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Be Our Guest With This Great Beauty and the Beast Trivia

Disney's Beauty and the Beast was a magical musical, but did you know that it was originally envisioned in 1930 as a non-musical film? And did you know that Belle's choice of a blue dress was more than just a fashion choice? And can you guess how many different animals the Beast's character design was based on? In celebration of the film's 25 anniversary release, Zimbio has collected all kinds of charming trivia bits about the movie and you can read them all here.

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Get A Tattoo, Get Free Burgers For Life

Like burgers? Live in Australia? Well, you could get free burgers for life from Cafe 51 if you get a burger tattoo. Not just any burger tattoo will work though, you have to go through an application process and if you get approved, then you have to get a life size tattoo of one of their extreme burger creations with their logo. So far only one person has actually gotten their tattoo, but the restaurant has recieved over 3,000 applications, so I guess there are quite a few Australians that are dying for a free burger every day.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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The World's Strongest Cup of Coffee

Some people can't wake up without a cup of coffee and for some people, a whole pot of coffee is neccessary. If you just can't get enough caffeine, you might want to head to The Viscous Cafe in Australia, where you can find the world's strongest cup of coffee. Just one mug of this strong brew is the equivalent of 80 regular cups of coffee. That means each cup contains 5 grams of caffeine, which considering that 18 is fatal for even a healthy adult means that just three cups would put you dangerously close to death.

Via T+L

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Epic Squirrel is Epic

The picture of this epic squirrel has been spreading around the internet for a while, so when Redditor DarylMoore asked others to PhotoShop the image, it's no wonder that the results were amazing.

That squirrel probably never thought twice about his intense pose in front of a camera, but he sure provided us with a great gift when he did it -a gift only a Reddit PhotoShop battle could perfect.

Via Distractify

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9 Awesome 3D-Printed Animal Prosthetics

3D printing is revolutionizing a lot of industries, but perhaps no other use of the technology is quite as fascinating as its use in medicine. While its applications in human medicine are amazing, we can't help but be enthralled when we see animals getting a new lease on life thanks to a little 3D printing. Here are a few stories of animals who were saved thanks to the new technology.

1. Fred the Tortoise

Fred is a female red-footed tortoise from Sao Paulo who was injured in a forest fire that destroyed most of her shell. Rescuers thought the poor tortoise looked like Freddy Krueger, hence the not-traditionally-feminine name. By taking pictures of her shell from all angles and comparing them to a healthy tortoise, veterinarians were able to create a 3D model of a shell, which they then printed in four individual pieces from a corn-based plastic. It took 3 months all together for the shell to be made into a reality and, unfortunately, Fred came down with pneumonia just after her surgery. Fortunately, she survived the ordeal and artists began to come forward offering to help paint the rescued animal's shell so she looked like a traditional, healthy red-footed tortoise. The team took their time to ensure they could find the right paint that wouldn't damage the shell or present a health risk to poor Fred.

(Video Link)

Eventually, Fred will need a new shell, but for now, she's cruising in style and couldn't be happier with her new mobile home.

2. AKUT-3 the Sea Turtle

In 2015, a loggerhead sea turtle, scientifically named AKUT-3, was found in Turkey with a damaged jaw that left it unable to eat on its own in the wild. He was quickly taken in by the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Pamukkale University and the director of the center immediately recognized that 3D printing might be the turtle's best hope. The center then partnered with BTech Innovation and used CT scans to create a 3D model of the turtle's damaged jaws, which allowed for a custom-fitted implant made from 3D printed titanium.

3. Beauty the Bald Eagle

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The Most Shameful RPG Dice of All Time

Role players love their dice, but not all die are created equal. While percentile dice require you to roll two different dice, it's still less unwieldy than using a D100 like the one pictured above. I'm sure you can imagine it doesn't stop roling very easily.

The Robot's Voice has compiled a list of the 10 most shameful dice of all time and while I don't agree with all of their decisions (I'm a sucker for crystal dice no matter what anyone says), their criticisms are hilarious. 

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Fun Things Every Geek Needs to Own

If you love video games, Harry Potter, Star Wars, proper grammar or anatomy, then you officially have a geeky side. We at Neatorama support the geekification of the public and encourage anyone with even one of those interests to check out this fun Distractify article with over 20 awesome things for geeks to bring into their home.

A few highlights from the list include the marauder's map scarf and respect the chemistry spice rack seen above, as well as this Super Mario light and this set of Pokemon gym pins. Of course, this hatching dinosaur candle is pretty lovable as well.

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39 Times People Just Didn't Care About Their Jobs

Some people love their work. Others just want to get paid and go home and sometimes that attitude really shows when you look at their work. 

While it sucks to deal with this half-assed work ethic in person, it's pretty darn funny to see online and thankfully Runt of the Web rounded up a great collection of pictures showing people really not giving a damn about their work.

Well, you can't blame people for hating their jobs, can you?

