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Dyson Aims to Take Out the Roomba

Roombas are a great idea in theory, but having a vacuum that doesn't work all that well bump around the walls isn't as great as the idea of a robotic vacuum. That's why Dyson has been working on their own robotic vacuum for over 16 years. The Dyson 360 Eye uses the pattented Dyson cyclone technology to really step up the cleaning power of the device. It also has a 360 degree camera that records where the device has already cleaned and where there are obstacles to block its path. The result is a better, more efficient robotic vacuum -exactly what you'd expect from the Dyson company.

Read more about the new invention over at Homes and Hues: The New Dyson 360 Robot Vacuum

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Renewing A Classic Bauhaus

Bauhaus style has held up well, but all homes need a little touch up here and there. England's House in Hamble-le-Rice was a little rundown after a few mediocre alterations. That's why the owners commissioned LA Hally Architect to rennovate the house, bringing it back to its classic style while also modernizing the interior and adding space, including a rooftop terrace. 

The fantastic remodel included a change to an open plan kitchen and living space that open up to the grassy backyard that lines the marina. 

See more beautiful images of the rennovation over at Homes and Hues: LA Hally Architect Renews A Beautiful Bauhaus Masterpiece

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The Helpful Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen sometimes and this handy apron is there for you. Aside from providing you with a pocket and a way to keep clean from spills and splashes the apron also provides numeric conversions, cooking times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more. It's available in both half and full sizes to accommodate all types of aspiring chefs.

See more pictures of the apron and read more about it at Homes and Hues: The Apron Guide Helps You Cook and Keep Clean

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The Perfect Home to Enjoy Amazing Mountain Views

Cantilevering a house is a great way to extend your viewing platform and make the most of an already impressive view. This is particularly true in this sleek Japanese home by Kidosaki Architects Studio. Balanced on two thin steel beams, the exterior of the home is surrounded by a wooden deck so you can enjoy the views while taking in the fresh air.

The living room is particularly impressive with the three walls worth of floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an impressive 360 degree view of the Yatsugatake Mountains.

See more pictures of the stunning house at Homes and Hues: The House In Yatsugatake Shows the Beauty of the Mountains

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16 Ways to Hide Ugly Things in Your Home

Have an old, beat up refrigerator or dish washer that still works just fine? How about tile you can't stand to look at, but can't afford to replace? I am certain many of you have a clutterfest of cables somewhere in your home.

But you don't have to look at these eyesores day in and day out. Our newest Homes and Hues article can show you how to hide a number of unsightly distractions in your home decor.

These ideas are a great way to make your home look a lot less cluttered and more attractive and all for a relatively small amount of money.

Learn all the helpful hacks at Homes and Hues: 16 Helpful Solutions to Hide the Eyesores in Your Home

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The Marcus Beach House Is Open and Airy

With windows gallore, the Marcus Beach House is airy, spacious and well-lit. The home takes advantage of these window openings and large awnings to keep the home nice and comfortable, as well as naturally lit, even without an air conditioning. Aside from that, the house itself is absolutely gorgeous, built around a 50 year old Morton Bay ash tree, it consists of two major wings attached by a narrow two-story walkway.

See more wonderful images of the house over at Homes and Hues: The Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Marcus Beach House

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You Can Win A Geeky Custom Spotlight of Your Choosing

Custom Spotlights make cool spotlights and you can buy many of their premade designs right now. Or you can have one custom made in any design you choose. While the service will ordinarily cost £95, you can win one for free through our newest Homes and Hues contest! Plus, you will also receive two NeatoShop tees of your choice. We're even giving away two free tees to a runner up!

Find out how to enter and see more of their cool light creations over at Homes and Hues: Win A Custom Spotlight of Your Choice

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The Massage Tub of the Future

If you're filming a scifi show any time soon, you might want to head to Korra's website and check out this cool K-1083 tub. With translucent, blue acrylic fitted inside a white plastic base all fitted with chrome fixtures, the entire tub looks like something from the future. 

But this tub isn't all about looks. It is also all about wonderful massage-powers and comfort, making it entirely comfortable and great for soaking sore bodies. 

Read more about the cool design over at Homes and Hues: Korra's Stunningly Futuristic Massage Bathtub

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14 Unbelievably Weird Video Games

From the beginning, video games have been weird -you have to admit, it does seem strange that a plumber would have to fight a gorilla named "Donkey" or that a weird yellow thing is murdered by ghosts until he eats a pill that turns them blue and suddenly lets him eat the ghosts. That being said, some games are far, far weirder than others. These 14 titles show just how strange gaming can get.

