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These Tostitos Bags Will Tell You When It Detects Alcohol on Their Breath

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos has released new bags that can help detect alcohol on a person's breath and if they have been drinking, the bag will bear a "don't drink and drive" warning and even provide the user with a $10 credit. The company does want to make it clear that the bag is not a breathalyzer and cannot detect alcohol levels, just alcohol consumption. Even so, it's a great way to add a little more safety to your Super Bowl party.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Protect Your Cat in Battle With This 3D Printed Cat Armor

We've featured cat armor before, but it's always been expensive and hard to get a hold of. Now you can get your own in no time with this 3D printed cat armor available at Print That Thing. In fact, the armor is even free to print, so your cat can be protected for simply the cost of 3D printing materials. 

So download your cat's armor over here.

Via Geek Girls

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Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Robin Williams

Robin Williams died over two years ago and for his fans, the world still doesn't seem quite back to normal. Even if you're a big fan of his films though, you might not be familiar with some of these fascinating facts over on TopTenz. For example, did you know a lot of his "gibberish" on Mork and Mindy was actually just cursing in another language until ABC caught on and hired a censor that spoke five different languages? Or that he once tried to buy a giant rubber penis while in costume as Mrs. Doubtfire?

You might be surprised by what you don't know about Robin Williams, so see the full list here.

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This Glass Doorknob Caused a House Fire

You probably already know that you can start a fire by focusing beams of light -the same way a magnifying glass can be used to burn insects. But it's easy to forget that concept while buying home accents and one home owner found that out the hard way when sunlight hit her glass doorknob just right and caught her house on fire. 

Fortunately, the family was home at the time and was able to put the blaze out quickly and safely. Read more about the incident here.

Via Reddit

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The Best Dessert From Every State

Everyone has their own favorite dessert, but there are just some places that everyone rants about. Since you probably aren't going to go around trying every dessert in your entire state though, even with local favorites, you likely won't find the best dessert on your own. 

Fortunately, Livingly managed to find the best dessert in every state by looking at reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, restaurant websitees and more. The ones seen above are from the Humungous Banana Split from The Poky Dot, West Virginia and the Peanut Butter Push Pop at Citizen Public House in Scottsdale, Arizona. So find out what your state's favorite dessert is here -and feel free to disagree with their choices in the comments.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Easy and Cheap Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Your Dog

Whether or not they have a partner, many people still consider their dogs to be the most important figure in their lives. Now thanks to Kol's Notes you can find nine clever photoshoot ideas to celebrate your true love.

Best of all, the ideas all cost less than $5 to create so you can get an awesome picture of your perfect pooch without spending all kinds of cash. Of course, the ultimate success of your photoshoot will depend largely on both your photography skills and how patient your pup is, so the guide won't help you if your pet is the type to destroy props before you even get the camera in focus.

So see the full list of photo ideas at Kol's Notes.

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Fitting in is Never Easy

Everyone says you should be yourself, but sometimes being yourself leaves you alone and miserable. But then, trying to fit in sometimes means leaving a part of yourself behind. The balance between alienation and forcing yourself to be someone else is a tough choice to make, but it's one we all have to make at some point. 

Redditor Shaun Sanders, who creates the comic Cone Candy, says this is his most popular comic of all time, but he rarely gets proper credit for it, so let's help him get the attention he deserves.

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You Could Get Married at Kensington Palace

While it's a gross exageration to say that every woman wants to be a princess, the reality is that there are plenty of women who want to have that fairy tale royal wedding. Now those wannabe princesses can actually get married at a royal palace -it will only cost a whopping $15,000. Of course, as the official London residence of Price William and Princess Kate as well as a historical location, it there are very limited rental dates, which certainly adds in to the cost.

Read more about getting married at the Palace over at Travel and Leisure

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This Optimistic Possum is Here to Cheer You Up on Bad Days

Redditor stretlaw's father happened to spot this impossibly happy possum while he was out hunting. The precious critter (who wasn't harmed) has quickly become an internet celebrity and Bored Panda even started a Photoshop battle that shows just how much the world needs Optimistic Possum right now.

His endless happiness makes him a perfect match for Bob Ross.

But maybe he's actually just desperately trying to get the attention of the woman he loves.

Check out the rest of the Photoshops on Bored Panda

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Cards Against Humanity Hiring. The Only Catch? You Have to be Barack Obama

Cards Against Humanity's business operations have been a little strange. They've increased prices on Black Friday, dug a giant hole for the middle of nowhere and even sold users actual cow poop. That's why they claim they now need a CEO that can offer "real adult leadership." The only problem is that the job listing has some pretty specific requirements, such as "experience hunting terrorist masterminds," minimum eight years experience President of the United States of America or equivilent nation," and "must currently hold a national approval rating of 57.% or higher." 

