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As a father of two cute daughters, I can attest to Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #94: Females and finances don't mix. Oh, and congratulations John and family!
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@SenorMysterioso - well, it's not that simple. Most of these mortgages are bundled into securities and then sold, which then gets bundled again and sold again and so forth.

They know that a certain percentages of mortgages they sold will default - but obviously they underestimated the number, hence the problem with "toxic asset."

See: 10 American Financial Meltdowns
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Definitely some form of autism. I doubt he's married - looks like he's still living with mom.

Still, awesome marble alley! I'd love to be able to build that with (for) the kids.
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They also scream out deals in supermarkets in China. Each "station" has an attendant whose job is to entice buyers by (loudly) saying the price and other good things about the goods.
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It's difficult to keep things in stock - manufacturers aren't making as many items as before the recession and retailers aren't carrying as much inventory.

The same goes for the NeatoShop - if you see anything you like, better buy it.
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