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Illegal Parkting

A criminal mastermind in Hoboken, New Jersey was caught when his forged parking permit fell prey to an unusually observant enforcer:

The 24-year-old man's fake permit spelled it "parkting," a dead giveway for an eagle-eyed parking utility worker who noticed the Acura TSX sedan parked at 225 Monroe St. at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The parking utility towed the vehicle because of the fake document and when the owner arrived to get his vehicle and identified himself, the parking utility called police, reports said.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: jeffk

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Beachgoers Haul Thirty Stranded Dolphins Back into the Water

(Video Link)

People enjoying a pleasant morning on the shore of Arraial do Cabo, Brazil last Monday noticed that about thirty dolphins were trapped in the surf and unable to swim back out to sea. So they spontaneously waded in, grabbed the dolphins by their tails, and pulled them into deeper water. Go Team Humanity!

Link -via reddit

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Microwave Case Mod

Don't starve! Don't leave the computer, either! The kitchen is fifteen feet away, and nothing there is worth that much trouble. Get this case mod which was on display at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show. Spoiler: the lasagna inside isn't real. It's just wallpaper. Repeatedly stabbing at it with a fork will accomplish nothing.

Link -via Technabob | Photo: Directron

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Massive Hammock Tent Is a Portable Treehouse

Tentsile has taken the hammock tent concept and pushed it to an extreme. The picture above doesn't do it full justice. There's a third segment projecting out the back. The entire assembly can house five to eight people. And Tensile's website suggests that they're working on a twelve-person tent.

Is it a good choice for backpacking? Probably not.

Link -via Gizmodo

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The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey

(Video Link)

Matthew Crawley got in just one little fight in Manchester and his mom shipped him off to live with his stuffy cousins and their English butler. It's not easy becoming the Fresh Earl of Grantham.

-via Loldwell

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The World's Largest Slingshot

Obviously, if one is capable of building the world's largest slingshot, one should do so without delay. If the question is "When is an appropriate time to build a giant slingshot?", the answer is always "Yes." Therefore the dudes at the app development firm Dude Perfect did so, using a tree as the handle. Watch a video of its construction and operation at the link.

Video Link -via Geekologie | Company Website (warning: auto-sound)

Human Slingshot
Gatling Gun Slingshot

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Dragon's Mouth Pizza Oven

Source, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco bakes pizza with the flaming breath of a dragon. At least, that's what its attractive pizza oven suggests. David Kover's review at the link asserts that the oven is not only pretty, but effective at cooking pizza.

Link -via Nerdcore | Previously: World's Most Awesome Pizza Oven

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Dead Fish Lamps

If you're decorating a home in the Icelandic Fish Cannery style, then you'll definitely want the Uggi Lights by Dögg Guðmundsdóttir and Fanney Antonsdóttir. In keeping with the Icelandic tradition of hanging fish to dry, they skin cod, mold and dry them for three weeks before turning the husks into lampshades. The meat is processed normally, so nothing goes to waste.

Designers' Website -via Technabob

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Overly Complex Corkscrew Weighs 771 Pounds of Steampunk Awesomeness

(Video Link)

Wine snobs, you're behind the times if you're still using a wing corkscrew. Rob Higgs's hand-cranked machine uses gears, pulleys, chains and weights to open a bottle of wine, then carefully pour its contents into a glass. Skip to 1:15 in the video to see it in action.

-via DVICE

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This is Arthur Yet Lew's second TARDIS guitar, so he calls it the Patrick Troughton. At the link, you can view him posing with it next to a DeLorean DMC-12, which is confusing.

Link (Facebook login required) -via Nerd Bastards

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5 Leadership Lessons from James T. Kirk

Early in his career, superiors noticed the leadership abilities of Starfleet officer James T. Kirk. When he was promoted to post Captain at the age of 31, he was, at the time, the youngest in Starfleet history. Why was Kirk successful as a leader? Alex Knapp of Forbes describes five key traits that we can emulate. Among them was his habit of getting different points of view:

Kirk’s closest two advisors are Commander Spock, a Vulcan committed to a philosophy of logic, and Dr. Leonard McCoy, a human driven by compassion and scientific curiosity. Both Spock and McCoy are frequently at odds with each other, recommended different courses of action and bringing very different types of arguments to bear in defense of those points of view. Kirk sometimes goes with one, or the other, or sometimes takes their advice as a springboard to developing an entirely different course of action.

However, the very fact that Kirk has advisors who have a different worldview not only from each other, but also from himself, is a clear demonstration of Kirk’s confidence in himself as a leader. Weak leaders surround themselves with yes men who are afraid to argue with them. That fosters an organizational culture that stifles creativity and innovation, and leaves members of the organization afraid to speak up.

Link -via reddit | Image: Paramount

P.S. Alex Knapp previously wrote about leadership lessons from the Galactic Empire of Star Wars. Yesterday, Ilya Somin wrote an excellent critique of it.

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Nighttime Bicycling Gloves

Irene Posch's Early Winter Night Biking Gloves keep bicyclists warm and visible. They have conductive areas built into the fingertips. When the wearer forms a fist, they close a circuit and activate the turn signal.

Link -via Make

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Embarrassing Hair Loss Ad

The best helpers are ones that you don't have to pay. The Canadian ad agency Rethink makes good use of bald commuters on rapid transit trains by exposing their heads for all to see.

Link -via Super Punch | Photo: David Niddrie

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Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Cannoli

The boss of foodblogger and chef Michael Richardson wanted to present his cannoli in an eye-catching manner, so he asked an Italian bakery to make giant cannolo tubes. The next obvious step would be place each assembly inside even larger tubes.

