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You can't easily embed a YouTube video that has embedding disabled. There are ways to download that video and re-upload it, but that defeats the spirit in which the video was first posted (in this case, officially by the BBC).

I did get an explanation why embedding was disabled from the source, and though I disagree with the logic, it is what it is. :)

Still, it's a very neat video.
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1. Ryan White, an American teenager who became infected by HIV because of blood transfusion for his hemophilia. At the time, little was known about HIV and AIDS and Ryan expelled from school (thus becoming a poster child for HIV/AIDS in the United States).

2. Scientist and prolific author Isaac Asimov, who got an HIV infection through blood transfusion during heart surgery.

3. Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen.

4. Robert Mapplethorpe, an American photographer who triggered controversies with his publicly funded artworks depicting erotic homosexuality.
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Spoken like true Internet toughs. Just wait till you get old.

People prey on the elderly for one good reason: they're easy targets because they get confused/tired/forgetful.

Shame on the car dealership.
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