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The Science of Carrying Things on Your Head

Why do people in some cultures regularly carry heavy objects on their heads? It's because, biomechanically speaking, head-loading is an efficient means of hauling cargo:

Based on studies of women of the Luo and Kikuyu tribes of East Africa, researchers have found that people can carry loads of up to 20 percent of their own body weight without expending any extra energy beyond what they'd use by walking around unencumbered.

But don't strap gear to your head just yet. Head-loading only works well if you've been practicing it for many years:

The subjects in these studies began head-loading as children and had developed a peculiar gait that's one-third more efficient than the one we're likely to use.

For untrained controls who have not had years to strengthen the right muscles and build up spinal bone density, carrying things on your head actually requires more energy than using a backpack.

Link -via Joe Carter | Photo: US Army

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Elemental Skirts

Some ladies look best in a metalloid. Others prefer a more sedate noble gas. Only the most daring go transuranic. Whatever element works best for you, Etsy seller Ashley Mertz can provide an appropriate skirt.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

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Tornado Arrives at Wedding Embarrassingly Late

(Video Link)

It's just a tornado...eight to ten miles away from the wedding. In Harper, Kansas, people can deal with that:

"I had my mind on marrying my now wife," said Caleb Pence.

His bride, a native of northeast Nebraska who had never seen a tornado before, was much less at ease. He said that when he told her what was happening, she responded, "I don't want to hear it right now."'

Some of the guests who filled the 250 folding chairs checked weather reports on their cellphones. But otherwise, the 20-minute service — complete with a solo singing performance — wasn't altered.

Link -via Blame It on the Voices

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Cows Crash Party, Drink Up Beer

A dozen humans were having a party late Sunday night in Boxford, Massachusetts when several cows charged them, drove them off, then drank up the beer that they left behind. Police came to rescue the precious suds before they completely disappeared:

“I saw one cow drinking the beer on its way down as it spilled off the table,” Lt. Riter reportedly said. “Some of the cows were also picking through the empties in the recycling bin… They just went in and helped themselves.”

The cows' owner came and herded them back home. The cows went peacefully, which is good, because cows tend to be angry drunks.

Link -via The Agitator | Photo: Boxford PD

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Engineers Invent Hypospray

Once again bringing Star Trek into reality, researchers at MIT have invented a means of injecting medicine into a body without a needle:

Now the MIT team, led by Ian Hunter, the George N. Hatsopoulos Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has engineered a jet-injection system that delivers a range of doses to variable depths in a highly controlled manner. The design is built around a mechanism called a Lorentz-force actuator — a small, powerful magnet surrounded by a coil of wire that’s attached to a piston inside a drug ampoule. When current is applied, it interacts with the magnetic field to produce a force that pushes the piston forward, ejecting the drug at very high pressure and velocity (almost the speed of sound in air) out through the ampoule’s nozzle — an opening as wide as a mosquito’s proboscis.

Well, that was a pleasant diversion. Now, researchers: get back to the holodeck project.

Link -via Technabob | Images: Paramount, MIT.

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Jabba the Hummus

You may have been good beans, but now you're Bantha fodder. Food artist Jill of Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons made this marvel out of hummus. It has the shape of a Hutt, but not the gamey flavor of one.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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Cash Cats

Ca$h Cats is a simple Tumblr blog with one theme: cats rolling around in piles of money. And sometimes guns.

Never give a cat a gun. Also, monkeys. That is, never give a monkey a gun.

Are we clear?

Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

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My Little Bacon

Friendship is magic, or bacon, which is pretty much the same thing. DeviantART user BAwesome-BAcon rendered this pony in pork products. His gallery also contains images of Pinkie Pie made out of oatmeal and Applejack out of breakfast cereal.

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you would like for Neatorama to move to exclusively My Little Pony content 24/7.

Link -via Walyou

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The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

(Video Link)

The wave is staggering just to look at. Last November, professional surfer Garrett McNamara caught a 78-foot wave off the coast of Portugal. It was 1 foot taller than the previous record, thus establishing a Guinness World Record for the tallest wave ever surfed.

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ

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All of the Water on Earth and Europa

All of the water on the Earth, gathered together, looks like just a tiny marble. The Jovian moon Europa has 2-3 times as much. Scientists think that beneath an icy surface lies an ocean 80 to 170 kilometers deep.

But it will do us no good. We are forbidden to land on Europa.

Link | Image: Kevin Hand, Jack Cook and Howard Perlman.

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Solar Eclipse Ring

According to Internet rumor, a man in Japan used the recent solar eclipse to propose to his girlfriend. True love can move the moon and the stars.

Link -via American Digest

UPDATE 5/25/12: Commenter Hanks direct our attention to this page (translated) which shows how the photo was made.

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Hide from Your Boss with the Stealth Desk

You'll get shot down if you can't stay off your boss's radar. David Hsu's Desk 117, inspired by the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft, should make you invisible to casual surveillance. Or just look cool.

So, Miss Cellania, how soon can we get these for the office?

Link -via Link

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Tiled Vespa Flower Pot

A classic Vespa is a work of art, so an old one that can't run anymore should be put to aesthetic use. The people at Hotel Enfrente Arte took this '55 Vespa, tiled it over and converted it into a lovely flower pot.

Link -via Make

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To Dance on the Moon

(Video Link)

The Apollo program considered many spacesuit designs, including some covered in plates of hard plastic, before settling on one design. This video by SciFri cleverly edits videos of astronauts testing the range of motion in different hard suit designs so that they appear to dance.

