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Researchers Plan to Build 3D Model of Temple Destroyed by Isis

The Temple of Bel in Syria was an ancient structure built all the way back Mesopotamia. It managed to survive up until August of last year, when ISIS destroyed the building. Now as both a way to honor our history and as a method of resistance against the Islamic State, researchers from Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and Dubai’s Museum of the Future are working together to transform 2D images of the temple into a 3D model that will then be 3D printed and put on display in both London and New York. The replicas will be on display as part of UNESCO's World Herritage Week in April 2016 to remind people just how important the protection of our ancient structures is.

Via FlavorWire

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Erase Donald Trump from Your Internet With This Chrome Extension

Tired of hearing about Donald Trump? Whether you love or hate the man, there's no denying that there's just too much talk about him online right now. If you want to avoid the Trumping around the net, you can now install a Chrome extension named Trump Filter that will block all mention of the presidential candidate (presumably including this post ironically). 

Via The Hill

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Amazing Geek Dice Jewelry

Some girls wear their heart on their sleeve, but some geek gals like to wear their gaming accessories on their necks, wrists and ears. For those ladies, MageStudios has all the great geek jewelry you can bear to wear.

While their lady's jewelry is quite fantastic, don't feel too left out if you're a gentleman looking for a few dice accessories -the shop also sells cufflinks and other accessories like keychains

Via Geek Girls

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8 Kitchen Gadgets No One Actually Needs

There is something fun about getting a new kitchen tool, but the sad truth is that all too many of the kitchen gadgets available today are just pointless. For the most part, all you really need is a nice set of knives, a cutting board, some good mixing bowls and a few quality pans. 

What you don't need are a selection of specialized food slicers, a device designed just for cooking eggs in tube form or something specially created just to help you dip Oreos in milk. So check out the fulll list of useless kitchen tools at Homes and Hues: 8 Kitchen Gadgets No One Really Needs

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Delightfully Charming Krampus Christmas Illustrations

Santa is cool and all, but for those of us who like a little terror in our holidays, Krampus is the real star of the show. If you're dreaming of a dark Christmas, you'll surely want to check out the great vintage Krampus illustrations rounded up on Flavorwire.

Heck, you might even want to save the bookmark just in case you run across some particularly pesky children today and need to scare them into behaving. Maybe Krampus can help you have a more Merry Christmas this year.

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11 Crafty Christmas Gifts You Can Make Last Minute

Don't want to fight the crowds at the mall but still need to get a few last minute gifts for the people on your list? Well, you can always try making something for the people on your list. Over on Homes and Hues, we rounded up some great gift ideas you can make at home for little money and with minimal time. 

From spa goodies to sweets and from ornaments to custom posters, we have all kinds of great ideas for you to create what you need for the special people in your life.

So don't miss the whole list over at Homes and Hues: 11 Last Minute Crafts You That Make Great DIY Christmas Gifts

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Celebrate Christmas With the Soothing Sounds of Screaming Goats

(Spotify Link)

If there's one thing anyone who has ever worked in retail during the holidays can agree on, it's that they just can't handle listening to another sugary-sweet, cheesy Christmas carol. That being said, I think most people can agree on the brilliance of these classic Christmas carols made completely new again with the angelic soothing sounds of singing goats.

Finally you can re-embrace the beauty of these classic, but over-performed Christmas tunes.

Via The Daily Dog

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Weirdest Urban Legends About Walt Disney

We at Neatorama are big fans of Walt Disney and his magical creations, but even as fans, it's easy to get swept away with some of the urban legends built around the man. Even if you're familiar with the one about Walt's body (or even just his disembodied head) being cryogenically frozen, you probably still haven't heard some of the great urban legends. For example, the one about Walt leaving his fortune to the first pregnant man is new to me, as is the idea that he chose seven dwarves to accompany Snow White to represent the seven stages of cocaine addiction.

Review the rest of these crazy myths over on Flavorwire

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Doug the Pug Reveals the Beauty of Pugavision

(Video Link)

Doug the Pug is always charming no matter what crazy hijinx he's up to, but if you're a TV-aholic, you're really going to get a kick out of his recent television intro parody. The video is surprisingly long, giving you access to all kinds of famous television show intros -so there's surely some from shows you actually love. Even if you hate all the shows though, seeing Doug and his friends goof around in adorable wigs makes the whole thing worth while. 

If only there was an app to make all my shows better with Pugavision.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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8 Fun Alternative Christmas Trees

There's somethig delightful about a beautiful Christmas tree, but not everyone has the space, time or money to commit to a traditional tree whether artificial or real. For those looking for something a little different this year, we rounded up some of the greatest and most fun alternatives to the traditional pine look.

Some of the trees can be made at home, some need to be purchased online and some are simple things you probably already have at home. So if you're looking to ditch the pine tree this Christmas, don't miss this great Homes and Hues list: 8 Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

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Van Orton Design's Amazing Psychedelic Movie Posters

Love cult classics? Then you'll love these delightful, 70s-inspired artworks by Van Orton Design. While the movies portrayed date all the way from the 70s to the last decade, the style seems incredibly fitting for any cult film no matter what the decade.

