How to Make Ramen Donuts

Yes, there's a recipe. But more than that, Josh Scherer of Culinary Bro-Down* speaks to my soul when he describes his relationship with food:

The other day I was explaining to someone the nuance behind making a proper Red Bull Vinaigrette and they interrupted me with a stupid question.

“Wait, wait, wait. Does it actually taste good?”

“I don’t know. Not really.”

“Well then why’d you make it? Isn’t that the point of cooking? To make things taste good?” [...]

So why even make food? And more specifically, why waste 12 hours of my life on ramen donuts?

Because I don’t want to consume food culture, I want to produce it. By recycling the same Pinterest recipe for red velvet kit-kat cheesecake over and over, you’re complicit within cultural stagnation; you’re taking things from the conversation without adding anything new. I’m just trying to spark up a few lines of dialogue. I want to do things that are unique, things that have never been done before, and whether they taste good or not is tertiary to the real goal of progress.

Exactly! The point is not to make good food. It's . . . . Well, I'm still processing that one.

Anyway, he provides a recipe for ramen donuts, which includes ramen, horchata, eggs, frosting, and donut fillings. The horchata and eggs apparently act as bonding agents. Cook them together, then freeze the mixture, cut it into donuts, and fry them in oil.

*Content warning: foul language.

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