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Tis The Season to Be Tacky

It must be something about the ugly Christmas sweaters, fruitcake and white elephant gifts that just makes people want to lose all their class during the holiday season. But while most of us are content to don a trashy sweater and drink a little too much eggnog, some people like to go all out and let their hair express their tacky holiday message for them. 

If you're sick to death of the ugly sweater trend and are always looking for something bigger and uglier, you won't want to miss InventorSpot's great collection of absolutely hideous Christmas hairstyles

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

The Story of Gollum, The Musical

(Video Link)

Smeagol was once a normal hobbit, but whereas Frodo and Bilbo had strong wills and good character, his weak moral compass let the ring destroy him in no time. While Gollum likes to think that he is the victim of backstabbing and trickery, he really is an evil character with no real moral ground to stand on.

Even so, it's always fun to hear a story from the villian's point of view and when it's sung and drawn together like this video, it makes for great entertainment, so sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Gollum.

Via Laughing Squid

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Heathers: The Musical Is Coming to Broadway Next Year

Well f- me gently with a chainsaw, this might just be the most nauseating thing I've heard all week; Heathers, the raunchy, over-the-top teen murder movie of the 80s is officially going to be made into a Broadway musical. Apparently it has already been running in Los Angeles and supposedly it's not all that bad. In fact, it even has some of the people behind Legally Blonde, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical and Desperate Housewives

Even so, I don't know that I'd trust a Heathers without Winnona, Christian and Shannen in it. What about you guys?

Via The Mary Sue

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Hipster Santa Was Into Christmas Before It Was Cool

All season, I've been getting annoyed by the Santa in the Petco commercials. He's just too well-groomed and polished and his casual clothes are almost creepy. That being said, at least he's not a hipster.

With the classic beard and mustache, it was only a matter of time before those hipsters appropriated Santa's style. Still, I'm surprised Mr. Claus would take on their terrible style. 

In the upside, at least Hipster Claus would be above sweatshop labor and would go back to organic, homemade toys made by fair wage elf workers like those that were popular a hundred years or so ago.

You can get your hands on this great Hipster Claus card over at Etsy thanks to CandidCaleb.

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The Creeper TARDIS Cake

The TARDIS may be bigger on the inside, but a creeper explosion near the door would still wipe out a good part of the engine room and maybe even part of the console. This delightful Micecraft and Doctor Who mashup birthday cake was created by Curiaussiety Custom Cakes of Australia

That's not their only Minecraft cake, they have also made this fantastic enchantment table and a creeper head topped with Steve, a sword and a pig.

Not a Minecraft fan? Well you should still check out their other great cakes to find goodies like this cool Adventure Time cake.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Happy Chanukwanzaasolsticemas

Feeling festive? So are Schnookie and Schotzie and they don't even care what holiday they're celebrating -though based on their outfits and choice of photo props, I'm guessing they prefer Christmas. These two sisters are both Havanese sisters belong to Neatorama reader Rich McFeathers, who was happy to have his little angels included in our Neatorama Christmas pet photos. 

Want to see your holiday pictures of your little fur babies here? Send them in to pictures to jill@neatorama.com.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Another Year, Another Great Set of Fun Family Photos

Last year we saw the fatastically fun Christmas photos of Neatorama readers The Campanelli Family, who started taking pictures of their three puppies by the fireplace all the way back in 2006.

Every year since then, they've continued to take pictures of the pups and their twin boys who were born in 2008 in front of the same fireplace and with the pets and kids lined up in the same order. The result is a great set of fun themed family photos that allow you to watch the dogs and kids get older. 

While you can check out every year of the family's great Christmas card series in our previous post, I've included the first photo and last from the previous years as well as their newest Christmas card from this year here in case you don't feel like clicking through.

Merry Christmas to all of you Neatorama readers and if you want to see your own cute pet photos on Neatorama, feel free to send them to jill@neatorama.com.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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16 Cool Christmas Tree Alternatives

Looking for a good excuse to drink a hundred or more bottles of wine without looking like a wino? Then tell everyone you're trying to collect them to make a Christmas tree. If you don't have space for that you can always make a tree out of the corks instead. 

In fact, you might be surprised just how many things you can make into a Christmas tree. InventorSpot has a great list of 16 such alternative trees like the cool ladder above.

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15 Great Gifts of History

Not sure if your friend is talking about you behind your back? Well then perhaps he or she could use a great Seal of the United States with a bug in it, like, say the one the Soviet Union gave U.S. Ambassador Averell Harriman as a gift of friendship back in 1945:

Their definition of friendship was a little dysfunctional, though, because the gift contained a bug designed by famous Russian inventor Leon Theremin. The bug was hard to detect because it was extremely thin, gave off no signal and had no power supply.

