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Computer Gravestone

When Chinese computer geek Hu Chuang, 26, logged off for the last time, his family decided to erect an appropriate gravestone:

Chuang, 26, from Chongqing, south west China, was so potty about computers his family had a headstone carved for him in the shape of a monitor giving his dates of birth and death.

Stonemasons also included a keyboard, mouse and a camera with a picture of tragic Chuang to complete the tombstone tribute.

Link via Great White Snark | Photo: Europics

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Axe Cop Creators Switch Roles

Axe Cop is a webcomic drawn by a 30-year old artist and written by his 6-year old brother. So the stories are very wild and creative but presented with professional-grade artwork. In one recent episode, Malachi, the writer, and Ethan, the artist, switched roles. "The Moon Warriors Go Camping" was written by the 30-year old and drawn by the 6-year old. Link via Comics Alliance

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Michael Caine's Impersonation of Himself

(Video Link)

Here's actor Michael Caine on the ITV interview show Parkinson taking about impersonations and offering his own of a few actors, including himself as a GPS navigation computer voice.

Which actor would you like to have as your in-car navigator?

via Kottke | Show Website

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Phonograph Ring

Artist Luke Jerram once designed a projector wedding ring for himself. Before that, he made one for his bride, Shelina Nanji. It's made of silver and engraved with a 20-second message that is audible when played on a special phonograph:

100 lbf/in² of pressure was required to cut the silver ring, using a vibrating diamond stylus. The ring is also a homage to Thomas Edison who made the first sound recording machine - the phonograph in 1877.

Using the ring, I proposed to Shelina in a hot air balloon over Bristol in 2005. We've since got married and had 2 children Maya and Nico.

You can see a video of the ring being played at the link.

Link via Make | Photo: Luke Jerram

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Puppy, It's Time to Wake Up!

(Video Link)

This itsy bitsy puppy owned by YouTube user samcjung doesn't want to get up. He's far too busy dripping with adorableness.

via Geekosystem

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"Furrow" and Other Sculptures by Ben Butler

Ben Butler sculpts and assembles deliciously shaped wooden sculptures, such as the above cedar piece entitled "Furrow". He has an exhibit that opens tomorrow at the Zg Gallery in Chicago.

Link via Dude Craft | Gallery Website

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7 Magic Cards Based on People Who Play Magic

Actually, all of these cards by Owen Parsons could apply to gamers in general and not just people who play Magic: The Gathering. One nitpicking point: the gaming store employee depicted in these cards is unrealistically skinny.

Link via Nerd Bastards

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Archie Comics Reimagined as a Prision Drama

Cartoonist Mike Hawthorne made this scene from a different sort of Archieverse -- one in which Archie Andrews and his gang are doing hard time. Here's a passage from Hawthorne's backstory for the comic:

Teen age pregnancy caused Archie's life to start to slide into the wrong direction. Veronica, coming from a wealthy family, was pressured into an abortion. Betty gave birth to Archie Junior. Archie would have to skip college, and take menial jobs to get by. Reggie would rub it in every chance he got, which would lead to a fight with Reggie. Archie would end up killing him in the process.

Jughead, not being able to bare the idea of his friend going to jail, tries to help Archie hide the body. When they're finally caught, both were given long jail sentences for Reggie's murder. In prison Jughead and Archie would expand on their volatile relationship.

Link via Popped Culture

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University Librarian Blasts Librarian Depicted in Star Wars

(Video Link)

Real librarians sometimes silently cringe at the shockingly-poor reference interviews conducted by librarians on television and in the movies. But Andy Priestner, head business librarian at Cambridge University, isn't going to hide under the reference desk. He's come out swinging against Jocasta Nu, the librarian over the Jedi Archives depicted in the Star Wars franchise. As the above video illustrates, Nu really doesn't know how to discern and meet customer needs. Priestner writes at length about Nu's dubious use of space and access policies and concludes:

Those shelves and shelves of e-books and those access restrictions still bother me though, but wait… what’s this, I’ve just found out that librarian Jocasta was eventually killed by the young Darth Vader himself for not providing the information he wanted, clearly a very dissatsified library user, and on the evidence of the approach largely taken, who can blame him?