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Some of The Most Common Historical Misconceptions All Cleared Up

Do you think the pyramids were built by slaves? That Romans always wore togas? How about that old one about people getting married around 12 and 13 throughout most of history? Yeah, none of that happened and here are the truths behind those myths and seven more courtesy of TopTenz.

Even if you already know the truth behind some of these misconceptions, it's a handy page to bookmark for when you tell someone the reality and they argue with you about it.

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Find Scary Good Food for Your Halloween Party With This Contest

Are you hungry for some killer Halloween recipes? Then you won't want to miss this awesome Instructables contest featuring delightfully horrific foods themed for Halloween. There's still time to enter your submissions if you have a favorite spooky recipe, but if you're just looking for some great ideas, the contest is great for inspiration as well.

And if you are looking for ideas for your party, doing it right now should give you plenty of time to perfect the presentation of your Kraken tacos and severed hand cakes so your terrifying treats will look perfect on the big night.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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The Strangest Museums in the World

Museums are a great place to learn about art, history, science, toilet seat covers, Big Macs -ok maybe those last two don't really fit in with the others, but that doesn't mean there aren't museums dedicated to those topics. Over on Thrillist, you can learn about some of the strangest museums throughout the world and maybe even discover and new and bizarre destination to add to your next road trip, like the International Banana Museum or the Paris Sewer Museum.

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Your Sushi Might Be Delicious, But Is It Art?

Image via designmilk [Instagram]

Sushi-making is often called an artform, but rarely does the end product actually look like a work of art. Thanks to the newest trend in sushi making though, now your Japanese meals can actually look as beautiful as it tastes.

Image via hudsta17 [Instagram]

Whether illustrating patterns of shapes or just blocks of colors, the end result is stunning and just as delicious as the traditional rolls and nigiri you're used to.

Image via rarerollingobject [Instagram]

Via Travel + Leisure

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This Puppy Gave His Rescuers Quite A Surprise

This poor little mud-covered puppy was discovered by workers at a construction site in London. He was quickly sent to the nearest vet -the South Essex Wildlife Hospital to be cleaned up and saved, but after a little shampoo, his rescuers were shocked by what they found underneath.

That's right, the poor little muddy, debris-covered pup was actually an adorable little fox kit. Puppy or not, I'm sure this little cutie was happy to be rescued from his filthy cocoon. 

Via PetsLady

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The Nightmare Foods of a 1970 Cookbook

Who doesn't love creamed egg cassarole in a corned beef crust? Or how about seafood loaf complete with noodles and tuna? Ok, I'm kidding, these are the things nightmares are made of. And if you think they sound bad, just wait until you see the photos.

These recipes and more horrifying ideas are courtesy of a 70s cookbook called Happy Living! A Guidebook for Brides that was given away for free when brides registered at a regional department store. As if the foods weren't awful enough, the advice is also attrocious -like how to decorate your table and garnish your foods because those are the only satisfying things in your life and the only way to keep your husband happy with you.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Snake Loves His Sandbox

(Video Link)

Snakes get a bad rap what with being slithery and some of them being deadly and all, but that doesn't mean they can't be cute. If you aren't quite sure you can accept this as fact, you won't want to miss this precious video of a baby boa playing in his sandbox. Don't turn it off before the very end or you might miss the cutest part.

Via Incredible Things

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Can This Quiz Guess Your Age Based on Your Language Use

We all use language based on our backgrounds, lifestyles and how our friends speak, and your age can make a big difference in your choice of words. So now Zimbio challenges you to see if the site can guess your age based on your language use. I can't say it's particularly accurate, given that I'm 32 and it claimed I was 40 or 50, even so, it's a pretty fun quiz and I admit that I probably do use more mature language than most people my age. 

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Fried Jell-O? Yes, Fried Jell-O

State fairs are known for deep-fried goodness and the reality is that because new items are introduced every year at practically every fair, it's hard to find new and unusual creations. That being said, fried Jell-O is certainly a new one and unlike fried Kool Aid and many other fried treats, it's not just funnel cake with some kind of liquid poured  into the batter. This time it's actually Jell-O battered and then deep fried and it must be good -after all, it won first place in the Best Taste award at the Texass State Fair. So if you get your chance to find some fried Jell-O, remember, there's always room for J-E-L-L-O.

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This Guy is the Best Disney Cosplayer Ever

Cosplayer Richard Schaefer, aka theofficialariel, may be a man, but he was born to be a Disney princess. His female cosplays are not only unbelievably charming, but also perfect enough to appear on a live-action Disney film. 

We previously featured his work before, but with so many amazing Disney cosplays, we can't resist sharing more of his gorgeous creations.

Via Fashionably Geek

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D.C. Will Hide Banned Books Around the City

September is banned books month and in celebration of all the great banned books that later were recognized as classics, the Washington D.C. library set up quite a clever scavenger hunt. Hidden in businesses around the city are copies of once-banned books -find one and it's yours. It's not just a matter of finding a free book of course, the program is a great way to look back on the history of censored books and each title will be wrapped in a cover that explains why the book was challenged. Clues to finding the secret treasures can be found on the library's Twitter account.