There are plenty of other great gift ideas from history on this great Mental Floss article.

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In Other News: Dogs Still Love Peanut Butter

Yes, dogs still love peanut butter and they still look hilarious while eating it. For those who need proof of this, and for those who appreciate this simple fact, the Instagram series titled #peanutbutterseries is a must-see. 

As you might have guessed, the series pretty much just features pictures of dogs eating peanut butter. But when you have such a delightfully goofy photo series concept, do you really need more than that?

There are hundreds of dogs in the series, so you'll certainly be entertained for a while if you go check it out.

Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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4 Movies and TV Shows That Lied Their Way Into Creation

Imagine Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or Aqua Something You Know Whatever) actually being a detective show like Scooby Doo only with more weird things occuring during the episode and the main characters being food instead of teens. That's pretty much what the show would have been like if the show actually stayed true to the creator's original pitch to the network. Fortunately, they never actually intended to follow through with that idea and the show has since evolved into the utterly bizarro mishmash it has become.

And that's only one of the many shows that were created thanks to a lie featured in this great Cracked article.

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Elf Told in 8-Bit In 120 Seconds

(Video Link)

There seems to be something about Elf that makes people love it or hate it. You can count me among the many who love the movie and I certainly enjoy this 8-Bit Cinema take on the film.

If you haven't seen it yet, perhaps this 120 second take on the film can help you decide whether or not you actually would like the storyline. Of course, this animation does lack the delightful humor of Will Ferrell, which is exactly what makes the movie so fantastic.

Via Laughing Squid

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The Deep Fried PBR Burger

We've talked about Philadelphia's PYT burger restaurant before as they have made a name for themselves by serving spaghetti burgers, deep fried Twinkie burgers and a deep fried lasagna bun burger. Now they're at it again, serving up burgers that are actually topped with deep fried beer in their Beerger. That's right -not beer batter, but frozen PBR wrapped in wontons and crushed pretzel breading and deep fried. The burger has so much beer that the restaurant will actually card you before you order it. 

Via FoodBeast

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Bunny Loves His Baths

(Video Link)

What's more relaxing than a nice warm bath after a long, stressful day? Pretty much nothing, right?

Well, believe it or not, bunnies feel the same way...or at least, this bunny does -especially when they are paired with soft, gentle massages. Little Cloody here even fell asleep during this relaxing massage session. 

While rabbits don't usually need help bathing because, like cats, they clean themselves. Cloody certainly loves his occassional bath time and you can tell just by looking at this bundle of relaxation.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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What the Koala Say

(Video Link)

Apologies if I got the chorus of a certain hit Youtube song in your head, but let's be honest, the same premise of that song certainly applies to koalas. After all, you probably never heard one of them make noise before. 

But now that you've seen this video, you might better understand why we never hear koalas speak -because they are embarassed by their shockingly deep voices. If you looked like that and sounded more like a pig than a cute fluffly bear, you'd probably be shy about your noises too.

Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Magical Wedding Unicorn

The other day we showed you the Beericorn -the unicorn-shaped keg dispenser featured at Erin and Shayne's wedding. But if it's possible to have something cooler than that, it's the flame-shooting, lemonade-peeing and glitter-snorting unicorn featured at Anna Schumacher's wedding

Sure, it might seem a little weird to drink the urine of a unicorn (or any creature for that matter), but when it's something this amazing, even drinking its urine can imbue you with the creature's magical powers. Or at least, that's what I would tell my self before drinking about 12 glasses of unicorn urine lemonade.

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The Geekiest Snowmen Ever

Sculpt snow or do not sculpt snow, there is no try. That has to be the philosophy behind creating a snow sculpture this amazingly intricate. This great creation was made for the 2005 Sapporo Snow Festival.

Of course, that's not the only geek snow sculpture out there and you don't have to go to Japan to see something of this caliber. i09 has a great list of geeky snowmen and sculptures and these two are only the tip of the iceberg (or snow pile in this case).

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The Worst Photoshop Fails of 2013

As someone with practically no Photoshop skills, I try to take it easy on most designers because they're still doing a better job than I would. Of course, every now and again, there is a Photoshop disaster so bad that even my computer illiterate uncle would probably be able to avoid and this list of 23 of the worst Photoshop fails of the year features mistakes that are all pretty much all on that level. For example, where's that poor little girl's arm?

And how did the mysterious red carpet appear behind Christina and no one else? Trust me, the rest are all just as bad and certainly worth a laugh, even if you aren't a photoshop master yourself.

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The Top Ten Cute Things From Cute Overload of 2013

2013 might not have been the greatest year of your life, but it was certainly the a great year when it comes to cutness. Don't believe me, well, remember the Shetland ponies in Shetland sweaters?

