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NeatoShop April T-Shirt Giveaway

Weather getting warmer? What better way to get ready for T-shirt time than with some awesome NeatoShop T-shirts? We're having a neat sale this week: get up to 20% off all T-shirts on the NeatoShop!

Because we love you, let's make this Sale extra fun with a T-shirt giveaway. Here's how to enter:

1. Visit the NeatoShop and take a look around to find your favorite design. May we suggest the Science T-Shirts, Funny T-shirts, and Video Game T-Shirts categories?

2. In the comment below, tell us your favorite artwork and the artist who designed it.

3. That's it! There's no step 3.

One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. We'll pick three winners at random. The winners will be notified through our comment system below, so be sure to use a valid email address. (Did you win our previous giveaway but didn't claim the prize? Be sure to white list so you won't miss the notification email) Good luck, everyone!

Edit 4/19/17 - We've picked the winners using the random number algo over at random dot org. Congratulations to Kyle C.A., kantoboy, and Luis P!

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

The McPizza Exists!

Image: Brian Thompson

The Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, McPizza ...

Intrepid searchers have looked for a long time for these mythical things, and thanks to a podcaster named Brian Thompson, we now have proof of the existence of the elusive McDonald's Pizza:

Like many worthwhile quests, Thompson’s started as a late-night joke. “[The demise of McDonald’s pizza] is something I’ve always had in the back of my mind,” he says. “Every few years it would pop up and I would think about it.” One night, discussing the recent wave of true-crime podcasts, he decided it might make a good topic for a satirical investigation. So he opened his laptop, plugged in a microphone, and dialed up his local McDonald’s. The resulting, fruitless calls became Episode 1.

Thirty-four unlikely episodes later, Thompson has chased his titular question through complicated corporate dial-up menus, across gulfs of conflicting information, and finally all the way to Pomeroy, Ohio, one of only two locations in the United States that still has a pizza oven fired up. (The other is in West Virginia.)

Read the rest of the story over at Atlas Obscura.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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What Color Are This Girl's Eyes?

Image: @Akiyoshi Kitaoka

We've featured Akiyoshi Kitaoka's optical illusions before on Neatorama (like this predecessor to today's image), but the Japanese psychology professor has a neat new one.

In this image above, Kitaoka noted "The right eye appears to be light blue and the left eye to be yellow, though they are the same gray."

Don't believe it?

Here are the eyes up close:

Let's compare them side-by-side (Enhance!!)

Pretty freaky, huh?

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Star-crossed Babies

Photo: Cassie Clayshutle Photography

We posted about newborn baby Romeo meeting baby Juliet at the hospital recently, but we just can't pass on this follow up.

The two star-crossed babies were born only hours apart at the same hospital just next door to each other, and their respective parents had named them "Romeo" and "Juliet" by coincidence. After her initial newborn baby photo went viral, photographer Cassie Clayshutle did another photoshoot, this time with homemade props with Shakespearean motifs.

"What light through yonder window breaks?" That's just the photographer's flash.

Thanks Tiffany!

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Dreaming Baby Hippo is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today!

The cuteness, it burns! This YouTube clip is only 20 seconds long, but that's enough to convince us just how cute Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo Fiona is when she's dreaming. The hippo, born prematurely 9 weeks ago, is probably dreaming about something yummy to eat seeing how she licks her chops like that!

Take a look:

Then head on to the Cincinnati Zoo's Fiona page for more cuteness. Oh, okay, one more video:*/p

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Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Pregnancy Q&A

Ah, pregnancy - that wondrous time of a mother-to-be's life, so full of excitement, anxiety, and questions. So many, many questions.

But thanks to this handy dandy Pregnancy Q&A, spotted by YellowWoodenTable, a pregnant woman needs to wonder no more about her pregnancy:

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.

Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q: What is the most reliable method to determine baby's sex?
A: Childbirth.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Real Life Sharknado

Image: @QldFES

Technically, it's a cyclone ... but why quibble?

WIN News TV journalist Philip Calder was out reporting in Ayr, a coastal town in the state of Queensland, Australia, that got hit by Cyclone Debbie last week, when he ran into a bull shark stranded in the middle of a road. “He must’ve gotten caught in a torrent and confused, beached himself on the side of the road,” Calder told

"Think it's safe to go back in the water? Think again! A bull shark washed up in Ayr. Stay out of floodwater" tweeted Queensland Fire & Emergency. (Wait, was that a quote from Sharknado? We're going to need a bigger movie!)

