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I've studied French, Latin, koine Greek and Old Testament Hebrew. To my regret, I haven't maintained a knowledge of any of them. To my deeper regret, I didn't spend all of that time studying Spanish, which would make me more marketable as a librarian.

I used to teach my students a few words in Klingon. Alas, there's not a lot of interest in the language of love these days. Now I teach them Ewokese instead.
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Possibly. Perhaps if there was a Friends of the Library organization. Cookies probably do no harm. Last week, a happy patron came by with kolaches for the librarians. One critical difference: librarian treats should never be conditional upon some service.
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I'm curious about that, too.

I was working the reference desk one day when a man called from out of state. He wanted me to look up a certain obscure piece of information located in our microfiche archives. By policy, we didn't do that for non-patrons. But then he offered me $150.

I asked my boss if it was ethically acceptable to do this after my shift ended and I was technically off work. She seemed skeptical, so I turned down the offer. My job wasn't worth losing over $150.

It's a very bad idea to take any payment from patrons beyond your salary.
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