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Neatolinks: Danny Trejo Making Adorable Animals Out of Bread

7 Theme Parks That Helped Inspire Disneyland (Mental Floss)

Apparently, Danny Trejo Loves to Make Bread Shaped Like Cute Animals (Geekosystem)

10 Fascinating Facts About Roses (The Presurfer)

Fan of Veronica Mars? You Just Might Like This (The Mary Sue)

Image: True Detective Hardy Boys Books By Todd Spence (Buzzfeed)

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

16 Absolutely Awesome Shelving Systems

I don't know about you guys, but if there's one thing my house could always use, it's more storage. That's why I simply loved writing this fun article on shelving units for Homes and Hues.

The designs range from the fun to functional to a little over the top, but one thing they all have in common is that they are all useful when it comes to decluttering your home.

So don't miss the full list of all of these cool shelves over at Homes and Hues: 16 Cool and Creative Shelving Systems

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Give Your Living Room A Little Bang

This lamp by Stockpile Designs won't literally blow up your room, but it could inspire an explosive conversation among your visitors. The real Korean War era bomb weighs 100 pounds, but its militaristic roots won't ruin your decor because the rust and paint you might expect to find on such a vintage piece of military equipment has all been polished away. 

Read more about the unique light design over at Homes and Hues: The Megaton Floor Light Is The Bomb

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Neatolinks: Schools You Probably Can't Get Into

Get Ready for 300: Rise of an Empire By Reading Up on 10 Awesome Female Military Leaders (The Mary Sue)

15 Trenchcoats That Stole the Show in Movies (Scribol)

In Case You Were Wondering, the New Star Wars Will Take Place 30 Years After the Original Series (Geekosystem)

The 50 Schools With the Most Nobel Prize Winners (The Presurfer)

Image: Photo Manipulation to Blow Your Mind by Erik Johansson (Martineken Blog)

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This Cool Dome-Shaped House Only Cost $9,000 to Build and Furnish

A 500 square-foot home isn't huge, but when you live in a tropical paradise like a Thai mango plantation, you don't need much to be comfortable -especially when your tiny home even comes equipped with a small pond and a gazebo. 

Impressively, Steve Areen built this home for only $9,000 -including the impressive stonework and furnishings inside. It's also made from locally sourced concrete and clay bricks although Areen now hopes to build more dome houses that are even more sustainable with pressed earth bricks.

Check our more pictures of this impressive, tiny home over at Homes and Hues: This Cozy, Cool Thailand Home Costs Only $9,000

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Neatolinks: Flea, Bloody Brains, Body Art and Doctor Who

9 Works of Art Created on the Human Body (Oddee)

10 Awesome Movie Cameos By Flea (Scribol)

How to Make a Bloody Brain Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treat (The Homicidal Homemaker)

10 Different Takes on All the Different Doctors (Mental Floss)

Image: We Pretty Much Love These Tiny Felted Pokemon by xxNostalgic (The Mary Sue)

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Adoring the Angles of the North Star Apartments

What's in an angle? Not just great style, that's for sure. The North Star Apartments in Slovakia prove that with their stunning lines that not only look wonderful, but also help keep the residents cozy in their homes. 

The striking balconies manage to reflect light into the windows while similtaniously blocking out traffic noise and providing residents with a little extra privacy. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the building looks fantastic.

You can see more cool pictures of the unique complex at Homes and Hues: A Few Angles Make A Big Difference In The North Star Apartments

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Stairs, Shelves, A Cupboard and A Desk All-In-One

Staircases are critical in homes that have more than one story, but  they can also be a serious drain on space. In an effort to make the most of the staircase, designer Just Haasnoot commissioned Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer to create a staircase that combines the functionality of stairs, shelves, a desk and a cupboard. The end result is a great place to work that provides a lot of much needed storage all while serving as a staircase at the same time. 

You can see all kinds of other great pictures of the staircase and more information about it at Homes and Hues: A Staircase, A Storage Unit and A Desk In One

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Neatolinks: Cats, Puppets, Dolls and Bill Nye

You Have A Smart Phone, What About A Smart Doll? (Scribol)

These Cats Have Cushier Jobs Than You (Mental Floss)

Do You Agree With This List of the 10 Most Iconic Movie Puppets of the 80s? (The Presurfer)

Bill Nye Tells How He Became the Science Guy (Geekosystem)

Image: Lord of the Rings Shoes (BBEEshoes)

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Sun, Trees and Comfort Rule At the MIL Metal House

If you live beside a forest in Santiago, Chile, you likely want to stay cool during those hot summer days, but you also don't want to be pumping the AC all day long, nor do you want your house to stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, the MIL Metal House by Max Ibañez and Claudio Iabarca addresses all of those concerns while still providing a stunning home with ample natural lighting and spectacular views of the forest.

By insulating the walls, using cool wood, metal and concrete for building materials, stretching the roof to provide extensive shade and adding a reflective coating to the windows, the house beautifully fits in with its surroundings all while providing natural comfort to its residents.

