Smiling Dog

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First, all you see is a dog. A nice dog. But watch what happens when his master gets near -and be prepared to laugh!

- via japanprobe

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If you people think dogs don't smile you just don't know a thing about dogs. I've had at least a dozen dogs that actually smile. I'm talking happy as a lark, wagging their tails, not scared at all, bearing their teeth because their happy dogs. My current dog smiles sometimes. I've had dogs that smiled every time they saw me. I had a Cairn terrier that would do that. I currently have a feist that will smile sometimes but not often. It's obviously a smile when you see a dog smile. The video above is gone so I know nothing about it. I just know that dogs do smile and often. If you know how to make your dog truly happy you'll know how to make your dog smile.
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I have a shiba he's smiling -
you guys are stupid You don't know the
breed and you are making these asumptions!
My dogs does the same thing and he
is smiling and we live in Colorado not
Japan! Learn about the breed before you make
your assumptions!
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Dogs do not 'smile'. Just like chimps don't. They might show teeth or have an upraising of lips, but it's not a smile. They have different ways to express pleasure.
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Also, I'd like to add that the dog looks excited when the owner begins to approach and then turns to the smile. But in a scared dog, the usual reaction would be to look away and cower or move away. The dog does none of this, and actually looks quite healthy. Those airplane ears are adorable. lol
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My American Eskimo dog does this when I call her name. It's usually accompanied by excited whining and jumping, but she will stay still on occasion when she's been sleeping. She does look like she's scared when she does it lying down, but I know that she just doesn't want to move. The dog looked like he/she was very relaxed. And that sure looks like a smile to me!
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