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50+ Fantastic Cosplay Photos From the 2016 San Diego Comic Con

Last week, Zeon Santos and I experienced the delightful, chaotic mobbing of geekery known as San Diego Comic Con. As always, some people went all out creating amazing costumes to celebrate their favorite movies, tv shows, comic books and video games, so as always, we took tons of pictures of those cosplays to share with you here at Neatorama. So here goes:

My personal favorite costumes this year were this Alien and his little brother, the Predator. These two couldn't have been more than 8 and 6, respectively, and the crowd loved them.

This incredible Xiall from Court of the Dead makeup was put together by Cig Neutron, a former Face Off contestant, and his talented model and partner, Rannie Rodil.

If you love costumes featuring stupid puns though, then perhaps you'd enjoy this group of "Slashers."

I got to see a real life barbarian this year, so that was pretty cool.

When it comes to beautifully detailed costumes, it's hard to beat this lion portrayed by Jo Skellington who even had sratches and scars carved into the fur on his body. Anyone know where he's from?

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What is Your Pet's Ice Age Ancestry?

We all wonder what our pet's non-domestic ancestors would look like, but what if you go a little bit further back -to the Ice Age, for example? Thanks to the famous film franchise, now you can actually help visualize what your fur baby would look like in the distant past (and learn which Ice Age character they most closely resemble. 

I went ahead and did my two pups on the site and as you can see, the results are pretty insightful as well as delightful. So check out your pet's pre-historic roots at AnimalAncestry.com.

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Share Your Love of Pizza With the World by Wearing it Around Your Neck

Hungry for some great style? Then don't miss this chic pizza necklace for sale on Etsy. It's the perfect way to say "I put my heart in pizza." Personally, I think it could use more delicious jeweled pepperonis, but I guess that's a matter of personal opinion and either way, it still looks delicious.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Baby's Harry Potter Photo Shoot Was Magical

It's hard to do a great photo shoot with a baby becacuse they will inevitably start crying or have an accident. That's why this Harry Potter photo shoot is so brilliant -its actually better if the baby cries. After all, have you ever seen a smiling mandrake? Of course, it doesn't hurt if the baby's big brother is there to look annoyed at having to wear ear muffs just to transplant a bothersome screaming plant.

Via Nerd Approved

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Snakes Can't Move on Fleece Apparently

(Video Link)

So who knew that fleece works as a treadmill for snakes? This python can't go anywhere as long as he wriggles along the blanket.

Via Digg

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You Might Be Happy to Get Pooped on By a Seagull This Summer

Or at least you might be happy to be pooped on by a seagull drone this summer because if you are it means that you just got sunscreened. The concept is a strange marketing move by Nivea, who intends to send these beauties out to beaches where they will target children not sporting sunscreen (a UV camera can tell which children aren't coated in it) so maybe there is something to the old idea that having a bird poop on you is good luck.

Via CNet

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The 50 Best Foods in Every Major American City

Whether you eat out all the time or your only go out on special occassions, life is too short for bad food. That's why we're loving this great Thrillist list that features most of the major cities in the US, each with their own link to the 50 best things to eat in that city. I can't vouch for all of their recommendations, but the ones listed for San Diego are pretty dead on. So Neatorama readers, how do their recommendations line up with your favorite places in your city?

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We're In Love With This Mustachioed Kitty Who Witnessed A Murder

Kyle is just your every day adorable, grumpy-looking mustchioed kitty with a few minor distinctions -for example, he witnessed a domestic violence murder and was even held in evidence by the police before being handed over to the local animal shelter.

Of course, like many other famous internet kitties, he has a few health issues that seem to make him even more adorable -he has only three teeth, a permanently crooked ear that is dirty all the time and causes his foot to get dirty from scratching it. He also has absurdly scraggly whiskers that seem to go in all directions all at once. 

And did I mention he looks fantastic in a hat?

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The Restaurant Built in a Waterfall

Chances are you never looked at a waterfall and thought "that's a place I wanna eat," but after looking at a few photos of the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philipines you might start feeling that way. This stunning restaurant lets dinners sit at the base of a waterfall and feel the water flow over their feet as they eat. You can even head over to the flow and let it run over you between bites.

