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Finally A Fence With Camouflage

Tired of the white, generic picket fences that line the streets of everyone's favorite idyllic suburbs? Then you might just love this mirror fence by artist Alyson Shotz. Granted, you probably won't want to install one where there are a lot of deer running around at full speed and you wouldn't want one in front of your house both because it's hardly durable and because keeping it spotless is a nightmarish task, but even so, it's a clever idea that is certain to catch they eye even as it blends in.

See more cool pictures of the fence at Homes and Hues: Forget White Picket Fences, This One Reflects Its Surroundings

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

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People Really Need to Stop Leaving Trash and Poop on Mount Everest (Geekosystem)

Someone Might Have Just Discovered Gold Coins From the 1900 San Francisco Mint Heist (Consumerist)

Finally, A Business Card That Plays Tetris (Nerd Approved)

Mac and Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Taco!!!!! (Incredible Things)

Image: The Plushie Butcher Shop (Make)

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Stick A Pin In It With The Cork Globe

Whether you love to travel or just dream of sailing the world, Chiaki Kawakami's Cork Globe is a great way to keep your eye on the places you long to visit and remember the places you have already enjoyed. Just place it on your desk and start pinning clippings of places you'd like to visit and pictures of your past travel experiences and you'll undoubtedly start saving for your next vacation quicker than ever before.

See more pictures and find out where to get one for your desk at Homes and Hues: Start Pinning Your Destinations With the Cork Globe

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Big Brother Got A Facelift

Security cameras can be useful, but they also can look harsh and intimidating even to those who aren't doing anything wrong. It could just be our wariness of the whole Big Brother or just because boring black boxes are just plain ugly. Either way, turning security cameras into friendly-looking, cartoonish eyes is a delightful way to make them seem happier and more comforting. 

That's why we love this project  Fabrique did for Dutch Railways. They turn Big Brother into a happy, friendly security guard. 

Over at Homes and Hues, we take a look at this clever design and how the concept would help you in your own home: Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring

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Neatolinks: Bunny Agility Contests and Ballerina Pigs

Scientists Finally Develop A Method for Getting Rid of the Song Stuck in Your Head (Geekosystem)

These 10 Popular Pinterest Pins Are Pretty Much BS (Inventor Spot)

Forget Dog Agility Contests, It's All About Bunny Agility (Incredible Things)

Want to Impress Your Friends at the Historical Reenactment Society? Bring a Pineapple (Food Beast)

Image: These Piggies Are Pretty Much The Cutest Thing Ever (Cute Overload)

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The Fitzroy House Takes Advantage of the Great Outdoors

This classic Melbourne home might not look like a modern masterpiece, but that's because the historic facade belies the spacious, airy expansion behind it. 

The top level offers an impressive outdoor patio and the massive door in the living room opens up the whole space into the garden. Similarly, the kitchen has a fold down window that serves as a bar for guests in the garden. It's a wonderful home for the warm climate of Australia and a striking contrast to the historical home you see on the street.

See more impressive pictures at Homes and Hues: The Fitzroy House Is Open to the World

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What's Not to Love About Seeing Pets Growing Up (Incredible Things)

What City Should You Live In: The Quiz (The Presurfer)

The 20 Worst Batman Villains Ever (i09)

Sorry Ladies, But There Will Be No More Hugh Jackman Wolverine (Geekosystem)

Image: More Avengers Fashions We Love (The Mary Sue)

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Neatolinks: Murphy Beds and Tattoos

Do You Agree With This List of the Most Disappointing Final Battles? (io9)

I Desperately Want One of These Murphy Beds (Oddee)

Do You Like Your State's Favorite Musical Artist? (Incredible Things)

These Places Are Pretty Much Works of Art Just the Way They Are (The Presurfer)

Image: Game of Thrones Tattoos by Sara McSorley (The Mary Sue)

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Neatolinks: Bromances, Kiddos, Twins and Food Amusement Parks

"The Disneyland of Food?" We're In! (Geekosystem)

Learn About Ten Sets of Conjoined Twins (The Presurfer)

These Hollywood Actors Know How to Make Bromance Last (Unreality Mag)

Check Out These Little Gals Recreating Scenes From Oscar Nominated Films (Incredible Things)

Image: The Tiniest Princess Leia (Fashionably Geek)

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12 Utterly Gorgeous Bathtubs

Few things are more relaxing than a nice soak in the tub, but there's something really special about a bathtub that really stands out. Over on Homes and Hues, we rounded up twelve of the most beautiful tubs we could find.

Whether you like futuristic, rustic or modern styles of home decor, you're pretty much guaranteed to see something you wish you could have in your dream home. Don't believe me? Find out for yourself at Homes and Hues: 12 Beautiful Bathtubs Perfect for Relaxing.

