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Brent Spiner's Patrick Stewart Impression

(Video Link)

Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, does a really good impersonation of Patrick Stewart, the actor who played Jean-Luc Picard. In fact, it was good enough to fool Stewart's wife on the phone -- at least for a while. Here's a video of Spiner demonstrating this talent at the 2011 Emerald City Comicon. -via reddit

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

University Offers Scholarship for the Best Tweet

A MBA program at the University of Iowa offers a $37,000 scholarship to the person who can write the best tweet. Instead of writing two essays, applicants can write one essay and one tweet:

Applicant Seth Goldstein of Columbus, Ohio, submitted his tweet last week and said he was excited for the "fun, unique challenge."

"It is something different and out of the box," Goldstein said. "No other MBA schools I have applied to have anything like this."[...]

Students are encouraged to link to their blogs, videos, Facebook accounts or anything else that may help answer the question: "What makes you an exceptional Tippie Full-time MBA candidate and future MBA hire?"

Link -via First Things | Photo by Flickr user shawncampbell used under Creative Commons license

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Post-It Note Towers

For an art installation in Kyoto, Tato Architects assembled towers out of 30,000 Post-It Notes. To make these flimsy pieces of paper take such a form, they designed a honeycomb-like structure out of them and used it as the basic building block for the towers. Link and Firm Website -via Dude Craft | Photo: Yousuke Takeda

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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Costume

Remember the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who? LiveJournal user penwiper337 made a convincing costume of one and explained, in detail and with photos, how she did it. Link -via Craft

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Snake Wreath

If you want to class up your home for visitors, say, prospective in-laws, then this snake wreath should do the trick. The best part is that there's a motion sensor that makes the snakes move and hiss as people approach it. Link -via OhGizmo! | Photo: grandinroad

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Man Keeps NYC Parking Spot for 11 Years by Continuously Feeding It Quarters

Charles Mysak, a bookseller in New York City, found a great parking spot. That was eleven years ago. He's kept the spot and his '94 Civic there ever since by feeding it $36 in quarters every day:

Earning roughly $100 a day after paying the meter, it's worth it, he said.

"I've been here for 11 years," he said. "Barnes & Noble is now closed. I'm the last resource for books. I'm here from 7 to 7 every day."

His wife drives him to the Upper West Side each morning a 7:00 am from their Wayne, NJ, home.

They arrive just in time to temporarily move the parked car -- the only time it's moved at all -- to make way for the street sweeper.

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Michael Farrington

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Turn That Off and Get Some Exercise

Murilo Melo, a Brazilian artist, made several posters by photographing arrangements of computer, game console and television parts. They're advertisements for Companhia Athletica Gyms. Link -via Colossal | In-Process Photos

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Pistols Firing Underwater in Slow Motion

(Video Link)

Destin of Smarter Every Day wanted to find out what would happen if he fired handguns underwater. He rigged a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol to fire inside water-filled tanks and recorded the results in slow motion.

The actual shooting starts about two minutes into the video. After firing off two rounds, Destin provides a brief physics lesson to explain what you're seeing take place. -via The Firearms Blog

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A Modern Romance

I suppose that there's nothing really extraordinary about this series of photos celebrating the engagement of Juliana Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee. But they're so touchingly romantic that you should definitely take a look.

Link -via Comics Alliance

Update: Since the original link has gone to password protection, see the pictures at the photographer's site. Link

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Photographer Takes a Picture of a Picture of Himself Taking a Picture of a Woman

This cool picture by redditor ZeLittleMan was taken with mirrored shades and a mirrored sculpture. Specifically, he used Cloud Gate, a huge outdoor stainless steel sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park. -via reddit

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Plush Sleipnir

In Norse mythology, Sleipnir is Odin's eight-legged horse and the son of the god Loki. Susan and Allen Crawford made this adorable plush of him for the infant son of a friend. Link -via Super Punch

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Winter is Coming for Calvin and Hobbes

Joel Watson imagined Calvin and Hobbes in the dangerous world of Game of Thrones. I think that Calvin is Jon Snow and Hobbes is his pet direwolf Ghost. Link -via The Mary Sue

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Local Pride

The small town of Riverside, Iowa (pop. 1,008) is tremendously proud of its most famous son, James Tiberius Kirk. So the citizens erected a monument to mark the site of his birth.

The local history museum, as you can see in the video, places a great emphasis on Kirk's life and work. Who's up for a road trip?

Link -via Kuriositas | Video of the Monument and Museum

Photo by Flickr user Madolan Greene used under Creative Commons license

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Underwater Cave Stretches Five Kilometers

Near Orda, a Russian village in the Ural Mountains, you can find an enormous underwater gypsum cave. It's one of the largest in the world, with galleries stretching as far as five kilometers. Victor Lyagushkin led a team of divers deep inside to photograph this natural wonder. You can view many beautiful pictures of it at the link. Link -via Fubiz

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Rideable Scooter Casemod

(Video Link)

If you want a truly portable computer, you've got to stick a gasoline engine and two wheels on it. This casemod by René Grau is a fully-loaded gaming computer that can reach 40 MPH. Racing simulators must be very realistic on it. -via Make

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Get Engaged the Bruce Campbell Way

(Video Link)

You could get Patrick Stewart to help out with your marriage proposal, but this geek decided to pop the question to his girlfriend according to the Evil Dead tradition. Bruce Campbell was a guest at the recent Chicago Comic Con and cooperated with this grand romantic gesture. -via The Mary Sue

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Crocheted Cat Mouse Cover

This cat by Craftster member Kitiza appears to be quite satisfied after devouring a (computer) mouse. She provides instructions at the link if you would like to make your own. Link -via Craft

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Giant Gumball Machine (Or a Normal Gumball Machine and a Tiny Child)

This 7-foot tall gumball machine holds 14,450 one-inch gumballs. It's designed like a classic gumball machine, except that you don't have to put coins in to make it work. So don't leave it out in public. Link -via Technabob | Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer

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Jersey Shore Cast Member Offered Anti-Endorsement Contract

A year ago, I mentioned the rumor that the elegant Coach handbag carried by Snooki from Jersey Shore was given to her by one of Coach's rivals. The plan was to damage Coach's reputation by associating that brand with Snooki.

