Grammar Nazi's Rock - Twaggies Pilot

We've teamed up with Dailymotion and will be bringing you a new, animated Twaggies short cartoon each month. Some will feature a few tweets by one hilarious Tweeter, others will use tweets by different folks, unified around a theme.

Check out this month's premiere episode, cooked up special for all you Grammar Nazis! It features a couple tweets, one by Steve Martin! 

Please take a moment to follow us over on Dailymotion, too! They're like YouTube, only East! :-) (reference anyone? anyone?)

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Twaggies Goes to Hollywood!

Big news for Twaggies on Neatorama! We've just inked a deal with video hub Dailymotion to bring you animated tweets! That's right! Forget the static single panels, folks! We're going to be taking your tweets and turning them into shorts! 

The first season will be 12 or 13 episodes with a few Hall of Fame tweets per episode. We're just gathering our tweetage now, so if you have one you think would be great for an animated short, send it on over! (@twaggies)

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Check out Twaggies' first animated clip:

Grammar Nazi's Rock? Twaggies by twaggies

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