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Camouflage Cupcakes


Those My Little Pony cupcakes are a tasty treat to haul up to your treestand, but their bright colors may attract the attention of your prey. You're better off with a snack that blends in with your surrounding environment. Lilly's cupcakes, both the frosting and the cakes, are made with a traditional woodland camouflage pattern. You can find her instructions on how to make them at the link.


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Judge Holds Himself in Contempt of Court When His Cell Phone Rings in Court


Judge Raymond Voet of Ionia County, Michigan has a simple rule: if your cell phone goes off in court, you will be held in contempt of court and fined $25. He's consistent about enforcement. When his own cell phone rang, he imposed the penalty on himself. It's a new phone and Judge Voet wasn't sure how to operate it. But that excuse didn't cut it:

"That's an excuse, but I don't take those excuses from anyone else. I set the bar high, because cell phones are a distraction and there is very serious business going on," he said. "The courtroom is a special place in the community, and it needs more respect than that. I tow a tough line, and I got to back it up this afternoon."

At the next recess, Voet held himself in contempt of court, fined himself $25, and stated on the record "If I cannot live by the rules that I enforce, then I have no business enforcing these rules."

Link -via Kids Prefer Cheese | Photo: Karen Bota

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Chewbacca Almost Appeared with Pants on Star Wars


Long before blogging even existed as a profession, Chewbacca advocated for and lived the pants-free lifestyle. This was over the objections of closed-minded studio executives who thought that pants should be mandatory in the workplace:

But studio executives in the 1970s worried that the character itself was indecent because all he wore was a strap of ammunition across his chest.

"I remember the memos from 20th Century Fox," Hamill said. "'Can you put a pair of lederhosen on the Wookie?' All they could thing of was, 'This character has no pants on!' This went back and forth. They did sketches of him in culottes and baggy shorts."

In the midst of budget wrangling and the studios efforts to get him to drop the word "Wars" from the title, Lucas also successfully fought to keep the Wookie au natural.

Thank you, Mr. Lucas. You and Chewbacca blazed a trail for liberty.

Link -via Blastr

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Dove Hires a Forensic Sketch Artist to Draw Women as They See Themselves

(Video Link)

You're beautiful. Even if you don't see it, other people do.

Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see. 

A woman walks into a room. A forensic sketch artist sits in the room with his back turned to her. He asks her to describe her own appearance. He sketches a face according to that description, then sends her away.

Another woman enters. The sketch artist asks her to describe the first woman. He draws a face according to that description.

Then he shows the first woman both portraits. Her own description was far, far more critical than the other woman's.

When it comes to body image, we're own own harshest critics.

Link -via Joe Carter

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Leonardo da Vinci Pancake


April 15th marked 561st birthday of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. Pancake artist Nathan Shields marked the occasion by making this pancake. The mathematician Leonhard Euler also had a birthday (his 306th) on that date, so Mr. Shields made a pancake in his honor, as well. You can find a photo of it at the link.


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One Scarf to Rule Them All


One ring to bring them all and in the night warm them. Let us hope that the blogger Big Rainbow Weirdo never has to cast her knitted scarf into the volcanic pit at Mount Doom. 

Link -via FYGNK (NSFW URL)

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Wine Pairings for Fast Food


Most fast food establishments offer a depressingly limited wine list. You may have to supplement by bringing your own bottle inside the McDonald's. If you do so, make sure that you're choosing the right wine. Dominique Zamora has some good suggestions, such as this Clara Brut champagne which has a honey tone that accompanies Chicken McNuggets well.

You can read her other wine pairings at the link, including selections for Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway and other gourmet eateries.


We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Mantis Is a Real Mech

(Video Link)

We still have a lot of work to do before we can play BattleTech in real life, but we're making solid progress. The Mantis is an all-terrain hexapod. This 2-tonne vehicle is powered by a 2.2L turbo diesel engine and can be controlled remotely or by a pilot. It can move 2 hexes per round.

