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Gross Diseases You Can Catch in a Pool

There's nothing quite like cooling off in a nice pool on a hot summer day, but if that pool isn't clean, you can face all kinds of nasty diseases. And I'm not talking about a pool having enough chlorine, I'm talking about public pools where stranger's fecal matter contaminates every drop of water. 

Don't believe me? You may never want to enter the water again after you read about all the diseases you can catch in a pool. On the upside, most just result in some diarrhea. On the down side -diarrhea.

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Delightful Game of Thrones Cocktails

Are you ready to drink your way through Westeros? Then you'll want to check out the awesome Game of Thrones cocktails featured on Buzzfeed. The House Stark Martini above features tonic water, gin, lemon and sugar, ironically, its slogan is "Winter is Coming," but it screams "summertime." Personally, I'd like to sip down the House Tyrell, which is basil, mint, gin, sugar, lime and tonic water. 

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Stupid "Smart" Products No One Needs

These days, inventors are constantly rushing out to make their products work with smartphone apps, but not every product needs these modern innovations. In fact, sometimes "smart" products are just plain stupid

Have you ever wanted a toothbrush that links up to your smartphone, for example? How about an egg carton that texts you when you're out of eggs? Perhaps the most invasive? A monitor that tells you via Bluetooth when your tampon is full.

Three words here: Do. Not. Want.

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The Weirdest Japanese Games Ever

Whenever you see an article about weird video games, you'll almost always notice that at least half of them seem to be made in Japan. Sure that's in part because Japan makes more video games than most countries, but it's also because the country just loves strange games in general.

That's why it only makes sense to write an article about the strangest video games in Japan. Surprisingly, they didn't include my personal favorite, Hatoful Boyfriend (which we included on our list of strangest games), which imagines your life in a posh prep school where all the students (except you) are pigeons, but don't worry because there are plenty of equally strange games on the list including the urine-targeting game pictured above.

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If Nic Cage Starred As Every Character in Game of Thrones

We all know that Nicolas Cage is by far the greatest actor to ever grace the silver screen, so if anyone could handle playing every single character on Game of Thrones, it would be him. Thanks to Reddit user CarlosDanger100, now we can at least imagine the world's greatest actor in one of the greatest fantasy dramas ever written.

Via Geek Girls

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A Donald Trump Cat Scratcher for Your Political Kitty

I'm sure some people would think this Donald Trump cat scratcher is a great way to connect your feline to the man destined to "make America great again," while others think it's a great way to teach their cat to attack the greatest threat to America since George Wallace. Either way, it's pretty cool that you can now indoctrinate your kitty in such a clever way -though personally I'd never let this thing through my front door. 

This silly scratcher is one of 15 cool cat scratching toys featured on PetsLady, which also features the fun kitty turn table previously featured on Neatorama.

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Tacos Save Man's Life

We all know that tacos are delicious. Some people love tacos so much they'll commit crimes to get them, but up until now no one knew that tacos can actually save lives. In Mexico City though, police actually saved a suicidal man's life by promising to buy him tacos. Supposedly the man was lonely, drunk and depressed, but it sounds to me like he was pretty rational if he was able to recognize that tacos are worth living for.

Image via Marcos Metropolis

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Clams Coming to the Surface of Sand Look Creepy

Oh look, a nice sandy beach. What a perfect place to take a nice relaxing walk. Wait, what's happening. Oh God. It's a swarm of previously unseen rocks with mouths.

(Video Link)

Seriously, clams coming up to feed look pretty horrifying, but hey, at least they're delicious. Mmmmm... I think I'm going to get a big pan of clams and some wine now.

Via Digg

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Hodor Is Ready to Hold Your Door With These Inevitable Doorstops

Without saying anything that will give away too many spoilers (as if the internet in general hasn't), those up to date on Game of Thrones know why Hodor is essentially the world's largest doorstop. If you wish you had your own Hodor to hold your door, you're in luck because there are all kinds of them out there these days. Etsy has an ever-growing page of listings -including the 3D printed one pictured above, and a recent Kickstarter featured on Nerd Approved already raised $84,000 for a particularly impressive design.

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The Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth

There's nothing like seeing a building, city or shipyard returning to the earth to remind us just how fragile our control over nature really is. Travel and Leisure rounded up some of the creepiest abandoned places on Earth and the collection is as intriguing as it is chilling.

Many of the stories in the article are just as haunting, like the tale of Bhangarh, India, which was abandoned overnight after someone cursed the entire city with death. Even now, visitors are forbiddden from staying after dark. 