-via Swiss Miss

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Cake Pops That Look Like Boiled Chicken Feet

I hate to disappoint you, but it's not made out of chicken. It's actually vanilla and raspberry cake dipped in white chocolate. Miss Insomnia Tulip made this deceptively delicious-looking cake pop for the Evil Cake Shop.

Link -via Boing Boing

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No Parachute? No Problem!

(Video Link)

Stuntman Gary Connery dropped from a helicopter 2,400 feet in the air. His wingsuit slowed him down, but not by much. Connery would survive only if he hit a pile of boxes arranged to cushion his fall:

He landed on a strip measuring about 350ft (100m) by 45ft (15m) - and at its highest point 12ft off the ground - at Temple Island Meadows, on the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire border.

In order to survive the audacious stunt, he had to flare his wing suit about 200ft from his target in order to bring his gliding speed down to 50mph and his vertical falling speed to 15mph.

Parachutes are for the weak.

Link -via Geekologie

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For Sale: Pyramid House in Arizona

I don't care for modern architecture. I prefer something classical -- say, third millennium B.C. Those were the days of style and this home in Maricopa, Arizona is built with them in mind. The 3,200-square foot 3-bedroom home has a surprisingly light and airy interior, as you can see in the gallery at the link.

Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: Glenn Marsh

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Magical Bed Hovers in Midair with Magnets

Frakking beds -- how do they work? Redditor mememetatata's design is simple but brilliant. It's just two wooden frames with opposing magnets inside. When assembled, the bed hovers a few inches off the ground.

It looks like the biggest problem that mememetatatta faced was that two of the magnets were shipped together. Each one had several hundred pounds of force, so he spent considerable effort separating them -- and photographing that part of the project.

Link and Gallery -via Geekosystem

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Bavarian Finger Wrestling

(Video Link)

Put on your lederhosen and jump into the arena. It's time for finger wrestling! This traditional Alpine sport puts two men on opposite sides of a table. Each holds on to a strap with a single finger -- the usually the middle -- and tries to haul the other onto the table:

Competitors subject themselves to an intense regime of finger training in the build up to a tournament, with some preferring to squeeze tennis balls or holding their own body weight with a single finger, some insist that a series of one-finger press ups is the best method of strengthening.

Link -via Oddity Central

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Calvin and Hobbes Bento Box

Bento maestro Anna the Red has created another masterpiece. This time, she transmorgified Calvin and his tiger into food. Calvin's face is made from ham and Hobbes's stripes from seaweed.

Link -via That's Nerdalicious!

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PooPrints Uses Canine DNA to Discover Which Dog is Pooping in Your Yard

Criminals can run, but they can't hide forever. Like Johnny Cash sang, "what's done in the dark will be brought to the light." Eventually, the poop of rogue poopers catches up with them.

For some dog owners, scooping up poop is just too much work. This can be a serious problem at apartment complexes. That's why some property managers in Knoxville, Tennessee are resorting to DNA testing to enforce poop scooping rules:

Apartment managers start by sending in a DNA sample from every dog in the complex, usually on a swab that has been swiped in the dog's mouth. The DNA is recorded on a PooPrints registry.

Then, when an errant stool is discovered, a sample is sent in and matched with the DNA in the database. The renegade pooch and owner are identified.

Link -via Say Uncle | Photo: shouldbecleaning

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Meat Balloons

"They're made out of meat."

Well, plastic, actually. The design studio Object Design League made balloons that, when inflated, look like sausages and beef steaks. They're on display at Japanese Premium Beef, a butcher shop and restaurant in New York City.

Link -via Nerdcore

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A Photography Studio in a Backpack

Photographer Ian Spanier sometimes needs to do mobile work without an assistant. So he built a backpack that will carry all of his gear as well as hold a flash on an adjustable boom. His base is a pack used by birdwatchers for transport spotting scopes and tripods. All of Spanier's gear fits neatly inside. View more pictures at the link.

Link -via Gizmodo

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Watership Down Tattoo

The 1978 movie Watership Down begins with the rabbit folktale "The Blessing of El-ahrairah" expressed in a unique and memorable animation style. Redditor MatchingAlice is slowly building a sleeve tattoo depicting El-ahrairah and his rabbits in this scene. View more pictures at the link.


Previously: 10 Facts You Might Not Know about Watership Down

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Wooden Light Bulb

Ryosuke Fukusada's light bulb looks like a solid block of wood. But it's actually an LED light with a wood veneer. When it's turned on, the bulb glows a fiery orange.

Link -via DVICE

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Video Games of the Brony Imagination

Would you like to play Mares of War? Hoof-Life? Dash Effect? These games inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aren't real, but deviantART member nickyv917 has some great ideas. Check out his gallery at the link.

Link -via Kotaku

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Concrete Business Cards

The Caen, France-based design agency Murmure made these memorable and heavy business cards. You probably can't fit many in your pocket, but you can stack them on wooden pallets, built to scale.

Link (Google Translate) | Agency Website

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Beer-Dispensing iPad

(Video Link)

I had no idea that iPads could do this! I must buy one immediately. In this video, magician Simon Pierro attaches a spigot to an iPad and uses it to distribute beer to visitors to the Hofbraeuhaus in Munich.

-via The Presurfer | Pierro's Website

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Renaissance Fair R2-D2 Dress

Lauren Berkley spotted this brilliant costume at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. From a closeup image at the link, you can see the matching eye makeup.

I can see it now: the Star Wars story retold in Elizabethan English in a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre. May it be so.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

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Grand Theft R2 IV

(Video Link)

R2-D2 is on a murderous rampage through the streets of Liberty City. JMoorfoot4's modification of the game Grand Theft Auto IV shows us what happens when that cute little droid finally snaps. You can download it at the link.

Link -via Kotaku

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