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Neatolinks: Cats Vomiting to Techno

Don't You Wish Your Kid Could Have A Nuclear Reactor? (The Presurfer)

Be Amazed by Monks Making Works of Art From Piles of Sand (Dark Roasted Blend)

Cats, Vomit, Techno....What's Not to Love? (Incredible Things)

There Are Two NYCCs Scheduled This Year (The Mary Sue)

Image: The Donkey Knight Returns (Geekosystem)

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Birdhouses Based on Airbnb Listings

Airbnb provides travels a great and local place to stay at a reasonable price while providing home owners with a good source of income and a way to meet new people. While most of the homes on the site are just your every day houses, there are some truly impressive ones as well. 

That's why it was so brilliant for the company to commission five different artists to create birdhouse versions of fifty of the site's best property listings.

While the Birdbnb site is down now due to a legal dispute with one of their competitors, you can still check out quite a few of them over on Homes and Hues: Birdhouses That Look Like Airbnb Listings

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Neatolinks: Dogs, Olympics, Cats, Yoga and More

Marijauana Yoga or Rave Yoga? Why Not? (Oddee)

Does Your Dog Actually Love You? (Geekosystem)

This Rescue Cat Weighs 21 Pounds and Stretches Three Feet Long (The Presurfer)

The Nine Nuttiest Winter Olympic Stories Ever (Mental Floss)

Image: The Dinosaur Pet Guide (John Conway)

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The Ultimate Full Size Cat Home

Personally, I would never spend $35,000 on a home rennovation to make a house better for my kitties, but hey, I would never own 18 cats either. If you're going to do those two things though, you couldn't hope for a better design than this amazing home in Goleta, CA  that was remodeled by Trillium Enterprises

The remodel might be a little crazy, but there's no denying that there are some seriously happy kitties living in this place. 

Check out more pictures over at Homes and Hues: The Purrfect Home For A Serious Cat Lover

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Neatolinks: Burgers, Olympic Tug of War, Bizarre Models and Real Iron Men

The Weirdest Models Around (Oddee)

Did You Know Tug of War Was An Olympic Sport (Mental Floss)

Grilled Apple Burgers? Why Not? (Consumerist)

The Military Wants to Make A Real Iron Man (The Mary Sue)

Image: The Most Impressive Fast food Creation Ever (imgur)

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Neatolinks: LEGO Movies and Tattoos

15 Pictures of Adorable Cats In Hats (Scribol)

This Mario-Themed Wedding Pretty Much Rocks (Offbeat Bride)

Cosplay? Why Not Zoidberg? (Geek Girls)

15 Awesome LEGO Tattoos (Flavorwire)

Image: Oscar Nominated Movies in LEGO (Laughing Squid)

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Neatolinks: Puppies, Facebook, Science and Freedom of the Press

This Is Some Serious Puppy Love (YouTube)

Facebook Is Now Open to More Than Just Male/Female Gender Preferences (Geekosystem)

5 Ridiculous Arguments That Have Scientific Answers (Cracked)

A Map Showing Where Freedom of the Press is Strongest and Weakest (The Presurfer)

Image: Quilled Anatomy of the Human Head (Improbable Research)

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The 9 Most Romantic Beds for Valentine's Day

From floating beds to cozy caves, these beds are so romantic that I wish I could head back to bed right now -of course, I always wish I could head back to bed, but these beds make me want to go back to bed for romantic purposes. 

It's a perfect list for the most bed-oriented holiday on the calendar -Valentine's Day.

Enjoy the rest of the list over at Homes and Hues: The 9 Most Romantic Beds You Coul Ever Hope to Sleep in This Valentine's Day

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Neatolinks: Monty Python, Pizza Hut, Super Marios and Olympians

This Doorbell Plays Sounds From Super Mario Bros. (Laughing Squid)

These Four Olympians Actually Rejected Their Medals (The Presurfer)

So....Pizza Hut Has An OK Cupid Page (Geekosystem)

Five Fun Facts About Monty Python (Unreality Mag)

Image: Game of Fries (Imgur)

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Cover Your Walls In Dragon Scales

Over on Homes and Hues, we feature a lot of cool home designs, but so far, the site has been sadly absent of decor that can make your interior resemble a dragon's scales. Today we have remedied that with the introduction of the Ginkgo Acoustic Panels, a modular wall accessory that not only improves the acoustics in your room, but also spruces up the walls. The designs are cool and can be arranged in all number of patterns, but Game of Thrones, Hobbit and other fantasy fans will join me by expressing their excitement over the green and yellow panels being assembled in a design that makes your wall look like the side of a dragon.

See pictures of the non-dragon looks over at Homes and Hues: Customize Your Walls With Ginkgo Acoustic Panels

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The Bridge House Makes All The Right Connections

The point of a vacation home is to help people get away from it all while getting to spend time with their friends and family members. While most vacation homes do a fine job of this, the houses themselves are just regular old residences reserved for the family's trips. The family who hired Gluck + to design their Bridge House wanted something different though -something that would reinforce the house's role is building relationships.