Few of the artworks have any titles on them, but recognizing them is a great way to test your own film knowledge.

Via Flavorwire

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8 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Winter can make our homes seem dark and oppressive but if you don't want to deal with a drab, cold-looking house, there are some things you can do. Over at Homes and Hues, we rounded up some great ways to make your home brighter. Most of the tips are even insanely simple -from cleaning your windows and light fixtures to adding some plants and mirrors, it can't be easier to brighten things up at home.

Don't miss the full list over at Homes and Hues: 8 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

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Pre-Fame Roles of Celebrities

We've all watched an older movie and had that moment of "OMG, I didn't realize so-and-so was in that." That's why I love this great Flavorwire article featuring 50 actors in some of their early, pre-fame movie roles. From Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous to Laurence Fishburne in Apocalypse Now, it's funny how many stars are in big-name movies without actually being remembered for those roles. Of course, even those that you remember in those roles are fun to remember.

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Thank You For Wearing A Friend

If you love Golden Girls, you might be disappointed with the amount of licensed merchandise put out by the network that owns the rights to the show. Not to worry though, there are plenty of fun Golden Girls products available on Etsy. In particular, you can actually buy these Golden Girls panties from Etsy seller Bullets and Bees. And in case you're wondering, yes, the Blanche panties are crotchless.

If you don't like Golden Girls though, don't worry, there are plenty of other options available, including Ryan Gosling, Bob Ross, Bernie Sanders and Alf.

Via Mental Floss

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Adopt A New Best Friend This Black Friday For Free

While many people will be out fist fighting over the best discount sweaters, you can meet a new best friend and take him or her home for free. That's because Zappos.com is partnering with a national animal rescue program called Best Friend Animal Sanctuary and the rescue's network partners to offer free animal adoption on Black Friday. Aside from Zappos covering the adoption fee, the company will also be donating an additional $150 to the rescue for every animal adopted to help other furry friends that don't get new homes that day. 

Even if you can't get to one of the rescues in your area, you can adopt a dog or cat from the rescue's Utah location, where they will help transfer any pet at the shelter to your location in any of the 50 states.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Pinterest Tricks That Don't Actually Work

Pinterest fans know the site is loaded with helpful tricks and tips, but just because a social media site recommends something doesn't mean it's the miraculous life hack it's cracked up to be. Over on Homes and Hues, we rounded up some of the most totally untrue Pinterest hacks being spread around the net.

From using Mountain Dew to create a glowing light to "miracle" pan cleaners, these "hacks" are really duds. So what other tips are bogus? Find out at Homes and Hues: Don't Try This At Home -7 Terrible Pinterest Hacks

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I Want to Believe In This X Files Merchandise

Every major pop culture phenomenon ends up having some strange official merchandise, but the stuff that truly resonnates with fans ends up having some even more bizarre unofficial merchandise, much of which is available for sale on Etsy. 

That's particularly true when it comes to The X-Files. In fact, Flavorwire did a quick roundup of some of the strangest X-Files merchandise available on the crafting site and it really does come in all varieties of strange and wonderful creations -from the Saint Mulder candle above to the punk rock jacket below.

Of course, if you prefer your fun merchandise in fun t-shirt form, we have plenty of great X-Files tees available in the NeatoShop.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: A Custom Potato

Looking for something truly special to impress your loved ones this holiday? How about sending a custom message on a potato to his or her address thanks to the wizards of Annonymous Potato. Best of all, the gift, which is already great value of $13, is available on Groupon for 50% off! So now you can send a heartfelt potato for only $6.50 (plus shipping and handling). Who could afford to pass up such a great offer? And, since it stays anonymous, it makes a perfect present for Secret Santa.

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Thanksgiving Dog Wishes You A Happy Turkey Day

What more is there to say about this picture than hey, it's freaking adorable and perfectly seasonal. You can also buy a version of it on a card from Avanti Press if you want to send it to your loved ones. 

Via PetsLady

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Strangest Airbnb Rentals Ever

From dirt backyards to grounded boats, there are some strange Airbnb rentals out there. The gamut of listings on the site absolutely runs from good to bad, but there are strange things going on both sides.

There are some strange listings that even fall in between good and bad like the bookstore in Scotland you can pay to live and work in. From arranging worker scheduules to cashing out the register every night, you're in charge of the non-profit bookstore, which seems like an odd way to spend your vacation even if you always dreamed of owning a place like that.

Don't miss all the weird and wonderful rentals over at Homes and Hues: 11 of the Strangest (Both Good and Bad) Airbnb Listings

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9 Non-Edible Ways to Use Foods Around Your House

Ready to clean your house a little but don't want to buy any new cleaning products? Well, chances are you can still do have all the things you need at home already -just head into your kitchen and grab some of the foods listed in our newest Homes and Hues article showing you how to use foods for other household purposes.