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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The Weirdest Food Items You Can Buy on Amazon

They say that when you shop hungry, you're liable to buy all kinds of weird foods you would normally never eat. That must be the reason that most of these 24 strangest food items on Amazon even exist because otherwise I can't imagine a day where I'd want canned haggis, a dehydrated tarantula or bacon lube. But there are a few items on there that only make sense -like a whole bag of dehydrated cereal marshmallows like the ones you find in Lucky Charms. I think I could survive on those for at least a whole day.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The World's Oldest Businesses

When you visit a business that's been around for a long time, you usually can make at least some assumptions about it -like the fact that it's reputable. But for us Americans, a business being around "a long time" means nothing compared to what it means in Europe or Asia. 

Over on Top Tenz, you can learn about some seriously old businesses, including the oldest pubs (which has been around in Ireland since about 900 AD) and the oldest hotel (which has been in Japan since 705 AD).

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Color the Owls, Pies and Lodges in the Twin Peaks Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are becoming all the rage, but some of us find abstract geometrical patterns to be a little bland. If you want to color something you love, why not go a little geeky and head over to Etsy? At estellemorrisshop, you can find Twin Peaks coloring books to color to your little murderous, oddball heart out. Of course, if you prefer paper dolls, she has those for sale as well only these adult toys feature Romeo and Juliet and Ghost World.

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Donuts on Top of Donuts on Top of Other Donuts: Donutception

What's better than a dozen donuts? How about a donut with a dozen donnuts on it? It's a baker's dozen donuts all in one sweet treat. The brilliant "Inception Donut” was created at The Cinnamon Snail in NYC. It's particularly fitting that it's served in New York City because that means you can get a donut on top of a donut on top of another donut before getting a pizza on top of pizza served inside some pizza.

Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Newborn Octopuses Are As Strange and Wonderful As You Might Imagine

(Video Link)

Like many people on the internet, we here at Neatorama love octopuses. They are beautiful, intelligent and utterly strange creatures -and now you can see them as newborn babies -and as newborn as they get, considering that the video actually shows them leaving the egg. The life of an octopus isn't easy and most species die shortly after mating, but it's all worth it just to give this next generation a fair start on life.

Via Atlas Obscura

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Check Out These Awesome Pop Culture Crochet Dolls

There are a lot of amigurumi (crocheted dolls) on Etsy, but while you can probably find dozens of Batman dolls, I don't think I've ever seen a Big Lebowski doll, or the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

And that's why I'm totally in love with Hooked Hands' Etsy shop. She also has dolls from Daria, Mad Max, Moonrise Kingdom and even one of Eazy E. Of course, if you have something even more off-the-radar, she does state that she makes custom commissions as well.

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The T-Rex Costume Taking Over the Internet

Move over horse head masks and cat videos, there's a new player on the scene -stupid videos and gifs starring a now legendary inflatable t-rex costume. The costume was released at the same as Jurassic World and has quickly garnered a legion of fans, including a whole sub-Reddit dedicated to the sweet suit.

(Video Link)

The Daily Dot was nice enough to put together a collection of some of the best t-rex costume moments and to include a link to the Amazon page where you can buy the suit and see even more absurd images of the dino in action.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Finding Nemo in Emojis

(Video Link)

Some people love emojis and can't live without them. Others feel they're a terrible way to communicate and that the world was a lot better off before people started talking in pictograms. No matter what side of the emoji debate you stand on though you'll probably enjoy this delightful Disney animation that retells the story of Finding Nemo completely in emojis. Even if you can't figure out what they heck "Smiley heart peach kisses" means, you can almost certainly follow this simple and adorable story.

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8 Fun Facts About the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood

A few months ago, Universal Studios Hollywood opened their version of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, similar to the one in Orlando. I was lucky enough to visit a week ago and here are some awesome trivia bits I learned about the park partnered with some pictures I took there.

Hogwarts Seems Huge

Like the castles at Disney parks, Hogwarts is the main focal point of the attraction. To make it look particularly huge and impressive despite the fact that it's built at a quarter scale to what the "real" Hogwarts would be, the building takes advantage of forced perspective.

You Can Find Authentic Details at Every Turn

The winged birds at Hogwart's entrance are made from the same molds as the ones in the movie. The sweaters sold in the gift shop are made by the same company that produced the ones from the films. The broomsticks in the Three Broomsticks are made by the same team that made the ones for the films. It's kind of amazing how much effort they went into recreating the feeling of the films' settings.

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Can You Spot The Trump In This Pile of Tribbles?

What more is there to say about this glorious image other than the fact that Mental Floss just proved Donald Trump apparently has been a tribble this whole time?

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10 Awesome Owl Items on Etsy

Owls are amazing creatures both in reality and in myth. They're even a symbol of wisdom. If you're among the many people in the world who are obsessed with owls, you won't want to miss these awesome Etsy finds.