Via Washington Post

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What Was the Most Popular Food the Year You Were Born

Food trends come and go, and while we can't stop hearing about kale and Greek yogurt these days, people in the seventies loved quiche and fondue. Now, thanks to Cosmopolitan, you can find out what the most popular food was the year you were born (assuming you were born after 1970 -but hey, you can look up your kid's birth years otherwise). I was born in the year of pasta alla vodka but there are certainly some years I relate with a lot better. How about you?

Via Good Housekeeping

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The World's Worst Robot Dog

(Video Link)

We've featured the delightful works of robot creator Simone Giertz befpre, but her newest invention makes the dreams of many future-loving geeks a new, entirely depressing reality. Sure, a robot dog seems like an ultimate pet, but when you see one walking himself off of a bridge like he wants to kill himself, you might just change your mind.

Via NY Mag

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Beauty and the Beast in Emoji

(Video Link)

It's a tale as old as time, girl books a room on Airbnb, finds out her host is a roaring monster, she gets attacked by wolves while trying to escape to a Motel 6 and then her beastly host ends up saving her life. Next thing you know, the two are dancing it up and the host shows the girl his extensive e-library. Ok, maybe that's not the most common story in the world, but it does sum up Beauty and the Beast pretty well, which is what we love about Disney's tales told in emoji series of videos.

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The Best Stranger Things Cosplay Yet

Sure anyone could dress as Winona Ryder's character in Stranger Things, but if you really want to sell your Joyce Byers cosplay, you need a few accessories and ideally -a haunted, light-covered wall. Now that's doing the character justice. Amanda Meldrum and Roy Holt have the right idea with this cosplay!

Via Fashionably Geek

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This Cat Has Deep Thoughts and Serious Concerns

Herman the Cat is a little guy with big eyes and a deep soul. At least, he certainly seems to think a lot more about important matters than other kitties. Just here he seems to be wondering whether it's worth loving anyone if they're only going to die or stop loving you eventually.

And here he seems to have realized what hot dogs are really made of.

Of course, sometimes he does relax that big brain of his -and then he looks like one chill little kitty.

Via The Dodo

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Why Get A Permit When You Can Hide Construction With Astroturf?

Sometimes you need to do a little construction on your property, but getting permits (especially if you live in a huge city like New York City) isn't always easy. So if you want to bypass the whole process, you can always try what one clever New Yorker did and just start an excavation in your backyard and use astroturf, patio furniture and some rocks to hide your digging.

No word on why, exactly homeowner Joseph Ienco was digging under his home, but at least an independent engineer has said the home itself is at no risk of collapsing -so that's something I guess.

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Instructables' Heroes and Villains Projects

If you couldn't tell by how often we post their projects, we love Instructables here at Neatorama, so when we saw they had a whole contest dedicated to geek projects, we pretty much had an office party. While the Heroes and Villains contest may be in the judging stage and closed to new entries, you certainly won't want to miss this incredible collection of projects related to comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and more. I'm pretty impressed by the Dobby doll and, while it's not in the finalists, I love this Gremlin costume. Of course, your personal preferences will no doubt be affected by your own favorite heroes and villains.

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The Most Annoying Questions for People From Each State

No matter where you're from, you're subject to stereotypes about your home state. Thrillist has collected some of the most obnoxious questions people love to ask people from each state in an effort to stop some of these horrible stereotypes -or at least stop people from having to hear about them every single day.

For some states, there are certainly more than one over-asked question although Thrillist only lists one per state. So if you have any you think should be added, feel free to add them into the comments.

I'd say for Calfornia, an obvious addition would be "so how far are you from LA?" Of course, when you leave the country, that question immediately evolves into "do you know any movie stars?" Because despite the fact that California is larger than all of Italy, and that Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities in the world, yes, we all live in a tiny city and know each other quite well.

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This Body Pillow is As Cool As A Cucumber

Vegetables are great for a health and while it's usually best to eat them, sometimes it's nice to cuddle with them in order to thank them ffor all they've done for us. That's why we love this great giant cucumber body pillow that's just perfect for chilling out with. Of course, if you prefer pickles, it could serve as a large pickle pillow instead -which might be the ideal way to satisfy a pregnancy craving. You might recognize the work of Etsy seller jumbojibbles as she created the giant carrot body pillow we featured a few years ago.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Power of Lightning is Terrifying

Most of us take lightning for granted, thinking that as long as we aren't under a tree, out swimming or swinging a golf club, we'll be ok. But it's easy to forget how dangerous it can be. A recent tragedy in Norway reminds us just how deadly it can be

In fact, one single strike of lightning killed a whopping 323 reindeer died all at once when a lightning strike hit the herd that was huddled together -presumably thinking that would keep them safe.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Joys in Swimming in a Pool Filled With Water Marbles

(Video Link)

You might be planning to take a swim this weekend, but chances are you'll never take a swim quite like this one. Of course, while it looks like a hell of an experience, I wouldn't recomend filling your pool with water marbles any time soon. After all, it can't be good for the filter.

Via Digg

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