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Seinfeld Recreated in Doom

Seinfeld is one of those beloved shows that even 20 years later, fans just won't just let it die. That being said, at least one fan of both Doom and Seinfeld found a way to make it die. Doomworld forum user Doug Keener wanted to combine two things he loves to make the ultimate Doom tribute to the show about nothing.

(Video Link)

Ultimately, the mod is really about nothing too -other than shooting all the characters from the show and listening to a few of their most famous lines before you plug them. If you're wondering why a fan of the show would want to shoot everyone on it, well, that's because it's also a tribute to Doom and you can't play the game without spilling some blood.

Via Polygon

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You Could Rule the Universe With This Infinity Gauntlet Bracelet

If you're a fan of fine geek jewelry, then you really should check out Etsy seller The Bee Hive, where you can get necklaces, bracelets and earrings all inspired by beloved geek franchises like The Avengers and Supernatural. We're particularly in awe of this charming Infinitiy Gauntlet handchain that could almost certainly help you take over the world, if not the multiverse itself.

Via Geek Girls

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Japan's Ghostbusters-Inspired Marshmallow Burger

I ain't afraid of no giant marshmallow -especially if it's served toasted with cookies and raspberry sauce. This messy-but-lovely "burger" monstrosity is available at Japan's J.S. Burger Cafe and is part of their new Ghostbusters-inspired line of snacks. Other strange treats include a black-bunned burger topped with anchovy and olive paste, black chili chips and a green kiwi smoothie with an appearance that might make Slimer cringe.

Via Eater

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Worst Television Cliffhangers From Cancelled TV Shows

Few things feel more frustrating than watching a show and getting all wrapped up in a cliffhanger season finale only to discover the program is cancelled and you'll never know what happens next. Looper has recently rounded up some of the most irritating cliffhangers in television history, including Mork and Mindy traveling to the past, Sliders possibly never being able to slide again and a baby left on Lois' doorstep in Lois and Clark. The article only includes 10 examples, but I'm sure you Neatorama readers could add in plenty more. So let's go, what show left you hanging only to never return?

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Sculptures Combining Directors With Their Most Popular Films

We've featured the artwork of Mike Leavitt before, but for geeks like us, it was impossible not to feature one of his newest lines, King Cuts. In this brilliant series, he combines famous directors with some of their most famous characters creating delightful and mildly disturbing beasts that we would love to display throughout the Neatorama offices. 

From Kubrik to Cameron and Hitchcock to Lynch, just about every legendary director is included in the series and the creations really do capture their unique visions in the most striking way possible.

Via Booooooom

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Finding Dory Isn't So Great for Our Fish Friends

The internet is abuzz with the release of Finding Dory today, and while many humans couldn't be happier about the film, wild blue tangs should be shivering in fear. You see, despite Finding Nemo showing that wild fish belong in the wild and not in fish tanks, sales of clownfish skyrocketed after the film's release. Marine biologists are expecting the same to happen with blue tangs now that Dory is leading her own film, but unlike clownfish, blue tangs can't reproduce in captivity. That means every single blue tang in someone's fish tank came from the wild. Even worse, since the fish live in coral reefs and there are no regulations about the capture of fish for aquariums, countless reefs have been damaged in the capture of wild fish and that number will only go up as blue tangs increase in popularity. 

So if you see Finding Dory and just have to own a Dory of your own, don't head to your local pet store, go to the local Disney Store instead and buy a toy version, which will be a lot more cuddly anyway.

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Game of Thrones Houses As Pokemon

Game of Thrones is hardly a children's show, but that doesn't mean it can't inspire adorable creations. In fact, artist Kaleb Leigh did a magnificent job translating the house sigils from the story into Pokemon, complete with their evolutionary processes.

They look cute, but I sure wouldn't let my kids collect them all or even watch the resulting battles. 

