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Thanks for the info, Sunfall.

@Max Power - because you've never ever made a mistake, right?

How about accidents on the freeway, Stuart? Why should all the rest of the drivers be inconvenienced by someone's careless mistake that led to a pile up? Why should they give the right of way to an ambulance and lose precious minutes?

Ze train. It has to be on time.
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I think the idea behind the quiz is primarily to entertain, and not to test actual psychologists.

I learned some new stuff about fascinating psychological disorders, and some new stuff about Miss C!
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Opee's first 3 sentences are correct, but then the logic fails:

If the ball travels less distance, and "arrives" after the wood plank, then it's traveling at less speed. If it's traveling at less speed, then it's accelerated less by gravity.

The question is why the wood plank falls faster.
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