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In that case, yes, we've always linked to articles from other sites that we find fascinating. On the other hand, we actually have more original content now than we have ever hand before
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I don't know why you're saying this is click bait. I promised facts behind urban legends and delivered a link directly to them. No exaggeration, no misrepresentation, nothing that constitutes click bait. Can you tell me what you mean by that?
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I agree, I'd like to see more thick women in the muscular sense simply because that is realistic for the characters they are portraying. It seems silly to have a 100 pound girl with noodle thin arms to be a military commando or adventurer.
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I agree, practically none of the girls on the list are fat and they all do look like very realistic women's body shapes. Pong Sirioput seems to think that by "eating right" (which is hard to do considering every nutrition specialist in the world seems to give conflicting advice) and exercising you can be a perfect 36-24-36, but news flash -not all women are built the same and some women stay thin despite having horrible diets and some women look thick and muscular even when they're in peak shape.
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I had a tenured professor in college that was so bad there were petitions circulating to have her fired -and it still didn't matter. I wish we had something like this.
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A good shelter, even no-kill ones, know that there are some animals that are too sick or that have too many behavioral problems to leave alive. The no-kill shelters I'm familiar with will not kill adoptable dogs just because they've been in the shelter for a set amount of time.

The best dog I ever had was in the pound for three months. If they didn't have a no-kill policy, he would have been put to sleep.

Responsible dog lovers know that the solution isn't to put more dogs in shelters, whether they have a no-kill policy or not. They know the real solution is to spay and neuter animals, adopt rather than buying and to do anything they can to help stop backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Yes, no-kill shelters and rescue groups aren't perfect, but they're a symptom of the problem in general, not a problem in themselves. If things were perfect, there wouldn't be a surplus of adoptable pets.
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I can't agree more. I was bummed that the US' eggs have been different for quite some time, but at least you could get real ones from the UK imported. Now they changed the UK ones too. I hope they change back soon.
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"Coming soon to the Neatorama headquarters executive restroom: it's the Hello Kitty collectible electronic toilet seat!" It's about time. Alex has been promising he'd get rid of the coffee can toilet for years now.
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I love the way they act like there was no security before 9-11. It's more of a show now, but they still used to use x-rays and metal detectors back then.
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