Barn Owl Ring

By ElinaGleizer

Nesting Owl Dolls

By craftsec

Curious Owl Painting

By MirzoevaArtBoutique

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Man's Penis Bit By Snake In Toilet

Talk about a buttload of nope, a man in Thailand was sitting down to use the restroom when a snake suddenly jumped up and bit his penis. That's right, the python climbed up through the toilet and latched its fangs into his man parts. 

Amazingly, both the man and the snake turned out ok, but the entire toilet had to be dismantled to get the lengthy animal free.

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This Star Wars Pug-Crawl is the Cutest Geek Dog Fest Ever

Only in Portland would a pub-crawl involve dressing pugs up as Star Wars characters and parading them down the street -and if that's what it means to keep Portland weird, I'm all in.

The event was well documented on Twitter and Fashionably Geek rounded up a few of the best costumes from the parade, including this amazing Bespin Cloud City pug that was apparently totally cool with being carried on his owner's shoulders all day.

A few owners even got in on the fun, like this Jabba the Hut partnered with his precious Salacious Crumb pup.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Canada's Most Notorious Crow Steals Police Evidence

When Vancouver police shot a man weilding a knife at them, they probably thought the strangest part of the ordeal was over -but that was before a crow flew down and stole the knife from the crime scene. Police had to chase the bird 20 feet before it dropped the knife, only for it to return to the crime scene where it attempted to steal glasses and equipment of a news crew trying to cover the story.

It's believed the crow is the legendary Canuck of Vancouver, as he not only wears the same red identifcaton band, but is famous in the city for exactly this kind of pesty behavoir, as well as taking rides on the city's Sky Train. In fact, he's even stolen knives before as evidenced by the image above (the non-meme version can be found on the bird's Facebook here).

On a side note, Canuck is not the only bird to steal knives as i09 demonstrated back in 2012, which leaves me with a new phobia -being stabbed by a knife dropped by a bird flying above me. It could happen.

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Baby Gordon Ramsay

I think I found the new host for Master Chef Junior. 

Claire Dempster posted this adorable picture of her mini-chef on her Twitter account asking Gordon Ramsay if he happened to have been in Wales within the last ten months or so. Best of all, Ramsay himself replied stating that yes, he was actually there about 11 months ago.

Sure, it could just be a coincidence, but with an uncanny resemblance like that, I smell a conspiracy.

Via Thrillist

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Delightful and Brilliant Food Inventions to Look Forward to

We love ice cream, but it melts to easily and it could look more impressive. Guest of a Guest has a great list of futuristic food creations and while they're all pretty impressive, the idea of ice cream that doesn't melt is all too exciting -and glow in the dark ice cream is simply a delightful idea. Then again, fat-burning pizza is pretty promising too.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Reviews of Some of the World's Weirdest Beers

If you're into craft beers, then you know there are a lot of seriously weird beers out there. The thing is, some of those brews are actually amazing, while others are just plain nasty. Bon Appetit recently went ahead and taste tested some of the most bizarre brews on the market -from the one made with yeast out of the brewer's beard to the one made with a sheep dung-smoked whale testicle. They give you a good idea of which of these beers are actually good and which are just gimmicks -though each of these companies almost certainly has die-hard fans who will defend their brand until they die, so don't be surprised if you hear someone disagree entirely.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Best Apps to Use While on the Toilet

Some people still prefer to read magazines, books and newspapers while passing the time on the John, but for those who prefer something a little more technologically advanced, it's all about playing on your cell phone or tablet. The only problem is that some apps take too much time or require too much effort for typical bathroom sessions. If you're looking for the right app to use while you're going #2, this list is a lifesaver (you may even bookmark it so you can just download the apps while in the can). The ideas include everything from reading material to games and even sites to help you improve your movie streaming suggestions.

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The Cone of Shame Has Never Been So Stylish

I'm not sure if this cat is a hipster or if it's his owner, but I am sure that this handlebar meowstache has certainly made the Cone of Shame a lot more entertaing. Redditor Lexsi04 says that after her friend's cat went through surgery, they decided to have a little fun -and I'm glad they decided to share their fun with the world.

Via PetsLady

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Get With The Newest Fitness Trend: Sexercise!

You don't have to be in great shape to have sex, but it helps. Not to mention, the naughty activity itself burns calories and it can actually help you stay in shape. A new trend in fitness is actually taking advantage of that fact by encouraging partners to work out while hooking up. From Pornhub's new "Bangfit" app to actual exercise classes in a Crunch Fitness, sexercise is the new way to get in shape as you actually enjoy working out.

And while all the activities benefit with the assistance of a partner, sexercise offers plenty of ways to work out while solo as well. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to hump your way thin?

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