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You Will Admire My Child

Lunarbaboon -- Admire

You have admitted that this marvelous fruit of my loins is cute. That is insufficient. For such a child has never been born into the human race. Behold my child and wonder.


See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Mineo Mizuno's Living Sculptures

Mineo Mizuno, an artist in Brooklyn, grows moss in lovely patterns on stones. He calls his enchanting series "Coexistence." Wouldn't they look lovely in a backyard garden?

Link -via Urban Gardens

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Watch All 65 Episodes of My Little Pony Simultaneously

(Video Link)

I suspect that a lot of people haven't been watching My Little Pony for the past two and a half years, but feel too embarrassed to admit it. Don't worry. You can get up to speed in a mere 22 minutes thanks to this video by YouTube user Tha Pixeltripper.

-via Equestria Daily

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Frogs Playing Pool and Other Oddities at the Frog Museum

François Perrier loved frogs. From 1848 to 1860, he collected and preserved 108 of them engaging in decidedly non-batrachian behavior, such as attending school, marching in formation and riding squirrels. They're on display at the Frog Museum in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland. Who's up for a road trip?

Link -via The Oddment Emporium

(Photos: Rama)

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Chocolate Eggs Filled with White Chocolate Mousse


Mary, a chef in PoznaƄ, Poland, whipped cream cheese, cream and white chocolate into a delicious mousse. She served it in chocolate eggshells. There are only six of them, so, sorry, I won't share.

Link (Translation)

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Cake Nachos


Nachos are awesome, of course. But they're not healthy if consumed constantly. That's why you should try Chica Chocolatina's cake nachos as an alternative. She made them with dark chocolate cake, chocolate melts, gummy candies, licorice and orange piping.


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Champagne Cork Darth Vader


Don't underestimate the power of good champagne. In the hands of a skilled craftsman like sjroth, an ordinary champagne cork can become a terrifying Sith. The helmet is made of sculpey and the lightsaber is powered by a 3 mm red LED.

Link -via Technabob

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Fresco from 1494 Has the First Known Depiction of Native Americans in European Art


In 1494, two years after Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World, the Italian painter Pinturicchio composed a fresco in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace. While cleaning it, an art restorer discovered what appears to be an image of Native Americans:

The discovery was unveiled by Antonio Paolucci, the director of the Vatican Museums, in L'Osservatore Romano, the city state's daily newspaper.

Prof Paolucci suggests that the "nude men, who are decorated with feathers and seem to be dancing," were inspired by the descriptions of tribesmen that Columbus brought back from his travels.

Columbus's voyages across the Atlantic were commissioned by Spain, but Prof Paolucci said the Vatican would inevitably have heard of his discoveries, particularly given that the Pope at the time, Alexander VI, the notorious Rodrigo Borgia, was Spanish.

Link -via Althouse

(Photo: Vatican Museums)

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A Column That Only Canadians Will Understand


Dave Bidini has a column in the National Post. I have no idea what he's talking about. Google Translate isn't helping a bit. Do you understand?

For years, I was a keener, but after my short-lived stint as reeve of Dildo, Nfld., in which I stumped for the still-unpopular Gouge and Screw Tax — dinged in the polls and my approval rating going downhill as fast as a runaway toboggan or a bus shagger — I put the kerfuffle behind me and tried to forget the fact that I’d been soundly turfed, even though Joey Smallwood’s buddy had cherry-picked me himself. I got off the chesterfield, threw on my old housecoat and thongs, hucked a forty pounder, half-sack of swish and mickey of goof in a Loblaws bag over my shoulder before leaving my bachelor apartment to head due west past fire halls and hydros and parkades and corner stores in the direction of Dead Rear, Oilberta looking for some kind of joe job — cleaning eavestroughs; stitching hockey sweaters; packing Smarties; anything! — although damned if I knew whether I would find work once I got there.

Link -via Nag on the Lake

(Photo: tnimalan)

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Calvin and Hobbes Street Art

Street Art

Calvin and his stuffed friend Hobbes will go anywhere for an adventure. The French street artist OakOak showed them crawling down a vine. It's only one of the imaginary trips he's sent them on.