Link -via Tasteologie

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Bombs into Furniture

Jake Wright takes surplus ordnance and turns it into household furniture. This lamp, for example, is made from a 100-pound bomb left over from the Korean War. At the link, you can find his other designs, including dummy naval rounds made into table bases.

Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

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Artist Paints with His Tongue

(Video Link)

Ani K. was inspired by the story of a man who painted with his foot to find a way of painting well with some other appendage. He tried using his nose, but discovered that another artist was already doing that. No one, however, was painting with his tongue.

At first, the oil paints gave Ani headaches and nausea. But he bravely pressed on and can now finish a large painting in three days.


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Master Chief Helmet Made from Mountain Dew Boxes

This MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor helmet isn't as durable as titanium, but it's considerably cheaper. Think of Cryoprime's helmet as a starter.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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Pro Tip: If a Cop Pulls You Over, Don't Try to Give Him a High Five

If you have an encounter with the police, be polite and maybe even friendly. But don't get too informal, as one man in Pennsylvania did when an officer pulled him over for driving without his lights on:

Officer Adam Bonsell says Decker told him, "Thanks, buddy," and tried to high-five him. Bonsell told him, "That's not how it works" and gave Decker field sobriety tests.

Police say Decker's blood-alcohol content was 2 1/2 times the legal limit for drivers.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Flickr user SashaW

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Bottled Flash Drive

Why? Because if you don't cap your USB memory stick in some manner, the data will fall out. Simple science, folks. This simple invention by the Japanese design studio Hum solves that problem with an old fashioned corked bottle.

Link -via DVICE

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Victorian Lady Deadpool

This Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) was spotted at TeslaCon 2011. Alternatively, this is a (male) Deadpool crossplay, set in the 19th Century. Like all things Deadpool, conversations get awkward quickly.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

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Animal House: The Musical

You thought that we wouldn't make a musical version of Animal House? You screwed up -- you trusted us! The classic story of a wild college fraternity in the 1960s will be set to song:

A classic of the gross-out comedy genre, the 1978 John Landis feature National Lampoon's Animal House will join the long list of movie hits being retooled as theatrical musicals. Universal Pictures Stage Productions announced development of the project Monday.

The show will have an original score by Canadian alt-rockers Barenaked Ladies and a book by playwright Michael Mitnick, based on the screenplay by Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney and Chris Miller. Casey Nicholaw, a Tony Award winner for The Book of Mormon, has signed on as director and choreographer.

Link -via @Maetenloch | Image: Universal Pictures

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The Story of the Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

(Video Link)

A simple phrase, topped with the crown of King George VI. Since its rediscovery twelve years ago, the Keep Calm and Carry On poster has become a popular symbol of courage and resolution. Now learn the story behind the poster and its rediscovery in an amazing bookstore in northeastern England.

-via Nag on the Lake

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MIT Offers Certificates in Piracy

For a generation, the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology has secretly trained pirates to ravage shipping on the high seas:

It’s been an unofficial, underground practice among students at MIT for at least 20 years: Any student who completes courses in pistol, archery, sailing, and fencing is considered a pirate.

Now it's no longer an informal process. MIT has brazenly admitted to preparing countless sea dogs for lives of villainy. Henceforth, students who complete the program earn actual, physical certificates:

As of this school year, the physical education department is formally conferring pirate status on students, printing certificates on faux parchment with diploma-esque calligraphy. Each paper, authorized by the "swashbucklin’" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, certifies that the named "salty dog" is entitled to a Pirate Certificate “with all its privileges and obligations thereof."

In response, the more sedate CalTech has launched a training program that leads to a letter of marque.

Link -via DVICE | Image: Jappalang

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Ceci Est Une Pipe

Ron Ulicny plays with René Magritte's iconic painting The Treachery of Images. He has a gift for splicing together objects in unexpected ways. Ulicny's entire gallery is a treat, so be sure to explore it at the link.

Link -via Super Punch

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TARDIS in a Bottle

This is actually easy to make. All you have to do is program the TARDIS to materialize inside a bottle. But Craftster user hpotterwizard went to the trouble of building a model TARDIS inside a bottle.

So here's my idea for an episode: the TARDIS materializes inside a bottle like this one, then breaks down. The Doctor and his companions are trapped inside and can only watch as strange events take place on the other side of the glass.

Link -via Craft

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Dog Is a Terrible Singer and Piano Player

(Video Link)

Runty is off-key and alternating his tempo. More practice! Porter and Tucker can play. Why can't you?! No walkies until I hear "Marching to Pretoria" played properly!

-via Boing Boing

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Wonderfully Creepy Star Wars Figurines Made from Dolls

From the darkest bowels of the twisted imagination of Stacey Rader comes Artoo Peetoo, a ghastly experiment gone wrong. Rader takes action figures and dolls, then performs cruel surgeries to combine them. In her Etsy shop, you can find similar monstrosities inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and more.

Link -via Technabob

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Rémi Gaillard's Elevator Prank

(Video Link)

Although this video starts out like a typical one by professional prankster Rémi Gaillard, it ends up being sidetracked a woman who tries to walk into another person's house uninvited. How rude!

-via Colossal | Gaillard's Website

Previous pranks by Gaillard:
Pac-Man Runs Amok
Mario Kart in Real Life
Party Crashes Store
Ska-Loving Kangaroo

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Wizard Synchronizes Metronomes

(Video Link)

The mage has five metronomes moving at the same speed, but not synchronized because he started them at different times. Then he places them on a rolling surface. Within a few seconds, they sync up. How? redditor Rangourthaman_ offers an explanation, which you can read by clicking on "more..."
Continue reading

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Falling Bookends

The Falling Bookends series by the Art Ori design studio shows books falling on tiny people. It's perfect for people who are always overwhelmed with reading material.

Studio Website -via T.

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