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11 Awesome Yard and Garden Accessories

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of all the lively garden gnomes that keep appearing in my neighborhood. That's why I'm so happy to see these more mellow versions. Of course, if you like to go for something a little more middle of the road, there's always the zombie option.

And here's a useful bird house for those migratory birds that always stop by your house in the middle of their long journeys. 

These are only a few of the 11 Fun Yard & Garden Accessories To Kick Off Your Summer that we just featured on Homes and Hues, so don't miss the full list.

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

You Can Feel the Spirit of Vegas in the Trescara House

You don't have to visit the strip to experience the glamour of Las Vegas. In fact, some people in the city are lucky enough to have incorporated that same level of stunning design right in their own homes.

In fact, the Trescara home by assemblageSTUDIO features a chandelier and a pool that both rival what you would see in a fine hotel.

Granted, unlike a hotel, most people will probably never have the opportunity to explore the Trescara House for themselves, but thanks to Homes and Hues, we can at least get a good look at the beautiful structure: The Glitz and Glamour of Vegas is Alive in the Trescara House

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The Axor Starck Faucet Shows the Beauty of Clear Water

We've all seen clear sink basins and open faucets before, but never an open and clear water spout. The new Axor Starck Faucet is the first of its kind, revealing the swirling beauty of water as it can be found in nature. 

While there are a few potential problems with having a totally clear tap -particularly since most tap water is loaded with calcium that will quickly cake up the design. Even so, the potential problems of the tap's longevity are still worth dealing with in exchange for the unique and eye-catching design.

Check out more images on Homes and Hues: Enjoy the Clear Beauty of Flowing Water With the Axor Starck V

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An Incredible View -If You Can Handle The Heights

If you plan on visiting the Canadian Rockies any time soon, you have a new option when it comes to viewing the area's famous glaciers. The Glacier Skywalk, conceived and funded by Brewster Travel Canada and constructed by Sturgess Architecture and Read Jones Christoffersen Engineering is an incredible observation deck set in the heart of the mountain range. 

The views of the valley and glaciers are incredible, but if you're afraid of heights, you might find the glass pathway that hovers 918 feet above the ground to be pretty intimidating, so you might want to just stay on solid ground.

To see more pictures of the new attraction, visit Homes and Hues: Enjoy The View Jasper National Park On Glacier Skywalk

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A Stunning, Zen-Like Garden In Berkeley, California

Shadow, light, wood, concrete, bamboo and maple trees all come together in the Hilgard Garden to create a beautiful backyard that is equally perfect for socializing and meditating. 

At the top of the angled terrace is a seating area that is perched high enough to view past the house and across the San Francisco Bay all the way to the City across the water.

See more stunning pictures of the garden at Homes and Hues: The Hilgard Garden Shows What Hills Can Do For A Garden

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13 Awesome Space-Inspired Designs

Whether you're obsessed with Cosmos, sci-fi, NASA or just the night sky, pretty much everyone can agree that space offers tons of beautiful sights. While only the stars and a handful of planets can be seen by the naked eye, we all know what galaxies, nebulas and other celestial spectacles look like and now you can even take some of those stunning sights indoors with these cool outer-space-inspired designs.

Over at Homes and Hues, we rounded up over a dozen awesome ways to get stars, moons and planets into your home and some of them are even easy DIY tricks, so check it out: 13 Cool Ways to Bring A Touch of the Cosmos Into Your Space.

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The Angels Have the Phone Box, But We Have the Firstcall

With phone booths becoming a thing of the past, it's becoming harder and harder to have a private phone conversation outside of your own home. With the Firstcall though, you can ensure your phone calls are quiet from those around you and you can better hear the person on the other line. 

The shape of the chair makes the pieces' purpose immediately obvious and it is a fun, eye-catching look. It even comes in over 32 colors so you can ensure it will match any space where you put it.

See more cool pictures at Homes and Hues: The Call Box of the Cell Phone World

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The Ultimate In Geeky Seating (You Can Even Make It At Home)

Tired of not having an Iron Throne of your own but don't have $30,000 to buy the official HBO replica? Well now you can make your own for a fraction of the cost -and the design will be infinately more comfortable as it is actually a bean bag.

Thanks to Nerd By Night, you now have all the directions you need to put together your own comfy Iron Throne.

