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Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters

Disneyland has gone through dozens of rennovations over the years, and even more different art styles for posters advertising the rides. In fact, the park now works with all kinds of great artists to create art based on the theme park's attractions.

Tony Sherg is not one of the artists professionally affiliated with the park, but he should be because his fantastic minimalist art reflects the fantastic history of Disneyland with vintage-styled minimalist art based on all of their rides and even some of their special holiday attractions.

Via BoingBoing

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Can You Dig It?

(Video Link)

Gracie here is either ready to go swimming or to dig down to the source of the water so she can get to the giant swimming pool underneath. I really love the part where she puts her face under the faucet and then jumps back excited and happy. 

Either way, what she's doing is both totally silly and utterly adorable, something we highly support here at Neatorama. 

Via Cute Overload

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The Cthulhu Christmas Tree

Sure, Christmas might be over and Santa Claus might have already visited the good girls and boys of the world, but Cthulhumas isn't here yet and Santa Cthulhu (or Cthulhuclaus as I like to call him) have yet to come around to the homes of all the evil children of the globe. 

Twitter user Craig Engler is all ready for the big day though thanks to this delightful Cthulhumas tree by . I just wonder if he'll be enjoying cthurkey for dinner.

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Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

The other day someone asked on the Neatorama Facebook if Nutella is the new bacon. I don't think they can be traded out for one another. In fact, you can even have Nutella and bacon together

Regardless of you opinion of trends or bacon though, Nutella is pretty much amazing and like bacon, it should be incorporated into other foods as often as possible. For example, these Nutella cinnamon rolls by Gimme Some Oven take something good and make it into something amazing by adding a little magic chocolate and hazelnut flavors. My mouth is watering just looking at them.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Reader Holiday Photos

I've been inviting readers to send in photos of their families and pets over the last week. Little Cooper here's owner has sent in great photos of the budgie every time I've asked for reader pictures and they never disappoint.

This happy little birdie knows how to have herself a Merry Little Christmas -complete with a tree and presents just her size.

Cooper and her owner are the only readers who submitted great Christmas photos to us. Here is Greg Williams' great Christmas card for the year showing what happens when the pets take over for the holidays. Nothing's scarier than dogs and cats living together in harmony trying to destroy us all.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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13 Great Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We've seen our share of great ugly sweaters, but it's not every day you see an ugly Christmas sweater that's totally geeky at the same time. That's the great thing about this article on Geekosystem, we here at Neatorama wish we could wear these great sweaters for ourselves -whether they're ugly or not.

Of course, many of these are one-of-a-kind, so if you're looking for an ugly geek sweater to call your own, don't miss our sweater-inspired tees over at the NeatoShop for some comfy, easy-to-order goodies.

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11 Things You Didn't Know About Santa Claus

You probably think of him as a fat guy in a big red suit, but you'd be surprised at how much you don't know about both the real St. Nick and his traditional legend. For example, his red suit was only standardized in 1931, thanks to an ad campaign by Coca Cola.

According to legend, he fought to save young women from prostitution, fought off a cannibalistic butcher and even spoke immediately after being born, exclaiming, "God be glorified." Find out more about Old St. Nick over at io9.

Image from the Pragmatic Santa shirt from the NeatoShop.

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Maymo and Penny Celebrate Christmas

(Video Link)

Dashing through the snow in a one dog open sleigh, over the fields they go, barking all the way. After that, the two discover they can get in even more fun Christmasy adventures, digging through stockings, smashing decorations, ripping open the presents -and that's just the start of the mayhem.

Well, if they're going to get in this much trouble, at least they look cute while doing it -especially with those reindeer antlers. Just imagine the police lineup they would end up in.

Via Cute Overload

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The Amazing Glass Barn of the Netherlands

No, that's not some odd Photoshop of an imaginary building. It's a real picture of a real place in Schijndel, Netherlands. The reason it looks so strange is because it is actually a glass building with a barn printed on the glass. Certain areas are more or less transparent than others, which means you can see right through some of the building, while other parts are mostly opaque.

The exterior is a composite design of local barns from throughout the area, blown up to be 1.6 the size of an average barn so adults standing outside often feel a sense of nostalgia like they are little kids visiting a neighbor's barn for the first time. 

You can learn more about the Glass Barn over at Homes and Hues and if you like this, you may also enjoy the warped window in London, the grass-covered home of Austria and the totally public glass bathroom in Japan.