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The Winged House is Seriously Sharp

With sweeping and unexpected lines throughout the home, the Winged House is a perfect design for modern Singapore. Built on a triangle-shaped plot of land around tall palm trees already on the property, the oddly-shaped home features a jutting roof inspired by the traditional Minangkabau roof style that is popular in Malay architecture.

The end result of the design by  K2LD Architects is a home that's totally modern while still honoring its Singaporean roots. 

Enjoy more pictures of the simply stunning home over on Homes and Hues: The Winged House Flies Above the Rest 

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Neatolinks: Pups That Naturally Look Like Pandas

Scientists Discovered a New Form of Matter...In Chicken Eyes (Geekosystem)

The Ultimate Drink Guide for Your Oscar Party (Movie Clips)

These Puppies Look Just Like Pandas! (The Huffington Post)

This Ring Gun Wouldn't Do Much Damage, But It's Still Cool (BoingBoing)

Image: Derps of Past and Present (Nothing to Do With Arboath)

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Neatolinks: Oscars, Cartoons and Cookies

Finally an App to Help You Get Your Girl Scout Fix (Geekosystem)

Yes, These 10 Places Are Real. No, They Don't Look Like It (Oddee)

7 Cool Bits of Oscar Trivia (Uncle John's Bathroom)

You Won't Believe Who Voiced These 21 Cartoon Characters (Mental Floss)

Image: The Tiniest Solo and Chewie (Imgur)

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Trees On Your Sofa? Why Not?

Relaxing on a park bench under a tree is nice, but if you get home when it's already dark, you might not want to head over to the park and lay down on a bench (and even if you did, they might already be taken by other people laying down). Instead, you can always grab the Borghese by designer Noe Duchaufour Lawrance and manufacturer La Chance, which brings a little touch of nature into your home.

Check out more pictures and read more about the cool tree-inspired couch at Homes and Hues: Relax Like You're In  the Park With the Borghese

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Neatolinks: Did You Know The Internet Causes Procrastination?

Chinese Schools Are Protecting Student Vision By Putting Up A Physial Barrier Between Them and Their Books (The Daily Mail)

Shocking News of the Day: The Internet Reduces Worker Productivity (The Presurfer)

Zuckerberg Plans to Bring Free Internet to the World (Geekosystem)

The 22 Rules of Pixar Storytelling (Unreality Mag)

Image: Totoro Cosplay Dress (Geek Native)

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Bubbly People Will Love the Bubble Tank

No, that fish tank isn't spilling off the book shelf, that's just the way the clever blown glass design looks. Because the Bubble Tank, by Psalt Design, is designed to look like it is dripping off the surface where it is set, it only takes up about half the space that it looks like it should. 

Even if you don't really think fish bowls are good for fish, it still can be a cool home accessory to use as a terrarium or even just a storage bowl.

Check out more great pictures of the clever fish tank over at Homes and Hues: A More Fluid-Looking Fish Bowl

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Neatolinks: Living In The Skies

Why Carl Sagan's Cosmos Still Kicks Butt (Flavorwire)

14 Totally Amazing Tree Houses (Web Urbanist)

The Internet Cat Hall of Fame (The Presurfer)

NBC Is Bringing Back Heroes. We Want to Know "Why?" (Geekosystem)

Image: The Toilet Bowl Waterfall (Amusing Planet)

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The Bucketlight Provides Light & Greenery

Indoor plants are great when it comes to adding some color and fresh air into a room, but they can also take up a lot of space. If you're looking to take advantage of the benefits of fresh plants without sacrificing floor room, then Dutch designer Roderick Vos  has you covered with these great Bucketlights. 

Each light features two pots fitted with seperate (thus waterproofed) LED lights and a reinforced electrical cord that allows it to all be connected to the roof, saving floor space and lighting up the room all at once. 

You can enjoy more pictures over at Homes and Hues: An Indoor Garden That Can Light Up Your Room

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Neatolinks: Cats Give You Depression When They Bite You

Here Are Some Authors Getting Kissed For Your Romantic Pleasure (Flavorwire)

Cat Bites Give You Depression Somehow (Geekosystem)

This Two Legged Chihuahua and Chicken Are Friends -Adorable Alert! (Incredible Things)

How Much is Your Body Worth on the Black Market (The Presurfer)

Image: Daphne and The Iron Machine (Geek Native)

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Neatolinks: Time Travel, Donuts, Spooky Amusement Parks and Stoner Beef Jerky

Maple Bacon Donut Fries, We're In! (Beyond Frosting)

Do You Agree With This List of the 25 Best Time Travel Movies? (Flavorwire)

Marijuana Beef Jerky Giveth and Take Away the Munchies (Incredible Things)

So You Can Buy An Abandoned Berlin Amusement Park on eBay Now (Geekosystem)

Image: Warlock and Watson (Unreality Mag)

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Neatolinks: Grilled Cheese and Mayonnaise? Why Not?