Link -via io9

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Super Mario Bros. Lamp


Our favorite plumber is ready to journey down the pipes in this lamp by Etsy seller Trowe. The light is covered with a recycled glass insulator. Just yank on Mario's chain to turn it on and off.

Link -via Walyou

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Scottish Bowling

Scottish bowling(Photo: David Gray/Reuters)

Whatever you do, do it in a kilt for an optimal performance:

A competitor wearing a kilt & standing on a barrel throws a ball between his legs during the 'brigaball' contest at the 36th Bundanoon Highland Gathering held in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, on April 6. The annual festival showcases Scottish bands & a variety of highland games.

Link -via Dave Barry

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The Rejection Slip


Cartoonist Tom Hudson wasn't looking for new work. He just wanted to brag about having been rejected by Mad. His entire exchange with the editor was published in (and likely created for) the July 1963 issue of that magazine. Read it all at the link.


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Outhouse Hot Rod

(Video Link)

An outhouse on four wheels, driven from a bathtub mounted on the chassis, passed by YouTube user smithr1974. They're quick, but smell terrible.

-via Yababoon

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Reenactment Horse Mugs for the Camera


The Redcoats attacked again at Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord, Massachusetts. One of their officers rode this photogenic horse, snapped by American militiaman and redditor Samafoof. He describes what's involved in an American Revolutionary War battle reenactment:

In the Battle Road reenactment I was on a National Park so basically the whole thing is planned out by the Park Rangers. But in normal reenactments there are a number of different ways. You can die basically when you want to but here are some guidelines. 1. If you run out of ammo, you die 2. If your musket is malfunctioning, you die 3. (my favorite) Your Captain hands out the ammunition in the beginning and arranges it your cartridge bag. But one of the cartridges is colored, my Captain usually picks red, once you go to reload that colored cartridge, that is your last load, then, you die. 4. If you are surrounded and just totally screwed, you die

Anyone can win really, just depends on how many die on your side or the other side surrenders.

Link -via Daily of the Day

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Zombie Cookie Versions of the Captains of Star Trek


Admiral Kirk said, "How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life." He probably wasn't anticipating returning from the abode of the dead. Now he and his fellow captains, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer are infected and hungry for the flesh of their crews. The blogger behind Food Replicator, a Star Trek cuisine blog, made these zombie cookies last Halloween.


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Street Fighter II Triptych

Street Fighter

Maya Pixelskaya's triptych in honor of the 1991 video game Street Fighter II isn't a digital rendering. In 800 hours of work, she hand painted each pixel on three canvases, each a foot wide. You can see process photos on her Facebook page.

Artist's Website and Facebook Gallery -via it8bit

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How Dog Owners See the World


"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went." -- Will Rogers.

Julie Pavletich submitted this photo of man's best friend to the 2009 National Geographic Photo Contest.

Link -via VA Viper

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Newest Birthing Trend: Don't Cut the Umbilical Cord


Some mothers forgo modern obstetric facilities in hospitals and have births at home and assisted by midwives. The latest trend in this natural childbirth movement is called Lotus Birth. Participants don't cut the umbilical cord connecting the child to the placenta. Instead, they keep the placenta in a bowl and wait for the umbilical cord to wither away naturally. Madeline Scinto of the New York Post interviewed Mary Ceallaigh, a widwife and advocate for Lotus Birth:

Q: What are the best reasons to practice Lotus Birth?

There’s no wound created at the umbilical site, which lessens the chance of infection.

It allows a complete transfer of placental/cord blood into the baby at a time when the baby needs that nourishment the most. Babies’ immune systems are going through huge changes at a very rapid rate when they’re first born. Not disrupting the baby’s blood volume at that time helps prevent future disease.

The mother and baby benefit from having all the focused placed on bonding, rather than the common focus of "who's going to cut the cord, cut the bond?" Invading the natural process when there's a healthy mother and baby is likely to cause harm in some way seen or unseen.

The respect of all of what a woman conceives, not just part of it. [...]

Q: How do you eat meals, go to the restroom or run errands with a placenta attached to your newborn?

The cord usually dries and breaks off by the third day, so no mother would be running errands during that time anyway...hopefully not until at least the fourth week after giving birth!