Or when Chris P. Bacon and Lentil Bean met for the first time? Those are only two of the ten amazingly adorable things that made 2013 pretty legendary in the realm of cute critters. You can find the rest of the precious list over at Cute Overload.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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15 Utterly Bizarre Hello Kitty Tattoos

There is TONS of Hello Kitty merchandise out there for her millions of ravenous fans (need proof, just check out all the Hello Kitty goodies we have in the NeatoShop), but for some people, owning a dozen purses, bows and jewelry just isn’t enough. These people think they need to get the kitty embedded deep in their skin as a tattoo and not everyone is content with a generic, happy Kitty either. Some people want HK to be a bit darker and much weirder than we usually see her. Here are some of the strangest Hello Kitty tattoos ever inked.

A special thanks to Hello Kitty Hell, which is always a great source for all things WTF HK.

Way Scarier Than Buffalo Bill

Hello Kitty? More like “Hello Clarice” when it comes to this terrifying HK Hannibal Lecter tattoo. Hello Kitty Hell reader Nickey Lynn’s mashup is so horrific that Hannibal Kitty would probably manage to be less scary while wearing a mask made from another person’s face.

She is Here for Your Soul

If any tortured being has risen from Hell to bring pain upon the living, it must be Hello Kitty. At least, I think that’s the message of this HK Cenobite tattoo. While I don’t know who has this masterpiece, I do know it was inked by Tattoo by Rodney at Different Drummer Tattoo in Wichita Falls, TX.

Friday the Kittieth

Don’t go skinny dipping at Camp Crystal Litter or this horrific take on Jason just might get you. I hear if you go in a dark room and say “Hello Kitty” three times, this monster comes out and kills you. Sure it could just be an urban legend, but with something this terrifying, would you really want to risk it?

Murder by Kitten

We’ve all heard the rhyme, “Kitty Borden took an axe and gave her creator forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave this person forty-one.” Oh, wait, that’s not how it goes? Oh well, it certainly fits this bloody mess of a Hello Kitty tattoo.

She’ll Be Back

Face it, a part of you always knew that HK wasn’t actually a creature that could ever be made of flesh and bone –so it only makes sense that she’s actually part of the rise of the machines. This tattoo depicts that time that in her quest to kill John Connor and destroy the future of humanity, part of her face was ripped off, revealing the horrific machine underneath.


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All Hail the Beericorn

There are a lot of ways to make a wedding special, unique and geeky, but I had yet to see a unicorn appear at a wedding, let alone a beericorn...at least, until now.

This brilliant take on the traditional celebratory keg was featured at Offbeat Bride readers Erin and Shayne's wonderful wedding. Believe it or not, the horse was actually one of the first things the couple planned and purchased for the affair -now that's a clever way to enjoy alcohol in style.

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11 Weird Tributes to Mr. Spock

If you couldn't tell already, we here at Neatorama love Star Trek, whether it be the original, the Next Generation, Voyager or Enterprise (some of us even like the new reboot, though that's a hotly contested subject). No matter what version of the show is everyone's favorite though, you have to appreciate the original for kicking off the franchise and with that in mind, we adore Leonard Nimoy and these strange art tributes to Spock are something even those with only a mild interest in the U.S.S. Enterprise can still appreciate. 

I'm a particularly big fan of his emo look, though he also makes a pretty great centaur.

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The Periodic Table of Alcohol

Science is a critical part of the booze-making process and how alcohol interacts with our bodies, which is why it makes total sense to express alcoholic drinks in a periodic table. This great chart is organized both by type of alcohol and the alcohol by volume of each drink. Plus, it includes what type of beverage the drink is, when it was created and what the main flavor of the drink happens to be. It's a perfect way to organize cocktails. Note that you will probably have to click through to see the whole thing in a size large enough to read it.

My favorite, the white Russian is #61. What about your favorite drink?

Via Food Beast

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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11 Seriously Strange Products for Pups

Looking for a great Christmas gift for your pooch? Well, it's almost certainly not going to be on this great Mental Floss list of hilarious and strange dog products. From dog beer to perfume to a Twitter dog tag, the collection is pretty funny. 

Even the handful of stuff that dogs would actually enjoy is still good for a laugh to us human folks -like the chew toy that gives your pooch giant red lips. One thing they almost certainly won't appreciate is the puppy nail polish though, so try to avoid simply torturing your pooch for the sake of fashion.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Dogs With Fake Eyebrows Are Utterly Amazing

(Video Link)

Everyone has emotions and eyebrows are particularly useful in helping express these feelings -even when it comes to dogs. Of course, they aren't just useful for emoting, they're also great for a laugh and this compilation of dogs with fake eyebrows is also great for crack ups. 