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

(Video Link)

Have you ever wished you were a proctologist, but didn't want to go through the years of extensive training to become a doctor? Then Boong-Ga Boong-Ga is the game for you! In this seriously strange arcade game, you spank a rubber butt until it's time for kancho -that is, jamming the foam finger into the anus. Perhaps even stranger is the mere fact that kancho isn't something these game designers made up, but an actual bullying game popular in Korea and Japan.

In Boong-Ga Boong-Ga you can at least direct your punishment to someone specific. Victims in the game include an ex-girlfriend, a gold-digger, a mother-in-law and, perhaps the only worthy victim, a child molester. I guess if you insist on jamming a finger into an unsuspecting victim's behind, at least you could limit it to virtual characters.

Hatoful Boyfriend

(Video Link)

There are plenty of dating simulators in Japan, but only one involves pigeons. The basic premise is that you are attending a posh school, flirting with classmates, making friends all while solving a mystery. Oh, and you're the only human in the school, as the rest of the characters are pigeons. If you've just been dying to live life as a pigeon-lover, you're in luck -the PC game is available in English.

Mister Mosquito

(Video Link)

Don't want to live life as a pigeon? How about a mosquito? This sucky game lets you bug a suburban family, trying to drink their blood from specific body parts so you can prepare for the upcoming winter. The challenge? If you're spotted, the humans might just swat you and squish you.

While there is a badly translated version of this game available for the PS2, fans claim the original Japanese version is much better.

Super Table Flip

(Video Link)

Are you already dreading the upcoming holiday season and all that family time that comes with it? If so, you might enjoy Super Table Flip. This strange arcade game basically involves pounding on your dinner table in frustration and eventually flipping over the table after you hear distressing news. The game is a great way to relieve stress -especially if you have to deal with a particularly frustrating family.

Of course, if you get stressed by weddings, your co-workers and stupid bar patrons, you may prefer the other scenarios available in the game.

Toilet Kids

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9 Cats That Are Serious Heroes

We often hear stories about dogs that are heroes, but furry friends of all types can also be heroes -especially cats. In fact, these nine cats have come to the rescue of humans, cats and even dogs.

1. Tara

(Video Link)

This brave little kitty made headlines across the world after she fought off a dog that attacked her four year-old owner, Jeremy Triantafilo. Jeremy was on a bike in front of his home when a neighbor's dog attacked him, pulling him off the bike and dragging him along the sidewalk. Tara immediately attacked the dog in return, scaring it and chasing it away from the family's house. Security footage of the attack went viral, getting five million views within only two days.

2. Pudding

Amy Jung headed down to her local Humane Society one day to play with the cats. While she didn't plan to adopt any new pets that day, she ended up bringing home two cats, Pudding and Wimsy. That very night, Amy went into a diabetic seizure during her sleep. Pudding then jumped on her and woke her up so she could call out to her son, Ethan, but he didn't hear her cries as he too was sleeping. Amazingly, Pudding then ran into Ethan's room and jumped on his chest to wake him up. Because of Pudding's efforts, Ethan was able to get his mother medical attention before she slipped into a diabetic coma. All this is more incredible when you keep in mind that this was still her first night at Amy's house.

Since the incident, Amy had Pudding registered as a therapy animal so she can always have the cat with her.

3. Tommy

No one knows how the cat did it, but when Gary Rosheisen fell out of his wheelchair and couldn't get back up, his cat, Tommy, managed to dial 9-11. Gary didn't have his medical alert necklace on and couldn't reach the cord above his bed that could call the medics or a telephone. When police arrived at the apartment, they saw an orange and tan cat lying beside the telephone that was off the hook on the living room floor. Police couldn't find any other explanation for the emergency call that led them to arrive on the scene other than Tommy dialing the number.

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Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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11 of the Weirdest Buildings on Earth

No, you're not having vision problems, nor was this image Photoshopped. That's just the way Krzywy Domek (Polish for "crazy house") looks. And that's only one of the eleven totally strange structures we rounded up for our newest Homes and Hues feature.

If you visited Pisa and weren't all that impressed with their Leaning Tower, perhaps you'd prefer the Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, that tilts an impressive 18 degrees -that's four times the tilt of Italy's famous tower!

Or, if you prefer something more artistic, you might want to check out the Crazy House in Vietnam that uses artistic paintings instead of blue prints when it comes to directing the construction of the structure.

