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Darth Vader vs. The Doctor

If there's something more powerful than the Force, it's the brain of an 800-year old Time Lord. Artist Benoît Dromby shows the Doctor quickly and gracefully ending a lightsaber duel.

Link -via io9

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The San Antonio Bat House

In 1914, malaria was a serious public health threat to the people of San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Charles Campbell figured that the best way to reduce the mosquito population was with bats. So he built this giant roost for bats to live in.

But what do you do if you've got too many bats? Then you need to attract eagles with knives -- as many as possible -- in order to kill off the bats.

Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: George Grantham Bain Collection

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"I'll Cut You!"

While taking pictures in Västerbotten, Sweden, Dutch photographer Han Bouwmeester failed to maintain control of his weapon. And this golden eagle took it from him.

The rising has begun. Prepare yourselves.

Link (Google Translate) -via Joe Carter | Photographer's Website

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Raw Magazine's Rejection Letter Form

From 1980 to 1991, Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly's Raw was a major venue for underground comics. Many aspiring artists submitted work to them in order to (presumably) have their hopes and dreams crushed. This was the editors' standard rejection letter. Be sure to read the second page at the link, where the editors twist the knife.


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High School Prank: Seniors Weld Truck Around Column

Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop, Washington recently began offering classes in welding. Seniors there put their skills to good use by cutting a truck in half, then welding it back together around a column -- all without damaging the column.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Komo News

UPDATE 4/19/12:

A reader, who asks that her name be withheld, emails:

That’s my Boy!!!

Thank you very much for helping to make this wonderful prank a sensation. My son is the mastermind behind the well executed hilarious Senior Prank.

He’s on his way to college next to get his AA in Automotive technologies.

I’m the one that sent the pics and story to the news.

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Fiat Photobombs Volkswagen on Google Street View

That's not a Beetle, but a Fiat. And it was parked right in front of the headquarters of Volkswagen's Swedish division as a Google Street View car drove by.

Alternatively, as one MArooned commenter points out, maybe the car isn't parked. Maybe that's just where it broke down.

It is, after all, a Fiat.

Link -via MArooned

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The Swine N' Cheese Sandwich

This Insanewich brings a touch of class to a common sandwich. It's ham, salami, capaccolo, pancetta and various cheeses served in an elegant, if awkward manner. This one is paired with a Barolo -- an Italian red wine.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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The Sport of Camel Jumping

(Video Link)

If you're in the Zaraniq tribe of Yemen and you want to show off, jump over a camel. Or better yet, three camels at the same time. According to a tribal legend, the practice began generations ago as a dare between two men. Now it's a sport of demanding athleticism.

Link -via Oddity Central

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Man Runs Half Marathon In a Hot Air Balloon

To raise money for heart disease research, Rob Ginnivan ran a half marathon not through, but over Canberra, Australia. He placed a treadmill in a hot air balloon and took off. The run was especially challenging because he had to make short strides and the basket tilted at different angles:

Mr Ginnivan’s right leg seized up during his last two kilometres, as the tilt of the basket had him effectively running up hill, but he said he was delighted to complete the feat in a time of 2 hours and 18 minutes. [...]

A veteran of 18 marathons on six continents, Mr Ginnivan said before taking off that the biggest challenge of running in midair would be taking small steps when he was used to being able to stride out.

Link -via The Daily Telegraph (where there's a video)

Photo: Colleen Petch

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Cupcake-Filled Sausages Are the Greatest Thing Ever

Culinary genius Stef of The Cupcake Project saw that two of the great joys of the human experience, sausage and cupcakes, need not be separate. Her cupcakewurst consists of cupcake batter poured into hog sausage casings (pig intestines), then baked.

Link -via Gizmodo

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Man Dives Down 8-Story Garbage Chute in Doomed Effort to Escape Girlfriend

Well, who among us hasn't tried this approach? Unfortunately for this Russian man, he got stuck three floors down:

"An eyewitness reported to the regional rescue service that there was a man in the chute ... The rescuers' crew found a man, who was stuck at the fifth floor, in the garbage disposal," a spokeswoman for the emergency services said.

Pictures released by the emergency services showed the glum-looking man sitting helplessly in the chute before he was cut out.

It was not immediately clear what prompted the man to make such a desperate attempt to flee his girlfriend.

Link | Photo (unrelated) via tootao

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Sprite Beach Shower

(Video Link)

On a Brazilian beach, the ad agency Ogilvy a shower that looks like a giant soda fountain. Would you like to get drenched in Sprite? This is your chance. Or it's water. The ad is kind of vague about what's coming out of the shower. Content warning: NSFWish swimwear images.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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Man Sets World Record with 16 Hours of Fist Pumping

What is so awesome that it merits pumping your fist victoriously for 16 hours? That would be pumping your fist victoriously for 16 hours. So James Peterson of Akron, Ohio superglued his hand closed and then pumped his arm continuously in an effort to get into the Guinness Book of World Records:

Fist pumping to the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, Peterson stopped just after 3 a.m. Saturday at Manny’s Pub on Brown Street near the University of Akron.

Peterson, an unemployed electrician from Green and self-proclaimed “veteran fist pumper,” said he did not suffer any serious pain from the 16-hour effort, but “I did get a nasty sunburn on my arm.”

If I ever meet Mr. Peterson, I'll give him a high five and a fist bump to honor his achievement.