In humid conditions, however, it may take up to 10 days for the cord to break, particularly in areas like Bali or the Australian rainforest. In these cases, the early weeks after giving birth is even more low key for the mother - and that can be a good thing....

While the placenta remains attached, it’s kept in a nice cloth, and the cord is wrapped in silk or cotton ribbon. Babies are left on a safe surface or with a caregiver while the mother goes to the restroom. For cuddling and nursing, the placenta pillow is kept near the mother and baby.

Link -via Inhabitots | Photo: Taxiarchos228

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Ducklings Fly for the First Time

first flight

The photographer behind a Swedish-language photo blog captured this image two Common Goldeneye ducklings flying for the first time. Flap harder, baby ducks!

Link (Translation) -via Twisted Sifter

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The 11 Most Amazing Elevators in the World


The glass enclosed Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie, China goes 1,070 feet straight up the side of a cliff. It takes 2 minutes to lift up to 50 people at a time. This elevator one of 11 unusual elevators compiled in an uplifting post by The World Geography. You can view the rest at the link.

Link -via Marginal Revolution

(Photo: Kazuhito Kidachi)

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Antique Articulated Gold Skeleton Action Figure in a Silver Sarcophagus


If you were a filthy rich kid in Russia a century ago, this would have been the ultimate toy. The famous goldsmith Israel Rouchomovsky made it between 1892 and 1906 with all the features a child could want:

the fully articulated human skeleton in a velvet-lined coffin chased around on each side with three panels showing the course of life, one end with attributes of the arts, the other with attributes of war,  the removable cover with the journey in the footsteps of the Angel of Death, surrounded by the faces of infants alternately laughing and crying.

See? It's educational as well as fun.

Link -via Nerdcore

(Photo: Sotheby's)

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The Pianobike

What's that vehicle in the bike lane? That's Gary Skaggs's Pianobike. You can find it and Skaggs cruising through San Francisco playing jazz. The best part: although it began as a hobby project, the pianobike is now how Skaggs earns a living.

Link and Video -via Lustik

(photo: Gary Skaggs)

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Modern Armor for Police Horses


According to some redditors, these are Chilean police officers. Their horses are armored, like those ridden by medieval knights. But the armor is thoroughly modern. A 2012 article from the Chicago Sun-Times describes that city's police horse armor:

The solicitation specifically requests: leather nose guards — 22 inches long and five inches wide — with “impact-absorbing foam”; clear, wrap-around visors to protect the horse’s eyes; 17-inch-long rear leg shields and 11-inch-long front leg shields, both made of “high-impact plastic” and soft foam; and “training aids” for horses, including a “crowd control training ball set.”

The mounted unit has 30 horses, 30 officers and an annual budget of nearly $2.7 million.

Police Department spokesperson Melissa Stratton said all 30 horses will be equipped with the new riot gear. She noted that the horses are “great crowd control tools” expected to provide “significant support to officers on the ground” during the summits.

Reddit Thread and News Article -via Super Punch

(Photo: unknown)

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Elephant Poop Beer

elephant beer

Do you remember the coffee made from coffee beans that have been, uh, organically processed by elephants? For April Fools' Day, Sankt Gallen, a brewery in Kanagawa, Japan, briefly sold a stout made from that coffee. The staff at Rocket News 24 snagged a few bottles before they sold out. Here's how it tastes:

I cracked open a bottle of Un, Kono Kuro to give it a try. I sniffed at the bottle’s neck and my nostrils were greeted with a faint bitter aroma, a little like roasted coffee just giving me a sense of what’s to come.

When I poured it into a glass the coffee-like aroma continued to build it was relaxing like an easy Sunday morning. After taking my first sip there was an initial bitterness that got washed over by a wave of sweetness. Following that, a mellow body rolled in and spread out through my mouth. [...]

Usually people talk about aftertaste when drinking beer but with Un, Kono Kuro the word afterglow is much more appropriate.

