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I'd like to try a Luther burger someday.

The best burgers that I've ever had were at Harry's Place in Hoover, Alabama. Back when Harry was the only person who worked there, he made enormous fresh burgers. Alas, Harry died and the new management altered perfection.
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She acted unprofessionally because she accepted a major distraction--childcare--to prevent her from giving her full attention to her students.

The issue is not breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in public is fine. It's about being fully on-task for the service her students paid for.
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Okay, I think you have a point. I recognized Perlman right away, but I was unfamiliar with the actor who played Castle until I just googled him now. He appears to be famous in his own right. I'll change the post.
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I disagree, but I will say that, as man, it's a good idea to be a bit paranoid. Because men are perceived as more likely to be sexual predators, I avoid interacting with children not my own. At work, I never close my office door with a female colleague or student and always maintain a substantial amount of personal space.
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