If you like these three strange spaces, you won't want to miss the rest of the list: 11 Totally Weird Buildings From Around the World

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House Serengeti Is Filled With Rich Colors and Textures

Glass, stone, cement and steel all come together to make amazing forms in the incredibly modern and elegant House Serengeti of South Africa. Cantilevered windows allow for sun absorption in winter without letting in direct sunlight during the summer. The rocks also provide for great insulation throughout the year.

The outside of the home is shut off from the outside world with a rusted steel wall that can be rolled back to reveal a two-car garage. Yet the inside feels entirely connected to the outside with ample windows and an open floor plan that spreads out ample light.

See more pictures of the stunning home over at Homes and Hues: Rich Colors and Rugged Textures Make House Serengeti A Home to Remember

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8 Children's Libraries That Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

I don't know about you guys, but I loved my local library when I was a kid. But with all the distractions of mobile devices, games, and more, many kids never even visit the library and when they do, they find it to be boring. That's why some libraries have really made an effort to encourage kids not only to keep reading but also to see just how much fun can be had at the library. Here are a few branches that go above and beyond when it comes to keeping kids entertained.

1. Brentwood Library

Perhaps one of the most visually impressive children's museums in America, the Brentwood Library's children's area features a charming entrance adorned in oversized books and a massive storybook tree. An animatronic owl greets visitors when it is triggered by a motion sensor. Inside the kid's section, the walls are covered in paintings of fairytale forests and between the rows of books are charming artificial trees.

The second Friday of each month means LEGO Mania time and summer reading programs feature musicians, puppets, magicians, live animals and more. During the school year, they have an after-school program that includes snacks, crafts, games and books.

Image Via CajunKev [Flickr]

2. Laramie County Library

Seeing pre-teen zombies roaming around the library after dark is no big deal at the Laramie County Library, where there are lots of tween activities including an after-hours program that hosts a yearly Zombie Prom.

The library is so popular with the young set that over 3,500 children visit each week and the entire second floor is dedicated to kiddos. The children's space features an oversized chess board, board games, computer stations, story areas and a kid's-size bookmobile to distribute imaginary books. Librarians say parents have a hard time getting children to leave.

Part of the reason the library is so popular with kids is that they can actually volunteer there as long as they are 12 and older. The library even offers a Teen Advisory Board to help decide on what programs would be the most popular with their peers.

Image Via Preston Stafford [Flickr]

3. ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center

A combination effort between the Children's Theatre of Charlotte and Charlotte Mecklengburg Library, ImaginOn offers 102,000 square feet of entertainment and library space for youngsters. The center offers two theater spaces, one that seats 570 and one with occupancy for 250 viewers. Aside from theater performances oriented towards children, ImaginOn's theaters are also used for theater classes and camps oriented for groups of toddlers all the way through teens, as well as puppetry acts and story time sessions.

Upon entering ImaginOn, children first encounter the StoryLab area, an interactive exhibit space designed to get kids interested in literature. Once they get to the actual library section, kids from birth to fifth grade can find books, DVDs, CDs and children's software oriented to their specific age group. The second floor is reserved specifically for tweens and teens and even offers them the chance to use the library's film and recording studio.

Image Via Mark Larson [Flickr]

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See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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A Speaker That Looks As Beautiful As It Sounds

If you want an iPhone speaker, you generally have to choose between having something that sounds great and looks pretty unimpressive or something that looks nice but sounds crummy. The Chino Legato Passive Speaker manages to merge the best of both worlds with a stunning speaker that imparts the impressive warm sound of wood with the classic look of a vintage Victrola player. The speaker is passive, meaning it requires no power source, and can play music at up to six decibels making it earth-friendly and powerful.

Read more about the cool design at Homes and Hues: The Most Beautiful Passive iPhone Speaker

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Warm Up With An In-Shower Dryer

During the summer it's not too terrible to step out of the shower dripping wet and grab a towel, but in the winter it can be a serious shock to the senses. The problem is even worse for those who are disabled and the elderly who are afraid of slipping and falling. The Tornado Body Dryer is a great solution as it can be installed in the corner of any shower and the 200 air jets help you dry off entirely and quickly without even cracking your shower curtain or door. For those who have mobility issues, it's particularly great because the air actually circulates around the body so you don't even have to circle around to dry off all the way.

Read more about the clever device over at Homes and Hues: Dry Off Before You Even Leave Your Shower

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Shred Your Butter to Make It Spread Better

A common suggestion for making butter easier to spread is to use a grater to shred it -but that's kind of a pain in the butt. Now there is a real alternative though, the ButterUp. This clever creation allows you to shred your butter with the same knife you use to cut your bread and spread the butter. Best of all, it's easy to cleean, unlike a lot of cheese graters. 

