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Dubstep Cockatiel Drops Some Phat Beats

(Video Link)

This cockatiel who goes by the stage name Harvey is ready to bring some life to your party. If we can just get him and Marquese Scott together, we'd have quite a show.

-via @Colossal

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Peanut Butter Cup Oreo S'Mores

peanut butter cup Oreo s'mores

Izy calls her creation "s'moreos." They're made with milk chocolate, marshmallows and broken up peanut butter cups on a bed of crushed Oero cookies. Are you drooling yet? Just wait until you see the animated .gifs of the s'moreos at the link.

Link -via Tasteologie

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Moth Inside Its Cocoon

urodid moth cocoon

This wonder of nature is a urodid moth cocoon. What advantage does this screen offer that a full cocoon doesn't? Phil Torres, a biologist, speculates:

I couldn’t find a lot of literature on these guys, but my best guess is the almost 1 foot long silk string it hangs from and the detailed lattice structure would do well to protect against ants while minimizing investment in an all-encompassing cocoon as many moths have. 

Link -via Lustik | Photo: Jeff Cremer

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Broom Parking Sign

broom parking

Ha! Well, she was warned. Lindsay of the Diary of a Crafty Lady made this Halloween craft that provides a neat place to store her broom. She stenciled the letters, screwed in the hooks and glued a plastic spider to the surface.


Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Pneumatic Nail Driver Lamp

pneumatic nail driver lamp

Aaron Jarry's elegant lamp is perfect for a workshop or living room. The body is a Bostitch pneumatic nailer mounted on a stained oak base. It comes with a nine-foot electrical cord in workshop orange.

Link -via Technabob

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How to Make Wooden Cows

wooden cows

Do you remember our post illustrating the traditional craft of woodturning? This object, which is owned by the Horniman Museum & Gardens in London, was made that way. To get a cow, just slice off a section.

Link -via TYWKIWDBI | Photo: Horniman Museum and Gardens

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Cobra Sculpted out of 800 Pounds of Frozen Cow Dung

cow manure cobra

Meanwhile, in Siberia, winter provides inspiration for the arts. Mikhail Bopposov sculpted this huge fecal figure to mark the upcoming Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar:

Cattle-breeding is widespread among Yolba-ites, who number about 500. Though Bopposov works as a building manager at the village school, his 17 cows provide him with an ample supply of dung, or “balbalkh” as it is known in his native Yakut language.

“This is not sculpture, just a piece of work I did,” Bopposov said modestly when asked about his artistic aspirations.

Bopposov first dabbled in the medium in 2008, when, inspired by his military service in a tank division, he created a tank out of dung. Encouraged by the reception from local children and adult villagers alike, he proceeded last winter to mark the Year of the Dragon by sculpting a winged serpent, also using cow excrement.

Link -via VA Viper | Photo: Naryya Bopposov

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Head Mirror Clock

head mirror clock

Eric's custom clock is ideal for a doctor on a tight schedule. It's a vintage doctor's examination mirror that dates back to at least 1957. Eric put the clock mechanism, which is powered with an AA battery, behind the mirror.


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Vincent Van Gogh's Self-Portrait as a Photograph

Van Goph

What would Van Gogh's 1889 self-portrait look like if it had been made with a camera? Tadao Cern used Photoshop to find out. He writes:

The idea came spontaneously – I saw my friend that has ginger hair and beard and thought that it would be very funny to make a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

He liked the idea and a week later we met in my studio. After some preparation work we made few shots and after a day of editing the final image I posted it on the Internet.

At the link, you can watch a video of the process.

Link -via Nag on the Lake | Artist's Website

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Big Ben Snowglobe Ring

Big Ben

Mania's beautiful snow globe ring is perfect for the proud Londoner who doesn't need to wear gloves regularly. The glass sphere is three centimeters across and is fitted to an adjustable brass ring. Mania made a similar ring featuring the Eiffel Tower.


