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@ted - absolutely! When I was in grad school (in a hospital), there was a study about the hand washing habit of doctors.

They had assumed that male doctors washed their hands more often than the general public, simply because they're doctors and they should know better.

So someone devised a study to watch these docs. They pretended they were fussing with their hair, washing their glasses, etc. They noticed a significant percentage of doctors never washed their hands!

I tried to Google the study, but couldn't find it. I remember the outcome of the study, because right after I read it, I was in the bathroom and a professor (who's also a practicing doctor) came in, did his business, and left without washing his hands!
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Lowing, who is now divorced, says the crocs were not responsible for the end of her marriage.

Funny, that's not what she said in this interview back in 2009:

Her husband Greg said she spent too much time with the pet and asked her to give it up in a bid to save their marriage, but she refused and the couple divorced in 2005.
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We need a passive-aggressive note for 1) all the commenters who noted that these aren't passive-aggressive and 2) the website that stole all the images from :)
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Oh, not germs, Vonskippy - it's the grossness of grabbing things that someone else has touched after touching their genitals without washing their hands afterwards.

From a 2005 NY Times article by Nicholas Bakalar:

In the nationwide poll, conducted from Aug. 19 to Aug. 22 by Harris Interactive, 1,013 adults were interviewed about their hand washing habits. Then observers were sent into public restrooms to see what actually happened.

Ninety-one percent of adults claimed in the poll that they washed their hands after using a public restroom. But of the 6,336 adults whose behavior was observed, only 82 percent actually did so.

Cecil Adams has a classic column on The Straight Dope on this.
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@Max Power - that's because it's a major incident! It involves the safety of a young child and the callous response of train officials not to stop the train and solve the situation. Believe me, it's a big deal.

I'm guessing you don't have children ;)
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Thanks for the info, Sunfall.

@Max Power - because you've never ever made a mistake, right?

How about accidents on the freeway, Stuart? Why should all the rest of the drivers be inconvenienced by someone's careless mistake that led to a pile up? Why should they give the right of way to an ambulance and lose precious minutes?

Ze train. It has to be on time.
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I think the idea behind the quiz is primarily to entertain, and not to test actual psychologists.

I learned some new stuff about fascinating psychological disorders, and some new stuff about Miss C!
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