The meter-and-a-half (5 ft) bull shark was quite dead when it was discovered by passersby - no mascara shotgun needed.

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Claw Machine Master Won 15,000 Stuffed Animals Last Year

Psst, want to learn how to win at claw machines? If there's one guy that can teach you, it'll be claw machine master Chen Zhitong of Xiamen, China. Last year, he won over 15,000 stuffed animals from those infernal claw crane game machines!

From Great Big Story:

There are two types of claw machines. With one, you can win with your skills. The other kind is programmed. No matter how good your skill is, you are not going to win ...

There are several key parameters to winning.

First is the claw's holding capacity. It needs to be tight enough.

Second is the angle of claw rotation.

Third is the layout of toys.

View the YouTube Clip:

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Is it Wrong for a Single Mom to Cross-Dress for a Father-Daughter Dance?

Image: Amy Peterson

When single mom Amy Peterson got the school's note about a father-daughter dance, she couldn't bear the thought that her daughter Gracie, 6, couldn't go.

"When the flyer went out about the dance Gracie came home and asked me to be her date," Peterson told TODAY, "I gladly accepted and filled out the form and sent the money to the school. Four weeks passed and finally the dance came. Gracie and I came up with the idea for me to dress up as a man so I did just that."

But the crafty mom's plan was foiled when the school learned that she planned to cross-dress to attend the dance, and forbid her from attending.

What do you think? Is it wrong for the school to exclude single parents from a gender-specific dance?

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World's First Bridge Built Only for Squirrels

Image: Avi/Wikipedia

We passed through the city of Longview, Washington, on our recent family trip, and my wife noticed that the town is famous for the "Nutty Narrows Bridge," a bridge built solely for squirrels.

In 1963, resident Amos Peters decided that there were too many squirrels flattened by cars when running across the street to the park, so he built a mini-suspension bridge to keep the squirrels safe. A local councilwoman named it the "Nutty Narrows Bridge" after the state's Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and the name stuck.

To date, the Nutty Narrows Bridge has the title of the World's Narrowest Bridge and also the World's Narrowest Animal Crossing. It was also the world's first bridge built just for squirrels!

Thanks Tiffany!

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Brush Typography Art of Vincent de Boer

Vincent de Boer's calligraphy art is simply magical. See him create this "Forever" brush typography art with simply a brush, some paint and about a bajillion ton of talent.

The making of video is not to be missed:

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Urban Exploration of a Real Life Abandoned Fairy Tale Castle

Even in its state of extreme disrepair, it's easy to see the fairy tale quality of the Miranda Castle or Chateau de Noisy in Belgium. Behind Closed Doors urban exploration website explains:

The castle remained occupied by the [Liedekerke-Beaufort] family until World War II when it was taken over by the National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS) who used it as an orphanage. It remained in use as an orphanage until 1980.

The building has stood empty since 1991 and has fallen into a severe state of disrepair. The municipality of Celles have offered to take over the building but the family have refused. They now plan to demolish the building later in 2014.

The castle structure is severely damaged, but it's still quite beautiful:

View more over at Behind Closed Doors.

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Miniature Photography of Vatsal Kataria

The pounding rain, the stormy seas, and the lone sports car traveling on a narrow road - how exactly did the photographer take this amazing shot and survive the harrowing experience?

Let Indian photographer Vatsal Kataria explain in this interview with DIY Photography:

DIYP: How did you come up with the idea? What inspired you?

Vatsal: I am commercial still life photographer but one day I was in my studio without any projects. I saw a photo of a toy car near a waterfall so decided how I can do something like this but without going anywhere. So I started working on my first project.

DIYP:  How much time it usually takes to build a location for your miniature shots?

Vatsal: it depends on the project. Sometimes it takes me 1 day, or sometimes whole week for just one picture. So it totally depends on the complexity of the project.

DIYP: What materials do you mainly use?

Vatsal: I use lots of products. My main aim is to create everything with the cheapest way possible so that if anyone wants to do something they can. I use plaster of Paris, baking powder, pit sand and clay, and that’s it.

View the rest of the interview (and many more fantastic photos) over at DIY Photography.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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World's Smallest Snowman is Just 3 Microns Tall

Meet the world's smallest snowman, created by Western Nanofabrication Facility. At only 3 microns tall, the snowman was fabricated from three 0.9-micron silica spheres stacked by using electron beam lithography. The snowman's eyes and mouth were etched with a focused ion beam, whereas the nose and arms were sculpted with platinum.

