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Vintage, Colorized Photos of the Greatest Show on Earth

Come this May, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus will be folding up their tents for good, closing after 146 years on the road. Now you can enjoy the colorful history of the Greatest Show on Earth thanks to the Illinois State University's Milner Library. 

The school has spent ample time and money to preserve the history of the circus through digitizing thousands of posters, photographs, circus route books and Kodachrome slides.

While the glory days of the circus may have ended, it's legacy will live on for years to come. 

You can see the pictures for yourself on the Milner Library website, where you can casually browse or search for specific images based on location, performer, circus and more.

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

The Ultimate Bagel Troll

This bagel seems created only to infuriate those who lay eyes on it. Creator Mike Bibgy's caption further proves that it is designed solely to troll people: "Ahh the classic baggel! RT if u love 2 eat bangles!"

Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Animals With the Strangest Hearts

Biology, in general, is an amazingly strange and complicated thing, but it's certainly more bizarre in some animals than others. And while the science that keeps our hearts beating is already pretty impressive, the science behind the animal hearts in this Atlas Obscura article is truly odd.

For example, did you know cuttlefish have three hearts and blue blood? Or that while diving, the hearts of emperor penguins slows down and blood flow cuts off to all but the most important organs so they can dive without getting the bends? Perhaps most shockingly, the wood frog can stop its heart from beating entirely during the winter when almost all of the water in their bodies freezes solid?

Learn more about these fascinating animals and their hearts over on Atlas Obscura.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Most Incredible Medieval Castles in the World

Even if you never dreamed of being a prince or princess as a kid, it's hard to deny that there's still something incredibly romantic about a castle -particularly those from medieval times.

Whether you dream of visiting castles across the globe one day or just like to look at pictures of places that look like they fell out of a fairy tale, this Travel and Leisure article featuring some of the most incredible medieval castles still standing is something you just shouldn't miss.

So don't miss your chance to see the height of medieval architecture by clicking here.

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Rhea the Naked Birdie Proves Bald is Beautiful

Birds have feathers -except when they lose them for one reason or another. Sweet Rhea the Naked Birdie suffers from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, which leaves her completely without feathers.

But what she lacks in fluff she makes up for in attitude -and this little birdie has personality to spare. 

Her daily adventures and adorable outfits have made her quite the star on Instagram and she is even becoming an icon for the disabled as she proves that there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking a little different and getting around in an unusual manner.

She's also quite a sweater model and people from across the globe have sent her custom sweaters to help keep her warm and content. Rhea may well have the largest wardrobe of any bird on Earth!

You can keep up with her precious pictures on Instagram.

Via PetsLady

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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You Can Get Married At Taco Bell's Wedding Chapel

"Going to the chapel and we're gonna eat chalupaaaaas" -I guess that's how the new song is going to go now that Taco Bell's new Las Vegas location is offering a full service wedding package. Starting in the summer, people can order a $600 wedding bundle right off the menu that will include a ceremony on the restaurant's second floor which can accommodate up to 15 guests. The package comes with branded merch like champagne glasses, tees, a bow tie, a garter belt and a bouquet made from hot sauce packets. And, of course, they'll cater the affair with a 12 pack of tacos and a Cinnabon Delights cake.

I guess that's one way to think outside the bun.

Via Eater

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Dog Was Abandoned at a Gas Station And He's Now the Cutest Employee

Two years ago a gas station in Brazil was just about to be opened when the owners found a dog wandering around that had been abandoned by its former owner and was afraid to leave. Rather than adopt him as a personal pet, they decided to make him the official station mascot. 

Now Negão a favorite employee at the station and he even has his own nametag. Employees take him on walks multiple times a day and the 24 hour station always has plenty of friendly visitors to come in and give Negão the loving pets he deserves. 

"Negão waits for people to arrive, and then goes up to say hello, winning them over with his charms," the owner says. "Customers love him. Some people even bring him toys." He's even the face of a new movement in Brazil that aims to get businesses to help take in some of the strays out of the area because there are too many dogs and not enough homes.

Read more about the cutest gas station employee around over at The Dodo.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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You Can Send Your Sweetie a Marijuana Bouquet This Valentine's Day

Marijuana's smokable "buds" are ultimately just flowers, so if your sweetie likes to smoke flowers, he or she might prefer a marijuana bouquet over a more traditional dozen roses. Unfortunately, they're only available in Los Angeles, can only be delivered to those with medical marijuana cards and (unsurprisingly) are a bit expensive at $400 -although that does include a whole ounce of cannabis, so the price is a bit reasonable. They also may be sold out since the bouquets were part of a limited run of 500. The flowers are a hybrid blend of sativa/indica ready to smoke on arrival.

If they are still available, you can place your order on the Lowell Herb Co. website.

Via UpOut

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Real Life Places That Inspired Disney Attractions

It shouldn't be too surprising that Disney's Matterhorn is based on the Matterhorn in Switzerland, but you might be surprised to see just how many real life locations the company has used as inspiration on their rides and attractions.