Read more about the ButterUp, including where you can buy one at Homes and Hues: The Ultimate Butter-Spreading Knife

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Win An Aniforcce Tee From the NeatoShop Courtesy of BlondeNerd.com

We love all of our artists on the NeatoShop, but with over 125 tees in the shop, Aniforce is one of our most popular. BlondeNerd.com is also a big fan of Aniforce, which is why the three of us partnered together to give away one of his great, derptastic tees. Enter below and you could win any Aniforce tee we carry in the NeatoShop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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14 Amazing Sinks That Are Sure to Get Attention

Most home sinks look pretty similar, but there are tons of stylish basins out there that can set your bathroom apart. You can impress your guests and enjoy great style in your own home with one of these cool sink designs we rounded up on Homes and Hues.

Some of the sinks even go beyond beauty and have improved functionality. For example, the one above allows you to reuse the grey water leftover from washing your hands to help fill up the toilet tank so you don't have to waste clean water every time you flush.

See the rest of the great sinks over at Homes and Hues: 14 Cool Sinks to Leave You Overflowing With Joy

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Say Hello To The New NeatoShop Instagram

Hey gang, we at the NeatoShop are always eager to introduce the works of our fantastic artists to as many people as possible. To that end, we just created a new NeatoShop account on Instagram so we can share our tees with even more users. If you're on the site, we welcome you to follow us so you can enjoy all kinds of new designs from our amazing artists. 

Of course, we'll still be plenty active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so if you haven't started following us on those sites yet, don't forget about the NeatoShop!

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The Perfect House For All Seasons

Tehran, Iran is known for its stifling summers and freezing winters, so most traditional homes in the area have a nice, cozy living room for winter and an open, light-filled one for summer. This house is by no means traditional and instead of offering two different living rooms for summer and winter, it instead offers three rotating rooms that can be open to the sun and wind or closed up against the harsh winters. The central structur is open, allowing the natural light from the glass ceiling and the open front windows to fill the whole home with a warm glow all year round.

See more pictures of the brilliant structure at Homes and Hues: The House That Changes As the Day Progresses

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A Conference Table That's Sure to Impress

A good conference table should impress people while intimidating them so you can always get the upper hand. This Boeing 747 engine coffee table is certain to do both. 

The one-of-a-kind item was created by MotoArt, but if it's just too big for your needs, they do have a coffee table available that is made with the much smaller DC-9 engine. Of course, if cost is a factor, the items probably aren't right for you, given that the prices are only available by inquiry.

See more pictures of the uniquely item at Homes and Hues: Your Ideas Can Take Off With This Jumbo Jet Conference Table

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This Staircase Is A Work of Art

When a client tells an architect they need a stairway and also want to have a sculpture in the same area of the house, most designers would try to create a staircase that could work around the sculpture. Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop asked, why not have "a staircase that would actually be the sculpture?"

The end result truly is a work of art. Granted, it's not the kind of staircase you'll want in a home where older folks or kids could easily tumble over and slide right off the top step -but then, you probably also wouldn't want to put a priceless sculpture where a bunch of kids are likely to climb all over it.

See more pictures of the unique design at Homes and Hues: Wave "Hello" to the Flowing Forms of This Stunning Staircase

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A Bookworm's Dream Chair

Any real bookworm knows all you really need in life are a comfy place to sit and a few dozen good books to read. With the Bibliochaise, you can have both at once. This cool bookcase/chair can hold up to 300 books and it's even built on wheels so you can roll it around to get easier access to the books on the backside. 

Read more about the clever design at Homes and Hues: The Perfect Reading Chair for the Avid Reader

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10 DIY Furniture Projects You Can Add to Your Home

Do you have a handy streak in you? Then why pay money for home furnishings when a number of projects are not only incredibly simple, but also inexpensive and attractive. Over on Homes and Hues, we compiled a list of ten simple and great-looking DIY furniture projects for you to try at home.

If you've never even been able to install a shelf by yourself, you probably still won't be able to do these, but if you're experienced with power tools and have a little experience working with either wood or metal, there's likely to be something you can do.

See the full list over at Homes and Hues: 10 Pieces of Furniture You Can Easily Build Yourself

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This House Is Waaayyyyyy More Than Zero

If this house looks familiar to you, that's probably because you've seen it in numerous movies, commercials, music videos and more. It was most prominently featured in the 1987 Robert Downey Jr. film Less Than Zero. Now this heavily-filmed home can be yours for a cool $7.5 million.

