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I send about 1-2 texts a day, usually to my wife. It's hard to manage the tiny buttons and I rarely have something urgent to communicate to people.

When I text, it reminds me of my grandfather, who always typed on his typewriter with just 2 fingers.
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Or at least one of those two. If you graduate from a four-year university without the ability to either write decently well or do complex math, you've been scammed.
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I've used ebooks in various formats because my day job requires it, but most of the books that I like to read are available only in print--and have been out of print for years. Switching to digital for my personal reading just isn't an option.

I think that physical books will be a thing of the past, as you suggest, but not "soon". What's that proverb about information technology? We always overestimate its impact in the short term and underestimate its impact in the long term.
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Thanks for the suggestion, David. I experimented with ManageFlitter today. It's interesting. The interface is well-designed.

Why is it important to unfollow people who aren't following you?
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Part of my driver's education was on a 1940 Ford 9N tractor. It had not only a clutch and a gear stick, but two brakes, a throttle, a choke and an uncomfortably high center of gravity. Driving it was tricky.
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