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This Image Is Made with 500,000 Fish Hooks

This amazing picture by Cuban artist Yoan Capote looks like a black and white photo, but the ragged-looking surface is actually made out of half a million fish hooks. Capote and thirty assistants spent six months nailing them into place on plywood. Don't touch them! The barbs are exposed. That's because Capote wants observers to experience the "sensorial power and aggressiveness of the objects in its sculpture condition."

Link -via Oddity Central

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Mama Whale Lifts up Baby Whale to See the Humans

(Video Link)

Whenever I take my kids to the zoo, I have to pick them up so that they can get good views of the animals. Maybe that's what this mother gray whale is doing by pushing her baby up to the boat full of friendly, curious humans off of Baja California.

-via MetaFilter

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Rumor: Darth Vader's Armor Is Inscribed with Hebrew Words

What do they mean? There are many translations going around the Internet -- assuming that the pictures are real and that's actually Hebrew. You can find them at the link. Offer your own interpretations in the comments, because this 3PO-series droid isn't helping me one bit.

Link -via io9

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Earth Sandwich

Redditor Matt872000 writes "Me, in Korea, and a friend, in Canada, just made an Earth Sandwich." Very good! It'll have a nice crunchy texture. Of course, the contents are off center and will slide out with the first bite. Ideally, he needed a friend in Arachania, Uruguay.

Link -via Blame It on the Voices

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Superman, Captain America and Nick Fury Take on a Regiment of Stormtroopers

No, it's not colored in. But that's a good thing, or else the awesomeness would be too much to mentally process. Comic book artist Darick Robertson gave this image to writer Larry Young. Young passed it on to his young son in a sweet and touching conversation, which you can read at the link.

Now in all seriousness, Superman will obviously prevail in this fight. But what about a Superman vs. Darth Vader match up? That would be a great crossover!

Link -via Nerd Approved

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Benjamin Franklin's 220 Expressions for "Drunk"

(Video Link)

Have you ever been offered a lot to drink and afterward found yourself contending with Pharaoh?

If you know what I mean.

No, you don't? Well, that was one of Benjamin Franklin's 220 euphemisms for being drunk. He published a list of them in 1737. Here's Keith Habersberger of the comedy team I Made America playing the role of Benjamin Franklin. It's one of many videos by the troupe about six Founding Fathers kidnapped by time travelers and abandoned in Chicago in 2012.

Troupe Website -via Flavorwire

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The Pendulum

(Video Link)

This beautiful, bittersweet love story is the most touching thing you'll see all day. It uses no words. But it doesn't need them.

Love, like everything else in life, can be messy. The pendulum in the clock keeps swinging anyway. You can't stop it.

-via Kotaku

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Rolls Royce Hearse

Charon will require more than a single coin for this ride. Rolls Royce will soon offer a hearse based on its Phantom model. The 23-foot aluminum car debuted at a recent funeral home expo in Bologna, Italy.

Link -via Born Rich | Photo: Auto Guide

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Garden Carrot (Cake)

Kendra Arch plucked this carrot straight out of her garden. And by that I mean her kitchen. She sliced a frozen pound cake into wedges, which she then coated with melted orange candy. The green stem is made from taffy and the soil in the jar is actually crushed Oreos. So you need not fear accidentally consuming any natural food products while eating this cute dessert.

Link -via Tasteologie

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101-Year Old Woman Becomes World's Oldest Paraglider

Quilting just wasn't enough. Last September, 101-year old Mary Hardison of Ogden, Utah paraglided with an instructor, thus becoming the oldest woman to ever do so. Her motivation? Keeping her young, freewheeling son in his place:

Hardison said she wanted to paraglide because her 75-year-old son began doing it as a hobby.

"I didn't want him to get too far ahead of me, so I decided that I'd go too," she said Tuesday.

Fear never entered the equation for Hardison, who previously rode all of the adult rides at Disneyland to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Hardison said she was shocked to learn her flight had become a world record.

"To me, I was just going on a little ride," she said. "I had no idea I'd break a record."

Link -via Stuff | Photo: AP/Jeremy Castellano

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Mickey Mouse, If He Aged Normally

Since his screen debut in 1928, Mickey has not aged thanks to the dark arts taught to him by Walt Disney. But what would happen if he did not have access to overly-trusting interns and the ghastly secrets of the Illuminati? Darick Maasen made this latex sculpture that shows an elderly Mickey Mouse ready for retirement.

Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Previously by this artist:
Bebop Taxidermed Boar Head
Taxidermed Koopa Paratroopa

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Sushi Warships

Mayuka Nakamura, an art student at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, recreated warships of the old Imperial Japanese Navy in sushi. The series is an extended pun on a popular type of sushi roll dubbed the battleship. This, I think, is a model of the Kongo -- a battleship that sank in World War II.

Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

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Craigslist Gold: 1:3 Scale TIE Fighter Playhouse

It won't fit inside my cubicle here at Neatorama but, with a few modifications, it could become my cubicle! It's on sale in the Olympia, Washington area for "$150 or best offer". I suspect that the best offer is going to far exceed that number.