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15 Christmas Critters

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and so do these adorable critters featured on InventorSpot. It's not all just cats and dogs either, squirrels, horses, bunnies, birds, donkeys and more are all eager to celebrate the holiday season with lights, costumes, letters to Santa and all sorts of other iconic holiday traditions.

Whatever you're doing today, hopefully you're having as good of a time enjoying the holidays as these precious little animals are. Merry Christmas everyone.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Warped Window in London

Surreal design might not be the first thing you think about when you consider churches from the 1700s, but London's Church of St. Martin in the Fields might surprise you with this wonderfully warped window designed by architect Shirazeh Houshiary. The original window was destroyed during the air raids of WWII and while the new design might not be what you'd expect to see in a neoclassical building, the use of thick frosted glass with a clear centerpiece is a perfect way to promote the clarity one hopes to get from prayer.

You can see more fantastic pictures of the window and read more about it over at Homes and Hues. And, if you like surreal design elements, don't miss the Mysterious Lawn Home of Frohnleiten, Austria.

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Say Hello to The Game of Thrones Slug

Daenerys Targaryen is pretty much my favorite female character from the last decade. She's tough, she's beautiful, she's kind and she's smart. And now, she has a sea slug named after her. The decision was made by Federal University of Ceará Tropical Marine master's student Felipe de Vasconcelos Silva, who discovered the slug and thought that it looks like her beautiful braids. The scientific name of the slug is Tritonia khaleesi after Daenarys' title in the series, but I think we should give it the nickname Daenarys Slugaryen. 

Sure, it might be pretty, but can it raise an army and serve as mother to dragons? Because those are critical pieces of what makes Daenerys so fantastic.

Via Geekologie

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The Best Cosplay of 2013

From clever to spooky to just plain spectacular, 2013 has been a great year for great cosplay. With all the end of the year round ups going around these days, it can be hard to keep track of them all, but this io9 gallery of great cosplay is something you simply shouldn't miss.

We included some of these in our Comic Con and Wonder Con cosplay articles and some of these we've already featured because they are simply so fantastic, but plenty of the costumes are still new to us.

If you like cosplay, you certainly won't want to miss this fantastic roundup of all these great costumes from the span of the last year.

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Santa Claus Needs A Little Soy Sauce

He sees you when you're eating, he knows when your polite. He knows if you tip bad or good, so tip well for goodness sake. That's right, Santa sushi is coming to town and he's too nice looking to be naughty. You can learn how to make your own too if you check out this Youtube video by Make Sushi.

Via Foodbeast

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Adorable Animals in Holiday Sweaters

Thing ugly Christmas sweaters are just for humans? Think again. There are plenty of critters out there that have fantastically terrible sweaters of their own (and some with quite nice sweaters as well). 

Of course, the biggest difference between humans and cats and dogs wearing ugly sweaters is that critters look absolutely adorable even in the world's ugliest sweater.

In fact, this Buzzfeed article with 26 pictures of animals in sweaters has inspired me to throw an ugly sweater party for dogs next year.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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12 Crazy Christmas Foods

Christmas may be a time to spend with your family, but it’s also an excuse to eat great fatty foods. While most people seem to stick with their family’s tried and true recipes, these outrageously over-the-top Christmas recipes might just be what it takes to inspire you to try something new this year.

Oh Crawfish Tree, Oh Crawfish Tree

If you want to make a food Christmas-y, just shape it into a Christmas tree before serving and voila –it’s festive. Need proof? Well, it’s hard to beat this fantastic crawfish tree spotted in a 1962 cookbook by Steve Noyes, who, like me, wonders what sits atop this fishy tree. I hope it’s salmon pate shaped like an angel.

Frosty the Cheeseball Man

(Video Link)

The saddest part of Frosty the Snowman’s tale is when he melts –even if we know that one day he’ll be back to life again. In Charles Phoenix’s Frosty the Cheeseball Man story though, the melting is only the beginning of a delicious fondue treat. It’s by far the most fun way to serve a cheeseball at a holiday party.

Holiday Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are a delicious year-round treat that involves wrapping hardboiled eggs in sausage and then deep frying the whole mess. To add a little holiday touch to the recipe, Adora’s Box used quail eggs and combined the sausage with chestnuts and cranberries. Delicious, deep fried and seasonal? Count me in.