My old pooch had small eyebrows that were pretty expressive and I've seen a few with natural markings that look like eyebrows, but none of them look this over the top ridiculous. 

Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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14 Fantastic Pieces of Art Based on The Hobbit

I don’t know about you guys, but we here at Neatorama are thrilled about the second installment of Peter Jackson’s take on The Hobbit coming out this weekend, called The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. To celebrate, we decided to round up some of the great fan art based on the story. The cool thing about Hobbit art tributes is that creators have over 75 years of source material to pull from, so some of it is based entirely off of the books, some on the 1977 cartoon and some on the recent films. The end result is a vast amount of variety that expresses just how much impact this story has had throughout the years.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a TON of artwork based on the story, so this is only a mere fraction of what’s out there. I had to leave out a lot of great creations just to keep this article from stretching on for eternity, so if you like what you see here, keep searching elsewhere for more because you’ll be thrilled with what you find.

Here and Back Again

Chinese artist Jian Guo’s wonderful take on The Hobbit shows the entire plotline in one beautiful medieval-inspired art piece. The artist has a number of pieces dedicated to Tolkien’s stories, including this other Hobbit design showing the fateful night where the dwarves show up at Bilbo’s hobbit hole to devise a plan to get back what’s rightfully theirs.

A Hobbit’s Tale

Here’s another artwork depicting the full extent of the story, this one by Belgian artist Ian Escobar Loos. In the far right corner, you can see Bilbo’s end goal: the return to Bag End.

Framing The Lonely Mountain

This illustration by Daniel Haugnes may not reveal much about the story of the Hobbit, but it rivals the film in the spectacular beauty of its scenery.

The Serenity of a Hobbit Hole

Russian artist Andrei Pevukhin has illustrated many famous scenes from both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but I’m particularly struck by the simplicity and beauty of this scene, showing Gandalf approaching Bag End in the beginning of the story. Impressively, this speed painting only took the artist two hours to complete.

Not a Nasty, Dirty, Wet Hole

The films do a decent job of helping fans to visualize a hobbit hole, but if you really want to know why a hobbit would choose to live inside a hole in the ground, you’ll want to check out DeviantArt user maddsrocks’ detailed model of Bag End.

A Call to Adventure

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The Ultimate in Geeky Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great holiday tradition and something fun you can do with your whole family, but if your family is a bunch of geeks, why not make your wreath reflect your geeky inclinations as well?

Our Nerd Home has instructions to make your own geektastic and totally custom door wreath with a little more than foam board, glue, makers and an X-acto knife. Of course, if you live somewhere with a lot of rain and snow, you'll need to seal it or keep it inside, but if you live somewhere warm (like Southern California), you can hang it up right on the front door.

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Forget Ugly Christmas Sweaters, These Are Just Plain Wrong

There are plenty of ugly sweaters out there this time of year, but while most of them are trashy and tacky, it takes a lot to be downright offensive and terrible like this Santa spelling out Merry Christmas in the snow. 

The vomitting reindeer above is even downright classy compared to some of the really bad ones that show reindeers making love, a gingerbread man's "jingle bells" and Santa in a seriously comprimising position.

Don't miss the whole hilarious list over at InventorSpot.

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Christmas Vacation? More Like Christmas in Prison

We've talked about cool secrets behind National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but one thing that article didn't explore was what would happen to the Griswolds after they kidnap Frank Shirley. While he says he'll drop the charges, the fact that the police sent in a SWAT team means that Eddie probably won't be getting off that easy. 

In fact, according to San Diego criminal lawyer Peter Liss, Eddie is pretty much going to spend Christmas in jail, but at least he can fight the kidnapping charges:

With the help of a San Diego criminal attorney and a series of tests by medical professionals, Eddie would have a very strong defense based on the fact that he does not have the mental facilities to understand his actions. Because Eddie already has a low IQ and has even been part of clinical drug trials that were likely to damage whatever intelligence he already had, charges against him would likely be dropped before the case went to trial and if it did go to court, the jury would likely find him not guilty on grounds of mental impairment.

Well, at least he'd be out in time for Vegas Vacation.

Image from our Family Christmas NeatoShop shirt

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The Vespa Segway

Segways are actually pretty useful little vehicles, but they just look so darnn stupid. Fortunately, there's a new option out there for those who want to use a personal transport vehicle.

The Zero Scooter combines the style of a Vespa Scooter with the functionality of a scooter. It actually uses real parts from a Vespa, which is why it looks so cool and authentic to its inspiration. It can climb slopes of up to 30 degrees and can travel up to 21 miles on one charge at speeds of up to 12 mph. 

Of course, if you want to ride around in style, it will cost you -$3,925 to be exact.

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