Link -via Street Art Utopia

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Sparkly Geometric Table


In the right light, John Foster's beautiful geometric table could be both wondrous and distracting. But that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Link -via reddit

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Chess Set Inspired by the Anglo-Zulu War

In 1879, Britain and the Zulu nation fought a brief but bloody war that included the famous Battle of Rorke's Drift. In memory of it, custom chess set maker Littlehand made a chess set with historic figures from that war. The Zulu king is Cetshwayo, who led his forces to battlefield victories early in the war. The British king is Lord Chelmsford and the queen piece is Victoria. You can see more photos at the link.

Link -via Born Rich

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Cannoli Cupcakes


Each vanilla cupcake is filled and covered with cream cheese chocolate chip icing and topped with a cannolo. Yummy! Crumbs Bake Shop has outdone itself this time.


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Matt Ferguson's Star Trek Movie Posters

You may remember Matt Ferguson's World War Z movie posters. His most recent illustration project provides posters for the original six Star Trek movies. You can view them all at the link. These two, showing the loss of two fine ships in action, are my favorites.

Link -via Ian Brooks

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Australian Star Wars

(Video Link)

Stuntbear's Australian version of Star Wars, we can safely assume, is a completely accurate depiction of the culture of that nation. Here is Episode IV: A New Bloke--a tale of courage, cricket and pubs. I hope that Episode VII features koalas in place of Ewoks.

-via Daily of the Day

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Caligula and Joffrey Look a Lot Alike

Caligula Joffrey

Redditor Art4261 noticed that the insane and murderous Roman emperor Caligula looks a lot like the insane and murderous King Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones--at least as the latter is portrayed by actor Jack Gleeson.

Caligula is Latin for "Little Boot"--the nickname of Gaius Julius Caesar Geramanicus. Here's a sample of his madness:

He went out of his way to humiliate the senate (Suetonius says that he intended to make his horse consul), and encouraged treason trials for his own financial benefit. He also insisted on being treated as a god (in contrast to the wiser policy of Augustus). Excavations in the Roman forum in the summer of 2003 confirmed that he incorporated the ancient Temple of Castor and Pollux within his palace - a sacrilege reversed by his successor Claudius I.

Gaius had three sisters, with whom he was alleged to have committed incest, and they were given unprecedented public honours, being included in the soldiers' oath of allegiance.

Will Joffrey appoint his horse to the small council?

Link -via Kotaku

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The First Job Fair

hunter gatherer

Then just go to graduate school. Or ask the boss at McDroch's for your old job back. John McNamee offers too bleak a picture for this young graduate.


(Video Link)

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Old Doorknobs Turned into Wine Bottle Stoppers


What can you do with an old doorknob? If unlatching a door isn't an option, you can turn it into a wine bottle stopper. That's one of many upcycling projects by Artfully Reimagined. I think this could be a great way to remember an old home.

Link | Company Website

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You've Been Eating Apples Wrong Your Whole Life

(Video Link)

You waste a third of an apple if you eat it from side to side, down to the core. An apple core, Foodbeast's Elie Ayrouth argues, is completely edible if you eat it from end to end:

In between bites, Geoff managed, “See, eating it from the sides is wasteful. But if you eat it from the top, the core doesn’t even exist.”

In that moment, Geoff handed the apple back to me. Sure enough, he was nearly halfway through the apple, all without choking on what we normally consider the inedible ‘core.’ Eating from the top allowed more of the pleasant flesh to encompass the surface of every bite.


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The March of Progress, Bloody Mary Edition

Bloody Mary

We've seen extreme Bloody Marys before, but this one from O'Davey's Irish Pub in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin advances human gastronomy into previously unknown territory:

This ultimate hangover cure is topped with an extensive beer chaser consisting of pop corn, bacon, peanuts, beans, sausage, pretzel, sliders, a pickle and (this is Wisconsin after all) a cracker and cheese curd. Plus a Brewers flag. 

"That's amazing. I'm coming to America just for these," a reader remarked in the Reddit forum. 

An Australian commented: "As an Aussie, I can't help but look at that and think... 'Is this actually a thing??' Are you serious? You can actually order that?"


Link -Thanks, Jill Harness!

(Photo: Gitte Lassby/Journal Sentinel)

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Walking on the Walls

Street art might drive you up the wall, but that's a good thing when Anders Gjennestad is at work. This Norwegian street artist who goes by the name Strøk used layered stencils to make this gravity-defying mural.

