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I can see a lot of value from fast food jobs and similar work: diligence, getting along with people different from you, teamwork and how to get that toilet really clean.
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Vive La Scientific Method

Amen to that.

I'm speaking from ignorance here, but I'd think that the traditional scientific method is essential to the grunt work of science: "Well, that didn't work. What variable should I change for the next experiment?"
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There is no good reason not to include Takei. And since Star Trek is superior to Star Wars, the inclusion of Star Trek actors can only improve the franchise.
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When I lived in Ohio, I heard this joke about ODOT, the Ohio Department of Transportation:

One day, a farmer was plowing his fields when he saw an ODOT truck stop by the side of the road. A worker got out with a shovel and dug a hole in the dirt. Then he went back inside. Another man got out of the truck and filled in the hole. He went back inside the truck. The truck drove 50 feet, then the men repeated the process.

After watching several holes being dug and filled, the farmer walked over to the men and asked what they were doing. "We're planting trees," was the response.

The farmer said, "But you're not actually planting trees. You're just digging holes, then filling them in."

The first ODOT worker said, "Yeah, but the guy who actually plants the trees called in sick today."
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