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You Don't Actually Need the Windows Task Manager


Don't give up! If you get angry enough with your computer, eventually it will cooperate with you. Mr. Lovenstein shows us a handy tip to use when computers lock up.

Link -via Daily of the Day

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Tunnel through the Swiss Cheese Alps


Paul Kos, a conceptual artist in San Francisco, works in many different media and with many varying themes. But it's this amusing piece that caught my eye. Tunnel is simply a toy train chugging through the holes of a fake wheel of cheese.

Artist's Website -via Design Boom (warning: artisic nudity)

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Hobbit Pancakes

Hobbit pancakes

Are dwarves eating you out of house and home? Feed them these pancakes made by Nathan Shields of Saipancakes. Shields, I've noticed, is really improving as an artist.

At the link, you can see photographs of his kids reacting to their pancakes.


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Shelving the Body

Not just any bookcase will fit your head. That's why this one is custom made. Darragh Casey's Shelving the Body project requires users to stay shelved along with their belongings or else they'll fall down:

Rather than creating generalist shelves that support all nature of goods, he began experimenting and creating shelves which rely on people to use their own bodies and weigh to support or counterbalance objects or require users to carefully configure their objects on the shelves. Some shelves require the user to take a certain position and in his shelving the body project, shelves are designed to support human bodies themselves!

Link and Artist's Website -via Bookshelf

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One Line Portraits from Science Fiction

Simple, crisp and clear: Christophe Louis (AKA Quibe) makes convincing portraits of characters from science fiction, comic books and anime using just one line each. You can view more at the link, but you should also check out his other website, which is filled with delightful mashups such as FrankEinstein and Donald Hulk.

Link -via Twisted Sifter

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Beluga Photobomb

Beluga photobomb

LOL Beluga loves surprises. He sneaked up behind the children of redditor Capasin while they were at the aquarium. 


Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Interpretive Dance: Human Sushi

(Video Link)

These ads work. I want sushi. Right now.

The ad agency Try/Apt made three commercials for the Norwegian Seafood Council. They show dancers imitating the colors, shapes and movements of real sushi. You can watch the rest of the mouth-watering videos at the link.

Link -via Daily of the Day

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Soft Boiled Eggs Cooked in a Hot Spring

onsen tamago

Onsen tamago is a simple Japanese dish, but you may not be able to make an authentic version of it at home. They're eggs slowly cooked in nature's crockpot--a hot spring:

Hot springs or "onsen," dot volcanic Japan from tip to tip (dipping into a steaming onsen one of the great pleasures of visiting Japan), and a custom for cooking eggs at these springs evolved over the years -- toss them into the hot water, wait a bit, and the egg magically poaches. The secret is the onsen's water temperature, which causes the egg's yolk and albumen congeal into a nice sphere on the outside, and beautifully creamy and tasty on the inside.

Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Rainer Zenz

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The Whimsical Pottery of Mitchell Grafton

Mitchell Grafton's pots are the neatest things I've seen all week. Be sure to click through the whole gallery. Every piece is delightfully funny. Grafton maintains a studio in Panama City, Florida where he makes unique works of pottery with faces and animals.

Link -via Lustik

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Bedpan Banjo

bedpan banjo

Stop for a bathroom break? A musician on tour doesn't have time. Marc Potter, maker of custom stringed instruments, found an additional use for a old bedpan. He says that it has a "crisp and metallic resonant old-time sound." Now we just need to hear the song "Dueling Bedpans."

Link -via Nerdcore

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X-Wing Fighter Made from Star Wars Books


Luke can destroy any literary Death Star with this sculpture by Jodi. She describes this commissioned project:

My client was wonderful and sent me a book to use. It was a collection of three Star Wars books in one. The ship ended up being a bit larger than I originally planned, so it was nice to have that thicker book to offset the ship and provide a little it more stability. And, if he ever gets tired of having the book laying on a shelf, the ship looked really cool by itself. He could always snip the wires and hang it over his bookshelf. 