After downing the last drop, slowly rising from my throat and mouth was that afterglow. The combination of bitter and sweet stayed fresh and lingered in my head. It was a familiar aroma that accompanied me through the entire beer.

Link -via Foodbeast

(Photo: Rocket News 24)

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Don't Eat That, John! -- The French Toast Reuben Nutella Elvis Sandwich

Welcome to issue 1 of Don't Eat That, John!--Neatorama's new series of poorly-conceived culinary adventures. Today, I combined that classic New York City sandwich, the Reuben, with the South's own marvel, the Elvis. I also added Nutella to the mix because Nutella.

Some called me reckless. Well, audentes fortuna iuvat. Also, sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.


My strategery was, in imitation of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, to divide the project in two and attack on both flanks. Like all good things in life, the first step was to cook bacon.

French toast

Then I made French toast: 2 slices of white bread for the Elvis and 2 slices of rye for the Reuben.

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We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Knitted Adventure Time Tablet Sleeve

Adventure Time

The blogger behind It's Pie Time made this cute tablet computer sleeve that looks like Jake from Adventure Time. But can it shapeshift like Jake?

Link -via Play with Your Yarn

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Amanda McKittrick Ross: The World's Worst Novelist

Amanda McKittrick RossAre you a bad writer? Do people react to your prose as they would to Vogon poetry? You still have nothing to boast of. Amanda McKittrick Ross (1860-1939), according to some literary critics, was the worst published novelist in the history of the English language:

In this literary sub-genre, Irish writer Amanda McKittrick Ros reigns supreme. "Uniquely dreadful," proclaims the Oxford Companion to Irish Literature. "The greatest bad writer who ever lived," says author Nick Page.

Ros, who died in 1939, abused (some would say, tortured) the English language in three novels and dozens of poems. She refers to eyes as "globes of glare," legs as "bony supports," pants as a "southern necessary," sweat as "globules of liquid lava" and alcohol as the "powerful monster of mangled might." The Oxford literary group "The Inklings," which included C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, held competitions to see who could read her work aloud longest while keeping a straight face.

Mark Twain considered her first book, Irene Iddesleigh, as "one of the greatest unin­tentionally humorous novels of all time." Consider this passage: "Speak! Irene! Wife! Woman! Do not sit in silence and allow the blood that now boils in my veins to ooze through cavities of unrestrained passion and trickle down to drench me with its crimson hue!" [...]

Ros' husband, a train station manager in a small Northern Ireland town, financed the publication of Irene Iddesleigh as a tenth wedding anniversary present. A reader sent a copy to humorist Barry Pain, who in an 1898 review called it "a thing that happens once in a million years." Initially entertained, he soon "shrank before it in tears and terror." In the preface to her next book Ros attacked Pain as a "clay crab of corruption" and a "cancerous irritant wart." Like many novelists, she believed her critics lacked the intellect to appreciate her talent and came to believe that her growing legion of detractors conspired against her for revealing the corruption of the ruling class—thereby disturbing, as she put it, "the bowels of millions."

Who would you nominate as the world's worst novelist?

Link -via TYWKIWDBI | Photo via Odd Books

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Superhero Eye Makeup


Wonder Woman


As you can see at the link, Kirsty Childs is an outstanding makeup artist. And I mean a lot more than just her eye work. She can create realistic zombies and other ghastly ghouls to haunt your days and nights. But I'm especially impressed with her homages to superheroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man.


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Lamps from Old Car Parts



Among other media and projects, Deron Dixon makes functional lamps using old automobile parts. He writes that the construction process comes down to trial and error. "Many trials do not work, and many errors are successful." You can view more photos of his successful errors at the link.

Link -via Recylcart

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Mysterious Tiny Door Found in a Tree



A reader of The Richmond District, a blog about that neighborhood of San Francisco, spotted this tiny door in a tree in Golden Gate Park. Who lives there? And why did he or she so foolishly leave the door unlocked?

Link -via School Library Journal

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A Knitter Down on Her Luck


Don't enable her. The only way to help her stop crafting is to get all of that yarn completely out of her system.

-via Makin'ology | Image: unknown

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