Fast Food Ads vs. Reality Experiment

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You’ve seen posts about how different actual fast food looks from the ads they present, but MediocreFilms takes it one step further. They went to McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Jack in the Box and ordered a sandwich at each outlet. When the result didn’t look like the ad (which it never does), the guy asked them if they could make it look like the ad. 

The management of each outlet was very cooperative and did their best to comply with his request. So masking good-looking sandwiches at a fast food joint is possible, even if it rarely happens. But you have to wonder if they would have been so accommodating if he hadn’t been wearing a GoPro and if there hadn’t been someone else behind the customer with an obvious video camera. -via Viral Video Videos

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"Fast Food Ads vs. Reality Experiment"

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