Link -via Newser

Photo: Paul Tople/Akron Beacon Journal

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Venn Diagram of Yoda It Is

Now imagine Luke training on Dagobah under the Incredible Hulk. Or Kermit the frog. Or, worst of all, Gary Coleman.

Scratch that last one. I suspect that Gary Coleman would have been strong in the Force.

Link -via reddit | Image: Stephen Wildish

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Stone Tree

Eric Landman designed and built this beautiful dry stone wall in a conservation area in Orangeville, Ontario. It is a memorial to his late wife Kerry Landman.

Link -via Colossal

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Space Shuttle Food Truck

The food at the Space Shuttle Cafe isn't out of this world, but it is in low Earth orbit. It was born in 1944 as a Douglas DC-3 airliner, then converted into a street legal vehicle in 1976. Now it's like a space shuttle that can prepare fresh chili dogs. Want it? The Space Shuttle Cafe is for sale on eBay.

Link -via DVICE

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Fish to Sushi Amigurumi

With just a push, Irene Kiss's clever crocheted fish toy turns into a sushi roll. Best of all, there's no cooking required. You can find larger images at the link.

Link and Crochet Pattern -via Craft

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Banana Tattooing

It all begins with one dot, made with a pushpin. The hole, which exposes the interior to the air, rots and turns brown. Phil Hansen keeps pricking the skin until he creates complete image. At the link, watch a time-lapse video of him recreating great works of Western art on bananas and providing instructions on how to make your own.


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Sylvester Stallone Spotted in 16th Century Painting

At some point in the (relative) past or future, Sylvester Stallone traveled back in time to Sixteenth Century Italy. Raphael painted him peering over the shoulder of Pope Gregory IX. Stallone has offered no comment about the purpose of his visit or how it changed the course of history.

Link -via VA Viper | Image: Everett Collection/United Artists

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For Sale: Vaguely Tank-Like '88 Chevy Caprice

Only $1,500 separates you from what a very nearsighted and ill-informed person might mistake for an armored car. It's a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice with 33 inch tires and a turret. The car appears to also have a snorkel. Does it work? Buy it, then drive it through three feet of water and let us know.

Link -via Jalopnik

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Wisdom Tooth Ring

Crafter, writer and Neatoramanaut Shannon Larratt made this ring for his fiancé's birthday. It's wrapped around a wisdom tooth that she had extracted 12 years ago. What a wonderful way to mark the advance of age and the insight it brings! Excellent work, Shannon.

Link -via Craft

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How Toy Story 2 Was Almost Lost Forever

(Video Link)

While Toy Story 2 was in production, someone at Pixar accidentally typed in a command that erased the drives on which the animation files were stored. Most of the film vanished in 20 seconds.

A whole year of work. Just...gone.

This is the story of how Pixar employees rescued the movie.

-via io9

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A Beached Whale in the Forest

And the rest, after a sudden wet thud, was silence.

In the woods outside of Ushuaia, Argentina, you can find an enormous whale. It's Adrián Villar Rojas's mysterious sculpture entitled My Dead Grandfather.

Link | Gallery

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Engraved Science Fiction Ring

Harpuahound, a member of the Engraver's Cafe forum, made this wonderful ring with the TARDIS in the middle, the Starfleet logo on one side and (not shown) the space shuttle on the opposite side. Is the shuttle an Armageddon reference?

Link -via The Mary Sue

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Terrifying Video of the Day: Mountain Biking Down 1,000 Steps

(Video Link)

The Red Bull Downhill race is simple enough: get to the bottom of the steps on Monserrate in Bogotá, Colombia faster than anyone else. Also: not die. Here's a scary video of Marcelo Gutierrez's descent, made all the more frightening by the fact that he didn't win because he didn't go fast enough.

-via Gizmodo

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How to Make a Pizza Zoetrope

Andrew Salmone made this .gif after building a pizza zoetrope. He shaped pepper slices to look like individual frames a dolphin in motion, baked them into the pizza, then took pictures as it spun on a turntable. So the next time that you order a pizza, ask for one with leaping dolphins.

Link -via Make

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Space Age Style Handgun

It was 1955 and the Space Age was about to launch. It would impact popular culture, art, architecture and design. And yes, even guns. That year, Robert Hillberg designed the Whitney Wolverine, a nickel-plated aluminum semi-automatic pistol that sported the flowing lines and curves of that era. It looks like a raygun, but instead fires .22 LR rounds.

Video Link -via Weer'd World

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Vinyl Record Star Wars AT-AT Clock

Tyler Garcia found a vinyl record of Gustav Holst's "The Planets" and, like Michelangelo and the stone, saw an AT-AT inside. Also, a clock.

Each one of his handcrafted vinyl cuttings, most of which do not have Star Wars themes, is made to order.

Link -via Technabob

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Networked Clothes Hangers Let You Know How Many Times an Outfit Has Been Liked on Facebook

Because when you're shopping, the opinions of people on Facebook matter to you.

The thoughtful Brazilian clothing retailer C&A has clothes hangers with digital numerical displays. Every time that a particular outfit has been liked on its Facebook page, the display ticks up. Customers can use this information to make purchasing decisions.

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: C&A

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Personal Space, Please

This ingeniously designed public restroom in Hong Kong fits 8 urinals into 2.5 square meters, thus making full use of a limited space. I mean, they could have put in just 2 or 3 urinals, but that would have been wasteful.

Link -via Geekologie | Photo: SCMP

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