For more information on the piece, don't miss our coverage of it on Homes and Hues: Be The King of Nerderos With This Game of Thrones Bean Bag Chair

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This Chessboard Makes It Really Hard to Lose Your Pieces

The Congo Quares Bench by Atelier Astúa looks like an attractive, but fairly ordinary bench most of the time. But when you want to play chess, you just have to hit the switch and all the pieces will appear beside the board.

Once they're on the board, you can continue sitting at either side of the bench until the game is over and cleanup is as easy as putting the pieces back in their respective holes in the bench.

The bench is not only a great way to store your chess set when it's not in use, it's also a great way to avoid losing your pieces since it is so easy to put them away and keep track of them all.

Check out more pictures over at Homes and Hues: A Stylish Bench and Chess Set In One

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This Big Sur Home Has Views That Would Make Me Never Leave Home

I'm a bit of a homebody as is, but I can always motivate myself with the opportunity for a hike in the forest, since I simply love stunning natural settings. But if I lived in this incredible Big Sur home by Fougeron Architects, I don't think I'd ever find a reason to leave. 

The gorgeous, cantilevered home is balanced almost impossibly on a massive 250-foot cliff that sits just above the ocean. While it might not be a great setting for those afraid of heights, it's undoubtedly one of the best homes a nature-lover could ever hope for.

Check out more of the unbelievable photos at Homes and Hues: It's Easy to Fall in Love With Big Sur's Fall House

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20 Ways to Make Your Home a Little Greener

With Earth Day on Tuesday and today being Arbor Day, there's never been a better excuse to think about the environment and how you impact it. That's why over on Homes and Hues, we compiled a great list of some of the simple things you can do at home to make your place a little more green.

Fittingly for Arbor Day, one of the suggestions is to plant a tree outside your home. It's not just good because it makes the air easier to breathe either -planting a tree to block the sun can drastically lower your cooling costs in the summer.

Check out the rest of the tips at the link: 20 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Green

Image Via Glasseyes View [Flickr]

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The Beautiful Bond University Architecture Building

Most colleges try to have some impressively beautiful buildings, but if there's one department that really needs a stunning home, it's the architecture department -and the new design at Bond University of Queensland, Australia is truly impressive.

From the wide open coridor to the tiny nooks made into meeting spaces, the the Abedian School of Architecture is a fantastic place for students to not only learn and meet, but also to find inspiration in their craft. 

Check out more cool pictures at Homes and Hues: The Architecture Building At Bond University Can Inspire Any Design Student

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Over 60 Amazing WonderCon Cosplay Pictures

Last weekend was WonderCon, the San Diego Comic Con's sister convention. I made the trip out to Anaheim to check out the event, especially the cosplay and I must say, I wasn't disappointed.

If you like these, don't miss my other pictures from WonderCon this year.

The Anaheim Convention Center is right across the street from Disneyland, so it's hardly surprising to see a lot of Disney character costumes. What was surprising was how fantastic some of the amazing costume mashups were -like this Slave Princess Jasmine.

There was a whole set of seven Disney princesses posing as bunnies, but I only managed to catch this Jasmine (you can see the whole set here).

This drag version of Ariel by David Schafer was one of the most beautiful costumes I saw at the convention. Not surprisingly, she took home a lot of awards in the masquerade.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with the classic costumes either -especially when they involve adorable little ones as well.

One of the best things anyone can do to improve their costume is add props and this Red Queen's transformation of her wheelchair earned Elizabeth DeBoer the Judge's Choice Award in the masquerade.

Continue reading

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Can't Afford Roman Antiquities But Love the Style? Try These Instead

Rome was one heck of a civilization and there's no denying that they had great style. Unfortunately, most of us can't really go buy a real antiquity and the knock offs just look cheap. If you want something with style, class and a little modern touch though, Jaime Hayon has you covered with his New Rome series.

The designs are all based on classic Roman styles, but with modern materials that give the pieces a clean, eye-catching look that fans of ancient and new styles can agree on.

Check out more pictures over at Homes and Hues: Roman Artifacts Inspired These Delightful Table Designs

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This Bookshelf Is A Great Way to Draw Attention to Your Personal Library

Albero means "tree" in Italian, so it's only fitting that this tree-like bookcase bears the name of the very thing that inspired it. The central post serves as a trunk and like a real tree, it can expand and grow to fit any space -although this particular tree only grows to 11 feet tall. Similarly, the branches can be spread out in any given pattern although these boughs are better suited for holding books and knickknacks than leaves. 