Coach isn't the only brand that is being impacted by negative product placement. Now the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch is offering Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, also a cast member on Jersey Shore, money if he will agree to not wear its clothing in public again. A press release from the company stated:

“We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans,” the statement read.

The company also extended the pay-to-not-play offer to the other Jersey Shore reality stars and said it was “urgently waiting a response.”

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Getty

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Weekend Hunting Trip

There's nothing quite like a weekend away from the family to spend with your buddies at the cabin. We might as well get a picture so we can remember these good times when we get too old go out regularly. Link -via reddit | Image: Jason Edmiston

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Scientists Make Artificial Skin from Spider Silk

Researchers at the Hannover Medical School in Germany have developed artificial skin made from spider silk. When formed into a fine mesh, the silk from the golden silk orb weaver spider (left) can be grafted onto the human body:

The researchers found that human skin cells placed on these meshes could flourish, given proper nurturing with nutrients, warmth and air. They were able to cultivate the two main skin cell types, keratinocytes and fibroblasts, into tissue-like patterns resembling epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, and dermis, the layer of living tissue below the epidermis that contains blood capillaries, nerve endings, sweat glands, hair follicles and other structures.

Link -via Nerdcore | Photo via Flickr user leppyone used under Creative Commons license

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Mayor Gives Ex-Wife 20-Ton Boulder as a Gift

The mayor of Acton Vale, Quebec, wanted to give his ex-wife a special birthday present, so he had a 20-ton rock left in her driveway. It painted with a greeting and topped with a pink ribbon. Isn't that romantic? Maybe he wants to get back together with her. Jonathan Montpetit of The Canada Press writes:

Lariviere owns an excavation company. He said he used one of his own front-end loaders to transport the rock through the town streets in the wee hours Saturday.[...]

During the delivery, he was stopped twice by police who asked him for identification and questioned what he was doing.

"I told them the truth — that I was delivering a gift," Lariviere said. "They weren't able to stop me because what I was doing wasn't illegal."

Link -via Lowering the Bar | Photo: Paul Chiasson/Canada Press

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My Neighbor Mister Rogers

*clap*clap*clap* This simple but brilliant print was made by Dann Matthews, whose Star Wars hieroglyphics we've featured previously. Link -via Uniblog

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Radial Guitar

Yoshihiko Satoh has been working with his conjoined guitars motif for a while now, including some beautiful guitars arranged in arches and circular patterns. I want to see Slash (yes, I know -- he isn't real, but don't tell the kids) try out this one.

Link | Artist's Website

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On the Horizon

Joeri Bosma, a Dutch teenager, decided to spend every day of the seventeenth year of his life taking photographs. Here's a self-portrait taken on August 3, inspired by the song "Horizon" by I Am Oak. I love the way that he's blended himself into the background. Link -via Dude Craft

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The Bear-o-dactyl of Urbino

Titian's Venus of Urbino is a fine painting, but it's lacking something. Two things, really: bears and pterodactyls. Sam Spratt has now remedied that problem. Thank you, Mr. Spratt. Link -via Geekosystem

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Man Arrested for Drunk Driving on a Motorized Beer Cooler

A man in Noosa, Australia was arrested for driving down a road on a motorized beer cooler while intoxicated. The defendant:

[...] faces charges of driving under the influence and driving without a license after police caught him on the makeshift vehicle, which was powered by a 50cc engine.

The defendant's lawyers are currently challenging the notion that the cooler constitutes a vehicle.

Link -via MArooned | Photo (unrelated) via eBay seller williesnoop

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Taxonomy of Professional Wrestlers' Names

The crack research team at Pop Chart Lab has created an detailed chart depicting the different types of names by which professional wrestlers are known. Pictured above is only a small selection; go to the link to view the entire chart. Bonus points if you can find out the name that Alex used when he was working the LA circuit in the late 90s. Link -via Geekosystem

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This Playhouse is a Blast!

Dietrich Wegner made this 20-foot tall children's playhouse out of polyfill, rope, wood, and steel. It's entitled Homeland and is a convincing imitation of a nuclear detonation. Remember: your kids are never too young to start learning post-nuclear apocalypse survival skills. Link -via reddit | Photo: Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery

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All HTML Tags Assembled on One Page

If you just look at the link, it won't make much sense. But if you view the coding (listed as View Source on most browsers), you'll see what designer Evan Roth has wrought. The webpage consists of a single sentence nested inside every HTML tag in alphabetical order. And that sentence is, appropriately "One sentence contained within every HTML tag in alphabetical order."

Link -via Kottke | Photo by Flickr user cogdogblog used under Creative Commons license

Previously by Evan Roth: Graffiti Taxonomy

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