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Federal minimum wage for tipped jobs is currently $2.13. If you don't make at least $7.25 with tips, the employer is supposed to make up the difference. In reality, if you can't make it up in tips, you might be let go. Both the regular minimum and tipped minimum have a long way to go before you can live on it.
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"Conservatives may hate the EPA" um, no. You should do some reading. The EPA was created by Richard Nixon. Some Conservatives may hate the EPA but most do not and this kind of bigoted story just helps divide the nation... us vs. them. I wish the writers of Neatoroma would stick to fun stories and keep their bigotry to themselves.
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Just walk away from an establishment that wants to use and abuse you just because they can. Find a little 'mom and pop' restaurant that will treat you right while you are trying to get yourself through school. You won't regret it.
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Ohh fuck you, fuck you fuck you. This is a recipe for saliva in your food. Do these jackasses know that the people who are taking their order and waiting on them are people?

Too bad this asshole is already married, because he should die alone in a gutter somewhere
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I've never seen this before. It's terrible! I have nothing but scorn for the person who thought it up and the people who do it. I have never been a waitress, but one of my daughters was (she's an artist), and I know how hard the work is, and how meager the pay.
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As a female, I just never understood the whole "get rid" of guys stuff. Guys have some pretty awesome stuff! My boyfriend and I have a really cool apartment and people always get amazed by it, I think they're also a bit jealous since I'm not the kind of girl that told him to ever get rid of his things (we live in a horror/sci-fi/ geeked out decor apartment)... life is sweet when you can find the right person to share your things with. :)
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In order to avoid cultural appropriation ask yourself these questions:

Do I understand who or what aspect of a culture I am depicting and do I know enough about it to know if a costume or depiction is accurate? (Then it's likely ok)
Am I depicting someone's religion or ritual clothing? (don't do it if so)
Is my costume a caricature or stereotyping of a culture being erased or currently oppressed? (Don't wear it)
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Well, the statue will be nice but looking at an actual photo next to the statue the artist left out quite some stomach heft this majestic kitty created and earned in his lifetime. Why try to 'slim' him down when you are attempting to 'honor' him? He was a - YES! I WILL SAY IT!!!- FAT CAT!!!!!!!! and, undoubtedly, proud of it.
Rainbow bridge has a new cat to greet.
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There is a component to keep in mind here, especially for active players who might get traded at any time (so this isn't likely to be their lifetime home). For the most part this is just asset management. You could buy something small and cheap, while putting your money in the bank, but there's a better chance for a higher return percentage-wise when you sell the property than the interest rate if you just left it in the bank. Interest rates are so low these days that even after the housing crash you're still more likely to be able to earn a better return reselling an expensive asset than what you would get keeping the principle in the bank. People who don't have tons of discretionary income often don't understand that expensive items for the rich are really just another place to store money temporarily for a fairly-guaranteed return (art, exotic cars, property, etc).
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Do you really believe they are genuinely suggesting she is possessed by evil forces? Or is it more likely there's an implied wink-and-a-smile going on here? Any clues in the humorous tone of the text that might guide you in this regard?
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People who constantly claim images are fake or Photoshopped are one of my biggest pet peeves as a blogger. What are you hoping to accomplish by making these claims? If you simply follow the link to her website or any of her other social media accounts you'll see tons of photos clearly taken during her travels, proving she really went to all the places featured in her Girl Eat World series. So why cry Photoshop when you don't know for sure? All this claim does is make you look like one of those people who think we never landed on the moon or that 9/11 never happened. Do some homework before you go around saying everything is fake!
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Why would anyone call her out? What would anyone call her out for?

I don't understand the venom that she's getting on reddit. Yes, she dresses in skimpy outfits. She likes the attention. But she's also creating original 3d designs and printing and implementing them.

I can understand why they might find her clothing distracting. I don't understand why they're getting angry at her. And I don't see her accusing anyone of sexual harassment.
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Unfortunately you can't read the caption. It says:
"I used to have the cone of shame but I got an upgrade. This is the collar of chagrin."
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One day, if they're lucky, they'll work at Dairy Queen? Way to set high goals.
I'm also puzzled something that seem to have occurred (maybe she left this detail of her Facebook post): It seems she didn't purchase an ice cream for herself. So is she really healthy and she's trying to associate junk food with trauma? I don't get it.
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Neither in civil society or family should a punishment be given for breaking a rule that was not set earlier. Random punishments, or randomly severe punishments, undermine the authority and trust you have as a parent (or police).

Sure, sometimes taking away the favorite toy for a while may be the only option to make the kids think twice. But then you have to have a talk about how their actions led to your reaction. Family rules cannot be hundreds of paragraphs covering everything.

I think she just suddenly thought her kids were acting spoiled, but spoiling is her fault, and not theirs. She should've explained to them how angry she got and why, and then set the rule that next time it happens ...the ice cream goes in the bin.
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