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Tomcats are Territorial bastards. If you are exploiting your pet for purposes of extracting income, keep it inside or face the consequences of well meaning neighbors policing what is probably a neighborhood bully in what they consider a charitable way.
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Thats what he gets for forgetting her name.

Now, if he forgets, he just has to stand a certain way between a pair of mirrors.
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I laughed out loud at a couple in the last half of the list.

I would add to this torture (possible future article alert) some bad waiting room office 'muzak' I have had to endure. At least official Muzak (TM) is often full songs run through sappy string arrangements, or better.

My Doctors wife runs a bit wholistic in her choices for office decor and music which she chooses, and there is this odd new age cross of Tin Drum Jimmy Buffet ala John Tesh minimalism that is quite maddening, which the scented candles she prefers (what about allergy patients?) only makes worse.
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This is a sign that Scrabble is having its clock cleaned by competitors removing the more draconian rule sets. All it can do is join them.

Scrabulous had a better online app than scrabble did, and others doing electonic knockoffs still do it better.

Then, simpler, lower hassle (easier to carry around, share and score) variations on the concept are doing terribly well. Bananagrams is the fun part of making words with much easier means of scoring. Gone are the prescriptivist rules and bean counting; in comes the creativity and fun.

So, it is probably a good move, and necessary, that Scrabble 'allows' probably the most irritating stricture on gameplay, that of allowing proper Names, which often themselves, have become generic nouns.

Of course, the way some people spell names these days, you might wish that rule was still in place.
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I vote Peppers Ghost too. You would still have to have the video triggered by the turntable (probably as easy as turntable control of mp3s) and the drums (pretty simple trigger there).

Beyond the Haunted Mansion Ball room, another famous use of Peppers ghost is when The Gorillaz play a live awards show.

The most difficult bit (other than the room on stage needed to do Peppers Ghost with a huge piece of glass) is that the footage on a turntable would have to have been shot similarly, with the samples being spoken on a turntable. And probably multiple monitors, one per holographic head.
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If you wear glasses, the typical ski mask knocks your breath back through your eyeholes, fogging your glasses. This 'gas mask' design could actually be more practical for people wearing glasses, the 'feed bag/ air filter' nose portion would allow the force of ones breath to dissapate rather than being forced out through the eyeholes, and ones glasses would not get fogged.

That is, it could catch on.
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Madelungs rule lets you know -how- the electrons are likely to combine. There is the elementary chemistry of simply stating an element has available plus or minus a certain free electrons, which is simpler and roughly works in a lot of simple situations. this just digs a bit deeper into the different orbitals, the energy states of the electrons.

It is specifically necessary for proper understanding of Organic Chemistry, where the shape of the molecule is often based on these electron energy states. Carbon can have several charge states, can offer or accept one or several electrons, and the orbit and energy state of the electrons will let you know the angle that the other ions may be likely to attach, whether a carbon based molecule is likely to have a ring structure, or be linear, etcetera.
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I saw kids start to 'tattoo' themselves 'prisoner style' like this as early as fourth grade. It often grows out because although they know ink and blood is required they may not have the technique down with their improvised tools, plus they are growing quickly enough that what they have been able to do can grow away.

I do wonder if there will be a generational shift AWAY from tattooing in the same way there was a generational shift TOWARDS tatooing for those born after the mid seventies early eighties, because the kids see how ridiculous their parents look with tats.
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Power for -California-? About time for California to consider some sort of resource independence rather than shipping everything in from the surrounding states.
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I am not sure if the camo look given by repeating the design is an extra layer of kitsch, or it actually serves to camoflage the kitsch.
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I didn't get any enjoyment from "the Story"

I would have checked out the stuff had he skipped the BS and merely said "Hey, check out this mashup tape I made" as it was I just left the site.
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De Mestral appears to be a reincarnation of Howe. Am I the only one that sees a striking resemblance? It Looks like De Mestral posed for the engraving of Howe.
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If rainwater was only clean as rainwater should be. But in an urban environment, it is one step removed from sewage, as rain washes all the trash away.

One should note however, that these plans do not seem to include swimming as much as jumping over puddles.
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When the British Monarchy first became a twitter account, I followed them for exactly this reason, they tended to post their updates every hour on the hour exactly. So I could tell when an hour had passed when reading my tweets.

Now, with Ben here, I know what time it is for all the Brit Twits I follow.
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It is not simple time exposure because other star trails would become visible, not to mention a greater washout of the sky from light pollution, and there is obvious multiple exposure involved to separate the trails from the image of all three on their own.

What is less certain is if there is a certain aperture iso perhaps focus as well, to allow the moon and planets of that magnitude to make that trail as a time exposure, without exposing other startrails in the process
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With todays electronic switching, even with a phone line that still accepts rotary clicks rather than tones, lines will disconnect themselves after a given period of time; you cannot be perpetually in mid dial.

In the days of electomechanical switching there would still be a physical switch waiting for that last number, but routine and regular maintenance of the system would free up the line. Because in those days, an actual electromechanical circuit representing the number, waiting for the last digit to fall, would be tied up, and capacity of the system would be hindered.

So I have to vote apocrryphal on this as well. Maybe Snopes should investigate.
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No, not Pareidolia. It's a real shadow of a real person, because there are other people in the house. Geez louise.

Its the ghost of that cinematographer that Christian Bale cussed out.
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I would never even consider the rule for words like veil or sufficient; I think the "words with ee sound" is understood. And it still helps for those words that it DOES work for.

But if you are going to misuse the rule for veil and sufficient, you are probably going to have some issues with spelling anyway.
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These Armored Possums don't seem to be terribly endangered where I am now, but I do realize what might have caused them to cross the Mississippi River via Bridge just to be here, is the fact they were either outgrowing or being run out of their earlier habitat. Twenty years ago, Armadillos were rare east of the Mississippi.

The fact that you see more of an animal does not necessarily correlate with there being more, it usually means they are becming unusually nomadic because they are losing their old home.
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I doubt there are any more activation codes left, but what I would like to know is, how do you know you can go no further in the demo version, as the key blocks are not so obvious to find.

By the way, I was extremely pleased to find windosill to be the open ended exploration game that it is, I thought it might merely be something more conventional with neat graphics.
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Beetles were famous for their one piece bottom cover that covered the chassis, if you are old enough you remember commercials with them falling in the water and floating. Usually, this rusted out fairly quickly depending on the winter road salt in your area, so there are probably a lot of bottomless beetles in junkyards to renovate as you wish.
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Most common use I have seen for recycling denim has been paper making. Not that that is an easy task everyone can do, but those that make their own paper commonly use old jeans as the rag content.
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Yes, it is NOT a converter. It is merely a tape deck one can mount in the PC tower, and perhaps control from same. A patch cable is a lot cheaper, if you already have ANY cassette deck.

They need to build one with a DSP chip that will convert to MP3s on the fly, but you would still have to babysit pretty dilligently to edit properly.

Right now, you still have to
Record the cassette tape to you hard disk.

Split that audio file in to song sized chunks.

THEN, rip those AIFF files to MP3 or whatever.

This deck doesn't really speed the process any. You still need to be there every 3 minutes or so and edit things manually at some point.
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