Check out more pictures of the cool modular design over on Homes and Hues: This Bookcase Is Like A Tree In Your Living Room

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Furniture That Will Let Your Spirits Float Away

This furniture almost looks magical they way it is suspended above the ground, but it's not scorcery -it's just a brillian illusion by Director Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese studio h220430. While the chair and bench are actually suspended by the balloons, those balloons are held to the ceiling by invisible wires with hidden anchors.

The furniture may remind you of Up!, but the designer was actually inspired 1956 movie Le Balloon Rouge.

Check out more pictures of the delightfully cheerful designs over at Homes and Hues: This Balloon Furniture Can Help You Lift Your Spirits

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16 Fun DIY Easter Decorations to Spruce Up Your Holiday

I don't know about you guys, but I can't believe Easter is finally here. I know it is late this year, but it still seems like it snuck up on us. If you're trying to figure out how to make your home a little more holiday spirited before your family comes over though, Homes and Hues can help.

That's because we rounded up some of the funnest, cutest and simplest DIY crafts to decorate your home with. We have everything from classy to kiddy and no matter how you celebrate, you're sure to find something you like.

Even if you don't celebrate Easter, the list is worth a peek because there are plenty of fantastic ideas perfect for springtime in general.

So check it out: 16 Easy and Fun Easter Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Neatolinks: One Hundred Dollars For A Grilled Cheese?

7 of the World's Most Awesome Toads (WebEcoist)

11 Citizen Science Projects That Need Your Help (Mental Floss)

10 Animal "Facts" That Are Anything But (TopTenz)

The $100 Grilled Cheese Sandwich (The Consumerist)

Image: These Pictures of a Baby and His Dog Are Pretty Much The Cutest Ever (My Modern Met)

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A Minimalist Vacation Home Inside A Concrete Rock

270 square feet isn't much space to live in, but when we're talking vacation homes on the coast of Spain, it's just enough. And this gorgeous minimalist home isn't going to leave you wanting since it comes equipped with a toilet, a shower, a fireplace and a bed with an amazing view of your vacation space.

While it might not have a kitchen, you can always cook your freshly caught fish over your fireplace -or, since you're on vacation, go out to eat and treat yourself to something special.

Learn how The Truffle, as it is named, was made and see more cool pictures at Homes and Hues: That's No Rock; That's A Vacation Home

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Help Us Pick A Contest Winner By Letting Us Know What to Write About

At the start of this month, we asked you guys to go on Pinterest and tell us what to write about for a chance to win $50 worth of NeatoShop merchandise. While we got some great feedback on Facebook, not too many of you participated on Pinterest which means that we might have to do this contest again only open it up to all types of submissions.

For the time being though, it's up to you guys to pick the winner of the contest from the four submissions. Whichever idea you vote for will result in the winner getting a $50 shopping spree and one of our writers tackling the subject submitted in an upcoming feature article.

By the way, if you tried to enter the contest on Pinterest and don't see your entry here, leave a comment with the link to your pin and we'll add you in.

Also, if you're on Pinterest and didn't enter the contest but periodically come up with ideas you think would fit the blog, feel free to join our new group, Should Be On Neatorama. We hope to see you there.

What Would You Want to See As a Feature Article on Neatorama?

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The Saunalautta Can Make Your Summer Vacation Epic

When you think summer, you probably think about sun, surf, relaxation and good grilling weather, but you might not think about throwing saunas into the mix -unless you're Finnish that is. That's because the Fins have a brilliant creation known as a SaunaLauta that is basically a sauna boat.

While there are plenty of them online, this fantastic creation not only has a sauna, but also three decks so you have extra space to relax, enjoy a nap in a hammock, grill up some snacks or take an epic dive into the chilly waters after a nice sauna session. 

Best of all, you can even rent this crazy (but genius) contraption for yourself -assuming you're in the area.

Check out more pictures of the wonderful floating sauna at Homes and Hues: Sun, Wind, Surf and Sauna All At Once

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The Cherry Blossom Observation Treehouse

Sure, it's all about smelling the roses, but blooming cherry blossoms are all about looks, not their smell. That's why the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum of Hokuto, Japan hired Architect Terunobu Fujimori to create this stunning viewing area to take full advantage of the seasonal blooms.

On the outside, the treehouse looks like a building from a fairy tale, but on the inside, it is simple and modern, which makes it a perfect setting to enjoy a cup of tea while sipping in the stunning scenery outside the window.