The company took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune just hoping to catch the eye of the right candidate. Unfortunately, despite their offer to pay for relocation costs, the only man qualified for the job happens to have already stated that he plans to stay in Washington D.C. until his youngest daughter graduates high school. I guess it's four more years of a company that has "no idea what we're doing."

You can read the full ad on Craigslist.

Via DCist

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This Raven Cares Nothing For Your Petty Human Parking Laws

(Video Link)

We all know that "my dog ate my homework" is a pretty lousy excuse, but what about "a raven ate my parking ticket?" It seems this bird has a strong opinion on Canadian bureaucracy. The driver still has to pay the ticket, but at least thanks to local Annemieke Mulders, at least he now has this entertaining footage to watch while he writes out his check.

Via Atlas Obscura

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Six Million Years Ago There Were Otters the Size of Wolves

If you've ever seen a giant river otter in person, you might be surprised how big they seem when they're right in front of you. But that's nothing compared to the now extinct otters that lived six million years ago. Scientists working in China recently found the fossils of the previously unknown species that would have weighed in at around 110 pounds. The discovery of a complete skull and a few incomplete skeletons is a big jump forward in the knowledge about otter evolution as before that the only fossils scientists had to go by were a few shattered teeth. Like modern otters, they largely lived on shellfish.

If you're really into the science, you can read all the details in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. Otherwise, you might want to stick with the summary on Gizmodo

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This Woman is Allergic to Practically Everything -Including Her Husband

Joanna Watkins suffers from mast cell activation syndrome, which means she is allergic to practically everything, including foods, chemicals, UV light and the smell of other people. She's even developed an allergy to her own husband, Scott. He can shower multiple times, put on sterile clothes and a face mask, but she will still go into anaphylactic shock if he gets too near her.

While most people with her condition find it treatable with medication, Joanna's isn't responding to any treatments, including chemotherapy. The only time she leaves her hermetically sealed room is to go to the hospital. She and her husband spend time together by watching tv in their respective rooms and texting to each other about what's going on. While their struggle is considerable, the two are remaining strong and trying to make it work.

Read more about Scott and Joanna's troubles on People and Fox News.

Via Huffington Post

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Brussels Sprouts Must be Candy for Guinea Pigs

People tend to be pretty torn about their feelings on brussels sprouts -they either love them or they think they're the grossest things in the world.

(Video Link)

Guinea pigs seem to have a drastically different opinion on the strange leafy veggies though. In fact, if this video is any indication, they seem to think brussels sprouts are the best treat in the world. I guess even if you think sprouts are revolting at least now they can bring you some joy.

Via Boing Boing

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Beautiful Waterfalls From Around the World

There are so many beautiful places in the world and waterfalls tend to always be on that list. Over on Travel and Leisure, you can see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Tall and short, wide and thin, slow and fast, there are all kinds of waterfalls on the list, but each one is amazing in its own wonderful way. For example, the Iguazu Falls in Argentina (just above) is made up of 275 individual falls that stretch across two miles of rainforest cliffs. Meanwhile, the Akaka Falls in Hawaii (top) is more than twice as tall as Niagra Falls.

You can check out the rest of the waterfalls over at Travel and Leisure

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We're in Love With These T-Rex Engagement Photos

There are some really beautiful engagement photos out there, but let's face it -most of them are pretty similar. A couple holding hands and kissing in a pretty setting is nothing new, but these photos by wedding photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams prove you haven't seen everything yet.

The dinosaurs themselves aren't a real couple, they are just friends of the photographers -but the photographers themselves are a happily married couple, so that's something.

It's certainly a clever marketing tactic. You can see the whole set at the photographer's website.

Via Huffington Post

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This Dog Holds the Guinness Title for the World's Longest Tail

We recently introduced you to the new world's tallest dog and now it's time to meet the new holder of the "world's longest tail" Guinness title. Keon is an Irish Wolfhound, which are known for having long tails to start with. But then even most wolfhounds don't have tails that measure 30.2" -that's over two and a half feet long and it doesn't even include the hair at the end. In fact, Keon's tail is 1.7" longer than the previous Guinness record holder.

(Video Link)

No word on how often he knocks things over when he gets that thing wagging.

Via Pets Lady

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13 Geeky Engagement Ring Boxes

If you love someone enough to propose, then you may as well make that proposal special. So if your little lady (or gentleman) is a bit of a geek, then a nerdy ring box is a great way to seal the deal with a little loving flair. Here are a few of the best dorky ring boxes we've seen online.