Link -via reddit

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Toy Story Tattoo

Sheriff Woody Pride in Toy Story had Andy's name inscribed on his boot. The owner of this tattoo reports that it hurt a lot to get this imitation. But at least he has the satisfaction of publicly affirming his love for Toy Story wherever he goes.

Link -via Faith J | Photo: Rob

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Threat Response

For its show entitled "Threat", the American Design Club asked artists "You’ve just heard something in the other room. What would you want to grab to defend yourself?" There were many funny responses, including this decorative bottle by Sara Ebert. It breaks into a shank. View the works of other contributing artists at the link.

Link -via Nag on the Lake | Photos: Kendall Mills

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Blinking Eyeball Rings

In retrospect, I think that I made an inferior choice when selecting my wife's engagement ring. But then these rings developed at Keio University in Japan were not available at the time.

[Yes, it's clearly an engagement ring. Observe: third finger, left hand.]

PYGMY robot rings blink according to different settings, including voice recognition, finger activity and remote control. They are, sadly, not yet on the market. So you may need to delay your wedding. In the meantime, watch a video of them in action at the link.

Link -via Technabob

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The Coffee Bug

This cute little coffee shop is Brad Frank's Coffee Bug. It's built around a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. Frank tows it around fairs and festivals. Photographer Keely Marie Scott spotted it in 2010 at an antique fair in Round Top, Texas. If you're playing punch buggy, it's worth two punches.

Official Website -via Bren Mason | Photographer's Website

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Cow eyes are a great convenience food. Like pizza rolls or jalapeno poppers, you can just microwave a few when you want a snack. They were among the exotic dishes served at the 108th Explorers Club Annual Dinner in New York City this past Saturday. Others include hog mask, scorpions and jellyfish. Read the full menu at the link.

Link | Photo: Paul Adams

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Tattoo Design Has Now Peaked

Pip Foweraker is a thoughtful, careful man, so he spent considerable time contemplating what he would like to have as his first and possibly only tattoo. His friends advised against the whole idea. After all, what will it look like when he's old? Tattoos are, practically speaking, forever. So Foweraker established a general principle to address this problem:

...the best solution would be to get a tattoo so over-the-top awesome, and filled with personal meaning and satisfaction, that it would be literally impossible for me to ever regret getting it.

Careful reasoning led him to conclude that the ultimate tattoo -- one that would be impossible for anyone to regret -- would be one showing a tyrannosaurus rex and Optimus Prime giving each other a high five. You can find his detailed argument at the link, which I think you will agree is flawless.

Link -via reddit

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Combination Pistol/Knife Owned by the President of Peru

José Balta's reign as the President of Peru ended with an assassin's bullet on July 26, 1872. So perhaps this was a fitting weapon for him to own during a dangerous age. The French gunmaker Lefaucheux, Casimer & Eugene made this unique knife that includes a pinfire revolver in the handle. It fires six 7.65 mm rounds and was presented to Balta in a case that resembles a coffin.

Link -via The Firearms Blog | Images: Rock Island Auction Company

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Grilled Banana Boats

Stephanie at Lick My Spoon has a great idea for dessert while grilling with friends. Take a banana and slit it lengthwise. Fill in the slit with chocolate chips, coconut shavings or little marshmallows. Wrap the banana in aluminum foil and set it on the grill.

Link -via Jenny Landis

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28,000 Flowers in a Defunct Mental Institution

When a mental health hospital closes, how do you mark the occasion? For ninety-one years, the staff at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center helped society's outcasts. In 2003, it was time to move to a new facility. So the administrators hired artist Anna Schuleit to create an installation that would mark the occasion. Her response, entitled "Bloom", consisted of thousands of flowers covering the floors of the old building. Read about the reactions of staff and former patients at the link.

Link -via Boing Boing | Official Website | Artist's Website

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14 Facts You Might Not Know about Mission: Impossible

Good morning, Neatoramanauts. From 1966 to 1973, the innovative television show Mission: Impossible presented the adventures of the Impossible Missions Force. This top secret American agency found stolen nuclear bombs, exposed counterfeiters, rescued captured spies and foiled criminal plots at home and abroad. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn things that you might not know about the show.

1. The show was inspired by the criminal heist movie Topkapi and was originally entitled Briggs’ Squad. In the early drafts, the team members were semi-reformed criminals who had served together in a special forces unit and proven unable to re-adjust to civilian life. Barney was a compulsive gambler and card cheat. Cinnamon was a drug addict. Rollin Hand was a thief. Willy Armitage beat women while working as a strip club bouncer. The series creator, Bruce Geller, cleaned up their backgrounds to make the show more appealing.

2. The self-destructing tape scenes were usually shot all at once, once a year for each season. The tapes didn't actually disintegrate. A special effects technician created that impression by blowing smoke through a tube into the recorder.