The ship is attached in five places to the book with wire. The wings are wired through the body of the book, which has a cardboard core to hold its shape. The torpedoes are also wired.

Link -via blastr

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Waste Cooking: A Reality TV Show about Cooking Food Found in Trash Cans

Waste Cooking

A lot of food in developed nations is simply wasted: cooked, but never eaten. Freeganism, a culinary lifestyle, has developed around it. Freegans dine on discarded food. Now television producers in Austria have developed a cooking show around that idea:

A typical episode of Waste Cooking begins with a group of divers congregating on their bikes. They then set off into the night, their bike lights flashing, in search of trash cans specifically designated for organic waste — Austria has had an ordinance requiring separate collection of organic waste since 1995.

Invariably, the divers gather an impressive haul of pristine fruits, vegetables, cheese and other foods, packaged or not. Then Vienna food blogger and cooking instructor Tobias Judmaier transforms it into vittles in a kitchen set up on a public pedestrian thoroughfare, where he and others try to lure passersby to taste their fare. Many are titillated by the gambit, but some wrinkle their noses when they learn the provenance of the food.

Have you ever tried freeganism? What was your experience like?

Link -via Inhabitat | Photo: Waste Cooking

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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How to Propose with a Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie proposal

Imnopeas has a great idea for a romantic marriage proposal. She baked an engagement ring inside a fortune cookie with an appropriate message. With a bit of decorating and a plate made for serving fortune cookies, it's a great presentation that may seal the deal.


We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Business Idea: Rent Out Cars in Long-Term Parking at Airports

FlightCar's business model would allow people who leave their cars at airport parking lots to rent them out for a few days:

Owners can post details of the airport they will be departing from, how long their car will be available, details of the vehicle and how much they want to charge for rental. Those flying into the airport at the same time can then avoid more expensive rental companies by borrowing a car that would otherwise have sat in the parking lot for the duration of the owner’s break. Once a transaction is agreed, the carkeys are handed to a FlightCar representative who cleans the vehicle before transferring them to the renter. FlightCar includes an approval process for both parties through driving licence checks and is insured against damage and theft.

Do you think it would work?

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo:  Hunter-Desportes

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Nutella Cream Cheese Rolls

Nutella cream cheese rolls

Warning: you will burn yourself if you make these because you will be unable to resist stuffing them in your mouth as soon as they come out of the oven. Brandi Bidot folded Nutella into canned biscuit dough and then frosted the rolls with a mixture of cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla extract.

Link -via Tasteologie

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The World's Fastest Drive-Through Service

(Video Link)

YouTube user UniversalSwing placed his order at McDonald's, paid for it and received his food just eleven seconds.

Now that's customer service!

-via Daily of the Day

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Nineteenth Century Eight-Legged Walking Doll

An action figure from a horror movie? No. Although it looks freakish without its dress, this antique doll dated to the early Nineteenth Century appeared to walk on two legs when properly clothed. 

Link -via The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Cactus Couch

cactus couch

Thanks, but I'll just stand.

Maurizio Galante's Canapé Cactus Couch is a clump of round cushions covered in realistic-looking cactus fabric. Galante made a set of roughly spherical ottomans to match it.

Link | Designer's Website

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Snowman Pretzels

snowman pretzels

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul--and delicious! For each snowman pretzel, Beth Klosterboer joined two pretzel rings together with CandiQuick and covered the joint with a fruit roll-up scarf. She then filled the interior with more CandiQuick and added features with chocolate chips, a candy nose and a food coloring marker.


We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Conjoined Jeep

conjoined jeep

Sorcery! What wicked magic spawned this abomination?! According to internet rumor, this Jeep Wrangler is owned by a diplomat living in Rabat, Morocco. It's not Photoshopped. At the link, you can watch a video of it driving down the road.

Link -via Jalopnik | Photo: The Unlucky Photographer

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