Golden Snitch

Geeky ring box sculptor Paul Pape has dozens of amazing designs on his Tumblr page -and this golden snitch is a perfect way to propose to any Harry Potter fan.


Paul Pape isn't the only noted ring box sculptor out there. The Model Maker is also quite gifted and this BB-8 design proves it.


This great box by Gadget4Entertainment is actually part of a set  for the hardcore Pokemon lover and both the ring and box are impeccable.  

The Hobbit

Continue reading

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Israeli Artist Shames Those Making Light of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial

There's no single right way to behave at a Holocaust memorial, but as a general rule, visitors should be respectful -and practicing parkour, doing gymnastics, juggling and snapping selfies are all examples of disrespectful behavior. Unfortunately, Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe by architect Peter Eisenman is constantly filled with tourists taking selfies, playing hide and go seek, and otherwise ignoring the somber nature of the site. Even EasyJet published an eight-page fashion editorial in their magazine that was shot in the memorial.

That's why Israeli artist Shahak Shapira started showing how ugly and inappropriate these acts are by Photoshopping people's tasteless Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Grindr photos into actual pictures of the Holocaust. The results are ugly and unpleasant, but they show exactly how callous the behavior of those in the images are. 

The project is called Yolocaust and Shapira made sure to include the number of likes each photo has to remind us that the people shooting the images aren't the only ones at fault.

Of course, those who find themselves on the page can get their images removed by emailing the highly appropriate address undouche.me@yolocaust.de. Meanwhile, you can see pictures of those tasteless people satired for their behavior on the Yolocaust website.

Via Tablet

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KFC Beijing is Introducing Facial Recognition Ordering

Are you afraid of future technologies using facial recognition software to track your every movement and action? Then you might want to avoid visiting a KFC in Beijing, where you the company has started to employ facial-recognition software to decide what you want to order. It's not as scary as it sounds though, the restaurant isn't really using full facial recognition. Instead, the software will identify the visitor's age and sex, as well as other factors like the weather and time of day to estimate what that customer will want to order. For example, a male customer in his 20s ordering in the afternoon on a warm day might want a popcorn chicken combo, while an older female in her 40s ordering in on a chilly morning want poridge (which they sell in Beijing).

Of course, that doesn't mean the technology won't help push forward the scary kind of facial recognition, so it might be best to avoid anyway.

Read more about the strange idea at The Guardian.

Via Travel and Leisure

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Sir Ian McKellen Knows How to Protest

(Image via Twitter)

The Women's Marches that took place across the globe yesterday weren't just attended by women. Sir Ian McKellen is an outspoken political activist who attended the march -and he had just the right sign for the occassion. His epic facepalm sums his feelings up exactly and invokes his geeky BFF Patrick Stewart. 

Via Metro

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A Photographer's Look Back at the 1980s Dancehall Scene

Ska and rocksteady started in Jamaica in the 1960s and eventually evolved into reggae, dub, dancehall and ragga. The evolution of the music was a natural result of the island's independence. By the 80s, djs would bring sound systems to local clubs so the masses could enjoy live, local music. 

Canadian photographer Beth Lesser continually travelled to the island to document the music scene of the 80s and even published a magazine called Reggae Quarterly.

Now you can take a look at some of her best images from the era over at Timeline.


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Let's Talk About Sleep, Baby

During a fight with my partner the other night, it occurred to me the other day that there are three types of sleepers: those who have to sleep with music or television on, those who can't sleep with music or television on, and those that don't care either way. And those that don't care either way seem to be able to fall asleep no matter what's going on.

For partners where one person who can't sleep with music or TV on and one person has to, bedtime can become tricky, so I want to know how you readers with the same problem deal with it. How do you compromise when one person can only do things one way and the other can only do things the other? And just for fun, answer our poll and we'll get a better idea of which sleeping habit is the most common.

Do you have to watch TV or listen to music when you go to sleep?

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Finally There's a College Course on Kanye West

Kanye 2020 by merimeaux

We all know Kanye is a genius, he's made that very clear to the rest of us. But up until now there has never been a chance to really study the most brilliant man in show business the way you might study Shakespeare or Picasso. Luckily, St. Louis's Washington University is here to correct that with their course "Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics."

Sure, some naysayers might criticize such a course offering, but aren't all geniuses misuderstood in their lifetime? Anyway, according to the course's professor, Dr. Jeffrey McCune, the course isn't really about Kanye himself anyway, but "good way to get students to connect issues of politics, race, gender, sexuality and culture.” It seems that as always, Kanye seems to be lagging behind in the progress Beyonce has already made -then again, I don't think she's ever actually been a professor. No word on when he plans on teaching a course on himself.