While that sounds like a lot, consider both that it is a mansion in LA and that it is one of the early works of famed architect John Lautner and the first of his homes to use monolithic concrete, which later became part of his signature style. The home also features one of the first infinity pools and a cantilevered driveway that was so groundbreaking that the city insisted on witnessing a stress test before approving the structure for use. 

Check out more pictures and more information about the stunning house at Homes and Hues: You Won't Feel Less Than Zero In This Glamorous House

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Win A CafePress Duvet Cover & Some Sweet NeatoShop Goodies!

If you've been following Homes and Hues and Neatorama, you might remember our post featuring 18 Geek Chic Bedspreads, Comforters and Duvet Covers. To celebrate Homes and Hues getting 1000 followers on Facebook, we've partnered with Cafe Press to giveaway a few of the great bedspreads we featured in that geeky bedspread article. You can pick any of their designs and get them in any size -and that's not all! You can also win a NeatoShop tee shirt of your choice and a messenger bag, cell phone cover or tee shirt of your choice as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Best Couch For Small Living Quarters

This couch isn't really ugly, but it's not the best-looking sofa I've ever seen. That being said, it's pretty much the best couch you could hope to have in a small space. That's because you can pull on the arms and turn one sofa into three pieces of furniture -a small bed, a chaise lounge and an armchair.

If you don't want to have a ton of furniture taking up space but wish you could have seating when you have people over here and there, it's the ultimate solution.

Learn more about the design over at Homes and Hues: One Couch With Four Seating Options

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14 Things You Don't Know About Back to the Future

It's one of the best time travel franchises ever made and a rare gem of a film that people from different age groups and different backgrounds can all appreciate. But even if you can recite all of Doc & Marty's conversations because you've seen it so many times, chances are you still don't know all of these juicy trivia bits.

It Was Set In the Fifties For Simplicity's Sake

The fifties were chosen for the past setting not because writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale had a soft spot for the era, but instead because they were easy. Essentially, the two wanted to make a time travel story that didn't require knowledge of the past to enjoy it. They figured the fifties would be far enough back that it would seem like a different setting, but still allow the main character to connect with people that he knew from his regular life.

The DeLorean Could Have Been A Refrigerator

(Video Link)

It took the writers a while to come up with the perfect time machine. In fact, at one point they thought it would be cool to use a refrigerator that had to be powered by an atomic explosion to return home -until they started worrying that kids would lock themselves into them. Spielberg ended up using this idea as inspiration for Indiana Jones' nuclear safe-guard in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Ultimately, they decided on a DeLorean because the stainless steel construction seemed like a good method for flux dispersal during time displacement. Three DeLoreans were purchased for the original and another three were bought for the sequels. After the film's release, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis received a letter from John DeLorean thanking them for using his car in the movie.

It Was Both Too Tame and Too Controversial

Robert Zemeckis had to hit up quite a few studios while trying to sell the film. Since the biggest comedies at the time were much more raunchy, like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Revenge of the Nerds, a lot of studios turned down the idea because it wasn't risque enough. But then when Zemeckis took his idea to Disney, they rejected the story because they thought it was too scandalous to have a mother fall in love with her son.

It Was Mostly Shot At Night

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A Soap Holder That Won't Leave You With A Soap Puddle

I've always been a big fan of liquid soaps, especially when it comes to hand soap. That's largely because I can't stand the soggy mess that soaps become after sitting in a wet soap dish or on the corner of the sink. As if the mess it made wasn't bad enough, sometimes the soaps get so soggy that your hand sinks right through them when go pick them up. 

But the Idea Works Waterfall Soap Saver solves that problem by letting the water drain out right into your sink, keeping your soap usable much longer and your soap dish less crusted with soap goo.

Read more about the creation at Homes and Hues: This Soap Holder Drains Water

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A Great Solution For Hiding Your Clothes Line

There are plenty of reasons to have a clothes line in your home from keeping your delicates safe to saving energy, but no one wants lines stretching across their house and outdoor lines can get dirty and won't work in the house. You can always get the collapsable versions, but they don't dry a whole load and they take up a lot of floor space. So what are your other options?

A retractable clothes line is a great solution for keeping your lines ready to go, but out of the way when they aren't in use. Best of all, you can install them anywhere -including inside a cupboard, so they can be totally out of sight when not in use.

Read more about the clever idea at Homes and Hues: Laundry Lines When You Need Them & A Cabinet When You Don't

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