Link | Artist's Website

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Steampunk Nintendo Coffee Table

Charles Lushear's coffee table is made from reclaimed materials. The wood is from a fence. The directional pad is a copper cross used as currency a century ago in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The start and select buttons are AR-15 magazines and the A and B buttons are clockwork pieces. In sum, Lushear's got a piece of everything in this lovely table.

Link -via Dude, I Want That

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Photo Series of Famous Musicians' Ridiculous Backstage Food and Drink Requests

Axl Rose

Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses will have a constant supply of Dom Pérignon and Wonder Bread backstage. No, substitutes are not acceptable. Famous musicians can demand specific requirements. Food photographer Henry Hargreaves made a series of images of them, including Mariah Carey's Cristal with bendy straws and Lady Gaga's cheese on ice. You can view them all at the link.

Link -via Foodiggity

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Amazing Macro Shots of Waves


With macro and wide angle lenses, French photographer Pierre Carreau takes stunning pictures of ordinary waves of water. Colossal's Christopher Jobson calls them "liquid sculptures," which I think is a perfect description. You can view more photos at the link.

Link | Artist's Website

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What Are These Huge Concrete Arrows in the Desert For?


During the late 1920s and early 1930s, the US Department of Commerce created an air mail route between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. These enormous arrows helped pilots stay on course. The historical society of Washington County, Utah explains:

Large concrete arrows were constructed on the ground along the way as visual navigational aids for the planes flying the mail route. There were built at intervals of approximately 10 miles and were about 70 feet long. Typically, there was a 51-foot beacon tower in the middle of the arrow topped with a powerful rotating beacon light. Below the rotating light were two course lights pointing forward and backward along the arrow. The course lights flashed a code to identify the beacon's number. A generator shed, where required, stood at the "feather" end of the arrow. 


(Photo: Washington County Historical Society)

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Ice Cream Sushi


A sushi chain in southern Japan called Uokura sells vanilla and green tea ice cream wrapped and served like sushi. This, according to Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, is unusual even in Japan. You can view more photos at the link.


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The 13 Worst Jobs of the Past 2,000 Years


You know, with a tablet computer, you could probably be a leech gatherer and a World of Warcraft gold farmer at the same time. Why limit yourself to just one source of income? Come on, show some ambition!

Link -via The Atlantic

(Image: Lapham's Quarterly)

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Fish and Chips Cupcakes

fish and chips

You can pour ketchup on these snacks, but it might not help the flavor. These are actually cupcakes! Belinda Lo made the fish and chips out of sugar malt cookies covered in white chocolate, coconut and cornflakes. The grease stains are a nice detail.

Link -via Tasteologie

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Dress Made of Divorce Forms


No, 15-year old Demi Barnes didn't use her own forms. But the British art student did copy enough forms to make this lovely gown:

In order to "symbolize the fact that too many people rush into marriage and end up getting divorced," she made a dress out of 1,500 divorce papers.

In order to do so, she "printed a divorce form from the Internet, filled it in and photocopied it 1,500 times to create the dress."

I didn’t really know how to do it at first. It was quite a challenge," the teenager said, but in all it took her about ten hours to complete the entire work of art.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

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Antibiotic Protects Men from Beautiful Women


Guys, do you find it hard to concentrate when you meet a beautiful woman? There's now a vaccine to protect you:

Minocycline is typically used to treat acne, but it can also reduce symptoms associated with mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and depression, and it can improve decision-making. This latter effect was analyzed further in a study described in Scientific Reports.

Japanese researchers recruited about 100 men to play a trust game using photographs of women. In the game, each man was given 1300 Yen (approx. $13) and asked to rate the attractiveness of each woman as well as how much money they would give them in the trust game. The men were told that the amount of money given would be tripled, and the woman could then choose how to split the money between herself and the man. Unbeknownst to the men, every woman had already chosen in advance to take all of the money, completely stiffing the man. In other words, every woman was a potential "honey trap."

Prior to the experiment, the men were given either placebo or minocycline. The men who took minocycline were immune to the seductive allure of the honey traps.

Alternatively, you can marry a beautiful woman and thereby build up a resistance. I've found this method very effective.

Link -via Dave Barry

(Photo: Martina Rathgens)

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