I'd like to add that the lack of clearly-posted Internet usage and unattended child policies in the Jedi Archives is just asking for trouble.

Link via blastr

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State of Virginia Revokes Awesome License Plate

Redditor WHOWANTSBEEF acquired a custom license plate that made good use of the subscript "Kids First". Alas, the state has revoked the plate and sent a detailed response explaining why. You can read the full text of their letter at the link.

Link via Super Punch

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Penguin to Sea Lion: Get Out of My Way

(Video Link)

A sea lion blocks the path that a penguin wishes to traverse. Does he go around the enormous beast? No. He walks right over the sea lion.

via The Presurfer

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Armpit Troll Tattoo

+1 for original thinking and creative use of body hair. Surely this is the epitome of playful elegance in body modification.

Link (main site is NSFW) via Great White Snark

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Juggling Robot

(Video Link)

Once you've developed robots that can feed on human flesh, the next obvious step is to teach it to juggle. This amazing robot can juggle a ping-pong ball and, very briefly, two. Moreover, it accomplishes this feat without any external sensors. The robot can't see or hear the ball. Rather, it calculates where the ball will land:

How does the robot do this? The key elements are the shape of the paddle and how the robot strikes the ball. We used mathematical analysis to learn which shape and motion would make "sensorless" juggling possible. What we found was that a slightly concave paddle keeps the ball on the plate and that a decelerating motion keeps the ball in the air.

You can read technical details about this project, dubbed "The Blind Juggler", at the link.

Link via Geekologie

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Elevator Button That You Push with Your Foot

(Video Link)

If their hands are full of packages, how can people push the button to summon an elevator? Here's one simple, but ingenious solution: lower the button to foot level so that people can push it with their feet!

via CrunchGear

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6-Chamber Revolver Can Fire 12 Rounds

This unique revolver invented by John Walch in 1859. It has two triggers and two hammers to fire two rounds that were loaded into each chamber. James R. Rummel explains how it works:

The secret to the extra firepower is what is known as “superimposed loads”. Basically, the chambers are loaded with a powder charge with a bullet sitting on top, as is normal. Then another powder charge and bullet is loaded on top of the first.

The reason this doesn’t lead to an exploded gun and missing fingers is due to the unique ignition system. There are two percussion caps for every cylinder.

The gun is equipped with two hammers, and two triggers. Both hammers are cocked at the same time, but only the right-handed trigger is squeezed to set off the first shot. Then the left-hand trigger is squeezed, the left-hand hammer drops, and the second bullet goes flying. Cocking the hammers again will cause the cylinder to revolve as per normal.

Percussion caps are supposed to create a spark to set off the powder. Notice the ring of nipples to the outside of the cylinder? Those are the caps that are set off by the right-hand hammer, the hammer you are supposed to squeeze first. They don’t have a hole which goes directly into the back of the chamber, but instead channels the spark down a little tunnel. After about an inch, the tunnel makes a left hand turn and finally emerges into the chamber.

The hope is that the extra inch traveled will mean that the spark from the right-hand trigger will set off the powder charge in front, which will send the first bullet flying down the barrel while leaving the second bullet and powder charge untouched. The left-hand trigger will cause the left-hand hammer to drop, which will impact on the inner percussion cap, and hopefully cause the second charge to ignite.

Link | Photos: Hell in a Handbasket

Previously: 20-Shot Revolver

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Spock Learns about Anger Management

(Video Link)

YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica mashes up classic hygiene films with scenes from science fiction, such as Luke Skywalker's and Leia's first date. In this mashup, Spock is trying to overcome his problem with anger. As he will discover, only a fool fights in a burning house.

via blastr

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The 10 Dumbest Tech Predictions

When David Sarnoff tried to find investors to develop commercial radio in 1921, this was the response from one group of financiers:

The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to no one in particular?