You can read more about the class, and the huge waiting list, on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Via Complex

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Escaped Bloodhound Runs Half Marathon; Comes in Seventh

Ludivine the bloodhound escaped her yard when she was let out to go to the bathroom. She then decided to join a half marathon, showing up at the starting line and ended up running all 13.1 miles and came in seventh in the rankings -and was the fastest female runner. Ludivine actually probably ran more than 13.1 miles as she took a few detours to sniff at dead animals in the area and play in the water.

While she wasn't considered a real participant in the event, the dog did get an official medal to celebrate her great running time. April Hamlin, the pup's owner, had no idea the dog ran off until after Ludivine came back a local celebrity. 

Read more about the story at CNN

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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New York Now Offers An All Cookie Dough Restaurant

Raw cookie dough is delicious, but the raw eggs can be dangerous and even leaves people in the hospital due to salmonella. Fortunately for cookie dough lovers, Kristen Tomlan has opened a restaurant named DO with specialized cookie dough that has pasturized egg products and heat-treated flour so it is completely safe to eat in large quantities. You can customize your dough, make your own baked cookie creations and the restaurant will even sell you an ice cream cone topped with a scoop of cookie dough.

Via Gothamist

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The Best Drinks at Disneyland

Disneyland itself may not sell alcohol, but their other properties in Anaheim do -and honestly, even the mocktails available at Disneyland are often superior to any drink at your local neighborhood bar. Travel and Leisure has compiled a full list of cocktails, mocktails and even sodas that you won't want to miss on your next visit. The beautiful drink above (as photographed by adambryan) is the Fun Wheel, which is on the secret drink menu at the Cove Bar in California Adventure. 

Prefer to stay a little more sober? Then check out the Pomegranate Pirhana Lemonade sold at the Bengal Barbecue (photographed here by terriblewendybird). Of course, the Boysen Apple Freeze and Doc's Grape Tonic also sound pretty inviting.

So check out the full list over at Travel and Leisure

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One Thing Trump Supporters and Protesters Can Agree On: Free Pot

There's been a lot of news about the inauguration this year and it mostly focused on how divided people are about a Trump presidency -he has tons of die-hard supporters, but also tons of die-hard critics. But one thing that brought people of all walks of life together at the inauguration yesterday was the promise of free weed for all. 

Pro-marijuana legalization group the DC Cannabis Coalition, also known as DCMJ, rolled 8,000 joints and gave them out to the public asking only that those recieving the goods be over 21 and have an ID to prove it. The group's aim was to bring attention to the plight of marijuana legalization (it is currently legal to have and share -though not to sell in DC) under the looming shadow of Trump's selected Attorney General, who is very outspoken about being anti-marijuana.

Read more about the giveaway at DCist

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This Shark Loves Cuddling

Generally speaking, marine animals don't like to be touched but that's not always the case. In fact, professional diver Rick Anderson has a close friendship with a Port Jackson shark that constantly seeks out his pets and belly scratches.

It all started when he started trying to show his diving students how friendly sharks can be by playing with one freshly hatched shark. From that point on, whenever Anderson dived in those waters, the shark would find him and seek cuddles and scratches. This has gone on for seven years, "it got to the point that if I didn’t notice her, she would come out and tap me on the legs until I held out my arms for a cuddle, often to the amazement of my students," he says.

Of course Rick encourages other divers to be respectful of wild animals,"they’ll let you know if they don’t want to be handled," he says, adding, "If you touch some of them, you can also wipe off their protective layers of skin." So please, don't go running around trying to pet under water animals just because this shark is adorable.

You can read more about the shark and Rick and see more pictures on Buzzfeed.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Most Deadly Path in England

(Image via Wikipedia)

Just off of the coast of Essex lies Foulness Island, which is home to the most deadly pathway in all of Britian. Known as the Broomway, the path travels several hundred yards off the coast stretching for three miles as it leads the walker through sand and mud flats that are washed clear by the sea twice a day every day.

At least 100 people have died on the Broomway, and those are only the recorded victims. Of those 100, only sixty six of the bodies were recovered and they have since been laid to rest in the small churchyard nearby.

Of course, the quickly rising tide is only one of the deadly threats to walkers on what Edwardian newspapers termed "The Doomway." While the path was marked by the locals who buried brooms in the mud long ago, hence the name "Broomway," in rain, mist or fog, the pathway can become dangerously disorienting with little to guide the walker along the path of shining sand. Even in good weather, a wrong step can leave you stuck in deep mud or quicksand. 

Of course, the path wasn't built just to be a deadly, scenic attraction. Until 1932, it was the only way to reach the Foulness Island from the mainland without a boat.

You can read more about the Broomway and a detailed account of walking the treacherous path in this BBC article.

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