The end result does exactly this by seamlessly blending styles and connecting spaces and structures to one another. Read how the materials and design reflect the building's purpose in building connections and see more great pictures at Homes and Hues: The Bridge Home Bridges the Gap Between Modern Design and Rustic Charm

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Neatolinks: Cats That Look Like Werewolves

Make A $10 Microscope for Your iPhone (BoingBoing)

Werewolf Cats? Count Me In (Geekosystem)

Should Batman Be Charged With Child Endangerment? (Criminal Lawyer San Diego)

Spider-Man's Anatomy is Pretty Much Horrifying (Bug Girl's Blog)

Image: Up, Star Wars and Weddings Make One Good Combo (Etsy)


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This Magician-Inspired Closet Is Purely Magical

On the outside, Rafael Morgan's Deadly, Multipurpose Closet looks like a cute take on the classic magic trick that involves placing an assistant in a box and then shoving swords through her, but it's the inside of the closet that really makes it magnificent.

That's because this clever design allows you to use the swords to totally customize the storage space inside. They can be arranged as shelves for clothes, CDs, shoes or books, or you can space them out more and use them as rods to hang your clothes from. As anyone without much storage can tell you, being able to space things out as much or as little as you want really is magical.

Read more about the design at Homes and Hues: If Looks Could Kill, This Closet Just Might

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The Most Comfortable Way to Sleep Under the Stars

Over at Homes and Hues, we already showed you a great selection of designs inspired by nature, but if you just can't get enough, here's another fantastic option - Natalia Rumyantseva's Cosmos Bed. As you can see in the image, the cool egg-shaped bed features lights offering you a lovely view of the night sky, but that's not all. It also has a built-in alarm, a sound system that can play relaxing sounds to lull you to sleep and it can even pump aromas into your sleeping space to make sure you can dream about that wonderful camping trip you took as a teenager without having to deal with all the bug bites and sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

See more pictures at Homes and Hues: Sleep Under the Stars With the Cosmos Bed


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Neatolinks: Little Tykes, Zelda, Shakespeare and Steampunk

A Little Tykes Car For Grown Ups? Sounds Like A Neatorama Company Car (Incredible Things)

This Zelda Theme Rocks! (Geekosystem)

10 Shakespearian References in Disney Movies to Impress Your Geek Freinds (Geek Girls)

We Can't Get Enough of These Steampunk Creations (Dark Roasted Blend)

Image: The Mona Targaryan (Unreality Mag)

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Neatolinks: You've Gotta Fight For Your Right to Disney Fun

Social Media May Have Saved A Disney Park Favorite (Geekosystem)

This Hunger Games Barbie Couldn't Look More Realistic (The Mary Sue)

Everything You Need to Know is Under Ice...Maybe (Environmental Graffiti)

These Basalt Formations Are Pretty Much Amazing (The World Geography)

Image: Krang Can Control You Now (Geek Girls)

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Neatolinks: Love Is Precious

Remember When New York Was Terrifying? (Incredible Things)

Google Celebrates the Olympics and Takes a Stand (Geekosystem)

These Lightning Pictures Remind Us of the End of Ghostbusters (Oddee)

Three Words: Star Wars Taxidermy (Geek Girls)

Image: The Most Precious Geek Valentine (The Mary Sue)

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11 Lights That Can Add Some Spark to Your Space

You know what every room has no matter what its purpose? Some kind of lighting source. And because lights are the one thing that you need no matter what kind of room you're decorating, they really deserve a lot of thought when you're designing a space.

That's why our newest article on Homes and Hues shows you how to Light Up Your Life With These 11 Uniquely Beautiful Lights.

Of course, if you don't see the perfect light you're looking for in the article, we have plenty of other great lights in the site's lighting category, so be sure not to miss that section as well in order to catch things like the Marfa Tumbleweed Light and ReTech's steampunk lamps.

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Neatolinks: May the Naps Be With You

This Naptime Equipment Belongs in the Neatorama Office ASAP (WebUrbanist)

I Want to See Someone Wearing All 12 of These Bizarre Fashions (Oddee)

It Doesn't Get More Amazing Than Freerunning on the Great Wall (Environmental Graffiti)

This is One Great Excuse to Deface Novels (Geekosystem)

Image: Laser Cat Supports This Wedding (Offbeat Bride)

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A Labyrinth Worth Getting Lost In

It might not include a Goblin King or magical creatures, but the Labirinto Della Masone is still pretty magnificent. In fact, the lack of baby-snatching villians could even be considered an advantage.

The all-bamboo maze is actually the largest in the world, taking up over 17 acres. The property belongs to famed art collector Franco Maria Ricci, who is opening up the cultural park to the public when it is completed near the end of the year. Aside from the maze, the complex will also house a museum displaying 500 artworks collected by Ricci, a library, an entertainment venue, two restaurants, a bookstore and more.

Goblin King or no, this labyrinth still seems like a pretty magical place to visit and you can learn more about it at Homes and Hues: The World's Largest Labyrinth

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Neatolinks: Won't Someone Please Think of the Starfish?

