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"Coming soon to the Neatorama headquarters executive restroom: it's the Hello Kitty collectible electronic toilet seat!" It's about time. Alex has been promising he'd get rid of the coffee can toilet for years now.
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I love the way they act like there was no security before 9-11. It's more of a show now, but they still used to use x-rays and metal detectors back then.
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Thought: if you don't want to deal with tourists by your house...then don't move right next to a world-famous landmark. People are so entitled these days.
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Ummm, the comments section is a place to engage in discourse -hence the reason it's a public forum vs. an email. If you can't grasp that basic concept then you obviously know nothing about the internet. This assertion is further backed up by the fact that you think something should be deleted just because you find something wrong with it. Guess what? If the internet worked like that, there would be no internet.

If you can't accept these basic concepts then please get off the internet (and general society) altogether and go live in your closed-off world where no one ever disagrees with you.
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This chart really brings out the music snob in me -as in, if you can really break down any song that easily, it's probably god awful. And are Mumford and Sons the only indie group now, because last I checked banjo is still a rarity in bands.

I'm just going to go be grouchy in my corner now.
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That's really awesome. It does look cool and I've heard many survivors hate wearing bathing suit tops because the scar tissue hurts -this looks like it goes around the scar so it wouldn't be painful.
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