Check out more cool pictures over at Homes and Hues: Enjoy the sun, the Sky and the Trees with the MIL Metal House

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Neatolinks: Ewoks, Cucumber Bananas and Geeky Wedding Rings

15 Awesome Geek Wedding Rings (Scribol)

11 Dog Breeds That Aren't Around Anymore (Mental Floss)

An Ewok Sex Den Perhaps? (Uproxx)

28 Cool Facts About Marvel Comics (Bro My God)

Image: Cucumber Bananas? Now That's Art (22 Words)

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The Smell of Genius Home Decor

Something smells fishy...no wait, make that delightful. It must be these wonderful new outlet covers by ekoD that make your outlet look like it finally has a nose of its own. The delightful designs are easy to use -just plug them into the wall and then plug your cords into the nose. Sure they're a little pointless, but aren't framed photos, fancy door handles and stained glass windows for that matter?

See more great pictures of the Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet at Homes and Hues: Feeling Plugged Up? Perhaps It's Just Your Wall Outlet

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Neatolinks: Accidental Heroes, Kakapo Rescues and Stress Hangovers

Worried About Money? You're Likely to Get a Worse Hangover (Boing Boing)

These Accidental Heroes Show You Don't Have to Plan on Saving a Life to Do It. (Oddee)

Finally You Can Snuggle With A Giant Chicken Leg (The Consumerist)

The Amazing Story of Animal Rescuers Saving the Cracked Egg of a Rare Kakapo (Viralnova)

Image: Dark Crystal Cake By Black Cherry (Facebook)

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Make Your Own Shadow Chandelier

It's nice to get a new, stylish home fixture, but many times these chic designs soon look old and tired and you're left with the choice of getting rid of them or leaving them to make your home look outdated and ugly. Fortunately, with this cool shadow chandelier, you don't need to deal with that problem as it's totally DIY and made from cardboard. Not only is it a practically free design addition, but you can even recycle it when you're done.

We have more pictures and some instructions over on Homes and Hues: How to Make Your Own Stylish Cardboard Chandelier

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Neatolinks: The Game of Grump

These 12 Pictures of Pets As Youngsters and Adults Is Simply Heart Melting (Oddee)

On the Other Hand, These Celebrity Statues Are Utterly Horrifying (Mental Floss)

Five Other Places You Can Spot Game of Thrones Actors Being Awesome (Unreality Mag)

Grumpy Cat Sat on the Game of Thrones. The Internet Has Been Won (Geekosystem)

Image: The They Live Version of Ellen's Selfie (Dangerous Minds)

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You Could Win $100 Worth of NeatoShop Goodies

Here at Neatorama, we work hard to keep our social media accounts alive and interesting. We also work hard to provide you great stuff whether in the form of general awesomeness (Neatorama), fantastic goodies you can bring home (NeatoShop) or wonderful home design inspiration (Homes and Hues). That's why we're bring you a fantastic new contest where you can win up to $100 worth of NeatoShop goodies of your choosing. 

To enter, and to get a great idea of some of the fantastic and fun stuff you can get your hands on, just check out this Homes and Hues article: 15 Fun Home Goodies From the NeatoShop (And How to Win $100 in Merchandise)

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The Delightful Haunted Mansion Guest Room

We've featured some fantastic dream homes on Homes and Hues, but this is the first time we've covered a single room that has been done in one amazing theme. This delightful Haunted Mansion room features many of the great details we love from the Disney attraction. 

From the door hanger to the throw pillows to the curtain hanger, this room is loaded with Haunted Mansion goodies we simply adore. In fact, I kind of wish this room was available for rent on Airbnb because I would totally stay there before traveling to the real Haunted Mansion.

Check out more great pictures over on Homes and Hues: A Disney Haunted Mansion Bedroom

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Neatolinks: Cthulhu Trees and Burger Porn

Porn Burger Shows the Most Heavenly Burgers on Earth (Porn Burger)

Superhero Poop is Available on Etsy...Because the Internet? (The Mary Sue)

This Cologne Seriously Rocks (Incredible Things)

This Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater in Sinai is Amazing (This Is Colossal)

Image: Stumpthulhu Will Rise (Nerd Approved)

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Neatolinks: Beans and Monocles

So Meow Meow Beans From Community Has Become A Real App Thanks to Reddit (Geekosysterm)

The Fifteen Worst Named Tech Products Ever (The Presurfer)

Five Horror Films That Shocked Just About Everyone (Unreality Mag)

Now You Can Rent A Stranger's Bathroom Thanks to Airpnp (The Consumerist)

Image: Every Dog Needs a Monocle (Laughing Squid)

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13 Awesome Pieces of Kids' Furniture Sold on Etsy

When I was a kid, a race car bed or a princess dresser was pretty much as cool as furniture could get. But not only do kids today have more awesome commercially available options, thanks to Etsy they now have all kinds of one-of-a-kind options available as well.

