher Haynes:

-Via WokeSloth

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This Guy Built A Fully Functional Kitchen In The Back Of His Tiny Electric Car

When people say they've been living out of their car they usually just mean they've been spending way too much time on the road, because without the basics like a stove, a fridge and running water one can't truly live in their car.

But the guy behind the YouTube channel Kiwi EV Adventures really wanted to figure out how he could live out of his tiny electric car, so he could take full advantage of camping season.

So he installed a functional kitchen in the back, complete with cabinets, a stove, refrigerator and a sink with running water, all of which can be easily removed from the car as needed.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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Rad Panther - The Most Ferocious Of All Mascots

Rad Panther by Vincent Trinidad

Black panthers are one of the most radical animals on the planet, which is why the nation of Wakanda chose the magnificent animal as their official mascot and symbol of power, well, that and the fact that the Wakandan Panther God Bast grants the chieftain of the tribe superhuman powers. In fact, these powers make the chieftain even more powerful than a black panther, so maybe the panthers should start idolizing the Wakandans instead!

Add some raw animal energy to your geeky wardrobe with this Rad Panther t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, featuring a fierce design sure to make your fellow fans growl with glee!

Visit Vincent Trinidad's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more superheroic designs:

Dino Bot 2 Entitled Cat Noir Panther Entitled Unicorn

View more designs by Vincent Trinidad | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Neko Party - It's Bound To Be A Cat-Astrophe

Neko Party by Adam Works

People tend to invite other people to their parties, and they hang around with their fellow humans talking about boring stuff like their jobs, their finances and their families. But if people could stop being so human-centric and start inviting cats to their parties they would see how fun a party can be! There ain't no party like a neko party because a neko party goes on all night long, and when you invite celebrity cats like Jibanyan, Meowth and Vash's buddy Kuro-Neko to your party things can get really rowdy really fast- especially if video games are involved!

Add some cat-tastic color to your geeky wardrobe with this Neko Party t-shirt by Adam Works, it's a cool way to show some love for all of your favorite anime cats!

Visit Adam Works's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more kitty-riffic designs:

Spla2n Showdown Aloha from Alola I Love Board Games

View more designs by Adam Works | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Farkels- An Animated Short That's Just As Strange As It Sounds

The world is full of weirdos, including those who walk around all day talking to themselves out loud, but the weirdiest weirdos of them all are those who chat with their hair all day.

These loony lock lovers are so convinced the protein strands sitting on top of their heads are actually a sentient entity that they treat their hair like their best friend- leaving the position closed for all humans.

But, as you'll see in the animated short Farkels created by Greg Kletsel, Dessarae Bassil and Valerie Lockhart, it's probably best if sentient beings of all shapes, sizes and species minimize contact with those lock-lovin' loons!

(YouTube Link)

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Darth Vader on Beach Day

Darth Vader is about as pale as they come, and as much as he enjoyed sunning himself when he went by Anakin Skywalker, he gave up on being tan, tone and sexy when he was forced to wear a breathing thingy to stay alive.

Still, you'd think they'd have figured out some sort of force power that allowed him to get some sun without getting burned.

But as this Is It Canon comic shows, the problem may have more to do with cleanliness than UV rays. Who knew Darth was such a clean freak?

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Ever Present NPC Naming Dilemma In Dungeons & Dragons

Naming NPCs is one of the banes of my existence as a DM (or GM if you prefer the more generic and broadly encompassing title), and try as I might to come up with new names I often fall back on old standards.

If the guy or gal is a rogue-like character then the words sneaky, stabby, cutter, shadow or fingers tend to find their way into their name somewhere, and rangers are almost always named Roger, Dan or Dana for some reason.

And, as this Electric Bunny comic shows, when all else fails you should just name them after the first thing you see. My personal favorites- Mr. Coffee and Senor Stinkbottom (my dog's nickname).

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Simply Hilarious The Last Jedi Comics By Rachel J. Pierce

The Last Jedi wasn't a particularly funny movie, but it did have plenty of moments that would have made audiences laugh had they seen it through a silly filter like that applied by cartoonist Rachel J. Pierce.