"You're Tearing Me Apart" Isn't Just A Metaphor With Starfish (Geekosystem)

Goldieblox Rocks With This Awesome Super Bowl Commercial (The Mary Sue)

Where Can I Buy A Mariachi Ski Suit? (Incredible Things)

J.K. Rowling Says She Should Have Let Harry Get With Hermoine (Unreality Magazine)

Image: Golden Girl LEGOS (Etsy)

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Cast A Shadow of Style With This Carved Wooden Cube

Looking to add a little delicate design to your room? Well, if you have a large enough space, you could always consider Anila Quayyum's Intersections. The laser-carved cube serves as a stunning chandelier, but at 6 1/2 feet wide, it takes a pretty large room to hang it up. 

For those of us without a ballroom to light up, it does provide a great source of inspiration for what a clever use of lighting and shadows can do to spruce up your room. 

Read more about Intersections at Homes and Hues: Shadows Have Style With Anila Quayyum's Intersections

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Neatolinks: Mean Fish Are Worse Than Mean Girls

George R.R. Martin Did Something Cute Without Murdering A Whole Village? (The Mary Sue)

Make Your Own Portal Gun for Under $10 (BoingBoing)

If You're Going to Be a Crazy Cat Person, You Might As Well Do It Right (Flavorwire)

Just Like Humans, Fish Can Be Real Jerks (io9)

Image: The Coen Brothers Films Reimagined as Music Gig Posters (Fast Co Design)

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Terrific Design Makes the T House Stand Out

With a clever use of glass, cement and wood siding, the T House by Natalie Dionne Architecture both fits in with and stands out from its stunning mountain surroundings. As the name implies, the building is shaped a T, but the design is far more elabroate than you might imagine. In fact, it's more like two structures connected by one large glass dining room than a solid T-shaped building. One of the buildings is wood-covered and used for the master bedroom and the kitchen. The other structure is cement that juts over the mountain side, providing unparalleled views of the hills below through the guest room and the living room. 

Enjoy more photos of the home over at Homes and Hues: The T House Is Simply Terrific

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Neatolinks: Oreos, Vending Machines, Black Holes and Patrick Stewart

As if You Needed More Reasons to Love Patrick Stewart (Mental Floss)

So Stephen Hawking Doesn't Believe in Black Holes (Geekologie)

A Review of the New Oreo Flavors (Geekosystem)

If You Think a Salad Vending Machine is Weird, Wait Til You See These (WebUrbanist)

Image: This Daldis Dress is Whovian Cosplay At Its Best (Facebook)

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Seesaws Aren't Just for Youngsters Anymore

I don't know about you guys, but I just couldn't get enough of the seesaw when I was a kid. If you still have that feeling, then you'll certainly love Louise Campbell's newest design, simply titled Seesaw. 

If you couldn't tell by the name and pictures, the piece is a functional seesaw, but it's all ready for the adult world -upholstered so it can sit in your living room and fitted with nice ridges so you dont have to straddle the bench or slide down to one end when the other person is a bit heavier than you.

You can find more pictures and information at Homes and Hues: Like to Play? Then You'll Love This Indoor Seesaw

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Seven Layer Dessert Dip

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a sucker for 7 layer dips -especially during football parties. In fact, since I'm not really a fan of the sport itself, that's one of the best things about the games from my perspective. 

That being said, sometimes you want something a little sweet instead of the classic bean dip and Food Beast is here to please. That's when the 7 layer dessert dip comes in. So what are the seven sweet layers? 

  • A sweet avocado dip
  • Nutella "refried beans"
  • Cool whip and sour cream
  • Strawberry "salsa"
  • Coconut "cheese"
  • Green marshmallows
  • Quartered Oreos

Serve it with some fried flour tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar and you have the perfect game day dessert.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Who Will Win the Super Bowl? Teddy Knows

(Video Link)

Last year and the year before, Teddy Bear the porcupine managed to correctly identify the winner of the Super Bowl based on his choice of corn from two containers. This year, it's between the Broncos and the Seahawks, so who will win? This year Teddy puts his whiskers on the Seahawks. I'm not much of a gambler, but if I was, I know who I would bet on.

Via Cute Overload

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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These Animals Are Terrible At Hide and Seek

Peek a Boo, I see you puppy dog. But it's ok that you're terrible at hide and seek, you're still pretty gosh darned adorable and hey, at least you seem to be having fun. 

The same goes for you kitty -you're not exactly sneaky, but we don't care -we'd rather look at that cute face and pretend we can't see you than actually not get to see you. Want to see more animals that fail at hide and seek? Then you won't want to miss this great Buzzfeed article.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Someone Isn't A Bears Fan

(Video Link)

No word on how she feels about the Super Bowl Shuffle, but we certainly know that Ellie can't stand Dick Butkus. It's possible she just hates the Bears in general, but it could just be Butkus she doesn't like. Maybe she even just hates how much the name sounds like butt kiss. No matter what, we know Ellie won't be happy if he makes an appearance at this year's Super Bowl, but at least her response is pretty darn adorable.

Via Cute Overload

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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