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The article on (a very neat site, btw) questioned why there's no secondary sourcing of the initial report (which was linked here).

The School District didn't confirm that the incident happen, and didn't deny it either. In fact, its spokeperson Teresa Wippel said:

“The truth is that we don’t know that it actually happened,” she said.

“It wasn’t like it violated any policy, (but) we have so many other issues here this frankly isn’t at the top of the list.”

Wippel said she is not surprised by how many bloggers and media websites have picked up the story.

“Whenever you talk about religion it raises people’s concern. It’s a hot-button issue for many folks.”

So, fake story? You be the judge - but consider these:

Port of Seattle's Renaming of Christmas Tree as "Peace and Harmony Fir"


Seattle Parks holding an Easter-less "Spring Egg Hunt."
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I deleted one comment. I disagreed with Squishy's comment, but decided to leave it standing because otherwise the subsequent comments would not make much sense.

Please keep it civil, guys.
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@D Bozko - I think part of that conscientiousness is going to the doctor regularly.

In the past, a lot of "health" depends on genetics. Today, while that remains very true, many killer diseases are now controllable with medicine.
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