From nuts to condiments, it's amazing just how functional our everyday foods are. So if you're ready to get your house clean while making yourself a little snack, don't miss this great new Homes and Hues article: 9 Surprising Household Uses for Everyday Foods

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Instructables Hosts A Spectacular Failures Contest

I love learning new things on Instructables, but I'm not a talented doer like the people making the tutorials. That being said, everyone has their failures, which is why the Instructables' Spectacular Failures Contest is so darn delightful. While the contest is still relatively new, the entries have already made me feel better about my own skills as a creator and it might just make you feel the same. And, of course, if you have any of your own epic fails documented, you can always enter it yourself.

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Oliver the Goldendoodle's Halloween Costumes

Eighties sitcom fans everywhere will know and love this absolutely adorable Halloween costume worn by Oliver the Goldendoodle -that's right, it's Alf, the lovable, cat-munching alien.

Oliver is a multi-talented guy though and he also has many interests, which is why he couldn't be limited to just one Halloween costume. Here he is as the adorable and always hilarliously unfunny Fozzie Bear.

You can see more of Oliver's delightful costumes and just revel in his overwhelming cuteness over at his Instagram

Via Buzzfeed

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Vote for the Best Horror Movie in this Horror Bracket

What's your favorite horror movie? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments, but if you'd like to vote against other horror fans you'll want to head over to The Daily Dot where you can help vote for the top horror film of all time. Since Halloween is almost here the bracket is almost closed, so you can help narrow things down between Shaun of the Dead, The Exorcist, The Shining and Alien. Which one will win? Only time will tell.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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8 Easy Last Minute Halloween Decorations

For those of us who wait all year for the spookiest of holidays, it's hard to believe that Halloween is finally almost upon us. But if you're a bit of a slacker and still haven't finished decorating, don't worry, there's still time.

In fact, there are some downright delightfully spooky additions you can make to your decor in no time. We even did you the favor of roundin up quite a few clever, quick a creepy ideas you can do today and tomorrow to make sure your home is ready for all the ghosts and ghouls visiting over the weekend. So don't miss the full article at Homes and Hues: 8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Horrible Halloween Costumes Available on Etsy

This "Walter White" mask is one part meth-dealer, one part Leather Face and one part just-plain-no. And it's only one of the many WTF costumes Flavorwire discovered are available for sale on Etsy this year.

While it might be a little too late to have an item delivered on this list to your house in time for Halloween (though I don't know why you would though) you can at least get the PDF instructions to make this terrible Lady Gaga lobster hat.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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17 Totally Over-The-Top Halloween Costumes

Last year we brought you some easy last minute costumes and this year we also had some ideas for simple DIY kid's costumes, but if you're looking for something a little more inspirational -even if it's only to awe at, we've got you covered there too.

Photo Strip

I'm willing to bet not many of you have seen someone pull off a costume like this. Brooklyn resident Serra used a lot of ingenuity to get this costume together, but the end effect was delightful and entirely unique.

Dragon Dog

This dragon dog is just about as epic as epic can get -he almost looks like he's ready to breathe fire.

Batman in the Batmobile

Wheelchairs often provide dedicated costume-makers with so much more to work with. Need proof? Just check out this amazing Batmobile that Connor's mother Karen made out of his wheel chair.

Hiccup and Toothless

For more proof of just how much a wheel chair can add to a costume, check out this amazing Toothless wheelchair created for little Hiccup by the non-profit Magic Wheelchair.

Cinderella in her Carriage

When a little one is of a certain age, sometimes you just don't want to take him or her trick or treating without a stroller -but it kind of ruins the effect of a Cinderella when you put your princess back in a modern-day stroller. That's why Danielle of La Port City, IA opted to turn her simple stroller into a magic coach fit for a princess.

Work Loader From Aliens

Continue reading
Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Little Oakley Did the Monster Mash

(Video Link)

When young animals are abandoned or rescued, many are often given stuffed animals as surrogate parents for warmth, comfort and companionship. Amazingly, the species that need this kind of comfort can range from bats to sloths to primates to even owls. Here's Oakley with his new cuddly friend that actually sings and dances to the Halloween classic, "The Monster Mash."

Via The Huffington Post 

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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17 Amazing Foods Perfect for Your Next Halloween Dinner Party

If you're planning to serve up a little more than Halloween candies this year, be sure to head over to Homes and Hues this week, where we've collected some of the grossest and most tasty Halloween-inspired treats from around the web.

Whether you like Chinese dumplings, brie wheels, meatloaf, brownies, Shirley Temples or Jell-O shots, there's sure to be something you'll enjoy the taste of -as long as you can get past its horrific appearance. 

We've got appetizers, sides, main courses, desserts and drinks so your dinner party menu will be well-rounded, so don't wait another minute to head over to Homes and Hues: 17 Great Food Ideas for Your Halloween Dinner Party

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Cool Vintage Photos of People Reading

There's nothing quite like a good book and that was especially true during the Great Depression where entertainment was short and disposable income was low. Seeing people read during those tough times provides both a look at their realities and their escapes from reality. 

These awesome photos, featured on Flavorwire, show just how important books, magazines and newspapers were to keeping up morale and just passing the time.

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