From Utah's Bryce Canyon (the inspiration for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) to New Orlean's Jackson Square (which inspired its own section inside Disneyland park), it's amazing to see how many places you've never been to look oddly familiar thanks to Disney.

So check out Travel and Leisure's list of 30 real-life locations that inspired Disney attractions here.

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Passive Aggressive Neighbor Shuns Girl for "Smoking a Cigar" That Turns Out to be a Taquito

Few things are more obnoxious than a nosy neighbor -especially when that neighbor passively aggressively tells you not to smoke cigars when you could be viewed by children. Even when the person in question is a juvenile and it would be illegal for them to smoke cigars (or marijuana, which it seems like the neighbor is actually hinting at), it's not the business of their neighbor.

That passive aggressiveness is particularly terrible when the "cigar" in question is actually a taquito. Surprisingly, the teen, Sarah Holder, actually holds no ill will towards her meddlesome neighbor, but instead said “I feel bad because in my opinion [my neighbour] is crazy nice and I get where she’s coming from." 

Well, at least some people don't get so annoyed by their neighbor's nosiness. Buzzfeed promises to keep the world updated if the neighbor actually responds.

Via Some eCards

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Romantic Islands on Earth

There's just something romantic about an island excursion, so when you compile a list of the most romatic islands on Earth, you can be pretty sure that they're some of the best couple's destinations around.

The list was based on reader votes from Travel and Leisure and features islands from across the globe that all have one thing in common -pristine waters that are perfect for skinny dip. The islands are great places to propose, rekindle romance and fall in love for the first time. 

So don't miss the full list here.

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The Best Movie Fight Scenes This Century

(Video Link)

Seventeen years doesn't seem like that long of a time, but when you look at this list of the best movie fight scenes from the 21st Century, you might find yourself surprised that certain movies were even released this century. Some of the great movies you'd expect are on the list -like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- and there are some surprises on there that did have a great fight -like Anchorman. I'll leave the #1 spot as a surprise for you though.

So check out the full list over at Collider

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This Airline Wants to Help You Join the Mile High Club

(Image: Otto's Flight Academy)

Have you ever wanted to join the mile high club? Doing so usually requires you to break the law, but now you can do it in a completely legal way. Of course, you have to give up the thrill of doing it in a tiny bathroom with dozens of people standing right outside since the plane is private, but you do get the even more weirdly intimate thrilll of getting freaky with only a curtain dividing you and the pilots -so that's a fun trade off.

You can book your "romantic adventure" on the Flamingo Air website.

Via Travel & Leisure

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This is What it Looks Like When People Rap on Helium

(Video Link)

Most people who inhale helium talk for a few seconds, laugh and then get over it, but rapper Mac Lethal (previously featured) decided to do something a little more productive and entertaining with his helium use. This rap is pretty impressive and incredibly fast. There might be some NSFW language, but if there is, I couldn't tell with the speed and high pitch of his voice. 

Via Incredible Things

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The Best Romantic Movie From the Year You Were Born

Romantic movies have been made as long as they've been making movies. From cheesy chick flicks to epic love stories, this Good Housekeeping article features the best romantic movie from each year since 1930 so you can identify the best one from your birth year. For me it's Terms of Endearment, which I admit, I've never seen. How about you guys, what's the movie from your birth year, and did you like it?

See the whole list here.

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Idris Elba Gets Dating Advice From Kids

(Video Link)

Idris Elba is helping to raise money for the W.E. Can Lead charity by giving donors a chance to win a Valentine's dinner with him. To promote the contest, he starred in this adorable video where children tell him what makes a good Valentine's Day date. As always, the kids' answers are simply adorable -and you can finally learn whether you should be a bad boy or a good boy, or whether you should or shouldn't eat beans on your date.

Via Incredible Things

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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This Otter is Quite a Polite Eater (For the Most Part)

(Video Link)

There's no doubt that otters are adorable, but who knew they could eat at a table like civilized people as well? Or at least he does... until he just gets tired of it and then he goes back to laying and munching. Ultimately, this otter is all of us, playing our part to be "polite" until we get home alone and take off our pants so we can eat a tub of ice cream while sprawled out on the couch.

Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Victorian Era Vinegar Valentine's Day Cards

These days Valentine's Day cards are exclusively positive things, even if they're just between friends. But back before we ghosted and unfriended people, the Victorians had a special kind of card for people to say exactly how little they though of someone. 

The cards were incredibly popular once though we never see such nasty messages these days, but not everyone was a fan even back then. At one point 25,000 vinegar Valentine's were held in a Chicago post office because they were considered unfit to send. 

Read more about these nasty notes at Atlas Obscura

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Complete Strangers Recreate the Pasta Scene From Lady and The Tramp

(Video Link)

Lady and the Tramp's pasta scene is one of the most classic scenes in animation history. But while it's cute to see dogs roll meatballs with their noses and suck on a string of pasta, it's kind of weird (and hilarious) to see humans do the exact same thing. It's even funnier when those humans are total strangers who are trying to be polite and not creep each other out while still trying to slurp a noodle together. It's surprising how hard it is to find a shared noodle without breaking it, but then that's exactly what makes this video so fun.