Learn more about the project and see more pictures at Homes and Hues: The Best Way to Stop and Take In the Cherry Blossoms

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The Most Stylish Camping Trip In the World

I don't know about you guys, but I love sleeping under the stars and listening to the sweet sounds of nature. I don't love the whole sleeping on the rock hard ground or the way that motorhomes and campers make you feel entirely removed from the experience. 

That's why I'm in love with this modified  vintage fire engine that has been converted into a tent/hotel room. It features a wood burning stove, a Victorian bed, hardwood floor recovered from an old Tudor mansion and more, but you still have basic canvas walls and ceiling surrounding you so you can really feel like you're "roughing it" even while you're cozied up in luxury.

See more pictures of the cool camper and learn where you can rent it at Homes and Hues: Camping Has Never Looked This Good

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16 Awesome Home Offices You Wish You Could Use As A Write Off

If you work from home, you know how important it is to have a good home office where you can focus on your task without any external distractions. Even a lot of people who don't work from home have an office or study for personal work outside of the office.

With tax day looming next week, we thought it seemed like a good time to look at some of the coolest, most beautiful and most unique home offices we could find over on Homes and Hues.

Whether you need a big office space you can stretch out in or just a cozy nook for you and your laptop, you're certain to find something you'll wish you could be writing off on your taxes this year.

Check out the full list over at Homes and Hues: 16 Home Offices You Wish You Could Use As A Write Off This Year

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This Floating Staircase Belongs In Design Heaven

From the side, this staircase is hardly visable, but it's far enough out of the way that you aren't likely to bump your head on it without seeing it. And, when you go down the stairs, the vertical support beams can also work as hand rails. 

It's a great way to maximize the space of a two-storey loft by minimizing the amount of space the staircase takes up -and it looks absolutely stunning.

See more pictures of this cool stairway over at Homes and Hues: A Beautiful Staircase That Floats Above Its Living Space

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Neatolinks: Easter Toys That Will Terrify Your Kids

7 Great Places With Horrible Name (Mental Floss)

Alpacas With New Wave Hair Styles (Buzzfeed)

8 Easter Toys to Give Your Kids Nightmares (InventorSpot)

10 Odd But Adorable Pet Outfits (Oddee)

Image: Evil Banana Is Evil (BoingBoing)

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Turning Outdated Tech Into Something Beautiful

You've likely already upgraded to a LCD or plasma TV and your monitor is probably the same, but did you ever consider what happened to your old TV or monitor? As it turns out, the cathode ray tubes (CRT) that made those screens work are incredibly difficult to recycle. That's why Fireclay Tile came up with a great solution for repurposing the tubes. In fact, the very properties that make the tubes so hard to recycle (they are incredibly thick and very shatter resistant) also make them perfect to use as tiles.

Learn more about how the tiles are made over at Homes and Hues: What Do You Do With Material That is Barely Recyclable? Repurpose It

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The Sustainability Treehouse Reminds Us What's Worth Protecting

While the Boy Scouts are in the news a lot these days for certain conservative policies, their basic values are noble -sustainability, education and respect for example. And their new Sustainability Treehouse in the Summit Betchel Reserve of West Virginia reinforces these important ideals by placing an emphasis on sustainability.

The building's stunning location not only emphasizes just what is at risk if we don't change our polluting ways, but the premise is also an example of just how well sustainability works -leaving basically no footprint between its solar and wind turbine generated power and rain cistern and water cleansing system.

You can find out more about the great educational facility (and see more pictures of the striking property) over at Homes and Hues: The Sustainability Treehouse Educates While It Excites

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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The World's Smartest Air Conditioner

Not every home comes equipped with central air conditioning, but during the dog days of summer, it's hard to use a window-mounted A/C without spending a fortune on electricity or being totally uncomfortable. Aros is a novel way to deal with the problem as this air conditioner can link with your wifi and be controlled by your smart phone so you can turn it on before you head home, program it to turn itself off when you leave the house and set it to maximize energy efficiency when the weather changes.

Learn more about the new innovation and where you can get one for yourself over at Homes and Hues: Aros Is A Smart Air Conditioner

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Neatolinks: The Chihuahua Who Stopped The Mail

Chicken and Waffle Nachos (Quite Delish)

Why Didn't Europeans Get Wiped Out By Native American Diseases? (Today I Found Out)

One Chihuahua Has Stopped An Entire Neighborhood From Getting Their Mail (Consumerist)

In Defense of the Winter Soldier (Vista Criminal Law)

Image: Lord of the Rings House Sigils (Middle Earth News)

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