Via Nerd Approved

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10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

Everyone knows that lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are cute but dangerous, but there are a lot of critters out there that seem entirely harmless but are actually every bit as deadly as those previously mentioned beasts.

1. Squirrels

Squirrels are adorable little fuzzballs that just want to eat nuts and play all day right? Well, for the most part, yes. But there have been stories of rogue squirrels attacking people and pets. In Florida, a three year old boy was attacked by a squirrel and he had to be hospitalized after receiving nine bites. In California, an elderly couple was sent to the hospital after being scratched and bitten by a crazed squirrel that had previously attacked at least six other people. While no humans have been killed by squirrels (that we know of) but in Russia, eight of them worked together to kill a stray dog that was barking at them -according to the newspaper report, "they are said to have scampered off at the sight of humans, some carrying pieces of flesh." If that doesn't leave you with a whole new image of the fluffy-tailed rodents, I don't know what will.

Sources: Wesh, Daily Mail, BBC

Image Via Nathan Rupert [Fllickr]

2. Giant Anteaters

You probably wouldn't be intimidated just looking at one, but giant anteaters can defend themselves surprisingly well. The large mammals have powerful , sharp claws that they use to dig up termite hills. These claws can kill humans. When they feel threatened, the animals stand on their hind legs and extend their arms in what looks like a hug -but you do not want to take them up on a cuddle.

Source: Live Science

Image Via Allan Hopkins [Flickr]

3. Swans

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Surprising Celebrity Recording Artists

You probably know that Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp are actors who also perform in bands, but did you know Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, Leonard Nimoy, Scarlett Johansson, Mr. T andd Seth MacFarlane all have their own records? It's a little surprising how many celebrities have recorded albums and I imagine most of the records aren't exactly great either. 

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A Huge Collection of Harry Potter Facts Only Hardcore Fans Know

I love Harry Potter, but I wouldn't consider myself a superfan. Even so, I know a bit of trivia about the movies and books, but nowhere near the full 40 facts in this great Zimbio article. For example, did you know that of all magical abilities, J.K. Rowling would want the power of invisibility? Or that The Deathly Hallows was based on The Canterbury Tales by Geoffry Chaucer? If you think you know Harry Potter, you should absolutely check out the article and see how many of the trivia bits you already know.

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CatCon is Coming to LA in All Its Cuddly Goodness

If you're on the internet, chances are you see cat pictures every day. If you're one of the people who shares pictures of cats every day, you might want to find your way to CatConLA on June 25 and 26.

(Video Link)

This glorious celebration of all things cat features such major feline stars as Lil' Bub, Nala Cat and Pudge, as well as human-turned-cat star Julie Newmar, who played Cat Woman in the old Batman TV series. There will also be cat makeovers, manicures, a feline-inspired fashion show and a room escape game played from the point of view of a cat in a cardboard box. There's even a cat film festival in the evenings. And if you have space in your home for a new kitty friend, there will also be an adoption center on site.

If you can't make it, don't feel too bad because I'll be covering the event, taking lots of pictures to share with all of you Neatorama readers when I get back.

Via LAist

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Weirdest Festivals Around the US This Summer

Looking for something to do this summer? Tired of all the same old rehashed celebrations you do every year? Then you won't want to miss this great new Thrillist article with some of the strangest festivals you've ever heard of. From the Testicle Festival to the National Hobo Convention, there's a whole lot to do in these great United States for anyone open to something a little bit different. And who knows, you might meet someone cool, like my mom who attends the yearly Mooning of the Amtrack in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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Making Mochi is Scary

(Video Link)

If you're familiar with even the most basic Japanese dessert, you're probably familiar with mochi, the sticky, sweet cakes made from rice flour. What you probably don't know is that the most traditional way to make mochi is also horrendously dangerous -one person whacks the paste with a mallet while another person folds and mixes it with their hands. It's easy to see what could go wrong here, but that's precisely what makes it so fascinating to see the fastest mochi maker in the world smash and fold in record time. Watching him makes me want to flinch and my hands are nowhere near a giant wooden mallet.