The True Love Roast

If you’ve ever noticed how many birds are in the Twelve Days of Christmas, then the name should give you some idea of what you’re in for when you order the True Love Roast from Heal Farm in Devon, England. While the company doesn’t follow the recipe of the song, it does feature twelve different types of birds (48 birds in total) with eight types of stuffing. In all, this Frankenbird feast feeds 125 people, and takes about 10 hours to cook. As for what specific birds and stuffings to expect, here’s their rundown:

  • Goose filled with orange and walnut stuffing.
  • Chicken with hazelnut and ginger.
  • Pheasant with juniper stuffing.
  • Aylesbury duck with sage and onion.
  • Barbary duck with Persian fruit stuffing.
  • Poussin and guinea fowl layered with parsley, lemon and thyme.
  • Partridge and pigeon squab set in juniper stuffing.
  • Mallard duck layered with cranberry and lemon and whole boned quail filled with cranberry and orange relish.


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I Was Black Widow Once, It Was Awful

Oh Tardar Sauce, is there anything you can't make more awesome? Even The Avengers is improved with your sour face thanks to Etsy seller NerdMashup, who stays true to her name with these fantastically fun Grumpy superheroes. She has pretty much the entire Avengers team and the Justice League as acted out by Mrs. Tardar Sauce, but if you prefer the Minions from Despicable Me, she also has plush versions of them decked out as your favorite heroes.

Via The Mary Sue

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16 Awesomely Geeky Gingerbread Houses

We've already seen quite a few great geek gingerbread houses this year (Optimus Prime, the Breaking Bad motorhome, the Doctor Who/Sherlock mashup and Hogwarts), but this great Mashable article has plenty more that are still new to us -like this fantastic gingerbread TARDIS by Reddit user Fortunekitty.

I'm also partial to this great Shrodinger's Cat in a box by Redditor Cybertrash's parents. Of course, you have to be careful eating this one because you don't want to accidentally munch on a dead gingerbread cat just because it might be alive.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Introducing Quirky the Blind Kitten

(Video Link)

We've already seen just how adorable and capable blind kittens can be when Oskar the Blind Kitten hit the scene back in 2011. But now following in his footsteps is Quirky, an adorable kitten who was born blind. Like Oskar though, little Quirky is still living a full, happy life.

The little kitten was born back in July and his owners adopted him when he was only five weeks old after the shelter considered putting him down because of his disability. Fortunately, now he is having a great time playing with toys and exploring the world in his own way.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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2013 In Play-Doh

What the Fox Say? Well, it's probably not Play-Doh, but the two certainly have something in common -they are two critical components of this great Mental Floss round up of the top ten moments of 2013 as recreated in Play-Doh. Obviously, What the Fox Say was part of the top moments, but you'll have to visit the link to find out what the rest are. 

I do have one issue with the list though. How is Jennifer Lawrence a moment of 2013? Especially when she started getting famous before this year?

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On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Die

While a lot of people think the Twelve Days of Christmas refers to the twelve days before the big day, it's actually the twelve days after. That means you still have enough time to order these great twelve-sided Days of Christmas dice made by Eric C. Harshbarger. He only charges $4 per die, which is a great deal for 11 pipers piping, 5 golden rings and all the rest.

He has all kinds of other great custom dice on his site as well if you prefer Wonderland, Zodiac signs and rock, paper, scissors instead.

Via BoingBoing

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Nutella Liqueur Is the Most Delicious Booze Ever

Nutella makes everything better -even booze. If you want to enjoy enjoy the delicious flavor of hazelnut and chocolate with vodka, you won't want to miss this great Celebration Generation recipe for creamy Nutella liqueur made with cream, sugar, vanilla, vodka and wonderful, wonderful chocolate hazelnut spread.

Even if you aren't big on the booze yourself, it can make a great gift for the liqueur and Nutella lovers in your life. Homemade gifts like these are always a good option for those who don't have money but still want to give something great.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Parents Recreating Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby

Every parent wants to capture every moment with their baby, but your baby's pictures probably aren't all that fascinating to everyone else you know no matter how many likes you get on Facebook. On the other hand, Lilly and Leon — of Cardboard Box Office figured out a clever way to make their baby's pictures entertaining to just about everyone.

That's because they recreate famous movie scenes with their baby and household objects and the resulting images are both adorable and hilarious. Seeing little Orson take on the role of Tom Hanks in Castaway, Mark Hamill in Star Wars and Bruce Willis in Die Hard is simply fantastic and a lot more entertaining than all the baby photos you are probably used to seeing.

Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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It Happens Every Year

(Video Link)

Artificial tree or real, every year, cats everywhere think Christmas trees are great new cat condos their loving owners bought them to play with. Unfortunately, Christmas trees just aren't made with that kind of weight in mind and most ornaments aren't made to survive a crash to the ground.

Fortunately for little Sesshomaru here, this tree doesn't have any ornaments on it yet, so he gets to learn his lesson about Christmas trees without suffering any serious injuries or crashing loud noises.

Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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14 Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

For some people, Christmas is a time for a quiet, solemn reflection on the deeper meaning of the holiday, but for others, it’s just another excuse to get silly with their families. Here are a few of our favorite funny family Christmas photos.

All is Calm

Plenty of parents dream of a silent night while their little angels are up in bed dreaming of sugar plums, but it rarely happens, especially when the kiddos are all ramped up on Christmas sugar cookies and the prospect of seeing Santa in the flesh. Michelle Jones thought up one way to guarantee she has at least one silent night this year –a little duct tape.

Ahhhh…Heavenly Peace

Here’s another take on the duct tape Christmas photo, this one complete with children tied in Christmas lights. Huffington Post reader adrianalizd claims this was the only way she could get the kids still and quiet enough to take a family photo.

Comfort and Joy

Don’t believe me that Christmas is never quiet with kids around? Just look at this joyous bunch photographed by Jamilia Jean.

Peace on Earth

Well, at least between humans. As Doctor Peter Venkman would point out though, when dogs and cats live together in harmony, it’s actually a sign of the apocalypse. So this card by Redditor Balls in A Blender’s cousin’s friend really just says everything is right with the world.

On the Naughty List

Of course, just because two animals are the same species doesn’t mean they’ll get along any better during the Christmas photo as Redditor ktgrl264’s picture proves.

This Card is on Fire

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Nothing Says "America" Like Double Shiny Bacon

McDonald's France just launched a new line of "American-themed" burgers that are supposedly served on Americanized breads. Granted, bagels are at least a little American -though we don't usually eat cheeseburgers on them, but I wasn't aware that shiny buns, like those in the Double Shiny Bacon are an American thing. Another weird one is the Double Cornbread BBQ, which isn't just served on cornbread, but also topped with corn chips.

While these might not actually be real classic sandwiches, the cornbread one does sound  pretty tasty actually. Still, I'm a little confused about the Double Shiny Bacon.

Via Eater

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Anchorman, As Told By Cats

(Video Link)

If you couldn't already tell, we at Neatorama are pretty excited about the new Anchorman movie. We already covered fan art based on the film and 20 things you might not know about the movie, and now it's time for a memetastic look at the masterpiece. That's right, it's time to see Ron Burgundy and the rest of the gang as played by cats thanks to The Pet Collective.

It's the same format as the cats who did The Hunger Games, only this time it involves staying classy in San Diego. Of course, we could watch cats take on pretty much every movie and stay entertained.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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10 Awesome Pieces of Decor You Can Make With Your Kids

Christmas is a great time to spend time with your family -especially your kids. If you're looking for some classy decor that you can actually make with your children, you won't want to miss our newest Homes and Hues article

Aside from some great decorations to class up your home, there are also a few cool ways to teach your kids about science. For example, these fire and ice lanterns by Mad in Crafts can teach your youngster about science and how water will freeze from the outside in. 

If you're having people over for the holidays, don't miss our post on 10 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas. While they're pretty focused on Fall, you could easily switch out the leaves and squashes for candy canes, pine branches and holly.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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No, You Can't Buy A Six Pack With An Alligator

A guy walks into a liquor store with an alligator and... no wait, that's not how this story goes, but it still sounds like a joke. 

A man in Florida (where else) walked into a convenience store Monday night and offered to trade the gator for a six pack of beer. He apparently found it at a nearby park and trapped it, thinking somehow it was the equivalent of a few cans of beer.

Don't worry though, the gator was no worse for the wear after his little adventure, but the man will be facing charges for illegally catching it.

Via The Consumerist

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A Real Flying TARDIS

(Video Link)

It might not actually be able to travel through time and spave, but to have a TARDIS that can at least take off into the air on its own is still one step closer to having our favorite blue spaceship become a reality. 

Of course, the next step is to develop one that's not made from styrofoam and that can actually land without crashing so we can actually ride it in while it's flying. While we'd all like to get to fly through new galaxies and forward and backwards into time, we have to go one step at a time and getting to fly across London in a TARDIS is certainly a step toward the future.

Via Geek Tyrant

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