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This reminds me of a story someone told me about the opening day of the Moscow McDonald's.

The workers were told to smile, which is not a natural thing to do in Russia, so there was someone in front with a megaphone yelling into the crowd "We are told to smile to you. They're not making fun of you. Repeat, they're not making fun of you."
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Erhm. If these dudes show up in public dressed in those costumes, then they surely can take a little ribbing - or, as knitmeapony so eloquently put, "exotification."

After all, isn't part of the purpose of cross-dressing as female manga characters is grabbing attention? Well, my attention was got plenty.
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Fraud has driven my wife, an eBay enthusiast, off the site. eBay refused to help with a clear case of fraud and lost her as a customer and seller. Basically, to save a few bucks, they sacrificed years of potential income.

That company only has itself to blame for its recent downfall.
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Whenever we posted about something uncomfortable about left-wing liberal/right-wing nut, we're always accused of being a conservative/liberal shill.

Can't you see the irony of the situation: a union protesting the hiring of non-union labor by ... hiring non-union picketers!
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