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WooHoo! 100%.

The water one is kind of like the black swan question, which is like this

- a swan is observed to have white feathers
- all observations so far confirm that all swans have white feathers

People in middle age Europe actually believed that ALL swans are white, until someone noticed that there's a black swan outside of Europe.

It's also the title of the book on the economic collapse by Nassim Taleb.
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It's Pan the chimp from "The Adventures of Pan and James: Chimpanzee and Bulldog on Errands" and the Japanese shows "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsu-en" (Genius! Shimura Zoo) and "Doubutsu Kisou Tengai!" (Unbelievable Animals).

Previously on Neatorama here. Still makes me ROFL whenever I see him though! :)
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Though I'm guilty of the same thing, I notice that the phrase "Neatorama isn't a political blog" is invariably followed by a political post, and 99 times out of 100, it's against Republican/conservatism.
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Actually, my New Year's resolution is to organize my time better so I can get done with work earlier and spend more time with my wife and kids! Maddy and Zachy are growing fast and I don't want to miss being there with them. Happy New Year, everyone!
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Candy cigarettes are still around. They're now disguised as "candy chalk." You can still blow the candy to get the smoke effect, too.

It's basically still the same candy, just a different, more PC packaging.
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I actually have talked to someone working at the movies about someone who wouldn't stop talking during the movie. It was quite effective: they get the guy kicked out.
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