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There are a few in my town and I'm surprised there aren't more. When we used day care, we used a 24-hour operation because I had one shift a week that ended at 8 PM. And the only daycare businesses were either 24-hour facilities or ones that closed at 6 PM every day.
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I remember that, while working at a Walmart as a teenager, a customer asked me for a toy motorcycle helmet. The stated had passed a helmet law and she wanted to avoid getting stopped by the police. But she didn't want to wear an actual helmet.
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All in all seriousness, Benjamin is right. Maybe naming a baby after a hero (with a normal name, say, Clark instead of Kal-El) would work, but a villain's name is just asking for bullying.
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There are also traditions, such as getting your ear pierced with a nail before starting off.

I like to say that you're not really a librarian until you get your first death threat from a patron. It's a right of passage, like a nail through the ear.
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At least for the United States, I suspect that the study would have been more widely accepted 25 years ago than today. America was a bit more Christianized back then and the idea that babies are wicked is Original Sin--a thoroughly orthodox idea.

Of course, there are often vast differences between popular and creedal theology.
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