Now the serious Star Wars fans would have found all the silly humor disturbing, but something tells me nobody would have objected to the jokes aimed at that Emo Sith Kylo Ren!

See more at Geeks Are Sexy

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The Olympian Who Believes He's Always On TV

It's not uncommon for people with mental disorders like paranoia, schizophrenia and mania to feel like they're being watched at all times, but believing cameras are constantly recording your life so it can be televised is a rare disorder indeed.

Psychologists call it the Truman Show delusion for obvious reasons, but when the delusional person was Olympic sailor Kevin Hall, who has actually been on TV quite a few times over the years, psychologists have their work cut out for them:

Kevin’s case posed a new dimension for the doctors: What were they to do when the patient actually had been on television, written about extensively, and competed at an international sporting event that many treat like the most important thing in the world? In fact, Kevin was the first case the doctors had ever encountered of a quasi-public figure with “Truman Show” delusion. Dr. Gold was not Kevin’s official psychiatrist, but he and Kevin developed a friendship, mutually fascinated and informed by each other’s experiences from opposing sides of the proverbial couch.

When emailing back and forth, Kevin and Dr. Joel Gold got on the topic of their educational backgrounds. It turned out that not only was Dr. Gold a fellow Brown University alum, but he had graduated in Kevin’s year, and in revisiting the cartography of their dorm room assignments, the two realized that they had lived close to each other for years.

Kevin had to tell himself this couldn’t be the work of the Director, but rather just an uncanny coincidence.

(Image Link)

Kevin Hall was a champion sailor until the fateful day when his ship the Artemis crashed during a race, resulting in the death of his teammate Andrew "Bart" Simpson.

And even though he'd been living with the disorder for years this traumatic event brought his Truman Show delusion to the surface, making him wonder whether that career-ending crash had actually happened at all:

As Kevin Hall stood onboard the Artemis, a 72-foot catamaran, trying to help his teammates dredge Andrew Simpson’s body out of the water, he wasn’t entirely sure if the scene unfolding before him was really happening or not.

Months of preparation and millions of dollars had gone into the design of the Artemis, a vessel that had stunned other sailors with its foils and gadgets and that had seemed almost to fly over the water. Kevin suddenly felt lost. What had happened? Who, if anyone, was to blame? And why had Simpson, of all the sailors on the boat, been the one to die?

Kevin thought about all this and more as the emergency workers took Simpson’s body away and everyone went home. In the days that followed, part of him wanted to talk to his teammates about what had happened, but part of him dared not. Because, if he was honest, he still wasn’t entirely sure that the crash and Simpson’s death had really happened. It seemed too horrifying to be real. And for a few moments, there had been that flash.

The Director. Cameras. Actors. Scripts.

Kevin wondered: Had it all just been part of The Show?

Read The Olympian Who Believes He's Always On TV at Longreads

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THE PSYCHO BUNCH - Eight Slashers, One Bathroom


When eight horror movie slashers find themselves without a movie deal or a home they come together like never before- in prime time! One day Freddy came upon the house of his dreams and as luck would have it the place was empty. It had been the site of a double homicide but Freddy really didn't mind- and it even had a large tool shed out back for his buddies Jason and Leatherface to live in. Freddy got a phone call from Ghostface and told him to sheath his knife and move on in, which the It clown heard through the toilet and got totally jealous about. But in the end they all moved in, with little Chucky occupying a dresser drawer in Freddy's room, and that's how they became the Psycho Bunch!

Add eight slashers to your wardrobe for the price of one with this THE PSYCHO BUNCH t-shirt by Skullpy, it's a full house of horror fun!

Visit Skullpy's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more horribly good designs:


View more designs by Skullpy | More Horror T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Some Of The Weirdest Video Games Ever Made

There are so many bizarre video games out there that the top ten lists kinda just make themselves, and strange games are constantly being made so these top ten lists will keep rolling out FOREVER.

In this video by WatchMojo we see Octodad-a game about an octopus pretending to be a human dad, Bad Mojo- a game where you play a guy who was turned into a cockroach, and the weirdest game of all I Am Bread, where you play a slice of bread. 'Nuff said!

(YouTube Link)

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