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Thanks for your comments guys, I only used the headline because I never actually wrote an Upworthy headline before and I wanted to try it out. I don't want Neatorama to be filled with these either.

That being said, I do believe there are times to use them and this was one of them. I sincerely could not believe that a 5 month old dog that size could eat a full-size scrubber in one piece.
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Yeah, I'm so sick of the Pentagon getting a practically unlimited budget while so many other, much more important, federally funded projects are always on the chopping block.
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I hate holidays scheduled on a day of the week because you never know when they will actually land. And to change any holiday as big as Christmas for commerce reasons just makes me want to smack people.
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I don't know....if the going rate of alligators is one six pack of beer, that's a lot of gators in one paycheck -enough to finally start my own gator farm.
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Does anything the TSA does really work better than pre-TSA screening? I doubt it. They've stopped people with guns and knives, but so did the security protocols we had in place before only they didn't violate people so pervasively on a regular basis.
If you want security theater, you're getting what you paid for, if you want to be safer, you're getting ripped off.
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It's not for parents to want their little girl to wear a tutu, but plenty of little girls want to dress up as male characters -only girly versions of them. Hence the Princess Vader and Princess Dead Pool costumes we've featured here before.
If your little girl wants to be classic Buzz Lightyear, let her. If she wants to be princess/ballerina Buzz, she'll love this.
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He shouldn't have to take it down, he should get an award, that's pretty impressive.

And the kid's parents should take this as an opportunity to teach the youngster that movies and haunted houses aren't real.
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Dear Cincinatti,
Cinnamon in chili is just weird, but chocolate in it? That's simply unforgivable. If you've ever wondered why your chili is constantly covered with a pound of cheddar and almost always served over spaghetti or hot dogs, it's because it is too terrible to eat on its own.

On an unrelated note. What is a Mission-style burrito? I'm from CA and I've never had one of those. Here in San Diego, most people just get bean and cheese, carne asada or the California, which comes with carne asada and french fries.
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I have a small cyst in my nose that I have had doctors look at to calm my nerves. Even so, this story gets under my skin because I can't stop thinking "what if"
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