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How to Crochet a Bowl of Ramen

Cooking ramen is easy--certainly easier than crocheting. But th...  ...kend, I experimented with cooking eggs in boiling ramen
Ramen Dress

Karina from Virginia made this tasty dress for an...  .... It's wonderful! She made it with 196 packets of ramen and a few chopsticks. Matt Fischer, who has anoth...
Ramen Chicken Wings

(Photo: Hot Sauce and Panko)Hot Sauce and Panko,...  ...and prize for culinary originality must go to the ramen -coated chicken wings. I have no information to of...
How to Make a Ramen Roll Cheesesteak

(Photo: Hugh Merwin)As the ramen craze continues, I am left to ponder if there is...  ...ponder if there is nothing that cannot be made of ramen . We have seen ramen tacos, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. Could we n...  ...rgers, pizzas and sandwiches. Could we not have a *s...
The World's First Ramen Taco

How would you like your ramen today? Previously, you could have it as a grilled...  ...e sandwich, a burger or a pizza. Or, you know, as ramen .But thanks to Kyle Marcoux, the foodblogger also...
12 Feet of Ramen Suspended in Time

(Photo: One and J. Gallery)Seung Yul Oh’s hy...  ...esin sculpture looks like a 12-foot long clump of ramen noodles rising majestically from a bowl, like an...  ...shapes of egg yolks, meat, onion and carrots. The ramen rises high into the air, lifted by an invisible h...
Batman & Ramen

When Jason Todd--the second Robin--died, Batman to...  ...e never learned how to cook, his new sidekick was ramen
This Bowl of Ramen Is Actually a Cake

Would you like a piping hot bowl of noodles on a chilly day? This dish won’t provide you with one, but you’ll probably still be satisfied because it's a cake. Ochikeron started by putting a layer of sponge ca...
Ramen Crust Pizza

(Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt)J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's re...  ...orm foods. Though to get the full experience, the ramen pizza should be baked, then left in a box in a cl...
The Ramen Burger

(Photo: Go Ramen )This exists! Keizo Shimamoto's brainchild began a... are so many different things you can do with ramen and burgers, you can now create endless varieties... can now create endless varieties. Make mine a ramen

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