Give Your Living Room A Little Bang

This lamp by Stockpile Designs won't literally blow up your room, but it could inspire an explosive conversation among your visitors. The real Korean War era bomb weighs 100 pounds, but its militaristic roots won't ruin your decor because the rust and paint you might expect to find on such a vintage piece of military equipment has all been polished away. 

Read more about the unique light design over at Homes and Hues: The Megaton Floor Light Is The Bomb

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Personally, I think the idea is to use something that once had an ugly purpose and repurpose it into something beautiful, useful and peaceful. That's a huge difference between having a mounted grenade that is solely there to celebrate war.

Plus, as I said in the post, it can certainly lead to conversation with guests about the usefulness and futility of war, just as it has here in the comments.
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Who cares if the paint and rust have been polished away to make it all pretty? This thing was designed to kill people indiscriminately. The fact that anyone would want/allow such a thing in their home says far more about their values than their wannabe-hipsterism.
My father had a pair of WWII-era hand grenades (although a WWII vet himself, he was in the navy - god only knows where he got them) that someone had carefully rendered inoperative, painted screaming red, and mounted on stands. They were proudly displayed on the mantel above our fireplace for my entire childhood. As a kid, i thought they were cool; but once I had studied even a little of the history of warfare and weaponry, I came to see their display as unbelievably offensive. It led to quite an argument with my dad - a difference of opinion we never did resolve before his death - and when I inherited most of his belongings, they were the only things of any potential "sentimental value" that I threw away.
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