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Amazing Pictures of America's National Parks

We previously wrote about the most beautiful National Parks in every state, but that only allowed for one picture from each park. For those aching for more beauty in their life, this Distractify article features 24 more pictures that remind us just how incredible the Park System is. 

While every state may not be represented and some parks are even photographed more than once, each image is simply stunning.

So don't miss the full list over on Distractify.

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A Cocktail for Every Zodiac Sign

The Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas believes that some people are inclined towards certain cocktails based on their zodiac signs. That's why they've developed a whole cocktail menu based on the signs of their customers -like the lover's potion for Aquariuses and the werly cup for Geminis below.

They were nice enough to share the recipes on Travel and Leisure, so if you want a cocktail based on your birthdate, don't miss the full list.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Best Comic-Based TV Shows (So Far)

There have been comic book tv shows since the 1960s, but there's never been more than there are now. So which ones are worth watching? Depending on who you ask, all of them or none of them. And no one really agrees on which ones are the best. But if you're the debating type, you'll want to check out this list on Complex ranking 20 of the best comic book TV shows. Personally, I think Agent Carter and Luke Cage should be way higher on the list -but then, by next year there will probably 20 more shows that can be ranked on a list like this.

So check out the full list over at Complex and feel free to argue your favorite show's case here.

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Sloths' Voices Are Just As Cute As Their Faces

(Video Link)

Sloths are fascinating creatures that are adored by the public. Strangely though we still know very little about them -both scientists and the public. Here's one more thing you might not know about the cute little critters: they make absolutely adorable sounds. Just listen to these little guys speak!

Via Mental Floss

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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How to De-Politicize Your Facebook Feed

Are you tired of seeing posts about Trump and congress in your Facebook feed every day? Do you miss seeing cat videos and videos of your friend's babies? Don't worry, you don't need to ditch the social network all together, just check out this CBS article. Aside from the obvious "hide posts" or "unfollow" options most people already know about, there are also a few add-ons available, most notably Remove All Politics from Facebook and Social Fixer. While not mentioned in the CBS article, there's also Make America Kittens Again which will turn all pictures associated with articles that have the name Trump in them show up as kittens -and everyone loves kittens.

Via Mental Floss

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The Most Romantic Destinations in Each State

Traveling with your family, friends or even by yourself is pretty great, but there is really something special about traveling with your partner. If you're going to travel with the one you love (especially near Valentine's Day), you might as well go somewhere romantic.

For those seeking a romantic destination to visit this month, this Travel and Leisure article featuring the most romantic location in each state is a great place to start planning your vacation. Whether you want to go local or make a big romantic trip out of state, the article is filled with fantastic travel ideas.

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Make Your Bathroom Classy With This Boozy Toilet Paper Holder

There's something fun about his-and-her towels in a bathroom -but why should the concept stop there? Now you can really class up your bathroom with a his-and-her toilet paper holder designed to hold both wine and beer. It's also a great gift for those heavy drinkers who don't want to commit to either a can of beer or a glass of wine.

You can pick up this excellent Valentine's Day gift at SOLIDink3D's Etsy shop.

Via Incredible Things

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Things About America That Make No Sense to People in Other Countries

America's a big place and it's also kind of weird in some ways. TopTenz has collected ten strange things about the US that might actually seem normal to Americans, but seem very odd from an outsider's perspective. For example, beastiality is still legal in nine US states but premarital sex or co-habitating before marriage is still illegal in four states. Also, 30% of Americans would rather save money than get necessary medical treatment.

Perhaps most strangely, the American government has official advice for those who want to report Elvis sightings.

So check out the whole list at TopTenz.

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The Force is With These Tiny Star Wars Tattoos

(Image via patricktat2)

Big tattoos are great and all, but sometimes a small one is just as good. These Star Wars fans may not have big ink, but their love of the series is certainly unquestionable. 

(Image via dannifullyxo)

The small designs are a subtle way to fully align yourself with your favorite characters without having to announce to the world that you support the Light or Dark Side.

(Image via The Tattoo Gallery)

You can see a whole gallery of delightfully small Star Wars tattoos over at Pop Sugar.

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Van Gogh's Self Portrait in Embroidery

It takes an artist to truly replicate the skills of another artist and illustrator Ezgi Pamir offers evidence of that fact with her fascinating embroidery. She only embroiders outside of work hours, but her needlework is still increidble. 

See more of her embroidery (and her illustrations) on her Behance page.

Via Incredible Things

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Relax This Weekend -Watch This Corgi Wearing a Propeller Hat

(Video Link)

Life is stressful -especially right now. Some people are stressed about politics and some people are particularly eager to see their team win the Super Bowl. If you need to relax a little, this video is the way to go. What's better than a pup in a propeller hat just relaxing in the wind?

Via Incredible Things

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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