View the larger pics over at Western Nanofabrication Facility's Tumblr page.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Rock Candy Arranged Neatly is a Visual Treat!

Image: Adam Hillman/witenry

Adam Hillman, a self-professed "Object arranger", satisfied both sweet tooth and our inner OCD tendencies with "Rocky Road" (2017), a chromatic arrangement of rock candy sugar swizzle stick. Clever!

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Wonderfully Whimsical Travel Posters of Illinois

Before the corn dog, there was the "Cozy Dog"

Creative director Daniel Bruce noted that there are many odd attractions in the state of Illinois that lacked public attention. And what better way to bring attention to these places than some whimsically wonderful retro-styled travel posters? Take a look:

It's a water tower shaped like a giant catsup bottle!

The Spindle is a 50-foot sculpture by Dustin Shuler with 8 cars impaled on it.

The Tempel Lipizzans is a dressage training facility in Old Mill Creek, Illinois.

You can find Jane T-Rex at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Il.

Mermet Springs - a flooded Illinois quarry with sunk vehicles as attraction for divers to explore

View more over at Bruce's website - via Rusty's Electric Dreams

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Perception: a Giant Anamorphic Art Across 50 Buildings

We've posted about many anamorphic art on Neatorama before, but French Tunisian artist eL Seed took it to a new level. For the past year, the artist painted some 50 different buildings in the Zaraeeb community in Cairo, Egypt to create a stunning calligraphic mural (or calligraffiti, a combination of calligraphy and graffiti, as eL Seed puts it).

The gigantic mural, called Perception, is visible from a certain point on the Muqattam Mountain. When viewed from that certain angle, the saying of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria appeared: "Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe his eye first"

On his Facebook page, eL Seed wrote:

In the neighborhood of Manshiyat Nasr in Cairo, the Coptic community of Zaraeeb collects the trash of the city for decades and developed the most efficient and highly profitable recycling system on a global level.

Still, the place is perceived as dirty, marginalized and segregated. To bring light on this community, with my team and the help of the local community, I created an anamorphic piece that covers almost 50 buildings only visible from a certain point of the Moqattam Mountain.

The Zaraeeb community welcomed my team and I as we were family. It was one of the most amazing human experience I have ever had. They are generous, honest and strong people. They have been given the name of Zabaleen (the garbage people), but this is not how they call themselves. They don’t live in the garbage but from the garbage; and not their garbage, but the garbage of the whole city. They are the one who clean the city of Cairo.

eL Seed gave a TED Talk in March 2015 that's quite interesting:

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Artwork Clean Up On Aisle Six!

Carson Davis Brown's art project titled "Mass" is a bit unusual. For his artwork, Brown collected various items from a big box store's vast selection of merchandise, and arrange them to create "visual disruptions in places of mass" stuff.

These art installations are made without permission ... "The works are made, photographed, then left to be experienced by passerby and ultimately dissembled by location staff," Brown wrote on his website. It's not exactly damaging vandalism, but it does create a lot of extra work for the people who work there.

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"Floating World" by Ray Bartkus is a Mural Meant to be Seen on the Water

We've featured a number of large mural artworks on Neatorama before, but this one titled "Floating World" by Ray Bartkus is different. Drawn on the side of a building in Marijampole, Lithiuania, the artwork is meant to be viewed as its reflection on the water.

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Artist Coaxes Plant Roots Into Geometric Patterns

Inspired by Charles Darwin's observation that plant roots don't just passively grow down, but actively navigate to seek moisture and nutrients, German-born artist Diana Scherer worked to manipulate plant roots into works of art.

Scherer grew oat and wheat, which fast growing root system, on special templates that mold and train the plants' root system into geometric patterns that look like woven textiles.

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View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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A Comic for Night Owls

Not a morning person? Shen of Owl Turd Comix has got your back. In this web comic, the artist laid bare what every night person thinks of morning people:

Take a look at the rest over at Owl Turd Comix.

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Crystal Flower Proves that Chemistry Can Be Romantic

Ask a chemist for flowers, and he'll likely give you these wonderful crystal flowers!

Chemistry professor Dean Campbell of Bradley University and his team were trying to develop new catalysts by making a solution of copper acetylacetonate in tetrahydrofuran, then soaking slabs of polydimethylsiloxane in the jar. After the experiment, Campbell found wonderful crystals that look like wildflowers forming on the wall of the beaker.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Roll Out Table

Guests coming over for dinner? You don't have to grab a spare table or snap in an extra table leaf to fit everybody for dinner - with this Roll-Out Table by Norwegian designer Marcus Voraa, you just roll out more table! Clever!