Sarnoff pressed on anyway and eventually founded NBC and RCA. You can read nine other failed, pessimistic predictions about technology at the link.

Link via TigerHawk | Photo by Flickr user slgckgc used under Creative Commons license

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Homeless Man Has Amazing Radio Voice

(Video Link)

Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio, has become an Internet sensation. He has an outstanding voice -- like that of a professional radio announcer. Today, redditors led the charge to get Mr. Williams back on his feet, and he's already been scheduled for local radio appearances. You can read the details at Urlesque.

Performer's Website (under construction) via Urlesque

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Could Fire Truck Ladders Be Replaced with Escalators?

Orville Douglas Denison thinks that telescoping ladders used by firefighters are too slow for firefighters to use effectively. So he designed a system that would lift up firefighters on something like a conveyor belt or an escalator:

In a rescue, firemen could extend Denison’s hydraulic ladder to windows as high as 113 feet. But rather than clamber up the ladder, the firefighter would hop on, and the rungs would roll up at 200 feet per minute—more than twice the average climbing speed of a firefighter weighed down by 130 pounds of gear. The firefighter would ride to a window, load unconscious victims into a rescue bag, hook the bag to the ladder, and shift it into reverse to bring the person to safety. Denison says it can now take up to 15 minutes, and sometimes several men, to carry one victim down a ladder from 10 stories. He estimates that his ladder could lower four people to the ground in less than four minutes.

Link | Image: Kevin Hand

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The Battery That's Been Operating Continuously for the Past 60 Years

It keeps going...and going...and going. Karpen's Pile, a battery built in Romania, has been providing power since the 1950s:

The prototype has been assembled in 1950 and consists of two series-connected electric piles moving a small galvanometric motor. The motor moves a blade that is connected to a switch. With every half rotation, the blade opens the circuit and closes it at the the start of the second half. The blade's rotation time had been calculated so that the piles have time to recharge and that they can rebuild their polarity during the time that the circuit is open.

The purpose of the motor and the blades was to show that the piles actually generate electricity, but they're not needed anymore, since current technology allows us to measure all the parameters and outline all of them in a more proper way.

The science behind it (assuming that it's not an elaborate hoax) challenges conventional physics:

According to some who studied Karpen's theoretical work, the pile he invented defies the second principle of thermodynamics (referring to the transformation of thermal energy into mechanical work), and this makes it a second-degree perpetual motion machine. Others say it doesn't, being merely a generalization to the law, and an application of zero point energy.

If Karpen was right, and the principle is 100% correct, it would revolutionize all of the physics theories from the bottom up, with hard to imagine consequences. Though I guess this isn't going to happen very soon, the museum still needs proper private funding to acquire the necessary security equipment required by the police to exhibit the device.

Link via Gizmodo | Photo: National Technical Museum of Romania

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Which Novels of 2010 Can Stop a Bullet?

(Video Link)

A book may be able to save your life. Specifically, it may be capable of stopping a bullet. Which novel of 2010 is the most protective? Is it Jonathan Franzen's Freedom? Or Joshua Cohen's Witz? Or will it be something on the high-tech Kindle? The people at Electric Literature decided to find out. Alas, they didn't address a more important question, which I leave to you: which book of 2010 is most deserving of being shot?

Official Website via Joe Carter

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New Food Movement: People Who Hunt and Eat Invasive Species

You may have heard of locavores -- people who prefer to eat food grown or raised locally -- or freegans -- people who dine on wasted food. Now there's a new food movement that advocates curbing the growth of invasive species by eating them. Invasivors prey upon species that are taking over the established habitats of other animals. Jackson Landers is an adherent of this movement:

As the Locavore Hunter, based in Virginia, he teaches urbanites how to hunt and butcher deer. He has branched out from the locavore life to invasives, and lionfish are one target. But as he has pushed the envelope of the invasivore approach, he has hunted and eaten feral pigs, two species of iguana, armadillos, starlings, pigeons and resident Canada geese. He says that all of these activities will be chronicled in a book, “Eating Aliens,” and perhaps a television show as well.