3. The voice on the tape belonged to Robert Johnson, an accountant turned voice over artist. For the pilot episode, he was paid $125. Since the pilot sold, he kept coming back and, for several years, would record his part every few weeks. His character was never identified during the series.

4. After learning about the mission, Dan Briggs or Jim Phelps would return to his apartment to select agents from a portfolio. The rejected photos in these agent selection scenes were usually pictures of crew members or their wives. In the screenshot above, Dan Briggs is looking at a photo of Bruce Geller. Even though he created Mission: Impossible, Geller doesn't get to go on this mission.

5. Steven Hill played Dan Briggs, the IMF's leader at the beginning of the series. Hill had an abrasive personality at that time. He repeatedly clashed with directors and producers, and they ultimately fired him at the end of the first season.   Hill was eventually able to overcome these issues and become a successful actor, most famously playing the role of District Attorney Adam Schiff on Law & Order.

6. In the meantime, directors settled on Peter Graves to replace Hill as Jim Phelps, the new leader of the IMF. Graves came from an acting family: his brother, James Arness, played Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke.

Continue reading

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How Vernon, Florida Became Known as "Nub City"

Though once a prosperous town, Vernon, Florida's economy and population dwindled in the Twentieth Century. During the 1950s and 60s, people got so desperate that they took out insurance policies, then cut off or shot off arms and legs. It became such a popular activity that this town of fewer than one thousand people became the dismemberment capital of the United States:

Quite literally, people in Vernon were shooting themselves, blowing off a limb, and collecting on the insurance. How the trend started, no one knows — perhaps it was an accident at a sawmill or with a plow, or perhaps it was a calculated effort to scam an insurance company out of tens of thousands of dollars (or more). Truly, it doesn’t matter. For when word got out that so-and-so just received a check for untold riches — and all it cost him was a hand or foot, perhaps even to the elbow or knee — well, the idea spread. By the time the early 1960s rolled around, according to the Tampa Bay Times, Vernon, Florida was responsible for roughly two-thirds of all loss-of-limb-related insurance claims in the United States.

Read about the end of the scam and the fate of Vernon at Dan Lewis's Now I Know.

Link | Image: IFC Films

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Paul Villinski's Beer Can Butterflies

Paul Villinski takes discarded beer cans from the streets of New York City and turns them into beautiful butterflies and birds. I find this one particularly striking because it suggests that the guitar, like a cocoon, is sheltering emerging life.

Link -via Nag on the Lake

Previously by this artist: FEMA Trailer Modded into an Emergency Artist's Studio

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Planet of the Apes Dance Party

(Video Link)

Scenes from Planet of the Apes. Glow sticks. Mirror ball underpants. Electronic dance music. It makes no sense, and yet feels right. Brad Hasse, the madman behind it, writes:

...I couldn't help but try to make it for the fun of it to see what it would look like if Charlton Heston found a few glowsticks, turntables, and an insatiable urge to dance.

-via Ace of Spades HQ | Hasse's Website

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Man with Terminal Cancer Seeks TARDIS Urn for His Ashes

True geeks, Kevin "Wash" Pratt and Tashi King watched Serenity on their first date. Watchmen, Doctor Who, steampunk and conventions soon followed. Then, shortly after they married, Kevin was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. He has endured for two years an illness that kills most victims of it within one. He is, Tashi says, "the Browncoat who *never* gives up."

But now Kevin is in hospice, and is making his preparations. He'd like for part of his ashes to be buried in an urn shaped like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. So Tashi is asking for help from the good people of Regretsy:

I am writing to you to try and fulfill a wish of his; after he passes my husband wants to have a portion of his cremains kept in a TARDIS urn. (The rest will be shot off in rockets he has built over the years with his friends.)

This has proven to be a bit of a challenge for me. I am only 25 and have not been able to work for the past two years to be his full-time caregiver; so hiring someone to make a custom urn is a bit out of my price-range.

Link | Tashi's Blog | Regretsy Post

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The Doctor in Lightsaber Training

The Doctor normally eschews weapons, but sometimes you need a tool that works on wood. DeviantART user Drombyb has a gallery of impressive Doctor Who fan art, including this crossover idea that we must hide from George Lucas by any means necessary.

Link -via Nerd Approved

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Clerk Fights off Armed Robber with Tape Dispenser

(Video Link)

When it comes to violence, "...better a pointed stick and a furious anger than a death ray and the soul of a rabbit." Christopher Baird tried to rob Euan Brown, a store clerk in Finstown, Orkney Islands, UK. Baird had only a knife, but Brown was armed with a tape dispenser and, more importantly, moxie.

Link -via Say Uncle

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Harry Potter Horseplay, Er, Horse Cosplay

Do you want to see horses dressed like Hogwarts students? Buzzfeed can supply them in large quantities. Because that's what horse owners are doing these days, I guess. See this one? It's not a custom, one-of-a-kind job. You can buy it from an online retailer that specializes in horse costumes.

Link -via The Mary Sue | Photo: Show Horse Gallery

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