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This Condiment Serving Set is Cleverly Shaped Like a Bulb of Garlic

This is pretty cool: Carlos Jimenez Perez and Pilar Balsalobre of the Spanish design studio photoAlquimia created a condiment serving set named Ajorí. The salt and pepper shakers, plus sauce dispenser and condiment container serving set is cleverly shaped like a bulb of garlic.

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Dad to Son: Get Your Grades Up, then You can Come to the Basketball Game

A post shared by jeremy brevard (@jbrevard) on

Now that's tough love. Jeremy Brevard of USA TODAY Sports spotted this dad trolling his son with a funny sign at Friday's Cleveland Cavaliers - Charlotte Hornets basketball game, which said "Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. Love, Dad"

And he's not done! Here's one more at Sunday's Houston Rockets game:

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Woman with Down Syndrome Realized Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Weather Forecaster

Image: France 2

A lot of people want to be on television, but for Melanie Segard, a young French woman with Down syndrome, her lifelong dream of being a weather forecaster seems impossible to realize.

But thanks to a Facebook campaign called #MelaniePeutLaFaire or "Melanie Can Do It," she became France's first ever weather forecaster with Down syndrome.

Jennifer Earl of CBS News has the story:

Within hours after posting her request on February 26, her page went viral with more than 100,000 likes. Over the past few weeks, Segard’s page has grown to nearly 250,000 followers, and she proudly announced last week that she would be France’s first-ever weather presenter with Down syndrome.

"I'm different, but I want to show everyone I can do a lot of things," she wrote on her Facebook page. On Tuesday, Segard did just that. "This is it. I did it. I'm finally a weather girl," Segard said after making her debut on France 2.

View the video clip below (Melanie made her appearance at 1:40):

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It's Impossible to Contain the Cuteness That is 23 Baby Pandas

Image: Weibo via @Samchong

Last year, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding unveiled their latest batch of cuteness: 23 baby pandas making their public debut at the center. Workers tried to arrange the baby pandas according to their sizes on top of a large green podium, but that task proved to be futile.

One baby panda was particularly adventurous and decided to go off stage ...


But don't worry, folks. Fushun, the baby panda that fell off became quite famous. Apparently, he fell off the stage straight into the people's hearts.

There's a YouTube video clip by CCTV of the event:

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Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Tunnel of Books

Images: Shao Feng

Architect Li Xiang of XL Muse designed this amazing "Tunnel of Books" for the Yangzhou Zhongshuge bookstore in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.

The arched bookshelves and the reflective black mirror-finish floor give visitors a sense that they're walking through a tunnel of books into an otherworldly space that book lovers would enjoy.

Take a look:

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View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Blue Haze of Pluto

Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Smog getting you down? Consider this: even Pluto has got that!

Scientists stitched together images from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft when it was about 120,000 miles (200,000 kilometers) away from Pluto. The resulting image of Pluto's receding crescent shows a spectacular blue "haze" in the dwarf planet's atmosphere:

Scientists believe the haze is a photochemical smog resulting from the action of sunlight on methane and other molecules in Pluto's atmosphere, producing a complex mixture of hydrocarbons such as acetylene and ethylene. These hydrocarbons accumulate into small haze particles, a fraction of a micrometer in size, which preferentially scatter blue sunlight – the same process that can make haze appear bluish on Earth.

As they settle down through the atmosphere, the haze particles form numerous intricate, horizontal layers, some extending for hundreds of miles around large portions of the limb of Pluto. The haze layers extend to altitudes of over 120 miles (200 kilometers). Pluto's circumference is 4,667 miles (7,466 kilometers).

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Teacher Changed Her Hairstyle to Help Bullied Student

Photo: Ana Barbara Ferreira/Facebook

When Ana Barbara Ferreira, a teacher from Sao Paulo, Brazil, found out that one of her student was saddened after being ridiculed by a boy for having "ugly hair," she decided to user her head to solve the problem. Make that, use her hair.

"Yesterday, my student came to tell me that a boy said that her hair was ugly. She was pretty sad ... at that time, the only thing I could think to tell her was that she was beautiful and that he didn't know what she was talking about," Ferreira posted on Facebook, "Today, I woke up and remembered what happened and I decided to do the same hairstyle that she usually has."

When the student saw her, she came running to hug her, saying "Today, I am beautiful just like you."

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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