What Do Army Rations From Around the World Look Like? (Foodbeast)

Grilled Cheese Grilled in Mayo is Apparently Wonderful (The Consumerist)

So Iron Man Destroyed Over $5.86 Million in Cars (Jalopnik)

So Teachers in Florida Can Come to Work Drunk Now (Geekosystem)

Image: Batman (and Other Things) Made From Doll Parts (Flavorwire)

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The Best Geek Nurseries

Even if you don't have a baby or plan on having one sometime soon, you can still appreciate the clever designs of well-themed nurseries -especially when they involve geek themes like the ones featured on our newest Homes and Hues articles.

From Lost to Mario, just about all types of geek themes are covered and you're certain to see something there you like, although that might make you a bit jealous of the kids lucky enough to live in these rooms.

Check out the rest of the list over at Homes and Hues: The Best Geek-Themed Baby Nurseries And Nursery Decorations

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Neatolinks: Crocodiles Climbing Trees? How About No?

9 Horrible Cases of Animal Abuse -And The Stories of Them Getting Caught (Oddee)

So Crocodiles Can Climb Trees -Nowhere is Safe (Geekosystem)

This Bike Packs Its Own Tent (WebUrbanist)

11 Cool Facts About Pizza (Geeks Are Sexy)

Image: Kris Kuksi’s Ornate Sculptures (i09)

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This Sagging House Is Seriously Impressive

Looks like someone had a bad day, and that someone is a building in Cliftonville, England. Ok, so buildings can't really have a bad day, but after eleven years of abandonment, this structure wasn't doing very well and the renovation by artist Alex Chinneck didn't make it much better. But that's what's so great about it. It looks like the building's facade is actually sliding off the front of the building. Next year the building will be converted into council housing, but in the meanwhile, this art installation is a fun attraction.

You can check out all kinds of great photos of the building at Homes and Hues: This House Is In A Real Slump -And We Love It

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Neatolinks: Cats Vomiting to Techno

Don't You Wish Your Kid Could Have A Nuclear Reactor? (The Presurfer)

Be Amazed by Monks Making Works of Art From Piles of Sand (Dark Roasted Blend)

Cats, Vomit, Techno....What's Not to Love? (Incredible Things)

There Are Two NYCCs Scheduled This Year (The Mary Sue)

Image: The Donkey Knight Returns (Geekosystem)

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Birdhouses Based on Airbnb Listings

Airbnb provides travels a great and local place to stay at a reasonable price while providing home owners with a good source of income and a way to meet new people. While most of the homes on the site are just your every day houses, there are some truly impressive ones as well. 

That's why it was so brilliant for the company to commission five different artists to create birdhouse versions of fifty of the site's best property listings.

While the Birdbnb site is down now due to a legal dispute with one of their competitors, you can still check out quite a few of them over on Homes and Hues: Birdhouses That Look Like Airbnb Listings

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Neatolinks: Dogs, Olympics, Cats, Yoga and More

Marijauana Yoga or Rave Yoga? Why Not? (Oddee)

Does Your Dog Actually Love You? (Geekosystem)

This Rescue Cat Weighs 21 Pounds and Stretches Three Feet Long (The Presurfer)

The Nine Nuttiest Winter Olympic Stories Ever (Mental Floss)

Image: The Dinosaur Pet Guide (John Conway)

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The Ultimate Full Size Cat Home

Personally, I would never spend $35,000 on a home rennovation to make a house better for my kitties, but hey, I would never own 18 cats either. If you're going to do those two things though, you couldn't hope for a better design than this amazing home in Goleta, CA  that was remodeled by Trillium Enterprises

The remodel might be a little crazy, but there's no denying that there are some seriously happy kitties living in this place. 

Check out more pictures over at Homes and Hues: The Purrfect Home For A Serious Cat Lover

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Neatolinks: Burgers, Olympic Tug of War, Bizarre Models and Real Iron Men

The Weirdest Models Around (Oddee)

Did You Know Tug of War Was An Olympic Sport (Mental Floss)

Grilled Apple Burgers? Why Not? (Consumerist)

The Military Wants to Make A Real Iron Man (The Mary Sue)

Image: The Most Impressive Fast food Creation Ever (imgur)

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Neatolinks: LEGO Movies and Tattoos

15 Pictures of Adorable Cats In Hats (Scribol)

This Mario-Themed Wedding Pretty Much Rocks (Offbeat Bride)

Cosplay? Why Not Zoidberg? (Geek Girls)

15 Awesome LEGO Tattoos (Flavorwire)

Image: Oscar Nominated Movies in LEGO (Laughing Squid)

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