Via Eater 

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Glory of the Washington D.C. Bark Ball

Prom is considered a right of passage for many human teenagers, but what about our obedience school students? Don't they deserve a night of fun frolicing in formal wear?

The Washington Washington Humane Society-Washington Area Rescue League thought so, which is why they've arranged a yearly Bark Ball for furry, formal-dressed youngsters. The black tie event celebrated its 29th year this Sunday at The Washington Hilton.

As is typical with these events, the female's stunning dresses and accessories really stole the show, but in this case, the apparel of the humans was largely overlooked in favor of the fashionable pups -except in rare cases where the human managed to wear a dress that matched their date.

Via Gothamist

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The Delightful 3D Artwork of Eric Ho

If you love corgis, you'll love the work of NYC artist Eric Ho, who makes absolutely amazing 3D printed designs like this amazing corgi bottle opener.

Or this adorkable Thorgi. His Shapeways page is filled with corgi-centric creations that you can buy, as well as other great geeky creations and a few fun Frenchie and pug designs as well. 

If you like cats more than pooches though, he also has a few meme cats including heavy breathing cat and Bane cat.

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The Six Month Old Water Skier

Some people (me, for example) couldn't water ski if their life depended on it, but it seems like some people were just born into it. Well, that's certainly true in the case of Zyla St. Onge, who may hold the world record for the world's youngest water skier. 

(Video Link)

That's right, at only six months of age, Zyla can't yet walk, but she can water ski like no one's business. Of course, it helps when your parents are both professional water skiers who knew just how to prepare a toddler to ride the waves like her parents.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Wife Tries to Poison Husband Through His Underwear

Plenty of wives have tried to poison their husbands over the years, but when Mrs. Zhang decided to take care of her matrimonial problem, she didn't want to go the traditional method of poisoning her husband's food. Instead she soaked her husband's underwear in herbicide before he wore the briefs to his daughter's wedding. 

I can't say if Mrs. Zhang wanted to kill her husband or just teach him a lesson, but her husband did survive. Unfortunately for Mr. Zhang, he didn't get treatment until he noticed his genitals were "rotting." He has since recovered from his injuries and no one knows if he yet plans to file charges.

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Could An Ant Survive A Drop From The Empire State Building?

There's no reason to be mean to ants just for the sake of curiousity, but from a purely theoretical perspective, it's easy to be fascinated with the concept of whether or not an ant could survive a fall from a building as tall as the Empire State Building. According to The Verge, there are ample rumors of a Korean television show performing a similar experiment after the math and science showed that the ants would survive -but that the insects exploded due to a change in atmospheric pressure when riding to the top of the tower.

So what do you guys think, could an ant fall from the Empire State Tower and survive, and woulld it explode on its way up?

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Awesome Secret Hiding Spots

You don't need to be a spy to enjoy some secret hiding spots. Some people like using the compartments to protect things from potential theives, some just like making things tidy by hiding all the clutter and some people just want to feel like a secret agent when they pull valuables out of a vase, outlet or picture frame.

Whatever the case, if you like fun hiding spots, you won't want to miss this awesome Instructable with 21 different unexpected safes and secret compartments. Don't go telling all your friends though, because we want to keep these ideas pretty hush-hush.

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Gross Diseases You Can Catch in a Pool

There's nothing quite like cooling off in a nice pool on a hot summer day, but if that pool isn't clean, you can face all kinds of nasty diseases. And I'm not talking about a pool having enough chlorine, I'm talking about public pools where stranger's fecal matter contaminates every drop of water. 

Don't believe me? You may never want to enter the water again after you read about all the diseases you can catch in a pool. On the upside, most just result in some diarrhea. On the down side -diarrhea.

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Delightful Game of Thrones Cocktails

Are you ready to drink your way through Westeros? Then you'll want to check out the awesome Game of Thrones cocktails featured on Buzzfeed. The House Stark Martini above features tonic water, gin, lemon and sugar, ironically, its slogan is "Winter is Coming," but it screams "summertime." Personally, I'd like to sip down the House Tyrell, which is basil, mint, gin, sugar, lime and tonic water. 

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