Mr. Landers, who grew up in a vegetarian household, taught himself to hunt. He believes that eating invasives can have a real effect. “When human beings decide that something tastes good, we can take them down pretty quickly,” he said. Our taste for passenger pigeon wiped that species out, he said. What if we developed a similar taste for starlings?

Link via Glenn Reynolds | Jackson Landers' Blog | Photo by Flickr user jon hanson used under Creative Commons license

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Functional LEGO Snow Crawler

(Video Link)

LEGO artist Peer Kreuger made the Stilzkin Indrik, a remarkably strong and agile vehicle that can pull heavy loads over snow. Could any reader translate the Russian text for us?

Link and Flickr Video via Jalopnik

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Hands-Free Sandwich Holder

I swear, it's real! On the rare occasions when Alex allows lunch breaks here at Neatorama HQ, we have to wear these contraptions. And even if you're not under that kind of pressure, it's always useful to have food shoved in your mouth when you're otherwise using your hands.

via Geekosystem

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Luke Skywalker as a Peanuts Character

Tom Torrey, who previously made a TIE Fighter that looks like Charlie Brown's head, has sculpted another piece in the same theme. This one depicts Luke Skywalker after arriving at Dagobah. Snoopy is lucky that he doesn't taste very good.

Link via Comics Alliance

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Kitteh Puts on Bunny Mask

(Video Link)

Mimi, a cat, is getting ready for the Year of the Rabbit. While most cats would struggle against human-mandated costumes, she wants to put on her bunny hat!

via Urlesque

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Fiddler on the Roof/You Got Served Mashup

(Video Link)

Tevye may work as a dairyman, but he was born to dance. YouTube user ACDPresents, a film student, made this carefully-timed video for an editing class. It mashes up video from 1971 musical Fiddler on the Roof and audio from the 2004 movie You Got Served.

via Legal Insurrection

Previously: Bottle Dancers

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Amphibious Car on Sale on eBay

Rick Dobbertin, a custom car builder, made this amphibious vehicle. The HydroCar is now up for auction on eBay. Tom Joslin of Jalopnik describes the car and explains why Dobbertin may have chosen to sell it:

The vehicle actually changes shape, lowering and extending pontoons when you switch it from land mode to water mode. The tunnel hulled HydroCar is propelled by a 572 Cubic inch Big Block Chevy that produces 762 horsepower.

While the HydroCar is clearly well built, after nine years and 18,800 hours, the custom vehicle is still not quite done. Several videos included in the auction show that while the HydroCar is improving as a result of testing, Dobbertin has been unable to get the boat to plane. Without being on plane the boat can't come anywhere close to the estimate of the HydroCar's 60 MPH water capability.

Link | Official Website | eBay Listing | Photo by eBay seller rick072800

Previously: The 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles

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Lost Springs, Wyoming. Population: 1

Lost Springs, Wyoming, lost 75% of its population between the 2000 and 2010 census. It now has, according to the federal government, only one resident. Dan Kaplan wrote about his visit:

There were a few buildings, including the post office/general store, a municipal building, and a small town park.

When we are about to leave, we see a woman drive into town. We find out that it is the postmaster. She doesn't live in the town. A few minutes later, two other people show up. We find out that they are in the town because it is a convenient place for one to give the other a kitten. They don't live there either. So there are five people in this town with a census population of '1' and none of them live there!

The postmaster was able to tell us a little bit about the town. It turns out that the population is actually three. The mayor runs a catering business. One of the other residents is on the town council, but the other is not.

Link via J-Walk Blog | Photo by Flickr user Larry Page used under Creative Commons license

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Totoro Toilet Paper Cozy

Blogger Acornbud knitted a toilet paper roll cozy shaped like the titular character in the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro. At the link, you can view detailed instructions on how to make your own.

Link via Geek Crafts

Totoro Cat Bus
Totoro Bento Box

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