From ice cream truck beds to Rainbow Dash rocking horses, we've compiled an epic list of some of the most unique kids' furniture Etsy has to offer over on Homes and Hues: 13 Cool Piecesof Kids' Furniture on Etsy 

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Neatolinks: HTML is Not An STD, Pass That On to Your Friends

Could the Group from Shaun of the Dead Get Busted For Breaking Into The Winchester? (Vista Criminal Law)

So, 1 in 10 Americans Think HTML is a STD. We're Ready to Cry Now. (Geekosystem)

A Quick History of First Ladies In Sitcoms (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader)

Watch This Kitty Discover the Fun of A Laser Pointer (Tommy, Leo and Gracie)

Image: A Lizard With A Dream (The Meta Picture)

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Finally A Fence With Camouflage

Tired of the white, generic picket fences that line the streets of everyone's favorite idyllic suburbs? Then you might just love this mirror fence by artist Alyson Shotz. Granted, you probably won't want to install one where there are a lot of deer running around at full speed and you wouldn't want one in front of your house both because it's hardly durable and because keeping it spotless is a nightmarish task, but even so, it's a clever idea that is certain to catch they eye even as it blends in.

See more cool pictures of the fence at Homes and Hues: Forget White Picket Fences, This One Reflects Its Surroundings

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Neatolinks: Stop Leaving Piles of Poop On Mount Everest

People Really Need to Stop Leaving Trash and Poop on Mount Everest (Geekosystem)

Someone Might Have Just Discovered Gold Coins From the 1900 San Francisco Mint Heist (Consumerist)

Finally, A Business Card That Plays Tetris (Nerd Approved)

Mac and Cheese Bacon-Wrapped Taco!!!!! (Incredible Things)

Image: The Plushie Butcher Shop (Make)

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Stick A Pin In It With The Cork Globe

Whether you love to travel or just dream of sailing the world, Chiaki Kawakami's Cork Globe is a great way to keep your eye on the places you long to visit and remember the places you have already enjoyed. Just place it on your desk and start pinning clippings of places you'd like to visit and pictures of your past travel experiences and you'll undoubtedly start saving for your next vacation quicker than ever before.

See more pictures and find out where to get one for your desk at Homes and Hues: Start Pinning Your Destinations With the Cork Globe

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Big Brother Got A Facelift

Security cameras can be useful, but they also can look harsh and intimidating even to those who aren't doing anything wrong. It could just be our wariness of the whole Big Brother or just because boring black boxes are just plain ugly. Either way, turning security cameras into friendly-looking, cartoonish eyes is a delightful way to make them seem happier and more comforting. 

That's why we love this project  Fabrique did for Dutch Railways. They turn Big Brother into a happy, friendly security guard. 

Over at Homes and Hues, we take a look at this clever design and how the concept would help you in your own home: Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring

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Neatolinks: Bunny Agility Contests and Ballerina Pigs

Scientists Finally Develop A Method for Getting Rid of the Song Stuck in Your Head (Geekosystem)

These 10 Popular Pinterest Pins Are Pretty Much BS (Inventor Spot)

Forget Dog Agility Contests, It's All About Bunny Agility (Incredible Things)

Want to Impress Your Friends at the Historical Reenactment Society? Bring a Pineapple (Food Beast)

Image: These Piggies Are Pretty Much The Cutest Thing Ever (Cute Overload)

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The Fitzroy House Takes Advantage of the Great Outdoors

This classic Melbourne home might not look like a modern masterpiece, but that's because the historic facade belies the spacious, airy expansion behind it. 

The top level offers an impressive outdoor patio and the massive door in the living room opens up the whole space into the garden. Similarly, the kitchen has a fold down window that serves as a bar for guests in the garden. It's a wonderful home for the warm climate of Australia and a striking contrast to the historical home you see on the street.

See more impressive pictures at Homes and Hues: The Fitzroy House Is Open to the World

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Neatolinks: Terrible Batman Villains Are Terrible

What's Not to Love About Seeing Pets Growing Up (Incredible Things)

What City Should You Live In: The Quiz (The Presurfer)

The 20 Worst Batman Villains Ever (i09)

Sorry Ladies, But There Will Be No More Hugh Jackman Wolverine (Geekosystem)

Image: More Avengers Fashions We Love (The Mary Sue)

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Neatolinks: Murphy Beds and Tattoos

Do You Agree With This List of the Most Disappointing Final Battles? (io9)

I Desperately Want One of These Murphy Beds (Oddee)

Do You Like Your State's Favorite Musical Artist? (Incredible Things)

These Places Are Pretty Much Works of Art Just the Way They Are (The Presurfer)

Image: Game of Thrones Tattoos by Sara McSorley (The Mary Sue)

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Neatolinks: Bromances, Kiddos, Twins and Food Amusement Parks

"The Disneyland of Food?" We're In! (Geekosystem)

Learn About Ten Sets of Conjoined Twins (The Presurfer)

These Hollywood Actors Know How to Make Bromance Last (Unreality Mag)

Check Out These Little Gals Recreating Scenes From Oscar Nominated Films (Incredible Things)

Image: The Tiniest Princess Leia (Fashionably Geek)

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